I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 246

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Episode 246: Red Gate (3)

Lena Meyer.

Seeing her showing off Nidhogg’s fangs, Jaehyun recalled his memories before returning.

‘Reena… Come to think of it, I’ve heard of it. It’s a radar that has been in the news quite often. A genius raider at the top of A-class.

I think I heard that you’re still young.’

She was a little over 30 when Jaehyun heard the news.

He’s probably only around 20 at this point.

Of course, no matter how much Jaehyun memorized the names and impressions of the raiders, he did not know all the raiders in foreign countries.

But, why does he remember the name Lina?

The reason was simple.

that’s right.

“I am the head of the European Union! He is Balak’s only disciple. Your skills are at the top of A-class, almost at the level of S-class!”

It was. Lena Meyer.

She was a disciple of Balak, the head of the European Union.

It’s also quite capable.

‘Of course, it’s not that strong because there is no sword garden, which is Balak’s unique skill, but… Still, it is difficult to meet such a talented person.’

Jaehyun tilted his head in amazement at Rina Meyer.

At that time, Lina looked around Jaehyun and asked.

“Are you the chinta hiding your power? Are you?”

“… I think your words are a bit harsh.”

“Ugh! sorry… ! I’m still not good at Korean, so I don’t know!”

‘… Doubtful. You know what foreigners say, jjintara?’

No matter how much you learn a foreign language, you learn swear words first… Isn’t this serious?

Jaehyun looked at Lina with suspicious eyes for a while.

Her eyes were shining, not paying attention to Jaehyun’s gaze.

It was Lina Meyer.

“It is an honor to be with you this time! Looking forward to your performance! Of course, the honor belongs to our curators!”

“… You don’t seem insane.”

Jaehyun shook his head as he looked at Lina Meyer, who had quickly left.

I thought I knew why the curator’s guild members had reacted like that a moment ago.

He’s sociable and talks a lot, but that’s what he’s supposed to say. It’s not enough that he cursed at me for being stupid, boasting about his items and disappearing.

What kind of hybrid is that? !

Jaehyun was dumbfounded, but decided to focus on clearing the dungeon for now.

It was because break time was all over.

* * *

After the break, the advance team, led by Yeonhwa and the curator, headed deeper.

In the meantime, Jaehyun watched Lina Maier’s battle closely.

Jaehyun said that Lina also possesses great skills as a disciple of Balak. She realized that he had some useful skills, although not as much as the intangible sword he used.

In the first place, the intangible sword is a skill derived from Balak’s unique skill, the Garden of Swords.

If it was a blood-related child, it was strange that she used an intangible sword.

However, Lina’s sword was also difficult to ignore.

The tip was very sharp, and although it couldn’t completely hide its presence like an intangible sword, it had an effect of blurring the sword for an instant.

Of course, it was a skill that Jaehyun had no reason to covet at all.

He already had the original copy of Balak’s skill.

The intangible sword was also the 3rd type that Balak had not opened yet. Didn’t you succeed in reaching the extension sword?

There were even two swords that were better than the one he was using.

In many ways, S-class raiders like Ballack and Camilla are no longer opponents of Jaehyun.

Jaehyun used several B-class magics in order to have an appropriate assortment. It was a decision made because doing nothing seemed to raise suspicion in its own way.

Jaehyun looks around while defeating the demon of the gate.

Suddenly, Lina Mayer joined him again and started talking to him.

“you… ! I saw it earlier. Great magic, low grade, but… It was an amazing refinement! Breathing too… !”

“Until there.”

Jaehyun continued to walk inward, ignoring the woman who was constantly talking to him.

Just like that, when they reached a fairly deep level of the dungeon before they knew it.

Yoosung opened his mouth at this unexpected moment.



Baek Ji-yeon asked as she passed the escort radars around her and walked towards her.

It seemed that she, too, had noticed something strange.

“I’ve come this far, but I haven’t even cleared half of the dungeon yet. I guess something… I think there is a variable.”

At that, the expressions of the raiders who were in the middle of the attack darkened.

A variable has been created.

