I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 178

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Episode 178 Nornir Ver 2.0

[Socket (1/1)]

◆ Power of Thunder God

[Passive skill]

Name: Thunder God’s Power

Class: Mythic

It contained the lightning of Thor, the god of thunder. The efficiency and power of brain property skills increase rapidly.

1. The damage of brain property skills is added by 300%.

2. The efficiency of brain attribute skills increases by 50%.

3. It is a skill that can switch the on/off state.

The skill penalty that was originally displayed disappeared as expected.

Now that he is a reappearance who has obtained a perfect status, the restrictions on using the power of the Thunder God have disappeared.

In future battles, this would be of great help.

“good. Then the problem is the socket… … . hella. Do you know anything about sockets?”

“no. It seems like a new feature Mimir added with the 2.0 update.”

Restrictions on mythical skills.

It has completely disappeared, but the level of reappearance is still not strong enough to deal with all the gods of the Aesir.

Even beings with divine powers cannot steal each other’s skills.

Although Jae-hyun gained the status, it was not yet possible to copy all of their skills and use them freely in the first stage of Divinity Liberation.

“I’m just glad that I can handle the power of the Thunder God now.”

After muttering that, Jaehyun checked the conditions for releasing the socket.

[In order to release the socket, the user’s divinity must rise. This can be obtained by usurping the status of a mythical being.]

In addition to the stats, another big wall was created.


In order to raise it, you must defeat the giants of the Aesir in mythology.

As Jae-Hyun, who defeated only 30% of Heimdall, there is quite a bit of journey left.

But as if it knew it all, the system delivered the next story.

―You can search for crows through the ‘Crow Radar’, and when you defeat them, the user’s godliness increases.

“Ah, I see.”

When he first defeated the crow in the simulated dungeon, Jaehyun received a quest.

《The Crow Hunter》.

This was a quest that increased the rank of reappearance whenever Odin’s crow was defeated.

As a main quest, its value is fundamentally different from other quests.

Jaehyun hadn’t been able to do this properly yet.

The biggest problem is that I don’t know where the crow is.

“If you only have this, finding crows won’t be a chore, right?”

Hella said with a laugh.

Jaehyun nodded.

“Iknow, right. Hugin… … You can find him too.”

Jaehyun said that with two cold eyes.

Hugin. The person he believed to be his father.

He was as high as a mountain, but now Jaehyun knew.

That his own level had risen to a level comparable to that of him.

‘I won’t lose the next time we meet.’

Jaehyun felt helpless that day. He intended to return it to him.

The same goes for revenge.

“Now, then, is this the last update?”

After shaking my head moderately to clear my thoughts, I opened the next window.

‘System breaker.’

A quest that will be the most daunting task for Jaehyun, who has become a radar by benefiting from the system, not by benefiting from it.

That slowly cast a shadow over Jaehyun.

* * *

Afternoon after system update.

There was a press conference on several key facts and awarding of commendations at an outdoor auditorium near the dormitory.

Jaehyun took part as the representative of Circle Nine.

The performance of Nine, a new circle, was a sensation everywhere.

Jaehyun also needed to raise his position in the circle, so he had to attend even if it was annoying.

“hello. This is Kim Ji-yeon.”

A thunderous applause can be heard along with greetings from Kim Ji-yeon, the chairman of the board.

You can see reporters and lawmakers spread out in front.

‘To think that people who were hard to see even once in their previous lives were gathered like this.’

Even when I was a student at an academy, I had never seen such a large crowd.

Even if it was Milles, the only thing people gathered this far was the entrance ceremony and the graduation ceremony.

It is true that it is difficult to even watch the entrance ceremony properly due to the hunt for new students.

“The reason why we have invited guests here today is simple. I would like to tell you about the outdoor camp event and the raid on the closed city yesterday.”

“The Closed City Raid Case?”

“Then is the story you heard yesterday true?”

“I heard that an A+-class monster came up to the shallow area!”



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“They said it was a cadet who caught it too?”

A groaning sound was heard. Jaehyun let out a sigh of relief.

It was after Kim Ji-yeon tapped the podium with a calm face.

“I think everyone has a lot of questions they want to ask. But what I can tell you now is that a new threat is looming… …

It was the proud cadets of Miles who were the only hope to overcome this first threat.”

Jiyeon Kim nodded.

“For this reason, Miles decided to remember the names of the cadets who made major contributions by awarding points and certificates of commendation.

From now on, the cadet whose name is being called, please come forward and accept the citation.”

Soon after, she smiled and called someone’s name.

“1st grade Min Jae-hyun and Circle Nine.”

Jaehyun and Circle Nine, who were waiting in the back, stepped forward.

Flashes started to go off all at once.

It was the moment when the name of Circle Nine began to be known to the public in earnest.

* * *

After awarding the certificate of commendation.

After undergoing a simple examination at the hospital on site, Jaehyun met his colleagues again.

