I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 191

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Episode 191: Pursuit (2)


There was a clear reason why Jaehyun searched for articles with the following keywords.

He thought about the TV news he had seen yesterday.

[There is an interesting story among the news that I will tell you today. It is the news that the number of reawakened people has suddenly increased recently.]

[After the first Awakener appeared in the world. Until now, the number of awakeners has continued to increase every year, but this is the first time that the rate of awakeners has shown a rapid increase.]

[Experts in the related fields are giving different opinions about the increase in the number of re-awakened people… … .]

increase in reawakeners.

In Jaehyun’s opinion, it couldn’t be related to the Limit Breaker.

‘Limit Breaker’ is an item that causes the user’s mind to run wild in exchange for forcibly awakening the user’s power. Lim Seong-ho also lost his ego because of this.

On top of that, the surge in re-awakening mentioned in the news yesterday. The timing is too close to be a coincidence.’

Jaehyun was almost certain.

Most of the reawakened people mentioned in the news right now are those who forcibly awakened their powers using Limit Breakers.

Also, that is.

“If you find and destroy the suspicious ones among the reawakened, you might be able to learn about Asatru and the Limit Breakers.”

For this reason, Jaehyun looked up an article about reawakened people a while ago.

As a result, he was able to find the suspicious ones among the upgraded radars.

The addresses that Jaehyun wrote earlier are the addresses of their offices and homes.

‘There are three candidates who are presumed to have used the limit breaker.’

That was enough to investigate the case and get information.

Jaehyun went outside without hesitation.

* * *

a few hours later.

The first person Jae-hyun visited was an Awakener named Lee Seong-ryeol.

It was originally D-class, but one day it was suddenly upgraded to B-class. According to the stories around him, his personality became very sensitive after awakening.

Being too obsessed with strength was a bonus.

‘The circumstances warrant sufficient suspicion. I’m sure it must be.’

Jaehyun sneaks into his office using the Robe of Stealth and Cognitive Error.

Although it was an illegal (?) act, there was no time to worry about it. Really, if he had used Limit Breaker, he would still be dying at this very moment.

If you don’t move now, you will lose even your life that could have been saved.

Having made up his mind, Jae-hyeon found Lee Seong-ryeol calling somewhere.

He was also in almost the same condition as Lim Seong-ho. Skin and veins already dyed purple. It was also impossible to return Lee Seong-ryeol to his original body.

sorry thing. However, Jaehyun did not have time to hesitate.


He approached and quickly overpowered Lee Seong-ryeol.

“Big! what, what! who is this!”

beep… … beep… … .

The call screen of the smartphone was already black.

Jaehyun asked.

“Are you Lee Seong-ryeol? He said he recently reawakened.”

“You, you… … ! black robe… … !?”

Jaehyun paused for a moment.

Well, rumors of the great ruins spread all over the world.

It was not unreasonable to recognize Rob.

Jaehyun decided to take advantage of this situation.

“okay. I came because I wanted to ask you something.”

“Well, I don’t know what… … I know nothing!”

“Limit Breaker. Where are the guys who gave it to you?”

“… … .”

Lee Seong-ryeol, who was taken aback by Jae-hyun’s question, had no answer for a while.

He was glancing at Jaehyun with a puzzled expression.

“I will ask again. The guys who handed you the Limit Breaker. Where is their home base?”

Jaehyun’s voice was heavy.

He also had enough strength to subdue himself at any time.

Lee Seong-ryeol instinctively realized that the assailant in front of him was much stronger than himself.

“Hey, the lab… … I heard that it is in a research center somewhere in Korea! I don’t even know the exact location!”


Right after Jaehyun asked again, the man’s body began to turn blue.

Then, with a pop, his body exploded.

As before, there were few traces left.

Apparently, the drug was on the verge of disintegration.

Maybe Chae Ji-yoon and the crow in the actor put a ban on him.

Jaehyun clicked his tongue.

‘I knew it couldn’t be saved. It’s not a very nice sight.’

He shook his head for a second, consolidating his thoughts.

‘There are only two left. We need to find their hideout as soon as possible.’

