I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 260

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Episode 260: Freesia (1)

next day. A girl opened her eyes in an all-white landscape.

It was Kim Yoo-jung, a girl with dark orange hair.

Kim Yoo-jung looked at the fluorescent lights pouring brightly with her eyebrows narrowed. She wanted to cover her eyes with her hands. She couldn’t move properly, probably because her body wasn’t in good shape.

A small voice escapes from her mouth.

“Here… .”

“It is a hospital. Get some more rest.”

It was a voice that came from the bed next to Kim Yoo-jung.

When I turned my gaze, Jaehyun was there.

Kim Yoo-jung asked while hiding her blushing face.

“Red Gate… What happened? others… ?”

“I worry about you now. Everyone is fine.”

“I see.”

Kim Yoo-jung was relieved.

Red Gate. This was a large-scale gate that led to an unprecedented situation. They had to suffer quite a bit because it was connected to the dungeon they were trying to attack.

She saw terrible trauma in the depths of the dungeon.

memories of the past. It was a memory of himself who had lost his way and wandered.

I also saw Jaehyun and Ina standing side by side.

and… At the end, he remembered that Jaehyun had saved him.

“Do you have anything to say?”

Jaehyun asked with a playful expression. she bowed her head.

“go… Thank you.”

“okay. I feel refreshed because I am greeted. Don’t be too like that though. It just makes me depressed.”


At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung nodded moderately.

According to the healing radar, Kim Yoo-jung’s body is not in a very serious condition.

However, the psychological shock was so great that he collapsed.

It was not surprising since the majority of Raiders who escaped from Red Gate complained of the same symptoms.

Trauma sits deep within a person and gnaws away at oneself.

It was not unreasonable that Kim Yoo-jung suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Get some rest. Even the chairman will do something for you.”

“no. are you okay. But you came to Milles to become a raider. We have to overcome it.”

“Yeah what. If that’s what you think.”

Saying that, Jaehyun stood up, took out a flower from the chair next to the bed, and started putting it in a potted plant in the hospital room.

Thanks to Yeonhwa’s consideration, I was able to use a single hospital room, so I didn’t have to worry about other people’s notice.

“Still, don’t fall down like you used to. Why did you do that on sports day too? Was it in elementary school? Even then, after wandering around all day, I fell ill for a few days. Anyway, you have too many hands.”

“That flower… .”

“this? you like it Give me strength while watching, don’t sag. If there is nothing in the hospital room, it is very desolate.”

The flower Jaehyun put in the water bottle was a bright yellow freesia.

A flower that Kim Yoo-jung liked since childhood. After Jaehyun straightened the flowers, she said.

“Then I’ll make a call from outside and come back. You have to let the other kids and teachers know that you’re awake.”

“ah… huh.”

Kim Yoo-jung nodded with a shy expression.

Jaehyun leaves the hospital room soon.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was left alone, looked at Freesia in a water bottle.

Jaehyun usually seems indifferent, but sometimes he showed such a delicate side. You’ve helped me like this in the past.

Yes, even at the sports day at that time.

Jaehyun remembered that day without forgetting it.

In fact, when you get lost and wander. she thought to herself.

That Jaehyun will never find himself again.

I can’t go back to the way it was then.

“But it wasn’t… .”

when she is at her most dangerous. Right before she lost herself, Jaehyun once again found Kim Yoojung.

Kim Yoo-jung seemed to know a little bit now why the dungeon trauma showed her the last scene.

It was when I thought so.


The door to the hospital room was thrown open, and several gasping people burst in.

The two people at the front were people Kim Yu-jung had never thought of.

“mom… dad? what about work… ?”


“thank god… What a relief!”

Around her were her colleagues and members of Yeonhwa whose wounds had not healed yet.

They were watching the reunion of parents and children, holding back their noses.

‘This time… .’

Kim Yoo-jung realized.

From the beginning, Jaehyun already knew what the dungeon’s illusion would show him.

Why did you call your parents this time?

It was probably to help him overcome his trauma.



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“Is everyone late?”

Kim Yoo-jung said that and greeted her parents and colleagues with her hands wide open.

* * *

The capture of the Red Gate and the fact that the first guild union was made.

It quickly spread across the country.

In fact, the scale of the incident was too large to hide.

at the time of attack. There were many citizens who directly observed the bloated gate, so the government did not directly disclose information about the gate, and only created urban legends. Nothing was to be gained.

And now.

The government, Yeonhwa, and the guilds belonging to the alliance had a place to gather once again.

Currently, they were discussing a major issue regarding Korea’s attack on the future gate.

And at the center of the case is the black robe who single-handedly subdued the Red Gate boss monster. In other words, there was also reproduction.

“I can’t believe it. Yeonhwa’s official is a black robe, and he single-handedly subdued the boss of the Red Gate this time… .”

“But we saw it with our own eyes. Undoubtedly. He’s wearing a black robe.”

Ahn Ji-seok also nodded. Shin Ji-hoon, who had his arms crossed next to him, agreed.

“As soon as the black robe appeared, it nullified all magic of the beasts. At least all S-class raiders here. There is no question of having more than that.

black robe… No, now that his true identity has been revealed, it might be more accurate to say that he was a cadet Min Jae-hyeon. Anyway, it’s clear that he outperformed everyone else put together in this Red Gate run.”

That said, no one who participated in the capture of the Red Gate denied it.

It was embarrassing for a raider who did not participate in the raid.

radar. How selfish are they?

Aren’t they the ones who used to fight each other saying their achievements were greater when there was even a joint mission?

All those people praise one raider’s work, and no one denies it?

A raider who is one of the top guilds and did not participate in the capture of the Red Gate this time. Lee Dong-gyeong thought so and looked at a person.

