I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 153

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Episode 153. Hell Training (2)

to know one’s own shortcomings.

There is no more important virtue than this for growth.

Opportunities to know one’s own limitations and fulfill one’s abilities are not easily given to raiders, and only those who understand them properly rise to high positions.

It’s a very simple truth.


There is not only one way to become strong.

Sometimes a shortcut is necessary. Jaehyun was well aware of this.

‘Kids are strong. But I’m too honest to look for easier ways.

From now on, it is the time when proper tips are needed. There has to be someone around to lead.’

Whether studying or learning something else. Honesty is a big help.

However, what if there is a proper tip here? Of course, there will be opportunities for faster growth.


In the radar world, this rapid growth is called enlightenment, and it is said that those who have gone through this process and crossed their own walls will face a time of reawakening later.

Jaehyun was thinking of advancing this period of awakening.

Of course, as I said at the beginning, I didn’t intend to give it to them either. In order to become stronger, he needed to absorb even the talents and knowledge of his comrades.

It is a training that will be an important master piece for Jaehyun’s own growth.

Also, there was one part where Jaehyun felt he was lacking the most.

as soon as.

“You want me to teach you a sword?”

“okay. I’m thinking of learning the sword soon.”

Ahn Ho-yeon tilted his head as if he was quite surprised by Jae-hyun’s words.

No wonder. No matter how much Jaehyun is a battle mage, isn’t he a magician?

Do you want to learn how to use a sword properly? What do you mean by that?

“I realized it a while ago during the midterm exam. It seems that I am not using the advantages of the Battle Mage properly. I don’t know what weapon I’ll be handling later. The sword is the most popular weapon and I thought I would use it a lot, so I wanted to learn it.”

In the previous match against Balak, Jae-Hyun was lucky enough to win.

What if you didn’t have skills such as Overdrive and Magic Tool Formation? I would never have been able to defeat him without the help of all sorts of non-standard skills.

At that time, Jaehyun clearly realized this while facing swords with an S-class martial arts fighter.

I’m still at a very immature level of swordsmanship.

It was a simple story.

Recently, Jaehyun has focused on magic and has been deeply examining its roots.

However, it was true that he neglected the sword he was originally dealing with.

‘From now on, it won’t be possible with magic alone. I have to improve my skills now.’

There is a high possibility that the strong enemies you will have to deal with in the future will know all of Jaehyun’s weaknesses and strengths.

That means Jaehyun uses absolute arithmetic and uses magic as his main focus. Not only that, but it also means that you know what kind of skills you have.

When facing an enemy like this, only magic is used?

It was obviously stupid.

‘You must learn martial arts. And the beginning is swordsmanship.’

If you learn the sword, the range of battles in the future will be a little wider. As I was originally from the martial arts world, I also wanted to learn the sword, so making the decision was not a big problem.

“For what reason? can you help me?”

Jaehyun explained this later and persuaded Hoyeon Ahn.

Ahn Ho-yeon had more to gain than what he gave. Also, since Jaehyun is his friend, he couldn’t refuse.

I was a little worried about the way he tried to wield a sword even though he had magic, which is his main specialty, but this was also Jaehyun’s choice.

At times, Ahn Ho-yeon believed in Jae-hyun more than himself.

There was no reason not to help.

‘There must be some deep meaning.’

Ahn Ho-yeon looked at Jae-hyun with her eyes shining with a burdensome gaze, but Seo In-na’s mouth suddenly opened.

“… … What are you going to learn from us?”

Seo Ina had a slightly puzzled expression. She wondered if she had anything to teach, she thought.

However, Jaehyun smiled.

“First of all, I will learn about auxiliary skills and how to use them from Kim Yoo-jung. For Ina, it’s skill condensation and reaction. And learn about unique skills.”

“My support skills are at the highest level in the academy.”

Kim Yu-jung crossed her arms triumphantly and said.

However, Seo Eana’s reaction was the exact opposite.

“… … A unique skill?”

Her eyes narrowed. Seo Ina shook her head as if it was strange.

“… … But you know. Unique skills cannot be learned. Teaching me my Alfheim’s sword is… … .”

“no. What I want to learn is not the sword of Alfheim, but the method of blooming the unique skill itself. I want to learn slowly. It’s a unique skill.”

