I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 264

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Episode 264: Tutoring (2)

Awakening Stone of the Beginning.

Odin was sitting on the Hlydskalp thinking about it.

It was his eyes that looked down on everything in the world, and it was also a mythical artifact.

“The adversary obtained the first Awakening Stone again. Did you know this would happen? Late?”

At that, a man appeared from the shadows that shook like a curtain.

It was Odin’s raven Hugin.

“… I didn’t know. I never expected him to be so strong.”

“Somehow the adversary is hiding something else from us.”

Odin raised his head and said with a cold expression.

“Isn’t it?”

“of course.”

Hugin answered without difficulty.

In front of Odin, I had to be extra careful.

A fight against Jaehyun. It was because every time I remembered it, my whole body trembled and the corners of my mouth went up without even realizing it.

Even if I tried to completely erase my emotions, it was difficult, and I felt like a huge wave was rolling in my chest.

Odin was on and on.

“There are three Awakening Stones in the beginning. One of them you lost in Korea, and the other one in Germany. The remaining one is Loki’s, not mine, and I don’t even know where it’s hidden.”

“But Loki is now imprisoned in Asgard. Wouldn’t it be difficult for him to deliver the Awakening Stone directly to the opponent?”

“He is great. It’s one of the few that I acknowledge. He was someone I would have kept by my side if he had used his competence for me.

But he couldn’t, and he ended up in prison.”

Odin said so.

“You never know. He might be plotting something new by now.”

This is information that has not yet been identified. Even for Odin, it is impossible to grasp all of Loki’s intentions.

He may have a plan to circumvent the old treaty.

Didn’t he do the same when he played with Thor’s wife, Sif’s hair?

“I have to go see Loki.”

“You mean Loki?”

Hugin said in a rare, slightly surprised tone.

Odin said as he slung a huge fur coat-like cloak over his shoulders.

“let’s go. To the prison where he was imprisoned.”

* * *

―You can absorb the Awakening Stone of the beginning.

―Two more Awakening Stones are required up to level 3 of Divinity Liberation.

“Oh, this doesn’t work.”

Jaehyun frowned and murmured.

I’ve robbed the European Union’s Red Gate at best, so what?

Still one step short of level 3?

“under… I should have been able to use field magic this time.”

“You ask for too much. You are already strong.”

Hella said that, and Papi just tilted her head.


“What is lacking in being strong? It’s enough to count quickly somehow.”

“but… Even for us, it’s difficult if you don’t grow quickly. Anyway, what are other people doing?

therefore… I mean your colleagues.”

“What about colleagues… It must be rolling moderately. First of all, I think about the other children’s affairs after absorbing this primordial Awakening Stone.”

Jaehyun returned to the hotel and sat down.

I breathed in lightly and sat cross-legged. After concentrating her mana into Danjeon, it spreads throughout the body.


The first time I acquired the Awakening Stone of the beginning and infiltrated it into my body. Jaehyun knew.

How much mana this thing contains.

At first, Jaehyun couldn’t absorb it completely and shed some of it.

It was almost similar to the situation where you could not fully absorb the power after taking the elixir in martial arts.

Just like when you grab sand, there is sand that inevitably leaks out.

You cannot absorb all of the magical power in the Awakening Stone of the Beginning. This eventually leaked out to some extent, and there was no choice but to leak out a lot.

Of course, if the level of the caster is high, it is possible to properly absorb that magic and accumulate it inside everyone.


Jaehyun straightens his posture and catches his breath.

Now, slowly, mana moves from the danjeon to the lungs, spinal cord, and brain.

―Absorbs the Awakening Stone of the Beginning.

―Synchronize horsepower. The current absorption rate is 24 percent.

‘Chit… Is this not enough?’

Jaehyun once again refined his mana.

‘Dantian’s mana is divided into two lumps, condensed, and their power is raised by colliding them. If you do this, the achievement and refinement of magic will increase exponentially.’

Although there is a minor problem that it is a burden on the body, it was not a big difficulty for Jaehyun.

In the worst case, there is also Sacrifice. Jaehyun had both methods and people to cure himself.

Right now, Jaehyun was working hard to raise his achievements to the highest level.

Stack it, clean it, shake it off.



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Jaehyun concentrated all his mana and moved it to his heart and entire body.

Tsutsutsut… !!

And finally.

―You have succeeded in absorbing the Awakening Stone of the Beginning!

―You learned a new skill together by absorbing the Awakening Stone of the beginning.

―Achieves an absorption rate of 71%.

―You have learned the active skill «Meteor»!

[Active skill]

Name: Meteor

Grade: S

Summons huge meteors and drops them all at once.

The message Jaehyun had been waiting for came.

A drop of cold sweat ran down his forehead.

It is also difficult to absorb the Awakening Stone of the beginning. Basically, it is because the difficulty of the act itself of accumulating and circulating mana is high.

