I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 222

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Episode 222 Tree Defense (2)

When attacking the themed dungeon to obtain TRP’s Thunder Walk in the past.

Jaehyun acquired a skill.

《Call of the Conductor》.

It can only be used when there are more than 50 allies on the field, and it is a skill that immediately increases the stats of allies by 1.3 times.

This was a skill that Jaehyun could hardly use.

‘After returning, I’ve been traveling alone most of the time, or only with my colleagues. There was no such thing as 50 people gathering in the first place.’

Because of this, this skill was sealed for a while. The power was certain, but the restrictions were also obvious, so there was no other way for him.

But now it’s different.

For the first time, Jaehyun activated the Commander’s Shout, raising the stats of his allies.

And the result was the monsters of the enemy camp whose head and limbs were broken right now.


The enemy’s formation had long since collapsed. In order to disintegrate them more quickly, Jaehyun swung his sword and magic all over the battlefield.

According to his movement, several monsters were quickly eliminated, and leaked out of the gate again.

“troll! You guys surround the tree as much as possible to block the attack! Frost Wolves, move behind the enemy and defeat the mages!

All wizards stand by! Wait for me to instruct you!”

This was the reason Jaehyun started the battle at the highest possible level just before. to give effective instructions.

The biggest part of the defense game was, of course, the eyes and the brain.

There is also this saying.

‘To read the battlefield, you have to see it from a high place.’

Reproduction was to adopt a standard method.

Jaehyun thought and smiled, but he saw one Guardian Golem struggling on the battlefield without being able to line up.

Jaehyun let out a deep sigh as he failed to use his size properly and was beaten by the enemy.

“There are only one person with such a problem.”

The time when Jaehyun clicked his tongue. Suddenly, I heard the sound of the system again in my ears.

It was a continuous voice that made me feel better.

– You have defeated the enemy. Earn 1 point.

– You have defeated the enemy. Earn 1 point.

– You have defeated the enemy. Earn 1 point.

…Jaehyun turned off the display of the kill message and focused on the battle again.

About an hour later, he began to slaughter the gathering monsters with his allies.

Poppy also continued the battle with an appearance that was not pushed at all by the A-class monster.

Although the grade is not high yet, the scales covering the body are at a level that even S-class magic cannot easily penetrate. The value of Papi in the defense game was beyond imagination.

‘after… … Am I doing it somehow?’

Unlike the beginning, I had to deal with level enemies, so there were quite a few difficult tasks in between, but I managed to persevere.

Reinforcing the wooden fence also helped quite a bit. The chains that were tied right before they hurt the tree did their job.

The frost troll’s ax was blocked by chains and could not break the barrier.

Jaehyun knows.

Of course, using the system properly is the most important thing in this ordeal, but knowing that one’s base is just as important.

‘You can build a wooden fence to block enemies, but it costs points to strengthen it further. But if I use a skill, I can strengthen it without spending points.

We must dig loopholes without blind faith in the system.’

You may think that the word loophole is very broad, but it is not wrong.

Jaehyun was thinking of making the most of the defense game.

[Enemies Killed So Far: 304]

The number of enemies Jaehyun has already killed has reached 300.

‘It’s time to show up soon… … .’

Jaehyun was looking around, looking for something.

The identity of what he is searching for is simple.

“Elite monster.”

These are the ones who instill a big risk traditionally in defense games.

Even in the explanation of the system a while ago, Jaehyun had a story about these elite monsters.

During the wave, it is a special monster that appears at a specific time.

It was the moment Jaehyun thought about.


thud! thud! thud!

From somewhere, along with the sound of a trumpet, the demonic beasts in armor could be heard rolling on the ground.

Jaehyun immediately raised his head.

A monster that appeared before you. It had an unusual appearance that I had never seen before.

A monster that walks on four legs with huge horns and a rugged body that looks as if it has been padded with rocks.

The reason why he appeared now was easily guessed by anyone.

‘That guy… … I’m trying to break the wooden fence.’

―The elite monster Destroyer appears.

Jaehyun gritted his teeth and ran towards the Witchbeast. The guy that appeared now was specialized in breaking wooden fences.

Its wildly grown horns stretched out ferociously, as if tearing apart anything in front of it like paper.

If something like that crashed into a wooden fence, no matter how chained the wooden fence was, it was certain that it would soon be destroyed.

Jaehyun took a deep breath and ran towards the destroyer.

“It has to be stopped somehow.”

* * *



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Tree Defense.

When Idun first prepared for this ordeal, one of the beings he judged to be the most difficult to deal with was the Destroyer.

An existence that can break down the opponent’s defense line at any time and blow away a large number of demons at once.

His destructive power was as great as his name.

Of course, Jaehyun was the first guy I met, so I didn’t have much information.

As trials usually do, it was far from kind. It was because Idun, who had an innocent personality, was a god that was even more difficult to deal with.

