I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 219

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Episode 219: Idun’s Golden Apple (2)

‘I-I didn’t expect this kind of reaction… … ?’

Idun hesitated while looking at Jaehyun’s crumpled face.

she couldn’t understand

Why is it that the sublime test of growing plants is met with a trivial response?

‘What a great thing it is to grow a tree… … !’

However, she never said the words out of her mouth.

It was because Jaehyun’s expression was too good to spit out words.

In fact, Jaehyun had not yet grasped the meaning of this ordeal.

‘I’ve been fighting hard and using my brain until now, but why is this ordeal like this?’

Two tests I’ve taken so far. They all had their own themes.

Jaehyun quickly figured out this and went through the ordeal more smoothly.

But no matter how hard it was, I never thought that the ordeal of growing a tree would come out.

“… I understand for now. Can you elaborate?”

It was embarrassing, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t avoid taking the test.

The first type of test. At that moment, Hella’s words that this test might be the most difficult caught her mind.

Meanwhile, when Jaehyun asked, Idun relaxed his expression and resumed his explanation.

“Hey, hey! Then I will explain, so listen carefully.”

She put her hand on her waist and cleared her throat.

“The content of the ordeal is simple. Growing an apple tree and then harvesting its fruit.

Plant the seeds I gave you earlier, diligently water them, and let them bask in the sun. If you do… Oh, would it be faster to just read it?”

[Main Quest]

Trial of Idun (1)

Idun, master of the Mist Garden, is giving you an ordeal.

Grow the seeds you receive from her to harvest golden apples.

difficulty: –

compensation: –

*This quest is a chain quest. When cleared, it leads to Trial of Idun (2).

Time remaining: 30 days

Failure Penalty: Trial Restart

Even after reading the contents of the quest, Jaehyun was still unsure.

He came to the conclusion that there was no choice but to bump into it and ask.

“But I don’t have much time. You don’t know when Odin and the Aesir will move, but to grow a tree… … .”

“If that’s the case, don’t worry. Here in the Garden of Mists, time passes 30 times slower than in Midgard!

Well, the golden apple tree seeds I gave you can grow in a month.”


Among the dungeons, in many dungeons, time passed differently inside and outside.

Jaehyun quickly understood and looked at the seed in his hand.

“I’ll guide you to the field first! follow me.”

Idun took the lead and said so. Jaehyun followed her despite her dubious doubts.

There was nothing in his mind except to go through the ordeal somehow quickly and return.

* * *

Jaehyun, who followed Lee Doon to the field, had no choice but to panic once again.

“… … Is this a field?”

All around was cracked earth and wasteland.

A dry place with almost no moisture.

plant a tree here

“Did I give you the wrong location?”

“no! This is right.”

Idun said that and playfully put his hands behind his back.

“What you are going through is the third ordeal. It can’t be that easy, can it?”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but agree.

At first, I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to plant a tree, grow it, and harvest the fruit.

Because the two ordeals I’ve been through so far had to risk my life.

Because of this, he unconsciously thought that this exam was relatively trivial.

‘But it wasn’t like that.’

In order to grow a tree, a good field is essential.

If not, even something like fertilizer.

But there is nothing around.

Jaehyun said with a puzzled face.

“Why the hell is the ground so split apart? There are no weeds, let alone trees, right?”

“Ah~ I had a brief fight with Nidhogg before, and he let out his breath as if he was angry. You know because I met you too, right? Because his personality is so eccentric, he’s going through a lot of hardships!”

“… … .”

Jaehyun couldn’t speak.

So, fix this place that is messed up with poison and even grow trees, is this a story?

“As I said before, it takes 30 days to grow a golden apple tree. Good luck!”

“Wait! Should I tell them it’s like how to raise them?!”

“There is no such thing as a separate way to grow a golden apple tree. Just plant it in the ground and water it! By the way, there is a well in front of you, so you can get water from there.



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Then I’m short of naps so I’m done. Hela and a cute dragon. Let’s go with you too!”

Idun said so without hesitation and then disappeared.

Hella and Papi also noticed that they were tired and quietly avoided their seats.

Suddenly left alone, Jaehyun murmured, pessimistic about the situation.

“What the hell is this? under… … .”

But there was no other way.

Anyway, isn’t Idun also the god who presides over the third trial?

He wouldn’t have given him an ordeal he couldn’t bear, and there would be a breakthrough somewhere to overcome.

Jaehyun, who was worried, muttered as he stepped toward the field.

“Let’s plant it first.”

Jaehyun planted the seeds of an apple tree in the barren land.

To say the conclusion first, Jaehyun’s farming was ruined.

Even after about a week has passed since then, the seeds have not even germinated yet.

* * *

The time when Jaehyun was working hard to sprout.

On the terrace of the mist garden, three beings sat watching him. They were drinking tea grown in Idun’s garden.

“Why is that?”

Hella suddenly raised her head and asked Idun.

“What are you asking?”

Idun said, taking off his pretense. It was Hella letting out a sigh of hers.