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow as he recalled what he had recently heard from Hella.

at that time. Her Jaehyun annoyingly asked her how to use her mythical skill, and she gave her hints as if Hela couldn’t do it.

[You need to break your limits.]

[A limit?]

[yes. Put simply… … It means that you need to establish your unique skills before dealing with mythic skills.]

It was an unexpected development.

You need to unlock a unique skill to deal with a mythical skill?

[Each human has a latent special attribute mana. You have it too. But until now, you have borrowed the power of others and have not listened to your own.

If you use a mythical skill without opening it, your body and ego will be eaten by the power.]

[It means that I need to unlock my own skills to protect my ego and to handle the power of myth-level skills.]



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Jaehyun sighed and scratched his head.

[No, but that’s… … Just because I want to bloom doesn’t mean that my unique skill will suddenly appear, right? Now I have no choice but to repeat the training… … .]

[well. What about that?]

[…] … What do you mean by that?]

[hmm… … Let me clear the way a little easier. thank me!]

At that moment, the system window was activated with a refreshing tone that had been heard for the first time in a while.

[Main Quest]

Unlock unique skills.

The adversary was unaware of his incompetence and recklessly copied mythical skills, incurring the wrath of the great and great god Hela.

Find the opening condition of your unique skill to overcome the limit and manifest it.

Condition: Unlock unique skill

Difficulty: S+

compensation: ???

Unlock unique skills.

It’s not that Jaehyun didn’t think about it.

past. Even before returning, Jaehyun admired those with unique skills.

Lee Jae-shin, Korea’s first S-class raider, and Yoo Seong-eun, the head of the Yeonhwa Guild. In addition to this, Balak using the unique skill called Garden of Swords, and Camilla using Mana Breath.

Many S-class raiders in the world have their own unique skills.

In fact, the difference between class A and class S is more important than stats, and the level of skill is more important.

“I want to unlock my unique skills somehow. And that too very soon.”

Kim Yoo-jung was furious at Jae-hyeon’s words after waking up from her thoughts.

“hey! Are unique skills unlocked so easily? It’s not something anyone can have.

… … Well, of course you’re not in anyone’s category.”

Kim Yoo-jung strangely blurted out her words. Even in her own opinion, Jaehyun was far beyond the level of a cadet she thought she was.

Jaehyun nodded silently.

“It is not without possibility. Other than the Raiders who were naturally gifted with skills, all of them acquired their own skills. Neither I nor all of you here are impossible.

So I want you to let me know. Ina, did you unlock your unique skills autistically? Can you tell us more about the situation at the time or the feeling of using the skill?”

Jaehyun was almost certain. According to Hella, the manifestation of acquired unique skills is not a coincidence.

Only when certain conditions are met can the potential hidden within oneself be unlocked.


The skills that Jaehyun will soon reveal will have a close relationship with the use of mythical skills.

* * *

“Unique skill? It is difficult to open it arbitrarily.”

“You’re not saying you can’t.”

Yeonhwa Guild’s office. Yoo Sung-eun is talking with Jae-hyun.

Of course, the purpose is to open the unique skill of the radar, which has recently attracted attention.

Following Hella’s advice, Jaehyun was looking for a way to unlock his unique skill before using a mythical skill.

Visiting Yoo Sung-eun, his teacher and S-class raider, is a natural step in a way.

‘Thor’s skill… … I need my own skills to handle the power of the thunder god and other myth-level skills. I have to do it somehow.’

Jae-hyun came here for the safety of his family, Seon-hwa Lee, and his colleagues.

“It won’t help much in my case. It must have been a sudden opening.”

Yoo Seong-eun scratched his cheek as if embarrassed.

Well, that was what she did.

‘Because the teacher awakened his ability by chance.’

“Has it been almost 10 years? In my case, I accidentally woke up on the bus going home from high school. I clearly remember the incident at the time because it was so shocking, but at that time, a gate exploded in the middle of the road and dozens of people died in guest rooms.”

“Please explain in more detail.”

“okay. Well, anyway, at that time, people were dying and the bus stopped because of the monsters. Totally upset. People are screaming, terrified, hugging each other… … But do you know what the biggest problem was?”

When Jaehyun shrugged, Yoosung smiled and added.

