I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 177

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Episode 177: The Secret of the System (2)

[Adversary. You, too, must have had doubts. Why did Midgard suddenly become infested with demonic beasts? And why did the Awakener appear?]

[This was Odin’s thorough plan from the beginning.

While preparing for the second Ragnarok, Odin wanted to fill his lack of soldiers, and he hoped to supply the humans needed for this.]

[For this reason, Odin planted the roots of Yggdrasil in Midgard and turned the ground into a hell infested with demons.

And by the time humans groaned at him, they gave them wrapped gifts as if they were blessings.]

[Aesir system. Used by all Awoken people around the world, it was nothing more than a device to train Odin’s army.]

Jaehyun’s expression hardened at the story that followed.

system. What I thought was a blessing, in the end.

It was the seed of disaster sown by Odin.

[O antagonist of the prophecy. If you have seen this record now, prepare to head to Yggdrasil’s control tower immediately.]

[There is a control device that is the source of the Aesir system.

Reach there and break it.]

[If you don’t do that, all Awoken humans will become your enemies.]

It was only then that Jaehyun clearly realized the meaning of Heimdall’s last words.

Why did the Awoken say that they could become their enemies?

The answer was in Mimir’s records.

“Perhaps Odin will make them Einherjar after they finish growing.

Then again, they will try to destroy the throne of Van Aesir and the Eight Worlds.”

control tower. If we don’t destroy it, humanity will never be able to survive.

You will be betrayed by those you trusted, and in the end you will be ruined.

Just like Jaehyun did before returning.

[Then I wish you no luck.]

It was the sentence written on the last page.



Jaehyun, along with the light, had returned to his original place before he knew it.

The first altar he had seen had long since disappeared.

After thinking for a while, Jaehyun came to a conclusion.

“I need to meet Hella.”

anti-Esir coalition.

At first, Mimir said that not even Hela knew the whole story.

These, too, are the purpose of the system.

It is natural to assume that he does not know about Einherjar’s training.

If so, now that you know their purpose, you need a plan to counter them.

never fail.

perfect plan.

* * *

“I stopped by to say hello. It looks like you have something urgent to do?”

On the way Jaehyun left the library and went to meet Hella.

There was something blocking his way.

Chae Ji-yoon.

He was the leader of Circle 3rd Eye.

“Chae Ji-yoon senior?”

“Do you know me?”

“What is your name?”

Jaehyun said that while trying to suppress his urgency.

Chae Ji-yoon crossed her arms with a seductive smile.

“I heard you were active in the outdoor training camp this time? It was great.”

“Thank you for the compliment, but I’m a bit busy right now. I will hear the story later.”

After Jaehyun answered that, he tried to leave, but she blocked his way again.

“All other circles resent me. don’t you hate me Even though I’m in the 4th circle, I didn’t participate in the raid.”

“If you are weak, you have to get out of here. After you die, even recovery magic won’t bring you back to life.”

“It’s fun.”

No matter how you think about it, it sounded like she was blaming herself, but she didn’t even care.

Jaehyun frowned.


“Oh, just one more thing.”

“What do you mean… … .”


At that moment, goosebumps began to form all over Jaehyun’s body.

An unknown sense of incongruity and vast magical energy emanating from her eyes.

That made him stop.

‘what? … … You didn’t participate in the raid with this much power?’

Chae Ji-yoon in front of her is unmistakably strong.

other four circles.

No, even compared to Jung Hyun, she is at least the same level. She or she had more than that.

But, why didn’t she participate in the battle during the training camp?



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Chae Ji-yoon had a soft smile on her face.

“Do you think you can save everyone?”

test. Jaehyun thought her words were a kind of test.

He put his hands in his pockets and said.

“no. It’s impossible, and I don’t even want to.

More than that, it’s weird. That a person of this level was sucking his finger from behind.”

“Thank you for the high rating. I’m not interested in dogfights like that.”

Jaehyun started talking to her and constantly recalling information about him.

It was then.

A sense of incongruity sprouted like thorns all over Jaehyun’s body.

‘What was Chae Ji-yoon’s future like before returning?’

I didn’t remember anything.

* * *

Chae Ji-yoon.

After breaking up with her, Jaehyun returned to the hotel and found Hella.

Hella was lying on the bed, wagging her tail. She is tired and asleep.

However, Jaehyun didn’t care at all and woke her up.

“What is it that wakes up a sleeping god… … .”

“It is urgent.”

Jaehyun told Hella all the new information he learned.

Hella’s expression immediately darkened.

“Anyway, it seems that we will have to discuss this issue with the anti-Esir coalition before deciding on our future course of action.”

“yes. Even if you don’t, I thought I’d ask for that.”

Reappearance is also Odin’s purpose to the anti-Aesir alliance.

In other words, he visited Hela with the purpose of telling him about the plan for Einherjar.

Hella nodded happily.

“All right. When night falls, we leave immediately.”

“Oh, and there’s one more question I’d like to ask you.”