“I am asking why you gave me such a difficult ordeal. The seed given to Jaehyun. It’s actually sick.”

“… … omg! When did you notice?”

Idun tilted his head back as if shocked, showing an exaggerated reaction.

However, when Hella looked at her with cold eyes, her expression calmed down.

“hmm… … well. I am the same as Nidhogg. You want to see if the adversary can move forward.”

“It’s bad taste. because it was born innocent. That’s why I hate you.”

“Isn’t it because I’m too pretty?”

Idun playfully accepted the remark and looked at the sweaty opponent.

As Hella said, Jaehyun will struggle in this test.

Jaehyun’s actions in the ordeal so far. This will again bind him in the third ordeal.

“still… … It wouldn’t hurt to help out a little.”

Idun put down the teacup he was drinking while muttering.

* * *

“Ah-oh! Are you crazy? How can it not even sprout for a week?!”

Jaehyun, who was tending an apple tree in the field, threw down a watering can with Idun’s face on it and said,

I planted seeds and watered them diligently, but even the sprouts did not germinate.

Jaehyun glared at the spot where the seeds were planted with an annoyed expression.

“Isn’t there something wrong with the seeds?”

As a representation, it was a natural thought.

According to Idun, an apple tree from this seed will grow quickly enough to harvest fruit in a month.

But at this speed, isn’t that impossible?

Jaehyun felt nervous in a situation he could not understand at the moment.

‘I can see why Hella said the third ordeal could be the most difficult. Somehow, the back of my head hurt.’

The thought of being betrayed by Idun ran through my head and anger welled up.

But there was no other way.

Even if you go and ask her, nothing will change… … .

“Doesn’t it go well?”

Didn’t the tiger also say that it would come when I said it?

When Lee Doon, who had come to the field before he knew it, looked at him and asked, Jaehyun sighed.

“As you can see. I wish I could give you a tip.”

“The love of plants… … .”

“If that’s a joke, I won’t stand it.”

Idun made a gasp at the resolute tone that drew the line between Jaehyun.

She broke into a cold sweat and laughed innocently.

“I-I’m sorry?”

“under… … I knew it. What do you mean, can I ask you one thing?”

“If you can answer me.”

“This seed… Are you alive?”

At Jaehyun’s question, Idun opened his eyes wide as if he was slightly surprised.

She said as she quickly returned to her natural, virtuous face.

“of course. The seeds of golden apples do not die. And then wait for the time when you will bloom someday.”


At Jaehyun’s calm reply, Lee Doon’s expression became interested.

She stepped behind Jaehyun.

The seeds still showed no sign of germination.

“You seem to be having a hard time. Would you like to change it to another seed?”

Idun’s question. This was to motivate reenactment.

If you switch to a different seed, the tree may sprout a little faster.

In fact, Jaehyun also pondered for a while.

But soon he shook his head.

“it’s okay.”

“But you’re shooting at me with the intent to kill me right now? Even if you change the seed, it won’t affect the difficulty of the test.

Are you still not going to change?”


“The reason is?”

“I heard you haven’t died yet. It’s too early to give up.”

After Jaehyun said, he waved his hand.

It meant that if you weren’t going to give us useful information, don’t take offense.

Idun silently stepped back and returned to the terrace.

As she tried to calm down the corners of her lips that rose involuntarily, Hella’s voice came from behind.

“Are you sure you like it?”


* * *

Two more days later, Jaehyun borrowed a notebook from Idun and started writing in the journal.

It reminded me of the biology observation journal I used to write in middle school, and the trauma seemed to rise.

At that time, they said they dried all the kidney beans and killed them.

But now I couldn’t help it.

‘Because if you don’t observe properly, you might not notice the change.’

It was precisely the 10th day after the ordeal began that he recorded his journal.

[Day 10]

It hasn’t sprouted yet.

Water is given every day, and sunlight is supplied from the artificial sun floating in the sky, but the seeds are still silent.

20 days left now.

Should I have changed the seed as Idun said?

no. There is still a lot of time left to think that way and give up.

Let’s start again step by step. From the beginning, one step at a time.

[Day 12]

The buds haven’t sprouted yet.

There are also no notable changes. Idun doesn’t come to see me anymore.

I feel my patience wear away little by little.

But I can’t help it.

I decided to eat as positively as possible.

[Day 15]

The turning point has now been passed.

There are only two weeks left. I am worried about whether I will be able to do well.

However, even if you worry, the buds that did not sprout will not suddenly sprout.

As always, you need to calm your mind.

[Day 20]

There is still no change in the seed.

[Day 21]

No change today. Now, the remaining days are down to single digits.

[Day 24]

I injected magic power to see if the seed was alive.

As Idun said, the seed is definitely alive. It seems that the reason why it doesn’t sprout is because of my lack.

[Day 27]

Even now I am working hard.

I will work hard until the last day, and I will somehow clear this ordeal.

As in the previous two trials, it must be overcome.

* * *

[Day 30]

Now it is the last day of the third ordeal that I promised with Idun.

at last… Seeds have sprouted.

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