I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 170

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Episode 170: Asgard’s Keeper (1)

“Please join forces to save lives without missing a single person! You shouldn’t be late in the slightest. There are already many injured instructors and cadets!”

At the entrance to the closed city, Kim Ji-yeon is seen shouting.

Currently, she was busy rescuing the injured instructors and cadets due to the anomaly.

half a day already.

I am taking care of them with support from headquarters, but the situation is not very good.

‘There are many more people who haven’t been saved yet. Some instructors have already died. there… …

Strong monsters continue to appear from within. It’s dangerous at this rate.’

Demon beasts were constantly pouring into the shallow area.

We are doing our best, but at this rate, the situation may get worse due to a lack of manpower.

“If I don’t think of a way… … .”

“Chairman! We will help too.”

At that moment, the voice of a cadet came from behind.

Standing there was the head of Circle Yu, Jeong Hyeon.

Jiyeon Kim pondered for a moment.

He came to the field with the instructors to save the cadets.

However, is it okay to put the cadets in danger without protecting the safety of the cadets?

But there was no right way.

Circle You are students who already have skills comparable to pro raiders.

It was not embarrassing to enlist their help in case of emergency.

“please. But please refrain from fighting as much as possible. After all, you are still cadets.”

“All right. We will search the area and focus on rescuing people.”

“We will help Aran too.”

“Please let Sung-eun help treat the wounded.”

Aran’s representative Kang Joo-hyeop and Seong-eun’s circle leader Han Ji-an, who were waiting in the back, also offered to help.

All of the four major circles, except for Third Eye, had gathered here.

“Thank you all. in order to somehow save it… … Lend me your strength.”

Kim Ji-yeon said that while lightly ignoring the cadets.

Still, if they help, the number of workers will increase even a little.

If I could somehow block only the monsters, I would have a chance to win.

‘At this rate, there’s no possibility.’

Thinking so, it was time for Kim Ji-yeon to raise her magic power.

Tsutsu… … .

Kim Ji-yeon stared blankly at her hand at something she couldn’t understand.

The reason was the use of magical power.

‘… … what? magic power… … Aren’t they united?’

Kim Ji-yeon’s eyes narrow. Voice message heard at the same time.

—… … The Aesir system is down.

―The relationship with the user is temporarily disconnected.

the system… … down?

Just when she didn’t understand right away, an urgent cry was heard from behind.

“Hey, Chairman… … ! magic… … can not use!”

“me too!”

“I-I’m not good at skills either!”

Each of the instructors made their own music and shouted as if they were perplexed.

Kim Ji-yeon’s face turned blue.


I’ve never had this happen while using the system.

why… … Why did this happen in such an emergency situation?

Jiyeon Kim did not give up and shouted with her lips bitten.

“Is there no one who can use the skill?”

“I think I can.”

It was Jeong-hyeon who intervened then. Not only that, other circle leaders also agreed.

“I think my skills are working properly.”

“what? I thought it was just me Anyway, I can.”

Even Han Jian and Kang Joo-hyeop. Everyone can use the skill.

At that moment, a hypothesis formed in Kim Ji-yeon’s head.

‘no way… … Only cadets can use magic… … ?’

Looking around, the other cadets except for the three were also able to use magic.

The only thing blocked was the adult raiders, including himself.

“It’s difficult to understand, but… … .”

As if she had made up her mind, she looked at the circle leaders and said.

“We have to change our strategy. this battle. We will support you as much as possible.

You have to step in.”

“All right.”

After Jeonghyeon replied coolly, he started running towards the battlefield.

That moment.

―Encounter the Bone Dragon, the boss monster in District 3 of the closed city field.



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The field boss of Area 3. The Bone Dragon appeared.

Originally, it wasn’t an opponent to be scared to that extent.

The grade of this dragon is A+. The ability of the instructors was sufficient for hunting.

But not now.

From now on, those who had to deal with that guy were cadets.

Seeing the 20-meter-tall demon beast approaching him, Jeonghyeon clenched his fists.

“This… … It won’t be easy.”

* * *

Guardians of Asgard. Heimdall.

When he first descends into Midgard. He was given one temporary power by Odin.

The power to intervene to some extent in the Aesir system.

This was the rain of drought for him, who could only use 30% of his strength.

Heimdall put restrictions on the system and sealed the power of a certain age group.

It was to forcibly seal the power of instructors over the age of 20 who exist in the closed city and forbid them from using the power of the system.

The reason for this decision was simple.

To watch the struggles of the young, especially the weak.

Also, there is a limit to limiting the system, so it was judged that it would be better to forbid the power of stronger adult radars in order to pursue efficiency.

‘I thought that if I just used the power of the system, I could comfortably drive the opponents of the prophecy into a corner.

but… … This is unexpected.’

Heimdall looked displeased.

“Why do you have ‘His’ eyes?”

Heimdall’s voice was full of anger.

Jaehyun quickly guessed the reason.

