I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 171

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Episode 171: Asgard’s Keeper (2)

As a result, the wind storm did not greatly impact the party.

The magic of reappearance simply focuses on moving them as far as possible. It was never meant to hurt.

The group’s eyes fell coldly.

Just a moment ago, what was that guy?

“I think I heard the name at first glance… … .”

“… … It was so loud I couldn’t hear it properly. However, it is certain that it is a dangerous existence.”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na said with a cold expression.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo-jung, who was looking at the barrier, trudged and shook her head.

“I think it will be difficult to get inside. It’s a barrier that can’t be broken with our current level. Furthermore, since it is an ice type, it is several times harder to break.

I think Jaehyun Min… … I think I did this with determination. Even the man knew it.”

“… … I think so too. It’s like what he said to us during the first Dalian… … .”

Lee Jae-sang trembled and shouted.

“Stand up, I bet Jaehyun won’t die!”

“shit… … !”

Ahn Ho-yeon gritted it.

They didn’t even know why he did it.

However, the man who was wearing anachronistic clothes. It was certain that his magic power was superior to Jaehyun.

It is a number that surpasses the reproduction corresponding to the upper rank even in the A rank.

“Is Min Jae-hyun okay?”

It was something no one said.

As Kim Yoo-jung, it was something to be worried about.

It was a similar feeling to the time I faced the Kobold Lord during the mock dungeon incident in the past. Even then, Jae-hyun sacrificed himself to save the cadets and defeated the boss with Seo In-na.

It was the same even now.

Jaehyun made such a promise to save them.

‘At this point, Min Jae-hyun must be fighting that man alone.’

A troubled mind lingered in the hearts of the party for a while.

Maybe this time he really gets seriously hurt or even dies.

Thoughts like that bite their tail.



“… … what?”

Suddenly, the crest of solidarity he was wearing reacted and delivered a message.

―There are 2 reservation messages that have not been confirmed.

―Mark the message as read.

[Min Jae-hyun: I’m fine, so don’t worry. I have a favor to ask of you.]

[Min Jae-hyeon: A field boss monster is attacking the entrance to the city right now. go and help others I will join soon.]

“… … It’s Jaehyun.”

Ahn Ho-yeon said that and exhaled.

‘okay. Anyway, everyone here is not skilled enough to help Jaehyun. That man was incredibly strong a moment ago, and our skills are still far behind.’


Even so, if it was a radar, there would always be something to be done at any place.

“Then is it decided? let’s go. We should do what we can.”

With Kwon So-yul’s words, the party started running with their backs to the barrier.

Now you have to believe in reproduction.

As in the past, he will be able to do just fine this time around.

Right now, the priority was to defeat the field boss monster, as Jaehyun said.

* * *

The rising dust is lifted.

Heimdall’s gigantic figure and Jaehyun, who blocked his attack, are seen confronting each other.

Heimdall said disapprovingly, brushing his beard.

“It was an attack that I poured half of my power into. Stopping that… … After all, the name of the opponent of the prophecy was not a lie.

But it doesn’t matter that you lose.”

“How do you know without trying?”

Jaehyun tried to calm his trembling hands and gripped the sword tightly.

A faint light began to leak from the greatsword.

Heimdall raised the corner of his mouth as he looked at the sword pointed at him.

“He’s a pretty tempered guy. Well, if that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do about it

Let’s have a little more fun from now on.”


Heimdall’s eyes went blue.

Unleashing his mana, he raised his head and continued.

“This Heimdall himself will test you.”

‘also. It’s gotten stronger, but it won’t be able to defeat him in terms of magic.’

Even if it was 30%, it was an existence with divine power.

Although he himself has grown considerably, he has not yet reached the level of S-class. It was time for him to fight with skill rather than simple force.

“You will regret it. Lately, I’ve been doing pretty well on tests.”

Jaehyun said so and quickly leaped.



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―Active skill «Leap in the air».


Jaehyun’s body, floating in the air, accelerated in an impossible direction.

In an instant, the distance from the enemy is shortened, and Heimdall’s distance is reached.

