I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 228

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Episode 228: Continuing Story (2)

“Ten thousand years ago. After the end of the first Ragnarok, as you well know, a prophecy came from the three Norn sisters. As soon as the contents were revealed, the whole world was thrown into chaos.”

Jaehyun nodded. This was a story he knew well.

antagonist of prophecy.

The reason why he got that nickname was right there.

‘The first prophecy. It records the death of Odin and the destruction of Asgard.’

[The weakest being will destroy Asgard.]

It was the content of the prophecy Jaehyun remembered.

The story that he, the antagonist, will destroy Odin and Asgard. This terrified even Odin and the Aesir.

For this reason, Odin faked one of his crows, Huginn, as his family to keep an eye on the reappearance.

Afterwards, to kill him when the power of the prophecy runs out.

‘Indeed he succeeded. Before returning, I must have died.’

During the battle with Jung Woo-min, Jae-hyun felt his heart stop. The reason he is alive now is only thanks to the Nornir System.

Also, this was a variable that even Odin did not expect.

“Continuing from the first prophecy… … What the hell is that?”

Jaehyun couldn’t stand it and asked.

“First of all, before going into detail, know that this information is only known to a few of the gods.”

“Information that only a few know?”

“okay. Originally, you didn’t have the right to listen either… … After clearing the third ordeal, your level has risen enough, so you have that authority. That’s why I’m telling you.”

‘It’s authority… … After all, the Nornir system also increased in rank with the increase in information that could be viewed.’

Jaehyun nodded. It seemed that clearing the ordeal and raising the level were the conditions for unlocking the limited information.

“I’ll tell you just once, so listen up.”

With those words, Idun opened his mouth again.

“’The opponent of the prophecy, the blood of those who stand by his side will open the way.’”

‘The one who stands by… … ?’

Jaehyun’s forehead wrinkled as he listened to the story.

It just didn’t sound good.

the one who stands by

pave the way with blood

These were difficult keywords to think about positively.

“This is the full text of the second verse.”

Idun said so with strength.

Jaehyun’s brain spins tightly, retracing the phrase, and beginning to interpret it carefully.

In fact, it was a sentence that had nothing to interpret.

First of all, this isn’t a mystery.

The reason why it took Jaehyun to understand this was purely because he did not want to accept it.

Before long, his expression hardened.

Jaehyun clenched his fists and said.

“… … no way. Growing up by my side… … .”

He was raising his head.

“Are you talking about my colleagues?”

In an instant, a thought passed through Jaehyun’s head. It was a terrible thing to even imagine.

antagonist of prophecy. The road to Odin is opened with the blood of those who stand by him.

Simply put, if Jaehyun doesn’t sacrifice his teammates.

It meant that Odin could never be killed.

Idun nodded slowly with his lowered eyes.

“… … that’s right. According to the prophecy, your companion must be sacrificed.”

* * *

“It’s a pity, but you can never kill Odin without the sacrifice of your allies. The prophecy has already foretold their death.”

Idun was like that with a calm expression on the outside, but on the inside, it was burning black.

She was honest and did not deceive Jaehyun’s feelings.

Idun also had the experience of losing people he held dear to him.

In a situation like this, vague words of hope only hurt him.

So, in the current situation, I had no choice but to speak more calmly. It was the best consideration to keep him from suffering.

A moment of silence passed inside the Mist Garden. Jaehyun looked at the ground with a devastated face and was lost in her thoughts.

‘My colleagues… … You say you might die?’

The repeated story still lacked a sense of reality.

As for his colleagues, the members of Circle Nine and the Yeonhwa Guild. Also, it must be talking about the relationships that have been built up since returning.

But, did you foresee their sacrifice?

The prophecy of the three Norn sisters?

Jaehyun felt an uncontrollable anger rising from within.

He returned to protect the things that were important to him, and he ran until now.

The prophecy was saying to abandon those precious people for the cause.

‘… … It’s dirty.’

Jaehyun sincerely thought so.

Of course, Jaehyun’s colleagues now are all close friends after returning, except for Kim Yoojung.

It wasn’t the existence he had initially decided to protect, and if he had been him before, he didn’t know if he would have made a different choice when the situation came.

However, Jaehyun now had no intention of abandoning his colleagues.



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when you fall to the bottom. From the bottom, they saved themselves.

He was about to give up in the battle with Heimdall, but his comrades showed him the way to go.

But, to give them up here?

“Do you think I will abandon my colleagues?”

“Depending on the circumstances.”

In spite of Jaehyun’s cool voice, Idun only responded coldly. Emotion was completely erased from her face.

It’s as if the person who was laughing and chatting a while ago had disappeared without a trace.

Jaehyun gritted it.

The things he wanted to ask her were floating around in his head, complicating him.

Among them, Jaehyun vomited a fundamental question.

“Then what have I been fighting for all this time?”

“For the nine worlds.”

“Do you think I would tolerate that?”

Jaehyun was clear as if he was chewing.

“I came all this way to protect my precious things. There is no reason to defend the world by giving up on them.”

Jaehyun said that as if he were declaring, and got up from his seat.

However, he knew.

Idun. she is not evil

There must be a clear reason why you say this to yourself.

It was also the three Norn sisters who made the prophecy in the first place. It has nothing to do with Idun’s will.

It was harsh to hold her accountable.

Even so, Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel the anger that the target was unclear.

What is fate, to constantly test oneself who does not want to be swept away?


If he abandons his comrades, what will Jaehyun have to protect in that war?

* * *

Parts Tsutsut!

A portal emitting blue light opened in the middle of the fog garden.

Finally, after two days, the door to Midgard was open.

For the past two days, Jaehyun has been using the room Idoon gave him. It was dusty and had to be cleaned, but the bed itself was quite comfortable.

