I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 197

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―The godhead is opened.

Jaehyun looked at the enemy, feeling the divine power entering his body.

Joo Won is looking down at himself with a mischievous expression.

A tense tension flows between them. It was Joo Won who spoke first.

“I heard that you opened your godhead, but it looks pretty useful, doesn’t it?”

“Isn’t that good enough?”

Jaehyun said that and ran towards Joowon.

The speed of reproduction with the enemy is almost equal.

visor! visor!

However, Juwon wielding a rapier was much faster than the speed at which he swung his sword.


‘Essence of the sea. I can’t move properly because of that.’

“Shall I show you something more interesting?”

Joo-Won raised his mana with the horse. at the same time.

with a splash!

‘What is this… … !’

The water on which Jaehyun was standing suddenly deepened and his feet were sucked downward.

Jaehyun placed his hand on the surface of the water, condensed his mana and fired it.


Soon after, Jaehyun took off and activated his skills by drawing out his mana one after another.

―Active skill 《Frozen Earth》 is activated.

awesome… … !

Right before landing, Jaehyun froze the surface he was stepping on with a skill and landed safely.

“ha… … .”

It was then.

Joo-Won’s figure completely disappeared from Jae-Hyun’s field of view.

The moment Jaehyun turned his head with a puzzled expression on his face, the enemy’s attack penetrated without error.



With an innocent smile on Joo Won’s lips, Tyrbing penetrated Jaehyun’s shoulder.

However, a fishy smile appeared on Jaehyun’s face when he saw this.

The smile disappears from Joo Won’s face for a moment.

Jaehyun held Tyrbing firmly in his hand.

“It took.”

Soon after, the magical power that begins to bloom from Jaehyun’s hand.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―You have succeeded in copying a new magic tool.

―You have succeeded in copying a mythical artifact for the first time. The grade of 《Mistiltane》 will be upgraded to S.

―Random grading of copied arms will be removed.

―You have succeeded in producing the Demonic Sword Tirving (Myth).

“Now then.”

Jaehyun smiled while holding the same magic sword in his shoulder.

“Let’s fight under the same conditions.”

* * *

The first time you clashed swords with Joo Won.

Jaehyun thought.

‘I can’t deal with Juwon with the weapon I have now. Tyrbing is a rapier. Basically, the stabbing speed is different from that of a long sword.’

But even so, it was impossible to deal with Juwon only with magic.

The reason was the field magic that Joo-won used earlier.

―The effect of the field magic 《Cruel Fairy Tale》 is active.

―The attack power of all swordsmanship skills and weapons is increased, and the effect of magic is halved.

Field magic that weakens magic and strengthens swords. This inevitably reduced the range of battles in reenactment.

Because of that, Jaehyun decided to use another option.

Copying the enemy’s weapon, Tirving, using the imagery of the magic tool.

It was to fight against the enemy with the same sword and win against him.

However, one condition had to be accompanied in order to do so.

To touch the magic tool at least once.

Because of this, Jaehyun opened his shoulders while pretending to struggle against Joowon’s attack a little while ago.

And after waiting for the enemy’s attack to fly, he copied Tyrbing.


Using this, he accurately penetrated Joo Won’s shoulder.

Bright red blood splashes on Jaehyun’s face, creating a decadent atmosphere.

Joo Won still smiled and did not loosen his grip on the sword.

“You were waiting for my attack? To copy my Tyrving.”

Joo-won had heard from Hugin in the past that Jae-hyun could copy the opponent’s skills and weapons.

However, in the case of arms, you can’t copy anything you haven’t directly touched.

Perhaps Jae-Hyun deliberately gave up his shoulder to copy his own Tirving.



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After Joo Won drew his sword, he stepped back.

He was not very surprised.

“But you better be careful. That sword is a difficult one to handle.”

Jaehyun was also aware of that part.

It was because the status window about Tyrbing that appeared in front of him was informing him of the danger.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Demonic Sword Tyrbing

Class: Mythic

It is one of the best demon swords in mythology.

Once pulled out of the scabbard, you must kill one being before you can lead again.

It grants 3 wishes, but after that it will surely destroy its owner.

* As the assimilation rate with the sword increases, the maximum attack power of the demonic sword can be drawn out.

*If the user’s mind is unstable, the ego may be eaten by the sword.

Whenever the user’s mental power is disturbed, it’s a sword that eats its owner.

‘As expected, unlike the blank card, the penalty cannot be removed.’

The equipment that can be copied with the image of a magic tool is a skill that completely copies even the penalty.

Joo Won was talking about this penalty.

‘Because Joo Won is a guy with no emotions in the first place, there is no reason for him to suffer a penalty that shakes his ego. That’s why Odin also gave Tyrbing to this guy.’

It was a curse that could not be easily resisted even as a representation.

Even in the short moment he held the sword, the urge to kill was incessantly seething.

pounding. pounding.

My heart beats fast and my breath fills up to the tip of my chin.


“Do you think I’m going to deal with you without that kind of countermeasure?”

Even so, Jaehyun laughed.

Joo Won seemed interested and crossed his arms while holding the sword for a moment.

“As a countermeasure… … what is that?”

“This is it.”

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

Jaehyun laughed.

At the same time, he feels his heart calm down.

Jaehyun’s head cooled down as the angry cry of the demonic sword in his hand died down.

Cold-blooded skill acquired after clearing the theme dungeon on the 2nd basement level.

This was a skill that completely eliminated the user’s emotions for a while.

It’s literally the best skill in the current situation.