At the same time, Jaehyun, who even used magic power detection to read the enemy’s movements closely, rotated his body.

Balmung then stabs horizontally into the enemy’s torso.

“Small techniques don’t work on me! How meaningless it is to struggle. I will let you feel it myself!”

Heimdall also swung his sword without backing down.

The longsword he was holding surged toward Jaehyun’s shoulder, creating waves.


However, the sword barely brushed Jaehyun’s clothes.

Heimdall’s attack was strong, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with Jaehyun’s agility stat, which had skyrocketed with all kinds of items.

It was the timing when the 30% restriction shined.

Jaehyun continued his momentum and approached Heimdall’s feet, then put strength into his sword.

Chaeeng! Chaeeng! Chaeeng!

The swords collided in succession, pouring out a fierce noise.

Jaehyun’s sword was fierce and precise.

―Passive skill 《Intermediate Swordsmanship》 is activated.

―Active skill 《Revolving Strike》 is activated.

One of the countless swordsmanships learned from Ahn Ho-yeon.

The great swordsmanship began to shine and drove the enemy.


Heimdall blocked the attack and put on a calm smile.

“You’re doing quite well for a human.”

Despite the limitations, he did not back down and demonstrated his unique swordsmanship.

A sword that never leaves a chance and will surely win.

This was one of Heimdall’s main characteristics.


Heimdall’s sword is fired at Jaehyun’s neck again.

up to the nearest point.

The sword came in at high speed, like a snake.

‘what? Don’t you avoid it?’

It was when Heimdall had such an idea.

A smile spreads across Jaehyun’s mouth, and Heimdall’s forehead flinches.

That moment. Heimdall had to feel an unknown sense of incongruity.

‘weird. like… … As if waiting for my attack… … !’

Jaehyun took a deep breath and put strength into his stomach and the hand holding the sword.

“I waited.”

Jaehyun, who was exchanging battles, momentarily relaxed his sword. With Balmung, Heimdall’s sword was thrown at him.

‘… … what?’

Heimdall couldn’t help but panic.

Did he choose to let go of his sword when he was so confident?

However, doubts about Jaehyun’s actions were quickly resolved in the ensuing action.


Right after Jae-hyun let go of the attack. He immediately reverse summoned Balmung.

Heimdall’s lips trembled. He didn’t have a good feeling.

Of course, Jaehyun did not stop there.


A skill that was activated again at the same time.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―The Elixir of Luck works.

―The passive skill 《Genius of Arms Manufacturing》 is activated. The grade of crafted items rises by 1.

―You have succeeded in making Nidhogg’s Fangs (S).

‘It’s good that I ate the Elixir of Luck in advance.’

Jaehyun smiled and applied magic to the dagger he was holding with the other hand.


―Active skill 《Dagger Dance》 is activated.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

―The passive skill of 《Nidhogg’s Fang》 is activated.

―The enemy becomes poisoned (1 stack).

―Enemies become poisoned (2 stacks).

―Enemies become poisoned (3 stacks).

―Enemies become poisoned (4 stacks).

―Enemies become poisoned (5 stacks).


Jaehyun, who had left a cut on Heimdall’s shoulder, quickly kicked the ground and distanced himself from him.

Deadly poison. From the beginning, Jaehyun had planned to attack Heimdall with Nidhogg’s fangs.

‘A passive skill attached to Nidhogg’s fangs. Deadly Poison is a skill that cuts the percentage of maximum physical strength.’

Not only that, when crafting an intact Nidhogg’s Fang. A skill that can be stacked up to 5 times.

For Jaehyun, who has relatively weak destructive power and excellent agility stats, Deadly Poison was the perfect suit.

“To make me recognize that you are using a long sword, then change your weapon to a dagger, and then dig into the vitals and inflict deadly poison.

But poison seems to work for me… … Cool!”

uh? This… … .

Blood sputum leaked from the corner of Heimdall’s mouth, who was confident.

“Is it Nidhogg’s poison… … !”

At that moment, Heimdall’s whole body began to tremble with vivid anger.

“You’re using a trivial number.”

Seeing Heimdall’s body dyed purple, Jaehyun laughed.

