I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 204

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Episode 204 Yamata no Orochi (2)

“That… … I’m really human… … ?”

Moriya Lenki. The head of the Japanese coalition thought.

‘Black Robe… You are a monster. It’s overwhelmingly strong compared to all the radars I’ve seen so far. That is a level beyond the human realm.’

It was a matter that could be known even at a glance.

Moriya Renki recalled the story of the black robes he had heard about in past news articles and conversations with Balak.

[He uses a sword, but his magical power was not inferior to Camilla’s.]

[I wasn’t careless. Of course, I didn’t go into battle in the best condition, but even if I fought again, the result would have been the same.]

It is hard to believe that these words came out of the mouth of Balak, who has a strong sense of pride.

Moriya Renki thought it was just something between them and the resulting lip service.

But that wasn’t it.

‘The black robe is actually strong.’

Moriya Renki looked at the huge enemy and the black robe standing in front of him as if possessed.

The situation of confronting an S-class monster. However, he doesn’t seem to back down or get nervous.

He was completely crushed by the intimidation of the black robe.

“Uh, how… … Is that person fighting alone? That Yamatano Orochiwa!?”

Suddenly, the secretary next to me started talking to me.

Moriya Renki frowned.

“I told you not to follow me. Damn, do you want to die?”

“yes? what is that… … .”

“That person who is dealing with Yamata no Orochi… … It is a black robe.”

“… … I beg your pardon?!”

“Black Robe. A monster that invaded the great ruins of Iceland.”

That was the moment.


An electric current containing enormous magical energy exploded nearby.

Eventually, a stream of water rose in the middle of the lake and formed a pillar.

with a splash!

Something landed on it and the floor opened.

Moriya Renki already knew the identity of what had just fallen.

“Hey Yamatano Orochi… … .”

he murmured with a puzzled expression.

The black robe won an easy victory against the S-class boss monster.

Even in front of your own eyes.

* * *


The rough current and the lightning strikes that cut through the cracks.

The synergy of the two conflicting powers harmonizing was beyond imagination.


The constant surge of electric shocks became even stronger in conjunction with water property magic.

The mana leaked through the cracks of the whirlwind piled up several times, hacking off both the head and tail of the enemy.

A level of magic that others would mistake for a dungeon break if they saw it.

However, the man watching this was not at all embarrassed.

“I think it’s stronger than I thought… … Are you out of control?”

Jaehyun calmly crossed his arms and murmured.

It’s been a long time since I reverse summoned Tyrbing, which I used a while ago.

‘It’s something that devours the user’s ego in the first place. I took it out just to see the power.’

The current Jaehyun has already achieved the second stage of the Divine Liberation.

It means that no matter how S-class boss he is, he is not that much of a threat to him.

‘Well, there’s also Poppy’s passive. It’s to the point where I feel that the battle has definitely become easier.’

Suaaaaa… … !!


Yamatano Orochi slammed his face on the floor without hesitation.

The eight tails were also unable to use their strength properly, and they drooped and made waves.

Jaehyun took a deep breath as he listened to the sound of the system.

―You have succeeded in hunting down the boss monster 《Yamatano Orochi》 of Lake Chuzenji.

―You have cleared the first condition of the quest 《Dragon’s First Growth》.

It was a clear message that I never get tired of listening to.

Jaehyun stretched out and waited for the next message.

No matter how newly appeared, Orochi is a boss monster.

Item drops are natural, and Jaehyun had one more thing to gain from this.

The purpose of taking a long step to Japan.

‘That’s the evolution of cute Papi.’

At the same time as I was thinking, another message continued.

―You have acquired 《Yamatano Orochi’s Tail》.

―Displays acquired item information.

[Special item]

Name: Yamatano Orochi’s Tail



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Grade: S

A tail condensed with Yamatano Orochi’s power and magic.

When consumed after cooking, pet growth is promoted.

*caution! Humans cannot consume it.

“This is not bad. It’s a pity I can’t eat.”

Jaehyun licks his lips and thinks, but he hears the system sound again.

―Should the user be sent to 《Dragon Valley》 for the evolution of Fafnir II in order to fulfill the second condition of the quest?

‘Dragon Valley?’

Jaehyun, who put the bag on the floor again, tilted his head with a puzzled expression.

It seems that there is a place that needs to be heard more in order to clear the quest.

“what… … It wouldn’t hurt to go right now. There are things that need to be dealt with first.”

quick… … quick… … .

When I came back to check, Poppy was already asleep.

“How can you sleep peacefully while the owner is fighting… … .”

The neighborhood was so noisy, and if this was a talent, it was a talent.

Jaehyun, who finished his thoughtless thoughts, turned his head away.

A high-pressure voice slowly escaped from his mouth.

“You there. come out right now Didn’t you think I wouldn’t know by erasing your presence?”

“… … Black Robe.”

Moriya Lenki, who had been hiding nearby, revealed himself.

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

‘This is an unexpected encounter with a giant. Moriya Lenki. He is the head of the Japanese Union, and his characteristic is that he looks like a bully.

It’s not bad though.’

―Active skill 《Insight Eye》.

―Based on the opponent’s ability, we classify the degree of danger.

―The risk level of the designated target is 《Low》.

“You are weak.”

He nodded and raised his mana towards Renki Moriya.

Moriya Lenki spoke first.

“What purpose did you come here for? Wasn’t it enough just to capture the great ruins?”