To Rader, this was the word he feared the most.

In general, it is normal for the magic power of a dungeon to gradually decrease as the raid progresses.

As the raid continues, the dungeon gradually loses its power.

When you finally defeat the boss, it completely collapses.

Baek Ji-yeon said, trying to erase the embarrassment from her face.

“I don’t want to admit it, but the curator and Yeonhwa’s elite raiders have gathered. No need to worry that much… .”



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It was when she said so.


Something flew from the dark cavity with a shrieking sound cutting through the wind.

It was a swift attack that Baek Ji-yeon’s realm would not even notice.

“Keep down!”

Yoo Seong-eun, who read the sign of the attack, shouted. The blade of the wind that flew in from somewhere slightly missed Baek Ji-yeon’s neck.

It was thanks to Yoo Seong-eun pulling him by the nape of his neck.

“What is this… !”

“There is a witch. The guys you’ve been through so far seem to be nothing.”

“Anyway, magic doesn’t seem to work! It is an enemy that must be dealt with with a sword!”

The voices of the other raiders came from the side. They were a kind of investigators who were in charge of investigating the monsters that appeared in this Red Gate.

“All wizards, retreat to the back ranks! Fighting fighter-based raiders are on the way!”

Yooseong quickly gave instructions.

It was then.

A woman jumped out of the crowd and showed her sword.

The owner was Lina Meyer, the curator’s trump card.

“Lina is out! I’m sure of her skills! You will be fine now!”

Baek Ji-yeon smiled and shouted like that.

Well, her skills are trustworthy. Basically, it’s because it has top A-class skills and even has Nidhogg’s fangs.

In addition, since he has the speciality of being Balak’s disciple, he must have thought that it was not unreasonable to annihilate the enemy.

But Jaehyun knew.

That they came to such a complacent conclusion because they didn’t know enough about the enemy.

‘I’ll stop here!’

After bowing down, Lina Meyer was immediately fired upon by the enemy. Holding Nidhogg’s fangs in reverse, she headed towards the front of the Night Mage.

Night Mage is a monster with strong magic, but not very fast.

A situation where it was judged that victory would be achieved by simply pushing the sword into the vitals.

A smile crept across her lips as she caught the win.

‘It’s stuck!’

But life wasn’t always that easy.

Variables can always work in dungeons. Although Lina Meyer excelled in her skills, she was still a novice at preparing for such a thing.

Aaaa… !


In an instant, the monster in front of me accelerated once and the body strengthened. I cast buff magic on myself to temporarily maximize my abilities.

Thanks to that, Lina Mayer’s attack was directed directly at the monster’s neck, but the creature was not hurt at all.

The sword just bounced off with a ting sound.

Lina Meyer hesitated in embarrassment and stepped back.

‘Are you saying you put the buff on yourself and blocked the attack? This… A mere demonic movement… .’

But it was already too late to make a decision.

Enormous mana starts pouring right in front of his nose.

It was powerful enough to tear Rina Mayer apart.


Baek Ji-yeon’s scream is heard.

A time when all radars held their breath and could not move easily.

“It seems that the sword doesn’t work well.”

All of a sudden, I heard the voice of the man I was talking to earlier.

In an instant, Lina Mayer’s pupils constricted.

‘It’s already here… ?’

She was astonished. The man from Yeonhwa that we talked to a while ago.

He had returned to his rear and was facing the enemy.

When did he come back to his rear?

But there was no time to think deeply.


Jaehyun swung the sword in his hand and pierced the beast’s neck with precision.

“The neck of the Witchbeast that even I couldn’t pierce… penetrated?”

But her astonishment did not stop there.

The reason was simple.

The sword that Jaehyun used to pierce the beast’s neck.

Although it looked a little different, it was exactly the one he was using.

‘That’s… Nidhogg’s fangs?’

* * *

Meanwhile, members of Nine gathered in front of a C-class dungeon about 400 km away from Red Gate.

They were looking around with a sad expression somewhere.

“To think that only Min Jae-hyun went into a different dungeon… Does that mean the difference between our skills is so great?”

