I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 261

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Episode 261: Freesia (2)

After all the Red Gate incidents are over.

Jaehyun also returns to the hotel and rests his tired body, lost in thought.

What happened at the time of the gate capture and the magic of the beginning. Hugin’s story. There were still a lot of unresolved stories.

“Are you concerned? Because you couldn’t kill Hugin?”

Hella came to Jaehyun’s side and sat down on the bed.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“no. Rather… I was thinking about what I should do next.”

he smiled faintly

“Because there is too much to do now to regret.”

After saying that, Jaehyun opened the status window.

The description of the newly upgraded armor of the abyss came to mind with a refreshing sound.

It was a way to confirm that the grade had been upgraded while catching Eorduksini.

―Displays the status of 《Abyssal Armor+》.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Abyssal Armor+

Class: Mythic

Armor said to have been made from the abyss of Kinnungagaf.

The shards of Eoduksini imbued with the primordial mana penetrated and further strengthened it.


1. Physical / magic defense +750

2. Acquire the active skill 《Stealth Lv 5》.

3. The level of the passive skill 《Shadow Fairy Tale》 rises to the highest level.

Others were within predictable ranges.

But what?

A skill level increase?

Jaehyun immediately brought up the skill window and checked the information.

[Active skill]

Name: Stealth (Lv 5)

Grade: B

Stats: –

Completely hides from the enemy’s sight for 1 hour.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

*However, if the enemy uses the 《Detection》 skill, the duration of the skill will be reduced to 15 minutes.

First of all, the efficiency of stealth has increased significantly.

It is true that it has become stronger and less frequently used recently, but being able to hide one’s presence for an hour is a great advantage.

Right now, even at the time of the Red Gate attack, Jaehyun used stealth to run before his last appearance to avoid the monsters in front of him.

One, the really big change was the next skill.

[Passive skill]

Name: Shadow Fairy

Grade: S

It creates layered afterimages by assimilating the shadow and the user.

Drains the enemy’s attack with a certain probability.

1. Drains the enemy’s attack with a 10% chance.

2. You can avoid the attack of a designated target once without taking any damage.

*However, the effect of the skill does not apply to light attribute attacks.

It was truly an astonishing development.

First of all, it was from the fact that the probability of activating Shadow Fairy Tale increased. It has risen exponentially from 2 percent to as much as 10 percent.

In fact, shadow assimilation was a fairly useful skill before, but it was not a skill to be expected in a decisive situation.

It was too risky to gamble with the 2% chance.

But now, his skills have been strengthened to the point where he can even consider the last bastion in a dangerous situation.

In addition, you can evade an attack only once for a designated target.

There was nothing more to say about this part.

Being able to dodge any enemy attack just once was something that could completely change the direction of future battles.

However, there was still one thing that Jaehyun had to check.

“The last one is, after all, this.”

Muttering that, Jaehyun took out a mysterious stone from his inventory and held it in his hand.

[Special item]

Name: Beginning Awakening Stone

Rating: ???

An Awakening Stone imbued with the magical power of the beginning. When used, a large amount of divinity and magic can be acquired.

The Awakening Stone of the Beginning.

This was the last item obtained after the capture of Red Gate.

Seeing this artifact for the first time, Hella took a backward step as if it were a flagship.

[Like, how the hell did such a precious thing come to be in a place like this!?]

After hearing the story, it seemed that this primordial Awakening Stone was a top-notch artifact that rapidly increased the user’s magical power and divinity.

An object that never existed in the human world, and is only available in three of the nine worlds.

“Anyway, Hugin seems to have used this to explode the Red Gate.”



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Hella looked at Jaehyun, who was lost in thought, and added that explanation.

Jaehyun nodded.

“No matter what, as long as you can grow… You have to use them all.”

Jaehyun smiled and injected magic into the primordial Awakening Stone.

―Use the Artifact 《The Beginning Awakening Stone》.

―The user’s divinity and magical power increase rapidly!

―The 3rd stage of Godhead Liberation is imminent! Fill the required Deity and reach Stage 3!

‘good. is growing smoothly. but… I can’t be satisfied yet.’

The rewards I got from this dungeon were definitely satisfying, but I didn’t feel any joy.

A lot of people died in this Red Gate attack.

Jaehyun thought.

What did they say at the last moment?

Did he scream that he wanted to live, or did he ruminate on his family and memories, feeling the end of his life aloof.

Nothing could be known.

Jaehyun was not them.

Jaehyun is not dead.

they are already dead

All Jaehyun could do now was kill Odin.

In order to do so, we become stronger and prepare more.

he got up from his seat

In the evening, there is a party to commemorate the reorganization of the alliance and the capture of the Red Gate.

I didn’t want to participate, but as a black robe. Also, as a disciple of Yeon-hwa, Jae-hyun was in a position where he had no choice but to go.

Jaehyun took out suitable clothes from the closet and put them on. He wore a white shirt, no tie, and a light blazer.

The pants were also slacks. It was black, but it was functional in preparation for any eventuality.

Shoes are penny loafers. It must be difficult not to be too formal.