Those gathered around the studio. Jaehyun laughed hard at the bloody atmosphere and broke his luck.

“… … Haha, but I’m glad you’re all fine. right? It was a struggle, but I received 3 million points each. That’s all I want to do… … .”

“Isn’t there something more to say than that?”

Kim Yu-jung crossed her arms and said.

Jaehyun scratched his head and sighed.

Right now, the party was asking for an explanation of what happened during the camp.

“under… … okay. I’ll tell you. But everything is hard.”

“Why do you have so many secrets?”

Kim Yoo-jung expressed her anger, but Jae-hyun ignored it.

Seo In-na also raised her head, wondering if there were many things she wanted to ask.

“… … First of all, I’ll ask. That man, who was that man who attacked us at the camp?”

“… … can’t say that Instead, I can tell you this for sure.”

Jaehyun put his hands together.

“That he has something to do with me. And it’s terribly strong.”

At Jaehyun’s declaration, the party’s expressions immediately darkened.

“Don’t you think we gathered to hear that?”

“okay. This time, Yoojung is right. that person… … No, what the hell is a demon?”

Ahn Ho-yeon seemed to have defined Heimdall as a demon.

Jaehyun shook his head. I couldn’t tell you everything now.

One day, if Ragnarok happens, I will have to tell them the truth… … .

‘Because it’s too early now.’

Jaehyun thought so and turned his attention.

“Oh right. I got S rank.”

“… … what?”

Kwon So-yul, who had been sitting beside him, looked at Jae-hyun in a fright.

S class? What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Wasn’t it Jaehyun who stayed at the top of the A-rank until not too long ago?

Is it possible that he became very strong in the meantime… … .

“… … So he was able to come alive from the man.”

Seo Eana immediately showed her trust in his words. Kwon So-yul was embarrassed, but the reaction of others was the same.

“Ugh. Do you want to go that far?”

“So, did you defeat that demon?”


Jaehyun shook his head at Ahn Hoyeon’s question.

‘It can’t be. He’s the Aesir’s watchman.’

Jaehyun caught his breath and recalled the battles of the past.


He doesn’t stop there.

In fact, at the last moment, didn’t he convey his words with only his head?

“I have to keep fighting an enemy like that.”

After Jaehyun got lucky like that, he went slowly.

“So if a situation like yesterday arises, you guys will somehow run away.”

“You alone again… … !”

Kim Yoo-jung was hot. Jaehyun quickly interjected and covered her mouth.

“It’s not just words.”

Jaehyun released his magical power, which had reached S rank, at once, and pressed the group’s shoulders.

The raised magic power was tightening the breath of his comrades.


Even Seo Eana, who had the highest aptitude, was suffocated and could not even move.

Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Ho-yeon were holding out quite a bit, but Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang were almost in a state of shock.

“What the hell… … !”

Kim Yoo-jung shouted, but Jae-hyun continued with a calm expression.

“If you don’t grow up to this level at least, you won’t be able to fight alongside me. So, if you want to fight, S rank. Get to where I am now

Then I won’t say anything.”

It was truly a bombshell.

I haven’t reached level A yet, what? S class?

“Crazy bastard.”

I heard Kim Yoo-jung’s insults.

Jaehyun just smiled mischievously, ignoring him.

* * *

“hmm. After all, sweet is better than bitter.”

Antique furniture and oil paintings on canvas filling the walls catch the eye.

All of them are pictures drawn with a motif of a scene from a fairy tale for children.

This was in harmony with the antique mansion, creating a unique dark atmosphere.

“I guess a lot of interesting things happened during the time I wasn’t moving?”

A man drinking coffee muttered with a smile.

He was a petite, blond-haired man, dressed in unusual patterns.

The man was resting his chin while reading an article that came to mind recently.

[Shock! A large number of Instructors Milles died at the outdoor training camp… … .]

[Cadets save the academy! An unprecedented situation, how will the situation unfold in the future!]

[Min Jae-hyun, once again, he did a great job! Active in the outdoor camp!]

It was then.

Suddenly, a medium-sized, white-skinned woman spoke up from behind.

“I think you should stop procrastinating and move. We can’t keep him waiting too long, can we?”

In the direction the voice came from, there was a familiar face.

Chae Ji-yoon.

The head of Circle 3rd Eye looked at the man disapprovingly.

The man smiled.

“surely. I guess it’s time to move slowly. Well, it seems a bit early for me.”

The man got up from the old sofa.

Soon, a playfulness comes to his eyes, and the screen of the smartphone he was reading goes black.

At the same time, his attractive face is reflected on the screen. It belonged to a celebrity that no one in the world knew.

Ju won.

The world’s first Awakener who disappeared from the world.

Radar, which heated up the press every day in the past, said that he would be dead, and started moving again.

“good. The antagonist of the prophecy… … How charming is your story. Where would you like to hear it?”

he laughed. Chae Ji-yoon had disappeared from the room before she knew it.

huge thunderstorm. They were rushing towards re-enactment.

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