I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 192

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Episode 192 Secret Lab

―The crow radar works!

―I found a crow nearby.

– Start the search.

Jaehyun gave a satisfied smile.

It was a timing that felt worthwhile searching the island so far.

Currently, he has arrived at the northern end of Dumujin, where he first arrived.

A dark cave squeezed out between high-rise rocks.

It seemed that this was the place where the research institute was located.

“I guess it’s like here, right?”

“If the system responded, it must be. Plus, if there’s a crow around here, you’ll be even more sure.”


Papy growled as if Jaehyun’s words were right.

Jaehyun lightly reached out and activated magic detection.


Side branches of magical energy extend and begin to read information from the field near the shore.

Jaehyun closed his eyes for a moment and felt the magic even more closely.

He thought that if it was a place he hadn’t been able to find by searching until now, it would be difficult to detect with a tolerable amount of concentration.

After a while. Jaehyun opened his eyes and pointed in one direction.

“It was also this way.”

“But I think there are a lot of monsters. You better be careful.”

Hela said that, perhaps feeling an unusual energy from within.

Jaehyun knew it too.

The cave at the end of Dumujin. There was a strangely large number of Demonic Beasts gathered here.

Jaehyun looked at Poppy for a while, then started moving forward.

Of course, you may think it’s dangerous to take him, but in fact, it wasn’t a big deal.

In the first place, the pet does not die as long as the user has magic power.

According to the description of the system, even if he dies, he moves to a place called the valley of the dragon, and can be resurrected after the time limit is over.

Even so, I had no intention of letting this cute dragon die.

“It’s humid.”

Jaehyun took a step into the cave and said that.

Hella also nodded.

Poppy was holding on to the hem of Jaehyun’s trousers with his claws, perhaps a bit afraid.

Turbuck. Turbuck.

The sound of footsteps echoing in the depths of the cave.

Jaehyun, who headed deeper, continued to walk while arranging the monsters that appeared in front of him.


A huge puddle about 10 meters in diameter connected to the sea that appeared at the end.

Seeing this, Jaehyun’s face crumpled and his eyes went cold.

It was because the color of the puddle was somehow strange.

―Active skill «Flash Lv 5».

Jaehyun used the mastered flashlight to illuminate the puddle covered in darkness.

A view that is clearly revealed as the light penetrates.

Jaehyun and Hella’s expressions hardened.

“… … How could you… … !”

Hella said so indignantly.

Where the eyes of the two beings are headed.

The corpses of academy cadets and those presumed to be missing were floating there.

‘What is this… … .’

Jaehyun clenched his fists.

The situation unfolding in front of me was something I couldn’t easily understand no matter how much I thought about it.

It was then.

Red bloodstains on the floor began to gather, and a sentence was formed.

[Adversary. It’s a surprise for you.]

Text of unknown subject.

Jaehyun, who saw this, opened his mouth in a subdued voice.

“… … I’m sure it’s here. The guys’ dwelling place.”

Asatru. And Chae Ji-yoon, who was supposed to be with Joo-won, was provoking herself.

It was an easy part to understand just by looking at the message he delivered to himself with a sentence like this.

‘You’re doing something dirty.’

After Jaehyun spreads his magical energy and scattered the letters, he rolls on the floor with all his might.

with a splash!

The water splashed up and created a column reaching a diameter of 3 meters.

he was sure

The road to the lab is here.

‘under. Their home base in the deep sea below. In other words, there is a research institute.’


A column of water floating in the air pours down, creating a violent ripple.



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What appeared in front of Jaehyun was a huge elevator.

A device with a faded color, as if it had rusted in places. It was connected somewhere.


The elevator opened my mouth.

A status message immediately follows.

[The elevator to the secret laboratory. Would you like to board?]

* * *

The elevator was directed to the basement.

Since it was a place that had to be hidden, it seemed that they had chosen a place that would not be discovered by the outside world.

Jaehyun boarded the elevator without hesitation.

It was highly likely that it was a trap, but there was nothing I could do about it now.

‘We need to sort them out as quickly as possible.’

I tried not to be agitated, but it was not easy.

Jaehyun tried hard to suppress his emotions.

‘Let’s stay calm. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this.’

The first time Jaehyun witnessed the deaths of as many people as he is now was when he saw Hrungnir’s memories.

Corpses of dead giants scattered everywhere.

Whenever he thought of this, Jaehyun couldn’t sleep.

However, at that time, it was a fragment of memory anyway. It means that it is nothing more than a replay of what has already happened.

But now it was different.

The dead people Jaehyun saw earlier were people who were still alive a few days ago.

By no means, this was not the case in history 10,000 years ago.

Jaehyun thought.

‘If I had been quicker, I might have been able to stop it.’

It was an extension of the emotions he felt in Svartal Fame when he was hunting the king of the Dark Elves in the past.

He saved a few cadets at the time, but he remembered those he lost longer.

As a raider, do you have no choice but to feel this kind of emotion?

Jaehyun didn’t blame himself, but he felt responsible for the dead.

“No more sacrifices.”

moment of reflection.


[You have arrived at B1.]

Jaehyun tilted his head.

‘First floor? Does that mean there are more floors below?’

The size of the laboratory was larger than expected.

Of course, I thought it wouldn’t be easy given that an island this size was closed down… … .

“Let’s go.”

Saying that, Jaehyun carefully stepped inside the first floor with Hella and Papi.

The first floor was a place that smelled of various medicines.