But you have to adapt.

‘If you endure two more times, all trials will be over. I can’t make a mistake here.’

Jaehyun didn’t have the confidence to look at a tree that didn’t grow for another 30 days.

In any case, it was a situation where he had to be stopped now.

oh oh oh… … !

The monster let out a wild cry and glared at Jaehyun.

As expected by Jaehyun, the guy was gathering his strength to break the wooden fence.


Pull your legs back, lower your head, and shrink your body. It is to be ready to shoot forward at any time.

Jaehyun deployed his magic to stop the destroyer.

No matter how strong the sword was, it never occurred to me that it would be fine from a head-on collision with that horn.

Blocking that guy’s movement was the first priority.

But before that.

―Use the points to upgrade the wooden fence to level 2.

Jaehyun upgraded the wooden fence.

At first, it was just a wooden fence, but now the tree’s roots have sprouted, and it looks like it’s spiraling around an apple tree.

It is certain that it is much stronger than before.


Jaehyun caught his breath and continued to run, before he knew it, he stood in front of the enemy.

The Destroyer was already preparing to launch its own body.


The Destroyer’s body is shot. A speedy movement that was not commensurate with its massive size.

Jae-hyun activated two magics at the same time just before the wooden fence and the horns touched.

―Active skill «Mana Chain Lv 5».

―Active skill 《Ice Chain Lv 3》 is activated.

Jaehyun used chains to bind his horns and body tightly, then spread the chains of ice in front of the wooden fence to create a second line of defense.

However, his speed did not decrease that much. yet.


The Destroyer’s horn shattered the ice in front of it, causing deep damage to the wooden fence.

Jaehyun gritted it.


At Jaehyun’s call, Papy activated Dragon Fear towards the Destroyer.

However, it was to no avail.

‘also… … Does it still lack the level of Papi?’

Poppy is now a C-class pet. No matter how strong it was compared to its rank, it was difficult to deal with Destroyer.

Destroyer is at least an S+ grade monster. Dragon Fear was a skill that exerted an effect on those weaker than himself.

‘I can’t even use white salt. There is a risk of burning the tree.’

As if he couldn’t reproduce it, he made Papi come down from the tree and face normal monsters.

Hoping that he would take the time as much as possible, Jaehyun stood in front of Destroyer.

He snorted and took a second horn thrust.

“Not like that!”

Jaehyun got close to the destroyer and grabbed the horn and put his strength into it.

The attack could not be stopped because of its overwhelming power, but it could change its trajectory.


The Destroyer narrowly missed the wooden fence and collided with a large tree that was originally growing.


Quad deuk… thud!

A nearby tree was completely torn to pieces like paper.

Seeing this, Jaehyun fell into a flashback for a moment.

‘Come to think of it, that tree… … I heard that Idun cherished it… … ?’

For some reason, I thought that Jaehyun was a teacher.

He jumped once more and grabbed the dagger he had made before he knew it.

The final stage of the second defense. Jaehyun had no intention of backing down.

* * *

“Oh, no! My, my sweet baby… … .”

“It’s a pain.”

Hella said with a bright expression while drinking tea on the terrace.

Idun had just lost the tree he loved.

‘He’s been annoying me all the time, so I feel relieved.’

Unbeknownst to Hella, she had been living with Jae-Hyun for a long time and unwittingly had a similar personality to Jae-Hyun.

Unintentionally, some of that viciousness had transferred to her!

Idun covered his forehead and looked at the smashed tree with a bewildered expression.

How long did it take to grow that thing, maybe 100 years?

100 years… … .

It was a time that would have been enough for a normal human being to die.

Of course, it may not be such a long time for Idun, who lives immortality… … .

“I’m the worst at waiting!”

Even if Idun played a marshmallow game, he couldn’t wait and was a god who would pick it up in a second.

Patience didn’t exist for her from the beginning.

However, Hella seemed not to mind at all, drinking tea and having luck.

“What kind of tree is it? You can grow it again. Slowly, let’s talk about trials.”

“About a tree… … ?”

“Then how should I call you? Mr. Tree? Mr. Tree?”

“I think that’s more like teasing… … ha, ok What do you want to ask?”

“Of course it’s the first elite monster.”

Saying that, Hella smiled.

the two knew The elite monsters of the ordeal they are talking about now.

That this is not talking about ‘Destroyer’.

* * *

bang! bang! bang!

Jaehyun was continuing a fierce battle with Destroyer.

Destroyer’s horn stabbing was at a level that even several S-class raiders could not easily stop. A monster with stronger physical power than any monster Jaehyun has ever seen.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

but. No matter how strong the enemy was, it was never to the point that Jaehyun couldn’t deal with it.

‘I fought Nidhogg, a mythical level, but I can’t struggle to this level.’

Jaehyun thought so and quickly deployed his magic.

