I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 250

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Episode 250. An alchemist’s circumstances (1)

To clear up one’s weak past and move forward.

This is something everyone dreams of, but in reality only a select few can achieve.

Everyone has potential and can overcome it… la.

Would that be easier said than done?

A story that can inspire people’s hopes at first glance.

However, the reality is not so sweet. we already know

chamberlain. In a sport where physicality is considered important, the players who survive as small builds are, at best, a very small part of the total.

In the end, this may mean something to those who have both potential and talent but lack self-confidence. This means that in most cases, it is not very useful.

If you don’t have talent, you will be weeded out.

Jaesang Lee, I was one of those who realized this truth from childhood.

I have no talent.

It wasn’t great in any way.

When the brothers take up their swords and their talents bloom. I couldn’t even hold the sword properly.

He was born with a constitution where his muscles didn’t attach quickly, and he wasn’t used to wielding a sword.

My father always reprimanded me and compared me to my brothers.

In the eyes of Lee Jae-shin, the wind god guild master, my talent was insignificant.

Despite training over and over again, I couldn’t get the sword right.

After all, a few years later.

My father’s expectations of me have completely disappeared.

Unlike my brothers who continued to practice swordsmanship, I don’t have to come to the training ground anymore.

My father said that in his usual low-pitched voice.

What is the reason for that word? I burst into tears.

Even though it was training at the gymnasium that I hated so much.

I still don’t know why.

* * *

[Your mother also died because she was weak.]

My father always said that whenever I showed a pathetic appearance in Dalian.

My mother was also weak, so that’s why she died.

When my mother died, I was very young.

Because I don’t have any memories of that time. I couldn’t understand what my father was saying.

How the hell did my mother die?

Why does my father say things like that?

In a situation where nothing is known, one thing is certain.

[Raise your sword.]

It was said that the sparring with his father continued.

There was no room for deep doubt.


My father’s sword was fast, and always aimed at my gaps.

where is the weak spot Also, what are my habits and how fast are they?

My father knew everything about me.

conclusion has been made

I can never beat my father

* * *

“You, a cadet, will have to explain why you are here.”

dark joint.

A subtle tension flowed between Lee Jae-shin and Jae-hyun, who met in the middle of the dungeon.

A relationship where you don’t trust each other.

There was no more accurate expression to express the relationship between the two now.

Jaehyun laughed at Lee Jaeshin’s words and replied.

“However much.”

He shrugged.

“I think there are too many ears listening right now, so why don’t we evacuate people first?”

“I will.”

Lee Jae-shin nodded meekly and looked back at the survivors.

He gave them his warp stones.

An item that transports you to the outside of the dungeon.

I had already confirmed that it was effective even at the Red Gate. In the worst of circumstances, it was fortunate that an escape item like this worked.

“Go, thank you. Thanks to you, I live!”

“How can I thank you… .”

Those who survived were all trapped in trauma and struggled, then were attacked by demon beasts.

I was a member of the Curator’s Guild. Fortunately, she was able to get out thanks to the use of a warp stone.

This is fortunate in many ways.

If he had died here, he would have been unable to find his body.

Radar’s death is nothing, itself.

Most of the time they die is when they are attacked by a witch, and of course it is an urgent situation.

At this time, it was rare for colleagues to collect their bodies and their belongings.

They try to save those who are alive, not those who are already dead.



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That was the essence of radar.

Jaehyun looked around and was lost in thought. Things weren’t bad right now.

It was obvious that just being able to use warp stones would increase the survival rate of raiders in the dungeon.

‘But this doesn’t solve the problem. Even though I have a warp stone, I have to get out of the trauma in order to use it.’

This part needed to be clarified. It would be great if others would also get over their trauma as quickly as possible, but it was unlikely that things would work out so easily.

No matter how strong you are, you cannot save everyone alone.

‘In addition, now I am in a situation where I have to defeat the boss of the dungeon. Fighting to save everyone can cause more people to die too soon.’

I definitely realized it from the engagement a little while ago.

A person with enough power to trap himself in an illusion even for a moment.

That will be at the end of this dungeon.

Even if others did, the odds of them winning were extremely low.

‘Still, seeing that Lee Jae-shin escaped the illusion at such an early hour, it might not be too difficult for raiders of S-class or higher to break through the illusion.’

in unknown circumstances. It’s something you can think of positively.

As Jaehyun guessed, there were two conditions for getting out of the illusion.

The first is to have the power to constantly resist magic with a very high grade.

The second is to clean up your mind and use that mental strength to break it.