Kim Yoo-jung pouted and said.

Of course, I knew that he was strong because I had been through it many times before.

However, I didn’t even think that the raid dungeon would change at all. I thought we would go together, but I never thought it would turn out like this.

“… It is true that we are much weaker. Of course, I think I got pretty strong thanks to my hard work in the tutorial dungeon.”

“It’s a pity. I thought we were ready too.”

Seo In-na and Ahn Ho-yeon also agreed with Kim Yoo-jung.

Kwon So-yul shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t mind at all.

“If you don’t have to die, this is the best. And in case you forgot, you guys are still freshmen. It’s not good to overdo it.”

“G-g-g-g, that’s right… .”

Jaesang Lee also agreed.

These two are people who don’t enjoy being put in fearful situations.

To the general public, their reaction was normal.

“hello. Long time no see.”

“Ah, manager Seongjae Park!”

Kim Yoo-jung responded with a bright expression. She saw Seongjae Park walking in front of her.

It seemed that he was in charge of the command of this dungeon.

“It would be good for us to wear them slowly. Let’s see where to attack… It looks like it will take about four hours. If it’s over soon, I’ll buy some meat separately.”

“and! meat!”

Kim Yu-jung muttered happily.

Seongjae Park watched them quietly and thought.

‘I’m worried about CEO Yoo Seong-nim and Jae-hyun, but… There’s nothing I can do now. Even if I, who is at the A-level level, set out to attack the Red Gate, the effect would be insignificant.

Right now, it’s important to clear the dungeon safely with the members.’

That was the reason Park Seong-jae did not participate in the Red Gate attack.

The people he was in charge of now were Jaehyun’s colleagues. When I think of Jae-hyun’s personality, if something happened to them, the relationship between him and Yeon-hwa could fall apart.

Clearing the dungeon safely, even for Yoo Sung-eun, was the most important thing.

As well as.

‘The magical power that was wearing the Red Gate that I saw then… That was a level that easily surpassed the total amount of mana I possessed.

We should be thankful that Red Gate didn’t appear in multiple locations at the same time.’

Park Seong-jae was the first raider to investigate Red Gate.

While researching this, he realized one thing for sure.

‘If only three such gates explode, the nation of Korea might be erased.’

The power of the gate, tinged with red magic, was strong.

Park Seong-jae took a breath and shook his head to blow away his thoughts.

He said.

“Then let’s go in. There are already many radars of Yeonhwa waiting inside, so don’t worry about the danger.”

“Oh, yes!”

At Park Seong-jae’s words, Kim Yoo-jung was the first to step inside the dungeon, followed by her colleagues.

At that time, Seo Ina, who had taken a sudden step, muttered while looking at something.

“… uh? What are those red marks on the gate… ?”

The moment he heard that, goose bumps ran through Park Seong-jae’s body.

what? A red mark?

Seongjae Park, who grasped the situation, shouted in an urgent voice.

“It’s not possible! Everyone, get out of the dungeon right now… !”

The red color that was barely shining on the edge of the portal to the dungeon expanded and surrounded them in an instant.

Magical power that dyes everything in a radius of about 5 meters red.

The companions frowned and shouted.

“this… what!”


“… Something is wrong.”

The group also noticed that something was not right. The mana pouring out from the gate they had just stepped into. This is because it was never C-level.

Thoughts that went through everyone’s heads at the same time.

variable… happened.

“Everyone beware!”

With those words, Ahn Ho-yeon completely disappeared beyond the gate.

sucked in That would be a more accurate expression.

The rest of the group was no different. Gate gobbled them up in no time.

Seongjae Park looked at the place where the members who had disappeared with shaking hands.

He was completely unaware of the current situation.

red magic. Why was it found here?

That wasn’t all.

The damn gate in front sucked in the cadets.

All of the red light covering the gate disappears before you know it, revealing the full face of the portal resembling a deep blue sky.

“We must act immediately.”

Seongjae Park immediately picked up his smartphone and made a call somewhere.

The reddened gate and the missing cadets.

Now he had a corner to point out.

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