―Active skill 《Hell Fire》.


Jaehyun deployed Hellfire, the strongest flame skill in the S class, and shot it straight at it.

A distance of about 10 m. The attacker staggered.

oh oh oh… … !

The enemy took a few steps back as if embarrassed, but soon walked out of the smoke intact.

His body was slightly red from the attack.

‘also… … No matter how S-class skills are, it must be impossible to pierce his outer shell.’

Jaehyun felt this from the moment he changed his trajectory.

Despite all the attacks, the guy was not even hurt.


Destroyer seemed angry, but this time he ran directly at Jaehyun, not at the wooden fence.

Jaehyun moved quickly and narrowly avoided his horn, then smiled.

“Of course I know it’s hard, but I mean.”


He quickly leaped into the air and looked at the angry Destroyer below.

Then, after adding strength to the falling speed, he grabbed the dagger that he made quickly.

“There are not many opportunities.”

After muttering that, Jaehyun unleashed his magic under the Poison Destroyer’s feet.

A huge magic circle was created and emitted light.

At the same time, the guy’s huge body started to get hit by purple drops.

―Active skill «Poison Shock».

―Enemy becomes over «Deadly Poison» status (maximum stacking).

As soon as Jaehyun heard the sound of the system, he put strength into the fangs of Nidhogg in his hand.



―Active skill «Leap in the air».

After turning steeply, he began to descend.

A speed at which even the Destroyer could not react. Jaehyun smiled and raised the blade.

A sword that stabs straight down.

Naturally, the Destroyer did not dodge. He knew best how hard his outer skin was, even if it was a devil.

I didn’t think I would be hit to this level.


Chow ah!

Contrary to what I thought, the Destroyer’s skin was torn like tender tofu.

Kur… … ?

The guy shook his body as if he couldn’t admit that he had been cut.

Jaehyun knew from the beginning that this would happen.

‘I learned it at the academy. How to deal with a monster with a hard body. that.’

After heating the outer skin with flame magic, soften it and cut it.

Jaehyun wasn’t sincere, but he was an excellent cadet.

And excellent students were able to use what they learned in the right place.

Then, Jaehyun’s sword rode down the guy’s back to his heart, cutting the Destroyer’s body in half.

Originally, it was an excellent weapon, but if the skill was added to it, it would be perfect.

―The passive skill «Poison Dragon’s Sadism» is activated!


thud! thud!

It wasn’t long before two dismembered bodies fell to the ground.

message that came with him.

―You have succeeded in defeating the second elite monster 《Destroyer》.

―You have defeated an elite monster. You have earned 30 points.

―The second wave has all ended.

[Monsters Killed: 342]

[Retained points: 383]

30 points were consumed due to the strengthening of the wooden fence, so 383 points remained.

The degree to which enough more monsters can be summoned to help.

“Ha, is it over anyway? For now, I have to go back and reorganize.”

Jaehyun muttered, wiping away cold sweat.

last wave.

It will be much more difficult than this.

Jaehyun saw a tree bearing green fruit before he knew it. He climbed on top of it with Poppy.

Due to the upgrade of the wooden fence a while ago, a small hut-like shelter was formed there.

* * *

The night has come.

The scenery felt like everyday life for the past 29 days, but today was different.

defense game. This was very difficult, as it had to block all enemy attacks for 12 hours.

When growing seeds, it was still possible to attach eyes, but now that was impossible.

“I am terribly tired.”

Jaehyun muttered and cursed.

It was worth it. The number of monsters Jaehyun killed today exceeded 550.

The great battle was difficult no matter how big the gap with the opponent was.

After a while, Jaehyun came to a rough conclusion on how to play the final defense game to cover the night.

After a lot of thought, I made a manual that can counter several variables.

There is no time to test this. Unlike just before, Jaehyun had revealed almost all of his cards.

As if Jaehyun couldn’t help it, he got up and looked at the tree.

It was to see if there were any wounds anywhere.

It was then that a completely unexpected variable arose.

“… … uh?”

Jaehyun, who was looking around the apple tree, suddenly gave out a puzzled voice.

It was strange. can’t this be?

“Eggplant… … Are you ripped off?”

It’s true that I struggled a little while ago, but even the wooden fence didn’t break through.

In the second defense game, there was nothing to damage the tree.

It must have been.

“Poppy, have you ever been pierced?”


Jaehyun asked just in case, but Poppy also shook his head.

The health gauge indicated by the red color of the tree.

The wooden fence has never been pierced, so why was it cut?

The moment I was thinking about it. A memory flashed through Jaehyun’s mind, and goose bumps ran through her body.

At the time of defeating Destroyer a while ago. the voice he heard.

―You have defeated the second elite monster.

‘second? Come to think of it… … .’

Jaehyun’s eyebrows slowly narrowed and his expression settled down coldly.

‘Did elite monsters appear in the first wave?’

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