‘As well as… Jaeshin Lee. Even the wind god guild master didn’t say anything. What a surprise.’

Lee Dong-gyeong thought so, but Jae-hyeon, who had been guarding his seat, suddenly stepped in front of them.

“hello. This is Min Jae-hyun. I am a cadet from Milles Academy and a raider from Yeonhwa.”

“Oh oh… ! The author… !”

“But at most you’re still seventeen… ! Is it possible to have such power?!”

“I know… If anything happens… .”

A groaning sound is heard. Jaehyun nodded lightly.

“There is a lot of controversy about me. I know. But one thing I can tell you for sure. I am not your enemy. I may not be a good person, but I want to make it clear that I am not a bad person either.”


At Jaehyun’s declaration, the gathered raiders swallowed saliva and shook their hands. When Jaehyun first heard about the black robe, he couldn’t believe him completely.

But not now. They are also the heads of guilds that are said to be the best in Korea.

Is there really a cadet who can convey his thoughts accurately without trembling here?

In addition, Yoo Sung-eun, Lee Jae-shin, and Song Ji-seok did not say anything.

It meant that there were no lies in the words of Ahn Ji-seok and Shin Ji-hoon.

“I think you have a lot of questions. Why did I dig the great ruins and subdue Yamata no Orochi? But there is only one answer I can give you.”

Jaehyun said with a serious expression.

“A greater threat looms. You can’t stop it by tearing the guild into pieces… A great war cloud is coming.”

“What, what do you mean?! There’s no way something worse than the Red Gate is coming… … !”


“I lost my one and only brother to this gate! For what reason… Do you know anything about the Red Gate incident?”

“I know. But I won’t tell you.”

Jaehyun clearly conveyed his intentions.

Know. There was no need to lie here.

Fortunately, no one here asked Jaehyun anything.

If Jaehyun in front of you is the one who killed that Red Gate alone.

If it looked wrong, everyone could be annihilated.

It was a good situation to refrain from rash words and actions.

“Well then, why did you arrange this place? Isn’t that why they gathered it for some reason?”

Lee Dong-kyung looked at him and asked, and Jae-hyun nodded.

“Everyone join the guild union. It is a matter directly related to your life. All guilds must unite and fight against it.

In fact, it is a fight that cannot be said to have a chance of winning.”

“So, are you saying that the enemy that approaches that much is strong?”

“yes. And one more request, I would like you not to fully disclose my identity to other countries yet.”

At Jaehyun’s words, the entire guild nodded.

However, there was no one who objected to the former story.

“Forming a guild alliance to oppose an unknown enemy… Ha, sounds like a good story on the surface. I was almost fooled!”

The fiery Raider who was sitting next to Lee Dong-kyung. he was shouting

“In the end, if the union is formed like that, isn’t it that the state will take over all management of the guild! If you do that, the small guild will starve to death!”

“Oh, that’s right! It’s going to be hard to cover the astronomical amount you have to go through with your radar insurance!”

Others also voice their voices.

In fact, they had good reasons for saying that.

radar. They basically have a low survival rate and are rarely accepted by insurance companies because of the risk.

Therefore, if casualties or disabilities occur, all costs must be paid by the guild.

If you don’t have the confidence to make more money than that by raiding dungeons, in fact, you have to somehow stabilize the profit structure through management.

However, a large guild and the state will control it?

It was a proposal that could not be readily accepted in a free economic system.

“It would be better than dying under any circumstances.”

Jaehyun’s words shorten, and a sense of incongruity begins to spread throughout the bodies of those sitting around.

I didn’t want to go this far, but I couldn’t help it.

Here you have to show your strength and win the guild’s persuasion.

It was the moment I thought so.


“I can’t hear you. Our wind gods will participate in the alliance. And I will not accept any profits from the alliance. It doesn’t matter how you use it.”

“That word… !”

“Father but!”

Lee Jae-shin’s two sons also rebelled, but kept their mouths shut at the pressure of his two downcast eyes.

“Don’t make me say it twice.”

After saying that, Lee Jae-shin looked at Jae-hyun.

‘okay. This is my return to the person who made me overcome my twist. Although it may be a bit clunky, it’s probably the surest way.’

“If even the wind god says that… We will also participate.”

“We too… .”

“We also participate. I don’t want everyone to die.”

“Of course, Yeonhwa participates in the alliance. In addition, we will also share all profits generated from alliance activities with the middle and lower guilds.”

Song Ji-seok was surprised by Lee Jae-shin and Yoo Sung-eun’s judgment.

They were two people who were considered contradictory. Those people came together.

I couldn’t find a radar that only pursued its own interests there.

* * *

After Jaehyun leaves.

One by one, people were leaving Kim Yoo-jung’s noisy hospital room.

Those who now have to go back and prepare for a new daily life. In the evening, Jaehyun said he would come to check on me again, but as a result, I had to be alone for a while.

Her parents left for another country to take care of work again, worrying until the end.

Now all that is left is Seoina Hana. She too was slowly getting up from her seat.

“… Still, I’m glad it’s like this. Eat well so that you will get well soon. I’ll go too.”

“huh… thank you.”

After Kim Yoo-jung was greeted, she put her hands on her hands with empty eyes for a while.

Her beautiful hands overlap on the white blanket in the hospital.


Then, the moment the door opened, Kim Yoo-jung suddenly opened her mouth to Seo In-na.


“… huh? Do you need anything?”

“I have something to tell you.”

Seo Eana saw Kim Yoo-jung saying that. Her eyes were as hard as ever, and seemed to be burning.

While I was thinking, Kim Yoo-jung’s words continued.

“It’s about Min Jae-hyun.”

At those words, Seo Ina’s pupils narrowed.

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