Jaehyun opened up his smartphone and moved to the address entered next.

There was no time to delay.



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* * *

A few more hours after that.

The Awakeners who visited the second and third times were also those who became stronger by using Limit Breakers.

Jaehyun’s prediction was correct.

Frightened, each gave the following information.

“I heard that there is a laboratory on an island in the West Sea!”

“I heard that the place where the research center is located is closed by a demonic beast that no one can live in.”

By synthesizing this information, Jaehyun found out the location of Limit Breaker’s laboratory.

“Baekryeong Island. That is the stronghold of Asatru.”


Hella asked.

She was not very bright about the situation in Korea.

Jaehyun explained with a dark expression.

“A place where no one can live. This means that it is a place where fieldization has already taken place. If you look for an island there, Baengnyeongdo is the only one in Korea.”

An area where S-class monsters have been rampant due to the dungeon break and the entire island has been fielded.

That place was Baengnyeongdo Island.

“But how do I get there?”

Even after finding the location, the problem still remained.

There’s no way there’s a portal to an uninhabitable land. However, it was impossible to cross the sea to get there.

Hana Jae-hyun said without wavering.

“Do not worry. As long as you have money, there is nothing you cannot do in Korea.”

Jaehyun took out his phone and called Yooseong.

After a while, the voice of the other party is heard along with the sound of clicking.


“It’s me, sir.”

[…] … When I open it like that, there is always a story asking me to do something, ah… … Isn’t it?]

“Sorry, but that’s right. I’d like to get you an item. as soon as possible.”

[…] … under. I’ll listen and see.]

From there, it was a breeze.

The artifact that Jaehyun requested from Yooseong was the Warp Marker.

A magic tool that allows you to move to that location only once, if you specify an exact location.

Now it was designated as illegal and it was a difficult thing to obtain. The price is a whopping 1 billion each.

The power of Hana Yeon-hwa was also amazing.

that afternoon. Jaehyun was able to get his hands on the warp marker right away.

A total of three markers were purchased for coming back and for emergencies.

If this is the case, it will not be too much of a hassle to get the job done.

[Wouldn’t you tell me if I asked where you’re going to use it?]


Fortunately, Yoo Seong-eun did not ask any more.

After giving a proper thanks, Jaehyun returned to his room, installed a warp marker, and stood on top of it.

[Where do you want to go?]

[Please enter a correct location.]

“Baekryeong Island.”

After Jaehyun said that, he also entered the detailed longitude and latitude into the marker.

A message that comes along with him.

[Moves the user to that location.]

At once, the son-in-law became bright, and the surrounding scenery was dyed pure white.

* * *

Baengnyeongdo Island.

Like the closed city of Daegu, a land where people can no longer live.

Baengnyeongdo Island was the only island in the country that was closed due to a monster attack.

A place that suffered almost the same damage as Daegu, where the Demon Beast appeared for the first time.

“here is… … Is it Dumujin according to the satellite map?”

Dumujin is a quartzite cliff formed along the coastline about 4 km northwest of Baengnyeong Island.

up to 50 meters in height. A superb view of nature carved by waves and wind and rain over a long period of time.

In the past, there were quite a few tourists.

But that is also a thing of the past.

‘After the dungeon break, this is a place where all living things have disappeared. The only thing that exists on Baengnyeong Island is the Witchbeast.’

Jaehyun took a step, recalling the information he learned at the academy in the past.

Magical power felt nearby. This was at least the level that the A-class raider guild’s engineering team had to attack.

‘It’s almost as strong as Daegu’s magic beasts. It’s dangerous.’

“Hella. Stay close to me. It’s hard to get hit and stretch like last time.”

“… … Isn’t that a bit harsh? At that time, I tried to save Jaehyun… … .”

Jaehyun moderately ignored her barrage and took a step forward.

That moment.

oh oh oh… … !

A group of monsters surround Jaehyun.

Most of them were fishmen with fins.

‘It must be difficult to just pass.’

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―You have succeeded in making Nidhogg’s Fangs (A+).

Jaehyun fixed his sword and looked at the enemy.