No matter how imprisoned it is, what a god’s dwelling place.

It didn’t feel overwhelming like Hel’s temple, but I liked Idun’s garden because it had a cozy atmosphere.

However, apart from the comfort of the dwelling, Jaehyun’s heart was not very comfortable.

The second prophecy made by Idun. Because this was enough of a story to shake oneself.

Sacrifice of colleagues.

You can’t defeat Odin without going through this, she said. It was a word that a god the size of Idun had spoken to him, so the contents of the prophecy would not have been wrong.

I had no choice but to use my heart.

Idun looked at Jaehyun like that, and soon smiled.

“You can come here anytime with the key I gave you, so come visit often! It’s boring because I’m alone here!”

“Do not worry. Even if you don’t, I’m going to bother you a lot.”

In fact, Jae-hyun had been thinking of taking good care of the land he had been given by frequenting the Mist Garden.

If you receive something, you should use it properly.

Moreover, it is not the land. It was even more strange if he didn’t pay the money properly after receiving it.

It was the moment when Jaehyun thought so and was about to take a step towards the portal.

“Wait a minute!”

Suddenly Idun stopped him and said.

“One more thing! I have something to tell you.”

“What happened all of a sudden… … .”

At Jaehyun’s words, Idun said, completely erasing the expression from his face.

“I cannot change a prophecy that has already been confirmed. No matter what race or god.”

It was a word that landed on my chest with a thump.

However, Jaehyun wasn’t shaken at all. For two days he had already decided on his course of action.

Also, he knew

That Idun never said these words to hurt himself.

She was telling this story purely out of concern for herself.

“It is not that there is no way at all.”

Because of that, Jaehyun had no choice but to say that. Idun’s eyes widened at his words.

Her whole body trembled for a moment.

Isn’t there no way?

‘You mean there is a way to reverse the prophecy?’

At that moment, a shocking thought passed through Idun’s mind.

“no way… … Isn’t that the worst option I can think of?!”

There was only one way.

A way to change the predicted prophecy and help Jaehyun protect his comrades.

But that’s too… … .

“I don’t know if it’s the worst or not. Then I’ll just go. I don’t have enough dates to attend the academy, so I have to go quickly.”

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders as he spoke succinctly, and exited the opened portal as if running away.

Hella, who was following him to the portal, looked back for a moment at the last moment and said.

“It’s a near-impossible road, but the adversary won’t change his choice. It’s better to give up on persuading him.”


Poppy also nodded.

After saying that, Hella and Papido disappeared beyond the portal.

Idun remained alone and stared at the place where everyone had disappeared.

She was almost certain of the way Jaehyun had said it.

‘The adversary is waiting. An end in which all bonds and bondages are gone. ‘Ragnarok’.’

Jaehyun wasn’t trying to stop Ragnarok, he was trying to change fate by causing it.

Absolutely absurd.

It was impossible to even attempt this without guaranteeing one’s own death. Even so, Jaehyun was thinking of putting this into practice.

Even if there is some kind of suffering ahead of it.

“But if that’s also your choice… … .”

Idun, who had been muttering, smiled brightly.

“So I am a fugitive, and you may be the enemy.”

Remembering the last words Hella said, she squeezed the hem of her skirt tightly.

antagonist of prophecy. He was trying to overcome the prophecy of the three Norn sisters that had already come down.

Unlike myself who ran away and hid in the prophecy.

“I will always support you. Adversary, I hope you don’t make the same mistake as me.”

You have the power to right wrongs.

Saying that, Idun’s face was still full of smiles.

* * *

The halo of light disappeared and Jaehyun returned to his hotel room.

This is because when Idun first set the coordinates of the portal, he recorded it to be transmitted here.

Every time Jaehyun visited Idun’s Garden, he couldn’t head to the closed city every moment, so he liked the route that was as simple as possible.

“Let’s take care of the key from the academy first and then use it again… … First, after calling my mother… … .”

Jaehyun gathered his thoughts and put on his clothes. As she was draining her stamina, she planned to go to a restaurant to eat something.

For a while, hadn’t he been mowing the grass in Idun’s garden?

Now he desperately needs protein.

belt ring.

That was when Jaehyun opened the door and stepped outside.

“uh?! It’s Min Jaehyun!”

From across the hallway, I heard Kim Yoo-jung’s voice screaming.

There, all the members of Circle Nine were gathering and talking.

Jaehyun looked at them with a puzzled expression.

“Why are you here… … .”

“… … Where has she been?”

Seo Ina asked. Jaehyun hesitated for a moment before answering.

“that… … I had some business.”

At those words, Ahn Ho-yeon shook his head.

“You should have tipped us off. I was worried about all of them.”

“ah… … Then you see, I didn’t say anything.”

When Jaehyun scratched his head and said that, Kwon Soyul glared at him with his eyes narrowed.

Jaehyun felt a chill run down his spine.

Kwon So-yul walked towards him with his hands clattering.

“I feel really bad right now. Do you know what the reason is?”

“I don’t know.”

“I took care of all the circle business while you were gone. I’m sorry, but can I hit you once?”

“… … Hit me.”

“Sososo, Soyul-ah, no violence… … !”

Kwon So-yul clenched his fists, and Lee Jae-sang grabbed her arm to stop her.

A daily life that is no different than usual. But why? Jaehyun felt his chest ache.

‘According to the second prophecy, everyone here will die.’

Now, Jaehyun’s eyes are focused on only one place.

And wherever his gaze landed, the face of the person he had to protect was clearly emerging.

Youjeong Kim.

‘It’s not long now.’

Jaehyun recalled the memory from before returning.

Youjeong Kim.

Less than a month left until the day she died in his place.

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