I didn’t have any sense, so I bought it as it was worn by the clerk, so there shouldn’t be any big problems.

That’s when Jaehyun was preparing. Suddenly, a question passed through his mind.

“But you shouldn’t take the cat to the party.”

“… I will hide again this time.”

Hella clenched her fists in exasperation.

* * *

The place where the party was held was a very special place.

A cruise made by combining the advanced technology of headquarters. The place where the ship floats is a subspace.

This special space is huge enough to accommodate more than a thousand people. It’s about the same size as when I was hunting freshmen at the academy in the past.

There was a reason for organizing a party in such a sub-space.

This is a kind of social gathering. There were so many radars to meet people and build deep relationships here.

In order to maintain secrecy, it was better to arrange a meeting in a deserted place.

Jaehyun went to a party with his colleagues.

Ensuring identity was not difficult thanks to Jaehyun and Yeonhwa.

However, Jaehyun’s identity as a black robe was revealed to the leadership. He couldn’t avoid being baptized with questions here and there.

“How did you, still young, obtain such power?”

“What kind of a mutant was Oduksini? What features were there! I would love to hear a detailed explanation!”

High-ranking people who speak easily asked Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun gave an appropriate answer, but sighed as if he was bothered.

The members of Nine put on some gloomy expressions as they watched.

“… Did we fail to help this time too?”

Seoina’s words. There was no answer coming back.

I knew it in my heart.

Jaehyun is a radar with skills outside of the standard, and now he has the best skills not only in Korea but also in the world.

Even the desire to stand by their side was nothing more than a childish complaint in the eyes of others.

too much emotion. That was their longing.

Apart from that, the affection his colleagues had for Jaehyun was very great.

It’s not just about love, but in their hearts, Jaehyun was the person who made each of them move forward.

when i’m weak The person who pulled you when you were at your lowest.

It felt like he had gone too far, so it was impossible for them to remain calm.

I thought about what would happen if I made friends with someone who was much greater than myself and no longer needed them.

By the time everyone thinks like that.

Jaehyun, who had a hard expression while talking, found his colleagues.

“So… The society stipulated the grade of the new gate and named it EX… … .”

“Wait. sorry. my friends are waiting I think I need to take a break for a while.”

The professor who had authority in gate research nodded as if he was sorry.

“If you are a friend, go ahead. In many ways, there was nothing like friendship during school days.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

After saying that, Jaehyun walked towards his colleague and arrived.

“What are you talking about so much fun without me?”

At that moment, colleagues felt ashamed. Distancing is not reproduction.

It was just his own weak heart and inferiority complex.

The group found out about it.

* * *

“Anyway, I’m glad it ended well. Yoojung also recovered quickly.”

These were the words Ahn Ho-yeon said when the colleagues gathered and started to enjoy the party. Lee Jae-sang nodded vigorously.

“that’s right. I was worried.”

“… But it’s strange because he really doesn’t stutter… ?”

Kim Yoo-jung said so without hiding her embarrassment. She said with a serious face as Ahn Ho-yeon crossed her arms.

“If I politely ask you to grope again, somehow… .”

“hey. don’t joke How hard must it have been for him to overcome that? I heard all the stories.”


Kwon So-yul lightly hit Ahn Ho-yeon on the head with the blade of his hand and said so.

After the incident, the co-workers told Lee Jae-sang all the stories about his father.

The reactions and attitudes of my colleagues, of course, did not change from before.

“Anyway, it’s strange to see people I’ve seen on TV right in front of me like this.”

“… I know.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Ina looked around and exchanged words.

surely. It was close to a social church, and because of that, many people were familiar.

There were also those who made a name for themselves in politics.

Among them, of course, there were a few people who had memories of Jaehyun.

His gaze was directed to one place, and Jaehyun’s expression hardened coldly for a moment. There was a man with a dignified appearance in the place where the gaze landed.

‘Rep. Park… That guy is dangerous.’

Rep. Park was a person who played the role of Gu Ja-in’s practical backing in the past.

after his downfall. He’s not doing his job properly and he’s saving himself, but there was no doubt that he was a reluctant enemy.

Incidentally, Jaehyun had already asked Yeonhwa to keep an eye on him.

‘after… First of all, I need to rest a little. If you think about too many things at once, you might miss something.’

Jaehyun took a sip of non-alcoholic champagne and looked at the sea.

The sea specially created as a subspace. This place is an illusion, but it was a place where sophisticated science and technology were concentrated to the extent that it was not felt at all as an illusion.

That’s when Jaehyun stood alone and drank champagne. Suddenly, from behind her, Kim Yoo-jung spoke to her.

“Hey, Min Jaehyun. This pasta was delicious. Have you eaten too?”

Excited Kim Yoo-jung held up the fork that rolled the pasta and proudly showed it to him.

Jaehyun smirked and approached her, and abruptly thrust his face into her.


At that moment, Kim Yoo-jung’s expression hardened in an instant.

Jaehyun took the pasta from the fork he was holding and ate it.

Seo In-na’s pupils constricted slightly as she watched the scene.

Kim Yoo-jung’s cheeks suddenly started to heat up red.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 260I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 262
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