I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 230

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Episode 230 Mission Performance Period (2)

“This way! How do you like it?”

The land he arrived at, led by Idun, was more splendid than Jae-hyeon thought.

Gardening tools, pots, watering cans and shovels necessary for growing plants are lined up everywhere.

Idun said that all goods are services, and he prided himself on not being able to get them easily.

In fact, I also liked Jaehyun.

The site itself was much larger than expected.

It’s like the land of gold dust itself.

‘It’s a pity that I can’t sell this… .’

It was perfect except that it could not be transferred or sold to others.

Although the drawback is bigger than expected, it was a very good situation if I could grow and use plants that would help here.

Idun wandered around the Mist Garden and gave a tutorial on plant cultivation.

How to choose good seeds, starting with choosing a fertilizer. The main content was the amount of sunlight each plant needed.

Jaehyun quickly memorized what Idun had said and looked back on it.

Idun narrowed his eyes as if surprised and looked at him. She glared at Jaehyun with a slightly envious expression.

“I didn’t know you could memorize it so quickly… angry… !”

“… Are you upset? Didn’t I hear you right?”

Unsurprisingly, Idun was envying Jaehyun’s brain and was keeping him in check.

Jaehyun shook his head.

No matter how much it is, if you look at it closely, you are a student or a disciple.

Are you envious of this?

“It’s like Idun. It’s a compliment in its own way, so take it in moderation.”

Hella said that and crossed her arms.

Looking at her, she seemed to really think so.

Jaehyun sighed as if he couldn’t do anything about it.

“You have to explain the most important thing. so. What kind of plants can you grow here?”

What effects can you grow?

This was a very important part of determining the value of this land to Jaehyun.

Of course, there’s nothing to worry about as it was given to me by Idun, the master of the ordeal… .

‘Still, I feel anxious if I don’t properly check the human mind.’

Jaehyun thought about it and nodded.

At that time, Idun smiled and gestured lightly into the air.

Then, a familiar status window pops up in Jaehyun’s eyes. This was more than enough to shock him.

Jaehyun muttered with a puzzled face.

“… Can you grow all of this?”

“of course!”

Idun declared in a confident tone as if he was confident.

Jaehyun muttered as he blankly read the status window.


* * *

“I am tired too. Growing plants isn’t easy either.”

The next day, Jaehyun muttered that as he passed the hotel elevator and walked down the hallway.

On the way back after visiting a convenience store on the nearby site.

I was on my way back from going out to buy something to drink for a change of pace, having exhausted my energy from gardening all day yesterday.

Jaehyun relaxed his stiff shoulders. Even for a radar with a transcendent body, simple repetitive tasks required quite a bit of fatigue.

“You suffered too. Poppy.”


Jaehyun also thanked Poppy.

Yesterday, helping yourself with gardening tools, watering, etc. Poppy also suffered a lot.

When I first hatched, I was very worried that it would really help.

Now, I couldn’t imagine going hunting or working without Papi.

“Anyway, I’m glad things are starting to get used to now.”

Of course, there were trials and errors along the way.

However, Idun’s explanation wasn’t too difficult, and Hella also stayed by her side to give advice, so the difficulties were minimized.

Like that, it was time for Jaehyun to reflect on the events of yesterday while walking.


A familiar voice came from the other side of Jaehyun. It was Kim Yoo-jung.

She was looking at Jaehyun with a puzzled look on her face while wearing a ball cap that she didn’t normally wear.

“what? why are you so surprised Have you seen anyone you can’t see?”

Jaehyun asked, but Kim Yoojung still couldn’t answer.

‘what? Why is he suddenly like that?’

Jaehyun tilted his head while looking at Kim Yoojung as if he was embarrassed.

Then, with difficulty, she opened her mouth and said.

“No, I just need to drop by the convenience store.”

Jaehyun nodded at Kim Yoojung’s words. Poppy also waved her hand in greeting.

Kim Yoo-jung smiled a little and greeted Papi lightly.

“Yongyong, how are you?”

That was the moment.



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Kim Yoo-jung’s hair fell through the hat, and her flushed eyes and cheeks came into Jae-hyun’s eyes through the tightly pressed ball cap.

Jaehyun’s expression hardened slightly.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“uh? Oh no. Is there anything wrong?”

Kim Yoo-jung’s tone as if she had been waiting for an answer. Jaehyun narrowed his eyes for a moment, then nodded.

“… If so, good luck.”

Jaehyun turned around and headed for his room, waving his hands.

“Then I go.”


After Kim Yoo-jung said dryly, she hurriedly walked to the hotel lobby.

Jaehyun stood there for a moment and looked at her back. His expression hardened.

he knew

I don’t know why, but Kim Yoo-jung shed tears. that this is not a simple matter.

‘Is this the first time I’ve seen Kim Yoo-jung cry since elementary school?’

It seems that something unusual is about to happen.

It was Jaehyun who did not know the details of the inside story, but at that moment, such a thought passed through his mind.

* * *

Another day passed. Jaehyun gathered at the outdoor training ground to take his class.