“That skill… … okay. Did the three Norns and Mimir give it to you?”


Saying that, Jaehyun looked at the Tirving he was holding in his hand.

A weapon that has never been properly handled.

But there was no time to practice now.

―With the effect of the passive skill «Garden of Swords», the user’s swordsmanship proficiency increases.

Just in time, the garden of swords lit up, and Tyrbing’s sword path was drawn in Jaehyun’s mind.

Then, the Magic Sensing used together begins to read the enemy’s movements.

“Let’s finish this quickly. you or me You don’t have to waste that much time, do you?”

“Haha! good. adversary. I wish you success.”

Taat! Taat!

At exactly the same timing, the two beings leap and create dust.

Even during that gap, Joo-won used the essence of the sea to keep the water surface on which Jae-hyeon stepped on.

Jaehyun didn’t panic at all even when he attacked him one after another.

After using freezing magic to keep the floor frozen, he leaped and leaped again.

Do that a couple of times.

The moment when the two bodies came close to each other. Their swords pierce each other’s throats.

Kwaji support!

The ice rose like a giant citadel and surrounded it.

It was a determined determination to end everything with this attack.

A skill that was activated to exchange blows that do not leave behind and avoid avoiding each other.

Chae Ae-Aeng!

with a roaring noise.

The swords of the two meet at one point, and they ride each other like snakes and curve into the other.


After a while. The two blades of Tyrbing touched each other’s throats.

However, one side had an obvious smile, and the other side had an expression of intuition of defeat.



Jaehyun was the first to bleed.

Drops of blood began to flow from the solid wire Tyrbing made that reached the tip of his neck before he knew it.

However, at this time, Jaehyun began to perform an eccentricity.

With the other hand holding Juwon’s sword, he slowly removed it.

Jaehyun whispered softly with his blood-stained face.

“I… … I won.”


With that declaration, Joo Won’s throat was pierced and the fountain of blood rose high.

It was not a scene that others could easily understand.

Although their swords touched each other, Jaehyun’s sword was a bit lacking in depth.

While Joo Won’s sword pierced his own neck, his sword stopped right in front of his neck.

But Jaehyun was victorious.

The reason was as follows.

―The user has succeeded in acquiring the 3 intangible swords.

―I activate the intangible sword type 3 《Extended Sword》.

* * *

before regression.

Jaehyun remembered.

That the intangible sword is basically composed of a total of five equations.

And that at this point, Balak can only deal with two older brothers.

This was the reason Jaehyun copied the Garden of Swords during the battle with Fafnir.

When it comes to skills, there are many stronger ones.

There are many radars with excellent skills in the world. Among them, if you look for those who have stronger skills than Balak’s, there are quite a few.

However, Jaehyun chose this.

Sword Garden.

The reason was simple.

‘Because the Garden of Swords is the basic skill of an intangible sword, and it is the best skill when equipped with five ceremonies.’

Jaehyun copied the garden of the sword, which is the basis of the intangible sword, considering the possibility in the future.

Afterwards, if you open all 5 meals, it will be the best swordsmanship in the world.

If only I could grow it now.

And what if he could reach that level before Balak opened the 5th meal?

Jaehyun will be able to hold more tiles in his hands.

And that’s the beginning of 3 meals. It’s an extended sword.

‘Extension sword. It is a technique that condenses mana into the sword and extends the invisible blade. With this, I can make a gap no matter who I fight, regardless of my skill level.’

Before exchanging the final blow a moment ago, Jaehyun activated an extension sword and extended the blade to an invisible length on his own sword.

After that, taking advantage of the fact that Juwon and his weapon were the same, he fired a blow in the exact same position.

If you do that, inevitably, a weapon with a slightly longer reach will pierce the opponent’s throat.

“I… … won.”

rehearsal words.

Joo-won collapsed on the floor and made a genuinely happy expression.

Looking at Joo-won, who collapsed and was slowly facing death, Jae-hyun remembered one thing.

When Tyrbing made his first wish, he killed his parents.

Because of the brainwashing at the orphanage, it was because he judged that he might harm himself.

Also, he still couldn’t forget his parents.

He read the fairy tales they left for him, and envied the hero appearing there.

Jaehyun knows.

If Joo Won hadn’t been deprived of his emotions, he might not have become such a murderer.

He said that the boy he had met might have been softer and kinder than he thought.

“But it is all hypothetical. you kill every No matter what you did, I can’t forgive you.”

Jaehyun said as if he was chewing. he was

“So you die.”

“… … thank you. Please do my favor.”

Jaehyun unknowingly frowned at those words.

“Stop drinking because you’re fed up with it.”

It was then.

Jiing… … !

The sudden sound of magical power rang in Jaehyun’s ears.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and looked at the fallen Joowon.

The Tyrbing he was holding suddenly began to scatter dark shadows.

As if trying to swallow Joo Won.

The moment Jaehyun tries to stop it. Joo Won smiled and shook his head, telling him not to come closer.

he said telepathically.

[don’t worry. I don’t mean to harm you.]

“What is that… … !”

[Because you still have work to do.]

The sound of the system that is heard before long.

―Will you make a last wish for Tyrbing?

-caution! When the user’s last wish comes true, the user is doomed.

―Will you still make a wish?

Naturally, Joo Won did not hesitate this time either.

“of course.”

At those words, Jaehyun straightened his sword.

However, for some reason, Joo-won wished for something completely different from what he thought.

“… … !”

Jaehyun gritted his teeth at his last wish.

“you… … Are you serious?”

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