Suddenly Poppy burst out of her arms and burst into tears.

I can’t do anything alone because I’m still young, but just having him is a big help.

Jaehyun takes a light breath.


kicked the ground

―Active skill 《Dagger Dance》 is activated.

―With the effect of the unique skill 《Garden of Swords》, mastery of swordsmanship skills doubles.

Jaehyun’s eyebrows went up.

A bloody bloody sound heard almost at the same time.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

There was no hesitation in Jaehyun’s movements.

The total number of fishmen in the area is over twenty.

However, Jaehyun sorted it all out in just two minutes.

“… … I’ve improved my skills even more since I didn’t see it. by the way.”

Hella looked somewhere with a puzzled expression.

His gaze was directed at Papi, not Jaehyun.

“Where did you get this dragon?”

* * *

Jaehyun’s colleagues gather around the hideout after all classes at Milles Academy are over.

Again, they expressed their sadness at Jaehyun, who disappeared without a word.

“What the hell! Jaehyun Min Why does he always disappear without saying a word? You didn’t even come to class!”

“I know.”

Ahn Ho-yeon agreed with Kim Yoo-jung’s words.

In fact, in Kim Yoo-jung’s case, she only wanted to see Papi (Yong-yong), whom Jae-hyun took with her.

There was a little bit of concern mixed in, but not too much.

“… … Aren’t you doing something dangerous again?”

No one answered Seo Ina’s words.

It was natural.

How many situations has Jaehyun been involved in dangerous things so far?

I don’t know by now, but there was a good chance that he was doing something else. He might be fighting the same foe as the giant he faced before.

“under. It’s frustrating. I want to see Poppy.”

“Wouldn’t it be okay this time too? It’s Min Jaehyun.”

Kwon So-yul said so.

Lee Jae-sang stammered as much as he could with a worried expression.

“Hey, if I knew you would be away like this, I’d give you more potions… … .”

“Ayy, there must be plenty already. You’re rich there. him.”

Kim Yoo-jung waved her hand.

A moment of silence passed. Suddenly, Ahn Ho-yeon got lucky.

“Anyway, that’s what Jaehyun said before. Are you serious?”

“What do you mean?”

“… … Those words that said that if you can’t climb to the position of the S-class radar, you can’t fight together?”

Seo Ina asked. An Ho-yeon nodded her head.

“Jaehyun’s personality doesn’t seem like a joke. But being an S-class is… … It’s not an easy-to-reach location.”

“In the first place, it was thought that one person would come out a year. Is that even possible?”

Kim Yoo-jung said while resting her chin.

Kwon So-yul also showed a skeptical reaction.

“Oh no way. I guess that’s just what I’m saying I don’t want to get involved in dangerous things, so I say that… … .”

“… … I think I can.”

Seo Ina interrupted and said. Her An Ho-yeon’s eyes turned to her.

“It’s embarrassing to tell you the truth… … I also think that somehow I want to reach the level that Jaehyun has reached now.”

“That’s right, me too, but… … .”

Yujeong Kim scratched her head and said so.


His presence awakened their sense of goodwill.

“good. Then, while Jaehyun is away, shall we go to training with the circle members? I’m trying to catch up even a little bit!”

It was a proposal close to Ahn Ho-yeon’s subtle threat.

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na also did not respond, but seemed to agree.

“under… … What do I… … .”

Kwon So-yul wanted to refuse, but he had no choice but to be dragged away.

Lee Jae-sang was the only one who could legally escape.

* * *

about five hours.

Jae-hyun searched Baekryeong Island and tried hard to find the laboratory mentioned by the Awakeners who used the breaker, but did not achieve great results.

Hella looked around and asked.

“Couldn’t it be this island?”

“hmm… … However, there are no other islands that have been closed off by demonic beasts… … .”

It was strange.

There was no way the words of the three people earlier were lies.

However, after wandering around the island for several hours, a feeling of longing slowly rose.

‘Is my prediction really wrong… … ?’

It was at that time that Jaehyun thought so.

―The crow radar works!

―I found a crow nearby.

– Start the search.


Jaehyun smiled.

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