“Then, I will begin explaining the ‘mission performance period’ that will start tomorrow at the academy.”

A little while ago, right after the magic sparring with the cadets. The instructor’s explanation of the next event had just begun.

The main thing is about the duration of the mission that I talked about with my colleagues a few days ago.

“The mission performance period is basically an event designed to publicize the names of Miles Academy cadets and to cultivate their noble spirit as raiders.

During the training period, cadets must complete one autonomous mission and one joint mission with the guild.”

The instructor raised his glasses and continued his explanation.

“Of course, grades are divided according to how well the mission was performed.

Please note that detailed explanations and applications can be made on the academy’s official website on a PC.”

The explanation wasn’t overwhelming.

The instructor delivered only the necessary information to the cadets accurately.

Jaehyun and his colleagues already knew that the event was coming, so they weren’t taken aback at all.

In the first place, Jae-hyun went through it once, and Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul also went through it last year.

You don’t have to be too scared.

… Of course, this was a story that only applies to Jaehyun.

“Hey Mr. Aren’t you crazy?! It is said that freshmen are entrusted with carrying out the duties of the local government… ?”

“Yeah, that’s what it used to be… This time, the number of missions to be performed has increased. There was only one until last year.”

“I heard that it is possible to carry out joint missions in units of circles… Our circle is all fucking weak. It’s ruined.”

The worried voices of the cadets are heard.

No wonder. The mission to be completed is basically the first event to be performed only by cadets without the intervention of instructors.

Of course, the national raiders dispatched from the local government were waiting outside the dungeon to prepare for a dangerous situation. What I was worried about was real.

The fact that they experienced a frightening event during an outdoor training camp also hardened their thinking.

At that time, the cadets had to fight the Bone Dragon, a boss monster that reached A+ rank.

“Then, spread out in circles, plan your strategy, and apply for missions. The total period of implementation is one month.

I wish you all the best of luck.”

After saying that, the instructor left.

Jaehyun moved to the place where the members of Circle Nine were. Now is the real start.

* * *

“How about this? ‘Eliminate 20 Goblins in Busan’. I think the difficulty level is okay too.”

“Do you think your rating is too low? It’s white.”

Jaehyun shook his head at Kwon Soyul’s words.

The group gathered again at the hideout are sitting in front of laptops and talking.

They were in the middle of a conversation about a new mission.

The school did not directly designate the level of difficulty and mission, but the cadets had to choose it themselves, so gathering the opinions of the circle members was the most important.

‘I like missions where I can get a lot of points. The more points, the better.

It would be better to receive at least a red or higher request.’

In addition, in order to raise awareness, it was good to receive good quests during the mission.

Although the difficulty was high and there was a risk, it was necessary to expand the circle’s activity radius afterwards.

Jaehyun fixed his gaze on the monitor again and refreshed the order in order of difficulty.

Requests are basically divided into five grades. The one Kwon So-yul picked a moment ago was white, which was the lowest grade.

Above that, there are four more grades: green, blue, red, and black.

Arranged in order from lowest to lowest.

For reference, the party can only select up to the maximum red mission.

Black is a student. Even there, cadets with high grades can perform only with the permission of the president.

To put it simply, it meant that the maximum mission rank that Jaehyun and his party, now freshmen, could choose was red.

“Let’s go red.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung and Kwon Soyul let out a deep sigh.

“Lee Jae-sang and I are still students, so it’s okay, but you are also quite decent. Are you okay? A red mission from the beginning.”

She had good reason for saying that.

A red mission from the start. In the first place, the probability that the instructors will give permission is slim, but the probability of returning safely from here is even slimmer.

Especially if it’s a freshman.

“are you okay.”

Jaehyun, of course, said so.

There was no reason to be shaken by this request, considering how much he had accomplished.

“For now, the color has been decided to be red, so don’t spit out and look over.”

After Jaehyun said that, he got up for a while and disappeared somewhere.

after a few minutes. While his teammates are debating over mission choices, Jaehyun returns with a small tray in his hand.

“Now, how about watching this while eating?”

What Jaehyun brought was an apology.

He must have shaved it himself, and it had an ugly appearance with dents everywhere.

“… what? Do you have any apples this small? Only ping-pong balls?”

Kwon So-yul tilted his head as if it was strange and asked.

Ahn Ho-yeon had the same reaction.

“Sweet, apples aren’t cut like this… .”

“… talk to me.”

“I-I think there will be more flesh attached to the skin at this level… .”

Even Seo Na-na and Lee Jae-sang helped.

Jaehyun was annoyed by the party’s words, but he tried to raise his lips.

“Even so, I did my best to cut it. Each person must eat one.”

His eyes widened like half moons, and an eerie voice leaked out.

“Otherwise I can’t get out of here.”

“… … .”


Kwon So-yul was the first to sigh and put a peeled apple into his mouth. She was also like her weak heart.

The apples are so small that they fit in one bite.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Kwon So-yul.


At that time, she mumbled while munching on an apple, frowning.

“… Doesn’t this taste very good?”

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