Hella tilted her head.

At the same time, her tail curled up and she swung several times in the air.

“I picked this up at an outdoor training camp. In theory, the first Awakener. It seemed to be Joo Won’s stuff.

Do you know anything about him?”

Jaehyun showed off the original gloves he got from the camp, but Hella shook his head.

“The first Awakener… … Sorry, but I don’t know anything. However, it seems to have something to do with the Aesir.”

“I think so too. I don’t know exactly, but… … .”

“Well, let’s do that. For now, it’s more important to let people know about Einherjar. and.”

Hella smiled.

“I also have to settle the quest rewards.”


I recently gained a godhood, and I forgot a lot of new things.

Jaehyun had something to settle for her and the Nornir system!


When Hella raised her hand and lightly touched the air, Jaehyun heard a familiar sound from the system.

―You have completed the quest 《Unlock unique skills》.

―Compensation will be settled.

―You have completed the quest «Closed City Defense Battle».

―Compensation will be settled.

The first is a quest completed by unlocking a unique skill.

The second quest was cleared by defeating Heimdall and the Bone Dragon in the field.

‘This is the most exciting time.’

Jaehyun immediately checked the system log.

“The first reward is a blank card… … The second reward… … ‘System update’?”

Jaehyun tilted his head.

At the same time, one more system sound is heard and ringing in the ears.

―The Nornir system is updated to Ver 2.0.

* * *


The update of the system was something Jaehyun hadn’t thought of.

Jaehyun smiled.

If it was an update to the Nornir system, it was clear that it would have a positive effect on Jaehyun.

“I’ll put the blank cards aside for a while and learn about the system first.”

Jaehyun ran the updated Nornir 2.0.


belt ring.

Display update information.

1. The communication function is updated. From now on, two-way voice transmission is possible even if you are far away from the guide.

2. The user’s status window is reorganized.

3. Sockets that can store Mythic Skills are activated.*Current Sockets: 1/1

4. ‘Crow Radar’ is automatically installed. To help the user level up more conveniently, ‘Odin’s Crow’ can track them when they are nearby.

5. The main quest ‘System Breaker’ is accepted.

Jaehyun started to check the information step by step from the first.

‘Update of communication function. I think this was prepared in case I fell with Hella.’

“Jaehyun will be able to rely on me more in the future.”

Hella puffed out her chest and spoke confidently. Apparently, she also didn’t know much about the update information for version 2.0.

Well, in the first place, the version update itself is to change an incomplete state into a perfect state little by little.

There was no way she, who had been hanging out with Jaehyun until now, knew Mimir and Loki’s intentions.

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders and gave an appropriate answer.

“Well, it’s more like using it than willpower.”

As soon as he said that, he felt that the corner of Hella’s eyes narrowed and her gaze was directed at him.

However, Jaehyun did not pay attention and confirmed the following information.

‘It’s a reorganization of the user’s status window.’

Jaehyun brought up the status window to check properly.

[Person information]

Name: Min Jae-hyun

Age: 17

Level: 103

[Normal Skill ▼]

*Detailed information is displayed when touched.


Strength: 153 (+165)

Agility: 132 (+230)

Horsepower: 321 (+160)

Endurance: 208


– Liberation Stage 1

* Each time you acquire a certain amount of divinity, the level of liberation increases and the number of sockets increases.

Distributable Points: 0

Before I knew it, my level had risen steadily and reached 103.

Jaehyun nodded with a satisfied expression and took out an item from his inventory.

“The blood of giants. I couldn’t use it because I didn’t have enough strength until now, but now I can.”

An item obtained by attacking the ruins of Hrungnir in the past.

It was an item that allowed his strength and wisdom stats to grow rapidly just by wearing it on his head.

However, in order to use it, conditions had to be accompanied.

The pure stats of strength and agility must exceed 150.

This did not allow passing stats with items.

Because of this, Jaehyun kept it sealed for a while.

But not anymore.

Jaehyun’s level rose after defeating Heimdall. With the corresponding distribution points, he succeeded in raising his strength stat to 153.

This means that all conditions for using the item have been met.

“then. Shall we try it?”

Jaehyun raised the corners of his mouth, opened a bottle, and poured the red liquid onto his head.

I felt repulsed by the blood, but surprisingly, there was no such thing as a terrible stench. On the contrary, it is a liquid that feels divine.

It felt like an elixir that appears in a novel.

Giing… … !

―Use the consumption item «Giant’s Blood».

―The user’s body is imbued with the power of a giant.

―Muscle Strength and Magic stats increase by 30 each.

A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips as his stat rose to 60 in an instant.

Now, his average stats were somewhere near mid-level even in the S-level raider.

‘If you think it’s difficult to raise stats at this level… … Because this is a tremendous growth.’

Jaehyun nodded and looked back at the system window.

There were still a few updates left to check.

So next… … .

“Is this a description of a socket that can contain a mythical level skill?”

Jaehyun smiled and opened the skill window.

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