‘His eyes. That’s probably referring to the 《Lost Eye of Odin》 that I have.’

Jaehyun briefly wiped his left eye, which was stained with blazing gold.

If you think about it, it all started here.

The only mythical item in the world.

Having obtained this, I returned and succeeded in reaching this point.

Heimdall pulled out a sword from his waist and said.

“I get it now. How was it that you were able to grow up so fast?

That’s not something that some insignificant human being can have.”

“If you twist it, take it away.”

After provoking and opening his magic, Jaehyun stood in a position to protect his colleagues.

Seo Ina took a deep breath and said.

“… … No matter how much Jaehyun is you, that person cannot be alone.”

“No, I have to do this. It’s something you shouldn’t get involved in.”

When Jaehyun resolutely drew a line, Kim Yoojung was furious.

“We are a team! And what the heck is that? Min Jaehyun, is this the guy you know? Why are you suddenly attacking us?!”

However, Jaehyun did not answer and just repeated the same words.

“You guys run away from here.”

“Are you trying to protect your comrades? How dare you put this Heimdall in front of you?”

At that moment, Heimdall intervened and let out a fishy laugh.

Soon after, he put strength on the sword he pulled out and plunged it straight into the floor.

Kugung… … !

In an instant, the gray-white building collapsed, and the residence was completely destroyed. Suddenly, the ceiling collapsed and the sun shone down on my eyes.

Jaehyun immediately turned his head. Fortunately, none of his teammates appeared to be seriously injured.

“Go back to the entrance. If this continues, everyone will die.”

Jaehyun’s heavy words made his colleagues shake.

Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang were the same.

“No matter how you think about it, that’s not okay. No matter how strong you are… … .”

“Weeweewee, it’s dangerous… … .”

At the words of the two, Jaehyun let out a breath and laughed lightly.

“I said it during Dalian training. Please do not vomit and follow my instructions just once. That is now.”

That moment. Suddenly, Jaehyun turned around and poured out the magical energy he had raised towards the party.

“what… … !”

Kim Yoo-jung shouted, but Jae-hyun did not stop and continued to use magic.

―Active skill 《Wind Storm》.


The rough wind leaves Jaehyun’s fingertips and pushes the party all the way to the back.

I hear the voices of my colleagues who hate this.

“… … what are you doing now… … !”

“… … Jaehyun-ah, no!”

Hearing the voice that gradually faded, Jaehyun pursed his lips.

He quickly deployed the next spell.

As a field-type magic, it was the most defensive skill he could use.

―Active skill «Frozen Earth Lv 3» is activated.

White ice stretched out from Jaehyun’s hand, and soon began to form a semicircle around the area where his colleagues had disappeared and the outskirts of Miles Academy.

frozen ground.

It was an S-class dealing skill, but it was a skill with infinite possibilities if used properly.

Magic that can overturn the field itself. Moreover, ice-type magic has excellent defense power, so it was suitable for the current situation.

It was a strategy I had been thinking about since I first fought Heimdall.

However, this skill had one major blind spot.

Heimdall snorted and looked at Jaehyun.

“It’s a frozen land… … It’s a good skill, but it’s a skill that takes dozens of seconds to activate.

Do you think you can stop me in the meantime?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.”

With Jaehyun’s words, blue tendons sprouted from Heimdall’s forehead.

“OK. If you can stop it, try it.”

Heimdall raised his sword towards Jaehyun and swung it downward.

In an instant, the wave of magical energy that filled the blade exploded, and it was shot directly at Jaehyun.


A sword that explodes violently. Jaehyun did not back down and immediately deployed his magic.

―Active skill «Chain of Lightning Lv 5» is activated.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

Jaehyun activated the most proficient chain skills and the imagery of magic tools.

The weapon made is Balmung.

The rating was A+, not bad.


Along with Jaehyun’s words, chains made of magic wrapped around Jaehyun’s body.

Jaehyun didn’t stop there and drove the chain around his waist to the ground.

Almost at the same time, an uncontrollable amount of mana poured into him.


Heimdall’s sword energy was showing the end of refinement.

A truly different sword.

It was Jaehyun who had faced Balak sword to sword in the past, but Heimdall was far above that.

However. Jaehyun has also been looking forward to fighting him for quite some time.

It was an attack that Heimdall had poured nearly half of his magic power into, but the confidence that he could pull it off was clearly embedded in his whole body.

‘At least once.’


Jaehyun laughed and applied strength to the balmung he was holding, accurately countering the enemy’s attack.

Heimdall’s sword strikes at a right angle, passing through the land of reappearance and freezing, and crashing into a building.

thud! thud! thud!

The power was so powerful that the sword attack that pierced the building’s sink finally subsided slightly.

Heimdall’s eyes narrowed as he saw my attack bounce off, and his clenched fists gained strength.

Jaehyun laughed at him.

“I told you. I can stop it.”

Heimdall’s face was furiously crumpled like never before.

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