In Jaehyun’s case, he had both, so it didn’t take too long.

Perhaps Lee Jae-shin was similar to him.

‘Still, if Lee Jae-shin is there, it will be more comfortable in the future. Because he is a person with certain skills.’

Although his skills are lacking compared to his own, he possesses the most outstanding military force among the Red Gate raiders.

That was Jaeshin Lee.

With his strength and quick feet, it would be easy to respond to any situation at any time.

After Jaehyun made his decision, he nodded and got up from his seat.

“For now, it moves. There must be many people still alive in the dungeon… .”


That was the moment.

Suddenly, a long sword flew towards the back of Jaehyun’s neck.

A fierce swordsman who leaves no mercy in his hands.

Jaehyun blocked the attack with Nidhogg’s fangs.

He had just turned around to help the injured, and he had exactly targeted that moment by ambush.

A sword with clear intentions.

Jaehyun did not turn around and turned his back to the one who attacked him.

“What is this?”

“To follow the speed of my sword. After all, you weren’t a regular cadet.”

A cold voice came from behind.

The owner, of course, was Lee Jae-shin.

* * *


At the same time as the portal was activated, three Raiders came out of the Red Gate.

These were the survivors who survived with the help of Lee Jae-shin a little while ago.

“Everyone needs to evacuate! Inside… Hell!”

To the raiders who were still waiting outside, their words came as a shock.


How on earth was the inside of the dungeon so serious that they said things like that?

“Dae, what the hell happened?”

“In there I saw the face of my dead comrade.”

“I saw a giant spider monster!”

The raiders waiting outside tilted their heads at their story.

What each person saw in the dungeon was different?

Is such a thing possible?

However, the question could not be clarified. The raiders who escaped from the dungeon also didn’t know why.

The information about the dungeon showing trauma had long been erased from their minds.

Unless you overcome it yourself, the dungeon hides its information from them. Because they couldn’t clear the dungeon’s illusion on their own, their memories of it were completely erased.

“excuse me! I want to hear more about what happened inside the dungeon.”

Just then, a man’s voice came from behind.

familiar face. It was Park Seong-jae, Yoo Seong-eun’s secretary.

“How is Yeonhwa’s manager here… .”

“I don’t have time to go into detail. what did you see in it? Please tell me what the hell happened!”

Park Seong-jae’s voice was higher than usual.

No wonder. There are still young cadets trapped inside the Red Gate.

That is also Jaehyun’s colleagues.

‘A little while ago, I contacted all other domestic gates to confirm. The place where the gate is connected is the C-class dungeon where this and the members of Nine started to attack. There are only two places.’

It was not something to be relieved of.

Anyway, there are raiders in this fucking gate, and they are all in danger of dying.

Even the stories of the raiders who escaped from the dungeon were all different. There were several raiders who escaped the dungeon before them, but the testimonies were consistent.

He faced what he was afraid of and finally used the Warp Stone with someone’s help.

The people who helped were all different guilds, such as Yoo Sung-eun and Lee Jae-shin.

Park Seong-jae combined these testimonies and slowly thought over and over again.

What on earth happened in the dungeon to make these words come out?

Time passes for a while like that. Seongjae Park finally succeeded in figuring out the reason.

“Right now, wizards who are good at dispel magic, please prepare to enter the dungeon!”

“Wait a minute, why do people who use dispel magic have to enter a dungeon?”

“is it so! It’s a decision I don’t understand. Please explain properly.”

At Seongjae Park’s words, everyone tilted their heads as if they were embarrassed.

But there was no wavering in his judgment.

he realized

Testimonies of survivors. The story of how he encountered what he feared the most.

As a result of combining them, one conclusion was drawn.

“There must be a Witchbeast displaying hallucinations inside the dungeon. A guy who uses very powerful magic.”

* * *

“I think we should pay more attention to removing the risk now.”

Jaehyun opened his mouth with an expressionless face.

Nidhogg’s fangs. Even though Lich had a short dagger, Jae-hyeon was accurately blocking Lee Jae-shin’s long sword.

A posture without a single sway.

It made Lee Jae-shin goosebumps all over his body.

Jaehyun pushed his sword away and slowly turned around. The tense balance of power tilted to one side, and Lee Jae-shin’s longsword began to be pushed back.

At that moment, Lee Jae-shin had one certainty.

“I’m sure.”

A mischievous smile crept across his lips.

“The biggest danger to me right now is you.”

Lee Jae-shin was exploding his power to reach S-class.

“Answer me. you… What the hell is it?”

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