I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 173

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Episode 173 Divinity (1)

Bone Dragon.

The Dragon type monster was resurrected after death, changing into an undead attribute.

Among the monsters, it was one of the toughest monsters in terms of vitality, and it was a notorious monster with a very high rating.

Incidentally, the Bone Dragon is one of the major beast species that led to the destruction of the closed city.

Put it simply. It means that it is a very difficult monster.

“Jian Han! heel!”

“I know!”

“Kang Joo-hyeop, you protect the cadets from the vanguard!”

“Don’t give orders!”

With Jung Hyun’s instructions, major student circles led by Han Jian and Kang Joo-hyeop are conducting the Bone Dragon Raid.

They’re all cadets with excellent skills, so they’re holding up better than I thought… … .

The situation was not so optimistic.

‘The fact that we have to go through the boss raid ourselves, not the instructors, is a problem in itself.’

Junghyun looked at the enemy with a dark expression. A battle that has already lasted over 30 minutes.

Although he and the major circle leaders were among the best talents in the academy, they did not have much experience in boss raids.

Even that, I’ve dealt with C-levels, or even B+-levels at the highest.


“A+ grade boss monster. No matter how you think about it, it is impossible without support.”

Even Kim Ji-yeon said that the current field and outside contact were cut off.

I tried to contact the Radar Management Headquarters, but this also cut off along the way.

‘I can’t even rely on the outside right now.’

But now was not the time to think that way.

Jeong-hyeon immediately shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked around.

“We will all die… … .”

“The Bone Dragon… … shit! How the hell did this happen! We were just participating in an outdoor training camp!”

The cadets around them are all terrified and trembling.

No wonder.

To them, who were still only cadets, the dragon they saw was an overly strong monster.

If I could run away, I just wanted to quit the academy right away and get out of here.

“What are you going to do?”

Jian Han, who was standing side by side, asked while heeling.

Junghyun shook his head.

“I have no choice but to hold on now. Because I have no contact with the outside world.”

“Fuck! what is this all of a sudden I’ve almost used up all my magic. There are still some potions left… … Even that can’t last less than 10 minutes.”

Kang Joo-hyeop also spat out curse words.

However, there was no time for a long talk.

After supplying them, they quickly returned to the battlefield.

Junghyun clenched his fists.

‘If only there were a few more guys with skills like ours… … .’

It was when Jung-hyun thought so.

“We will help.”

A gray-haired handsome man and his companions approached from behind and spoke.

Jeongyeon’s eyes narrowed.

He remembered their faces.

“Ahn Ho-yeon. And a circle nine?”

“Let me help.”

When Ahn Ho-yeon emphasized once again, Jeong-hyeon hesitated for a moment.

Even though they are students of the same academy, they are still freshmen.

Even if he has the talent, there is a high possibility that he will soon be crushed by the monster’s attack.

In the end, Junghyun had no choice but to shake his head.

“It’s too risky a battle for a freshman to step in. As you may know, this dragon is an A+ grade monster. It is also a boss monster. It’s a hard fight for you guys to get into.”

“I know. But it’s okay.”

“A problem that can be solved by being stubborn… … .”

It was when Junghyun wrinkled his brow and said that.

―Active skill «Alfheim’s Sword».


The pure white sword floated in the air, and with an explosion, it cleaned up the surrounding demons at once.

The number of swept away at once almost exceeded ten.

Jung-hyeon’s face, watching this, is embarrassed and embarrassing.

‘Dragon monsters are several times tougher than other monsters. They are also difficult for us to deal with.

But, does that mean he wiped out that many numbers in one go?’

While I was thinking.

Seo In-na opened her magic to the limit and stood on the battlefield first.

“… … We are here to keep our promise.”

At those words, Jin-Hyun’s whole body trembled for a moment. he asked.

“Can I ask who you made the promise with?”

“Min Jaehyun.”



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It was Kim Yoo-jung who received the words this time. She was raising the corners of her mouth.

“Do not worry. I won’t hold your ankle.”

Kim Yoo-jung’s bold tone.

Jeongyeon was silent for a moment, then nodded and opened her mouth.

“sorry. Correct what I said earlier. Us… … Can you help me?”

At Jung Hyun’s words, the party leaped toward the Bone Dragon all at once.

* * *

―You have acquired the active skill 《Divinity Preoccupation》.

―The user has succeeded in acquiring the 《Divine Power》 for the first time.

[Active skill]

Name: Divinity Usurpation

Rating: Unique Skill

It usurps the divinity and replaces it with one’s own power.

The limitations of mythical skills copied through blank cards disappear.

*Every time you build up a godhead, the user’s overall stats increase significantly.

*You can only usurp the divinity of a weakened god.


A torrent of magical energy that fills the entire field.

It was a concentration that could not be thought of as human.

Hella, bent on her knees from the overload of her body, smiled at Jaehyun.

“at last… … You did it. Awakening of unique skills.”

However, she was soon with a dark expression.

“But run away now.”

Hella’s expression coexisted with pride and sadness.

she knew

It is certainly true that reproduction has become stronger with the awakening of unique skills, but it is not yet to the extent of freely using mythical skills.

It’s just that the restrictions are gone.

Jaehyun still lacked godhood.

‘In order to gain godhood, the best thing to do is to steal the things of other weakened gods.

but… … Heimdall is still alive. I can’t let them fight.’

Heimdall knew this well.

he said with a bitter sneer.

“Awakening of a unique skill. Pretty usable for a human, but… …

What did that mean?”


The condensed magical energy dwelled in Heimdall’s whole body once again.

“Adversary. You won’t be able to properly handle that power. 《Divinity Usurpation》 belongs to ‘The Traitor of Asgard’.