Jaehyun took a step towards the inside little by little. I could see that the desks inside were all messed up.

All around is white. It was a color arrangement that reminded me of Koo Ja-in’s office as the chairman of the board in the past.

‘What drugs did you study? And we need to find out what the new substance that Chairman Kim Ji-yeon said is here.’

Jaehyun thought.

What if the development of Limit Breaker proceeds smoothly and spreads to more people?

It is said that the weak now use drugs to become strong, but things will change rapidly from now on.

The strong will use limit breakers to get more.

Then things will get even more serious.

‘Limit Breaker is a drug that enhances the user’s mana three to five times. What if this kind of thing is used by the top radar?

No matter how difficult it may be to stop it.’

Didn’t Lim Seong-ho also become stronger to the level of S-class?

He, who hadn’t even reached level C yet, showed that level of rise.

If the stronger raiders fully enjoyed the effect of the limit breaker, there was a high possibility that a more difficult situation would lead than expected.

Also, Jaehyun thought it would be difficult to escape the temptation of this drug if it was radar.

‘Because human greed has no end. No matter how many I have, it’s my instinct to want more.’

It was modern humans who compared themselves with others and determined their superiority.

These instincts are likely to cause disaster again.

“Jaehyun. There seems to be something over there.”

Hearing Hella’s words, Jaehyun turned around and started searching the area.

Heading in the direction she pointed, there was an abandoned research journal.

‘This… … ?’

Jaehyun immediately picked up the journal. He flipped through the paper and began checking the contents.

Soon after, his fists clenched, and the paper crumpled.

The truth about the Limit Breakers was hidden in the journal.

The introduction was as follows.

[In July 2019, a secret laboratory was built here for the Awakened. All 304 test subjects died.

After all, it seems that humans have no resistance to the ‘divine attack’.]

* * *

[It’s a sigh that comes out of itself that you can’t stand the high blood of Odin.

Apparently, even humans can’t handle the godhead.

As a result, research has stagnated considerably.

I can’t help it. I must dilute his blood as much as possible.

If you don’t reduce the magical power contained in it as much as possible, the insignificant things won’t be able to handle it.]

In the ensuing explanation, Jaehyun finally realized.

‘The new substance that entered the limit breaker is… … .’

Odin’s blood.

The liquid containing magical power used in Limit Breaker was Odin’s blood.

It also holds a lot of divinity.

Jae-hyun also figured out the identity of the sense of incongruity he felt during the battle with Lim Seong-ho.

‘godhead. It felt strange because humans felt that power. Odin’s blood in the drug had an effect.’

Jaehyun gritted it.

Odin forcibly implanted a divine power into humans, causing them to run wild and trying to make them puppets. What he did was malicious to an incomprehensible level.

Jaehyun wrapped magic around his body and forced his breath back.

You need to calm down.

He continued to read through the journal.

The shocking story continued.

[December 2019, I think it would be better to make antibodies and inject them into humans first. Next time, it would be better to increase the number of sacrifices.]

[In March 2020, it was decided that antibody production would be difficult. But it’s okay. Things aren’t too bad right now.

As a result of diluting the blood, it was possible to roughly determine the amount of divinity a human could bear. Of course, there will be individual differences, but it is a meaningful achievement.]

[In November 2020, as we continued our experiment, we realized a few things.

First, the younger the test subject, the better they tolerate the drug. I guess next time I’ll have to ask for sacrifices that are minors.

Second, the weaker the person, the better they accept the drug. It seems that desire, jealousy, and envy have a positive effect on their awakening.

However, in this case, the frequency of the subject losing reason increased. But I don’t think there will be any major problems.

What we need is a soldier who will die for us. They don’t need reason.]

[February 2021, the study is finally coming to an end. It succeeded in purifying the blood, which was effective in reducing side effects.

In addition, specimens are being supplied again. Research is successful.

The day to report to Odin is not far away.]

[May 2021, research is a success.

It’s still a half-success because it’s unreasonable to use it on all subjects, but there is no change in success.

As Odin prepares for the next war, ‘Limit Breaker’ will play a huge role.]

The journal ended there.

Jaehyun put down the stack of papers with a heavy expression and started walking.

Hella was also speechless.

Jaehyun calmly repeated the contents of the journal and put the puzzle together.

‘The reason why there were disappearances within the academy from the beginning was because they were young and weak. Because they stand up to Odin’s blood better.’

Odin used those who were not yet twenty yet as test subjects for the Limit Breaker for his own ambitions.

“You have to stop here. By all means.”

The cycle of evil must be broken here. There should be no more victims.

Jaehyun thought so and took another step back to the elevator.

[You have arrived at the second basement floor.]


After waiting for a while, the elevator door opened and a panoramic view of the interior came into view.

A room with an old-fashioned atmosphere. In the middle of it, there was a bookshelf with an antique feel.

Seeing this, Jaehyun tilted his head.

“book… … Do you only have one?”

There was only one book on the bookshelf.

Feeling strange, Jaehyun stretched out his hand towards the book as if possessed.

It was then.

Shaaaaa… … !!

A group of lights that suddenly start pouring over the bookshelf.

“… … What, what?!”

―Themed dungeons devour you.

―Forcibly transports users to the world of the novel 《A Boy Who Adores Heroes》.

A white light suddenly leaked from the book and swallowed Jaehyun’s whole body.

At some point, his form completely disappeared.

In an empty room a little while ago,

Only one book he had been reading was left carelessly discarded.

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