“It means no one came forward. Well, what would ordinary citizens do? The Demon Beast came out and was about to die.

But then, a girl collapsed in front of me and was crying. In front of her child, the witch’s mouth was wide open. The moment I saw it, my heart suddenly started pounding. You can’t stand still like this. The thought came to her mind clearly.”

Yoosung wrapped his arms around my shoulders with a slightly sad face.

“So I went. I was still young at the time and didn’t know anything. I hated adults, and I was intoxicated with myself for being an Awakener. that you have to move

You can’t be the same person as those people who don’t move.”

so it moved Yoo Seong-eun said so.

Jaehyun nodded.

‘It’s a teacher-like behavior.’

However, what follows is

She was explaining why her voice was shaking now.

“As a result, I couldn’t save him. The monster’s attack was faster, and I was an Awakener at the time, but I was too weak. at that time. The girl was beaten, and the monster’s next target became me. No wonder.

After that, while dealing with monsters, I awakened Sacrifice right before I died. And fortunately, I was able to kill the undead monster in front of me and save the injured person. but.”

Jaehyun listened to Yoo Seongeun’s voice. A sad voice follows from her mouth.

“I wasn’t happy at all then. no? A healer knows that she remembers the people who died because she couldn’t save longer than the people she saved.”

Yoo Sung-eun’s words had bones. Jaehyun briefly recalled his past memories. At the time of the guild experience, the day I dealt with the Dark Elves.

Jaehyun blamed himself. If he had come to the rescue a little sooner, he could have saved everyone.

At that time, Yoo Sung-eun patted Jae-hyeon on the shoulder and said that.

‘When a healer is the happiest.’

When you don’t have to heel. The moment you don’t have to see blood.

At that moment, Yoo Sung-eun told her of her will as a healer.

“It must have been a difficult story… … thank you. It helped in many ways.”

“no. what this much It’s already been 10 years, so it’s not particularly difficult.”

“I always feel it, but I’m not good at lying.”

Jaehyun looked at her face, feeling a sense of sadness.

“I see. The disciple will not be defeated.”

Yoosung smiled faintly. Jaehyun stood up from his seat and said.

“I don’t know yet… … I’ll find out more. Thanks for your time.”

After Jaehyun ignored it, he packed his things.

I still couldn’t figure it out clearly. Activation conditions for unique skills.

The next person to visit for this has been decided.

‘or. After all, he must know something.’

Jaehyun made up his mind. Asking Seo Eana about when to awaken her unique skill.

Because this is a very risky move.

‘If I remember correctly… … When Seo Eana awakened her unique skill.’

when your family member dies.

It was also when I witnessed the death of someone I hated.

* * *

belt ring.

[Your information has been verified. Cadet Seo Ina. It is going out.]

“ha… … .”

Seo Eana sighs with a disturbed face as she leaves the hotel room.

It was because of what Jaehyun said yesterday.

[Please. Tell me the story of when you awakened your unique skills.]

Request for reenactment. This was too difficult for her.

own past. A fragment of why he had to break himself and move forward.

Showing this to others was similar to showing off a naked body. Even if you don’t, it’s a situation that’s a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of

But I couldn’t help but listen.

‘… … Considering what Jaehyun has done for me so far, I really want to do this request no matter what.’

Recently, Seo Eana has been noticing subtle changes in Jaehyun.

For example, the sleeves of Jaehyun on the day of the meat party in the past. The dark-stained sleeves indicated that he had shed tears and was experiencing a rapid change of heart.

She thought.

Why did Jaehyun, who hadn’t even been shaken once, cry?

Also, is the reason he seems impatient lately is his own delusion?

Like a person who is about to do something big, Jaehyun is working on an excessive schedule these days.

‘Whatever… … Let me tell you my story today. if that helps And I want to hear what Jaehyun is having a hard time with.’

The corners of Seo Ina’s mouth rose slightly as she thought of Jaehyun.

Little by little she felt herself changing.

Why? Is it because of Jaehyun?

Seo Ina thought so and moved toward the meeting place.

The current time is 2:50 PM. It was a little later than expected, but I was still relaxed.

‘I can arrive early.’

Always make an appointment 10 minutes early. That was Seo Eana’s creed.

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