“You want to see who looks more insignificant now?”

* * *

Heimdall thought.

antagonist of prophecy. he is strong He’s much more than he thought.

‘I have no choice but to correct my thoughts. That guy has already become a pretty tough opponent to deal with with me at 30%.’

However, no matter how poisoned he was, Heimdall was a being with divine power.

No matter how restrictive it was to kill opponents, it was impossible not to overwhelm mere humans.

‘I didn’t know I’d be using this. I can’t help it now.’

Heimdall looked down at his blue-stained body as if it were bruised. It was due to the effect of deadly poison.

Deadly poison stacked five times.

It seemed that 10 minutes or so would be the limit for what I could endure with my current body.

“Surely, you are an excellent guy. It doesn’t make sense to be wary of you alone in Asgard… … .

At least I think I can use this.”

Heimdall took out his horn from his back and held it in his hand.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘Wait, that’s… … ?’

huge horn.

Reflecting on the myth, that object must be the «Gjallarhorn», the symbol of Heimdall.

It’s something that can’t be predicted what kind of effect it will have.

Because even Hella couldn’t tell the effect of the artifact because of the treaty with the Aesir. Jaehyun had no other option but to guess.

‘I don’t feel good. Don’t give me a chance!’


Jaehyun quickly leaped towards the enemy.

One, it was then. Along with Heimdall’s fishy sneer, the horn began pouring out scales on its own.

“You’ll know it’s an honor. To hear the Gjallarhorn play.”

Woo woo.

Jaehyun’s body froze at the sound of the flute.

Heimdall laughed and added.

Just make it painful enough that you won’t die.


Hearing the continuous sound, Jaehyun suddenly felt his mind drift away.

What is it?

What ability does this flute have?

‘Just by listening, my body… … !’

-caution! 《Gjallarhorn》 starts playing.

―By the effect of the artifact, your physical ability will decrease by 50%.

―With the mysterious power of the artifact, monsters nearby react.

With the sound of the system being heard, the body’s ability was reduced by as much as 50 percent.

However, that wasn’t the only problem.

Krrrrr… … .

The monsters that existed nearby began to gather, revealing their sharp fangs toward Jaehyun.

‘What the hell is this… … .’

“Well, I don’t know how to properly use the Witchbeast like Tyr… … .

I am good at this.”

Heimdall reached out. Powerful magic power gathers in his hand.

‘If it’s magic… … !’

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

―The level of the user is insufficient.

―Failed to resist the artifact.

To make matters worse, the situation is incapable of exerting its power until absolute arithmetic.

“shit… … !”

Jaehyun gritted his teeth and saw the red eyes coming towards them.

Heimdall smiled and looked down at him.

Then, the condensed mana emanated from his palm and branched out.


Jaehyun felt a strange sensation that the blood vessels in his whole body were twisting. Blood gushed out of his mouth, and an intense dizziness overtook him.

Jaehyun’s breath continued to be blocked by the pain that seemed to cut off his consciousness.

voice that accompanied him.

“My specialty is reverse flow magic. It won’t kill you, but the pain will be considerable.”

Heimdall added strength to the magical power that was strangling Jaehyun.

“I’ll let you rot for the rest of your life in Asgard’s dungeon.”

‘Damn it! No, consciousness continues… … .’

like that. Right before the spirit of Jaehyun is completely cut off.


A power that the two confronting beings could never have imagined intervened in the battle.

‘This, this… … ?’

Heimdall’s countercurrent magic instantly weakened.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun, who came to his senses, immediately raised his head.

At that moment, a dark blue defense force field caught his eye and a familiar being.

“… … You still have this much power left.”

“Jaehyun has a lot of sins, but it’s still too early for him to go to prison.”

Hella, who stood in Jaehyun’s way before she knew it, said that with a smile.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Hell… … la. what the hell is this… … .”

In front of the shocked Jaehyun’s eyes, an unbelievably huge figure appeared.

As if the abyss of the sea had been moved as it was, a mighty defense field was holding on.

It was not a normal blue field, but a black magical power field dyed in pitch black.

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