Moriya Renki asked in a relatively calm voice.

Jaehyun shrugged.

“What do you mean?”

“You are a robber. He’s the one who stole the Nordic heritage. I don’t think this time will be any different.”

At that, Jaehyun smiled and put his hands in his pockets.

“I took care of Yamatano Orochi, who you guys were bothering. Rather, it deserves an award.”

Renki Moriya could not immediately respond to Jaehyun’s fierce talk.

Because there was one part I didn’t understand.

According to the rumors I heard during the raid in the past, the black robe was a grave robber. he was a criminal.

It was unknown what was hidden in the ruins, but it was certain that he had stolen something from there and fled.

‘But this case is different. The guy is like… … They seem to be trying to help us.’

Moriya Renki thought.

Yamatano Orochi. This has been one of Japan’s major headaches. The information on the items to be obtained after defeating them has not been disclosed at all.

A fight with nothing to gain.

Nevertheless, the black robe came here.

For what?

“Tell me your purpose.”

“I have no particular purpose.”

“Are you thinking of killing us?”

The secretary who was standing next to Moriya Renki looked shocked.

‘Are you thinking of killing me? … ? Moriya Renki, an S-class raider?’

Moriya Lenki, one of the best S-class raiders in the world.

But did he even intuit his own defeat before starting the fight?

‘I’ve heard that the black robe is strong, but at what point did Moriya-san show that kind of reaction?

If I don’t do it, will everyone really die here?’

His thoughts did not last long.

It was because Jaehyun said something unexpected to the two people who were worried.

“I have no intention of killing. I didn’t even like it in the first place.”

“Then you must have come because you are interested in Yamata no Orochi.”

In response to Moriya Renki’s words, Jaehyun gave an appropriate response.

“Well, let it be.”

“Is there room for a conversation?”

“All I ask is one thing.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Moriya Lenki swallowed his saliva.

‘okay. You can’t ask for anything Because he seemed to be waiting for me from the beginning.’

The thing has finally come.

Renki Moriya thought that while looking at Jaehyun.

A man capable of doing this much would not ask for money.

identity washing? exile? If you’re a criminal, either way is possible.

‘No matter what, you must not go against his planting. That guy is a monster that can’t even be compared to the likes of me.’

Moriya Renki’s neck was shaking involuntarily.

black robe.

What the hell is he going to ask of himself?

“Write me some articles. If possible, pack it up to look nice.”

Jaehyun laughed at that.

Moriya Renki tilted his head as if he didn’t know why.

what article?

He tried to ask him, but he kept his mouth shut.

It was because he knew that one word of his own could kill the secretary next to him.

* * *

It was around two o’clock in the morning when Jaehyun returned to his dorm.

Yamata no Orochi was weaker than I initially thought, and the battle was not difficult.

As for Jaehyun, things were going pretty smoothly.

Of the initial goals, there was only one thing left, the evolution of Poppy.

Jaehyun opened up the message he had put on hold a while ago.

―Should the user be sent to 《Dragon Valley》 for the evolution of Fafnir II in order to fulfill the second condition of the quest?

“after… … okay.”

Jaehyun took a deep breath and nodded.

Then, suddenly, his body became translucent and began to be transmitted somewhere.

I wasn’t too surprised because I had experienced it several times before.

However, the feeling of being transmitted was always accompanied by motion sickness, so it was a bit of a hindrance.

After a while. It was truly spectacular that the halo of light came into Jaehyun’s field of vision.

Literally a valley.

The sheer cliffs and colorful dragons flying in the air caught my eye first.

A nest that looks like a couple of mountains below it.

It was a place that looked like a dragon rare.

However, the size was different from the cave that Fafnir had dealt with in the past.

“here… … Is it Dragon Valley?”

It was then.

“It’s been a while since a stranger came.”

Jaehyun turned his head in the direction the voice came from.

There was an old dragon that looked to be several tens of meters tall.

A dragon with red skin and two horns on its head.

Jaehyun asked.

“What are you?”

“I am ‘The Watcher’. He is the owner of the Valley of Dragons.

I was waiting for you. The antagonist of the prophecy.”

The dragon’s voice was deep, and it seemed to be sucked in somewhere deep.

Jaehyun looked into his eyes and said.

“How do you know that I am the opponent of the prophecy?”

“Because I heard about them.”

“They? … You mean the three Norn sisters.”

Jaehyun quickly understood.

The three Norn sisters. He saw a future with Mimir, and regressed himself to avoid repeating Ragnarok.

By using the Nornir system.

‘Anyway, the three Norn sisters seem to have seen quite a bit of my future.’

‘Those who watch’ looked at Jaehyun for a while, then nodded and took the lead.

“I will raise your child. Follow me.”

Jaehyun started following his words.

Not once has the system made unreasonable demands of itself.

Even now, they must be frantic for their own growth.

‘And that means I have no reason not to use them.’

“let’s go. Poppy.”


Poppy clung to Jaehyun’s shoulder.

After a while. The place we arrived at was an altar with a mysterious atmosphere with a dragon engraved on the door.

Jaehyun looked around and asked.

“here is… … Where are you?”

“The Altar of Evolution. From now on, Fafnir… … No, I should say 2 years old now. I will draw out his strength. Step back.”

With that voice, the altar lights were turned on.

―The evolution of Fafnir II begins.

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