I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 263

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Episode 263 Tutoring (1)

“and… It’s a trip to Europe. Japan was also great, but this one is different… .”

After all portal transmissions are complete. Kwon So-yul was the first to recover and looked around, saying so.

Ahn Ho-yeon, Seo E-na, and Kim Yoo-jung were still complaining about the dizziness of transmission.

Jaehyun laughed. They were excited about the trip of the tide now.

I recently went on a school trip, but there were quite a few days when I was forced to reschedule. There weren’t many times when I felt completely free like now.

I asked the academy to take action so that I could rest for a while.

Director Kim Ji-yeon is a high-ranking person in the academy, and at the same time, Song Ji-seok’s subordinate. Recently, she had already figured out the information that Jaehyun was a black robe.

Thanks, the explanation didn’t take long. It was a point in time where the existence of the nation could have been shaken if Jaehyun hadn’t stepped forward.

I couldn’t keep him bound by petty rules now.

‘It’s comfortable in many ways. No one will be able to threaten me anymore… Should I close Germany’s Red Gate first?’

[The magical power felt is not so great compared to what appeared in Korea. It seems that the gate itself has also weakened because Fugin’s magical power has weakened compared to that time.]

[Well, as long as I can definitely get the reward, I’m fine with anything.]

As we walked while chatting moderately with Hella, Poppy whined.

Kreung… .

He was cradled in Kim Yoo-jung’s arms.

Both of them were the best of friends. Kwon So-yul and Ahn Ho-yeon took two steps back as if they were a bit scared.

It must be all the more so since Kwon So-yul had been rejected once in the past.

“I didn’t come here just to play. Everyone, prepare properly. Opportunities like this don’t come easily.”

“of course!”

Kim Yoo-jung was the first to answer. She continued, and she answered with a slightly excited voice from Kwon So-yul, Lee Jae-sang, and Ahn Ho-yeon.

Seo In-na asked, standing close behind Jae-hyun.

“… But how could Balak and Camilla… Are you familiar with those great raiders? After all, when the great ruins… ?”

“What is it?”

Jaehyun once fought with the two during the Great Ruins.

Maybe he opened his face then. I remember not having a good impression.

By the way, there was a reason Seo Eana was asking about the two of them like now.

The reason why Jaehyun brought them to Europe now. It was for colleagues to be directly tutored by them.

“Here you are.”

From a position past the bridge on the other side, I saw Balak with his arms crossed and a disapproving expression on his face.

Camilla is waving.

Innocent appearance. It was the same as the last time Jaehyun saw her.

“let’s go.”

* * *

The three of them were reunited after a while.

Jaehyun, Camilla, and Ballack exchanged brief greetings and briefly summarized the story of the Red Gate in earnest.

To sum up, the Red Gate happened in Freiburg, Germany. It is said that the remaining time until the dungeon break is about a week.

The magical power felt inside is lower than Korea. But it was not negligible.

It was a story like that if it was only by human standards.

“Okay, then I’ll take care of that, so sort it out. I want to tell you the next story.”

“Are you really going to ask us to do that? There are many good teachers among other radars, and even our alliance… .”

Ballack frowned, but Jaehyun leaned on the sofa and crossed his legs as if it was no big deal.

“do not want to do it?”

“… … .”

A deep silence.

It was. Balak said this because he did not have the confidence to properly carry out the request that Jaehyun had asked of him to tutor his colleagues.

Balak has not recently raised disciples.

Lena Meyer. She had never received anyone else since she was out of her own arms. Because she was so stressed out because of her and she didn’t want to go through the same experience again.

Whining about how hard it is every day, talking stuffy, and skipping training often… .

For Balak, what happened then remained the worst memory.

Lina hides behind Jaehyun, as if she knows what he is thinking.

‘ha… Still, the damn apprentice brought a black robe to help me, but I can’t say anything… .’

He always said that he was angry, and whenever he went down the mountain with a tongue-in-cheek at the end. It would be dangerous again, so he brought Jae-hyun, probably worried about his master.

Lena Meyer. Although she is her own disciple, I thought that she was not normal either.

“That, Balak will work hard to help. Don’t worry and leave it to me! Even if it’s long enough for her wife to leave because he has such a bad personality… It’s not that I don’t have the skills to teach… .”

“… You talk too harshly.”

Camilla covered her mouth at Balak’s words.

Jaehyun nodded as if it didn’t matter and looked at Camilla this time.

“Then Camilla-san is helping you?”

“of course. I’ve had help before… I think it might be kind of fun. You said they were members of your circle? I can’t wait to see how strong it will be.”

“ha… I get it. can you do it Who are the guys I’m supposed to be in charge of?”

Balak sighed, but Ahn Ho-yeon, who was sitting there, raised his hand and said.

“It is me.”

At that moment, Lee Jae-sang also stood up and added to his opinion.