However, the results were as sweet as expected.

‘I also got a new S-class skill. After all, it takes a long time to learn S-class. Anything is good as long as it’s easy to get.’

The first time I used the Awakening Stone, I didn’t give any special skills, but this time it was different.


It was a definite skill from the name, and if you reach Lv 5, you will get another high-efficiency wide-area skill like the frozen ground.

Especially in air battles, it will become an even more effective skill.

Jaehyun caught his breath.

Now, there is only one Awakening Stone left.

It’s not clear where it’s hidden, but you’ll probably have a chance to get it.

First of all, Jaehyun thought he should call the hotel room service.

Because his entire body and the sheets were covered in sweat.

“Hella, please take this.”

“oh! This is it!”

Jaehyun took off the hooded shirt he was wearing and threw it to Hella, saying that.

The small muscles attached to his body stand out clearly. Now, the appearance of the past, the reappearance of the beginning of the regression, could no longer be found.

* * *

a day ago. The day Jaehyun left.

Camilla and Balak wholeheartedly guided Jaehyun’s colleagues.

It was Balak who started the map first.

“Ahn Ho-yeon… I heard you have talent. To the extent that our union covets it.”

“It’s an overstatement.”

“All talented and unlucky guys say things like that. Same for me.

Grab your sword and we will begin.”

Saying so, Balak grabbed the training wooden sword.

Ahn Ho-yeon and his colleagues also look at him and hold their swords. That was the moment.

Suddenly, the model of Balak standing in front of him completely disappeared.

“I was careless.”

Along with that, Kwon So-yul’s harsh voice bursts out.

“Dangerous! Stop it!”

Lee Jae-sang also focused his attention and listened to the direction the enemy was coming.

But this is a futile action.


Lee Jae-sang couldn’t help but feel powerless as he watched the wooden sword pass by him. Kwon So-yul collapsed.


And so is himself. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, my body fell backwards, and my mind was confused.

When Lee Jae-sang strengthened his legs and stood up again, Ahn Ho-yeon was already pushed back.

“You are still weak. It’s kind of disappointing. I was looking forward to it because it was his colleague… At this level, it’s just a level of holding back the black robe.”

At those words, Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul, who were reflecting on the situation, gritted their teeth.

Lena Meyer sneaked behind her.

Somehow, they ended up practicing together, but this time, they are not the main ones.

Their talents that Master should teach them. It was shocking in many ways.

He seemed to be on a completely different level than his own, when he first felt that he had a talent for swords… .

but it doesn’t come out of my mouth

It is like an unspoken promise with a teacher.

Their thoughts now will not help them grow at all.

At that moment, Ahn Ho-yeon and the martial arts team thought.

Maybe this tutoring won’t be easy.

Meanwhile at that time.

At other gymnasiums, Camilla, Kim Yoo-jung, and Seo In-na were training.

A little while ago, the two of them demonstrated their magic in front of Camilla, and were waiting for her evaluation.

Camilla thought for a moment before opening her mouth.

“Basically, I understand that your magical achievements are very high. But each of us has one thing we regret.”

“… what is that?”

“First, let me tell you about Ina. you have the best talent unique skill… Besides, it’s Alfheim’s sword that doesn’t require repeated casting. It cannot be denied that this is a skill that will bring you to the top.

However, the growth is too slow compared to the talent. You have to get to at least S rank quickly. At twenty, Radar’s growth stops. Do you know?”

“… yes.”

“To improve this, you need to raise the proficiency of the skill. It’s good to train through repetition and build up that skill while dealing with weak attributes.”

Camilla’s words were simple.

Alfheim’s sword. This is a divine attribute.

To put it simply, it is strong against demons with dark attributes.

Also, the fastest way to raise skill proficiency was simple.

Defeating as many monsters as possible with an affinity that is advantageous to the skill you are using.

If you can do that, you’ll be able to lift your achievements more easily and quickly.

‘Of course, I couldn’t have gone that far now that I was still a cadet.’

I heard that in Korea, the conditions for minors to enter the gate are very strict.

It’s not unreasonable that her growth is somewhat stagnant.

In addition, there are not many opportunities to pick and defeat only dark attribute monsters.

It’s fair to say that there are hardly any.

It was virtually impossible without belonging to a large guild and providing intensive care.

“But fortunately, I can solve this problem. There is a useful sub-dungeon where dark attribute monsters appear.”

“And Yoojung. Your case is a little different.”


“You are hesitating. I think too much when dealing with enemies.”

Camilla said that and pushed her face toward Kim Yoo-jung.

“Why? What makes you so worried and shaken?”

At those words, Kim Yoo-jung was quite taken aback.

I’m worried, I’m shaking.

This is the part that has been worrying her lately.

Without clearly grasping the reason, she pondered for a while.

And you will definitely have to find that direction through this tutoring.

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