It’s not something that you, who don’t even have a proper godhead, can handle.”

“The Traitor of Asgard.”


As Jaehyun repeated his thoughts, Hela grabbed onto Heimdall’s disintegrating arm and said.

“I’m talking about the criminal of Asgard and the head of the Van Aesir throne.”

pass… … .

Even while she was talking, Hella’s body was constantly breaking.

It happened not because of a lack of magic power, but because it overflowed.

‘Hell’s power is flowing backwards.’

Jaehyun quickly figured it out.

He closed his eyes for a moment and was lost in thought.


If you know Norse mythology, it’s impossible not to know this name.

The beginning of Ragnarok, and the existence standing at the antipode of Odin.

It seemed that the unique skill of divine usurpation was derived from it.

“… … Is this his strength?”

Jaehyun groaned.

Heimdall raised his sword with a hearty smile.

‘That bastard’s new skill is definitely dangerous, but there’s nothing to worry about.’

He personally saw Loki use it during Ragnarok in the past.

divinity usurpation.

True to the description of stealing the status of another god, the power is a great skill. There was one drawback to this.

‘Divinity usurpation is a skill that can only take away the divinity of a weakened god. Even though I’m still tired, I’m not weak enough to lose my godhood.’

Of course, it was true that he had consumed most of his divine power to block Hela’s attack, but he had no worries.

But, at that moment.

Heimdall had no choice but to realize that his thoughts were wrong.

Jaehyun sneered and released his mana as he took a step forward.

―Active skill <Divinity Conquest> is activated.

“I know what you’re thinking.”

A chilling sensation down the spine.

Heimdall tried to erase his negative emotions and shouted at the opponent.

“Such a fool… … ! No matter how hard you try, nothing changes! Divinity Usurpation is a skill that is only effective against weakened gods! On the other hand, I’m still fine… … .”

“no. I’m sorry, but I didn’t get it right.”


Heimdall asked Jaehyun’s answer in a dumbfounded voice.

At the same time, Jaehyun raised his head and raised the corner of his mouth.


“The target I’m going to take over now is.”

―We will usurp the divinity of the designated target 《Hella》.

―The user’s divinity rises!

“Hella, it’s you.”

* * *

“Yoo Jeong-ah support!”

“don’t worry!”

―Active skill 《Overflow》.

―Active skill «Mana Field».

Kim Yoo-jung used her support skills to protect injured cadets while maximizing the attack power of her allies.

Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na did not back down either.

―Active skill «Blue and White Sword».

―Active skill «Alfheim’s Sword».

Using their skills, the two passed Kim Yoo-jung and ran forward.

Cut down the monsters on the battlefield, destroy them, and continue to narrow the distance to the huge boss at the end.

Meanwhile, Jung Hyun and Kang Joo-hyeop are also running side by side with them.

The two looked at the members of Circle Nine as if they were quite surprised.

‘On the subject of these guys freshmen… … .’

The first thing that came to mind was Kang Joo-hyeop.

He couldn’t keep his mouth shut at the current Nine’s appearance.

‘I thought only Min Jae-hyun was a monster… These guys are crazy too!’

Even compared to his past self, it was an overwhelming difference.

How can people who have been enrolled for less than half a year show such skills?

Jeong-hyeon had the same idea.

‘It was a good choice to fight alongside Nine.’

Not long ago, the members of Circle Nine told themselves this.

I came here to keep my promise, Go.

Also, when he found out that the person who made this promise was Min Jae-hyun.

Jung Hyun made up his mind.

To fight alongside Circle Nine.

The reason for his decision was simple.

‘Min Jaehyun. There’s no way he would endanger his members.’

And he wasn’t wrong at all.


A series of attacks by Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na, supported by Kim Yoo-jung.

He broke through the Bone Dragon’s defense and made him retreat.

“I can do it. If you fight with those kids.”

It was the moment when the end of the long raid was finally visible.

* * *

Koo Goo Goo!

The earth resonated, and the darkness overflowing from Hella’s body began to slowly flow toward Jaehyun.

An intense feeling of exhaustion.

Hella looked at Jaehyun with a shocked face.

divinity usurpation. Jaehyun’s unique skill was aimed at himself, not Heimdall.

‘How could you think of this in such a short moment… … !’

It was a judgment that had no choice but to stick out the tongue.

Why is Jaehyun taking away his divinity right now?

The reason was simple.

‘To save me. and… … To win against Heimdall.’

It was for a simple reason.

For these two things, Jae-Hyun used divine usurpation on himself.

In order to get rid of Hel’s divinity, which is destroying his body, and gain strength to defeat Heimdall.

A gentle smile appeared on the corners of Hella’s lips.

It was Jaehyun who always behaved coldly and tickled.

Even when I first started monitoring him, he said that he only looked at himself too much.

There was a time when I judged that I might not be able to help the anti-Aesir forces.

But not now.

to save me

‘That’s why Jaehyun is on the move.’

Hella collapsed on the floor with her thoughts.

Although he did not lose consciousness, he could not easily endure the sensation of a huge amount of mana draining out at the same time.

In addition, some of the deity that stayed there also disappeared, so it was more strange to endure.

Right after Hela collapses.

Jaehyun exhaled lightly and clenched his fists for a moment.

The godhead obtained from Hella entered Jaehyun’s body and wrapped around him.

“From now on.”

―Active skill 《Thunder God’s Power》 is activated.

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning》.

―Due to the influence of 《The Power of Thunder God》, the level of the Chain of Lightning will be upgraded.

―Active skill «Chain of Thunder God».

“It’s the start of the second round.”

Jaehyun looked up at Heimdall with a smile.

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