“I want to learn too.”

“… Are you Lee Jae-shin’s son? That he didn’t inherit his own skills.”

“that’s right.”

Lee Jae-sang readily acknowledged it. Everyone already knows that they have no talent. There was nothing to be ashamed of here again.



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However, he did not want to hold back his colleagues.

If I can learn a little bit about the sword here, it will be helpful in the future.

Being weak now does not guarantee that you will continue to be weak in the future. Lee Jae-sang was thinking of moving forward calmly, even little by little.

“Are these the girls I’ll be taking care of?”

“Ah, I have to learn from Mr. Ballack. Because it’s martial arts.”

Naturally, Kwon So-yul decided to learn from Balak, who was in charge of martial arts.

Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung. The basic arrangement of the tutoring was all over as the two learned her magic under Camilla.

“I will attack the gate tomorrow. It will probably take two days. In the meantime, please take care of the kids.”

“If you don’t want to die, you can’t treat the black robe colleagues.”

“… If you call that name just one more time, a monster could leak out of the gate ‘accidentally’.”

“… … .”

It was a kind of warning.

Jaehyun was the type who couldn’t watch typical cheesy dramas.

So when rumors about his tinnitus first spread, it was very painful. I can’t even remember how many blanket kicks there were.

black robe? A black robe?

Is that a reasonable thing to do?

I even wondered if World Radar News prefers such a cheesy name.

Khumm, Balak was coughing like that.

“If you offended me, I will correct it. Then, all those who will learn the sword from me, come outside. I will guide you to our union’s gymnasium.

Lena Meyer. You are following me too.”

To Lina, who had been hiding behind Jaehyun all this time, Balak spoke as if warning.

Jaehyun gently pushed her back.

“… … My, please. This time, as much as 2 tons of bench press… .”

“… ? Two tons?”

“Something seems wrong… ?”

Kwon So-yul was whispering.

The spines of the three people, including Ahn Ho-yeon, who were scheduled to take a martial arts class run cold.

I envy Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na who are following Camilla. At that moment, at the same time, they couldn’t help but think that way.

“Then you are this way!”

Camilla said that in a lively voice and led the two of them.

* * *

“Poppy, this time you have to play a little too. Because you said that your grade up is coming soon.”


Jaehyun patted Poppy’s head as he prepared to attack the Red Gate.

It is said that most of the monsters that appear inside the gates that appeared in Europe use cold weapons. It is also said that the Vikings flocking in large armies and the Demonic Beast with their souls appear.

Of course, it was not that difficult for Jaehyun.

He had already reached a certain level of usefulness with a sword.

He succeeded in mastering Balak’s swordsmanship as well as Lee Jae-sin’s fast speed, which he had seen in the previous gate raid.

All that remains is practice.

As he prepared, he suddenly saw that Hella’s gaze had been directed at him for a long time and did not move.

Jaehyun asked, tilting his head.

“why? Shall I stroke you too?”

“… You’re kidding me. I just saw it because it was new to me when did I become so strong?”

Hella took those words with a frown on her face.

Well, I couldn’t imagine her being a half-god fooling around with Jaehyun.

It’s cute when it’s a cat, but that’s for sure. I wanted to touch her hair because it was fluffy, but she refused, so she never succeeded.

“Hella, the 3rd stage of divine power liberation. You said you could become stronger if you get there, right?”

“you’re right. You will become stronger to the extent that you cannot compare to now. From level 3, you will be able to unlock your field magic.

It’s finally getting the right level.”

“That sounds nice. The field magic I experienced when fighting Joo Won… How bad was that?”

field magic.

In the case of opening directly by an individual, only a person with divinity.

There was a restriction that only those who were in the 3rd or higher liberation stage could do that.

Of course, the field magic mentioned here was not a downgraded version used by humans, but a skill that became its original form.

The more difficult to use means that it is self-evident. In fact, even during the battle with Ju-Won, Ju-Won forcibly raised his rank and deployed field magic.

‘He must have planned to die from the beginning.’

In return, Tyrbing was used and destroyed.

It was not such a surprising story in the present, when the myth became reality.

Hella told Jaehyun that it was only a matter of time until the 3rd level of Godhead Liberation, and that he would be able to reach that level if he got a couple of primordial Awakening Stones.

As long as it is her words, there will be no lies.

Reproduction can be stronger. It has enough power to do that.

He asked her one last time before leaving.

“If you are me now, how far have you grown? Odin… Would I go crazy even on his toes?”

“It will be crushed in an instant.”

Hella completely denied Jaehyun and said that.

There was not an inch of lies in her eyes.

yeah, that’s not yet.

Jaehyun went to the Red Gate with a faint smile on his face.

about a day after that.

Germany’s Red Gate was completely captured, and Jaehyun was able to obtain another primordial Awakening Stone.

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