I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 266

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Episode 266 Tutoring (4)

Drake’s weakness is the mole on his heel!

These were the words Kim Yoo-jung said to Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na during midterm exams in the past.

While Jaehyun hunted other drakes, Papi fought hard against the gold drake to get his gold.

He even deliberately hit Gold Drake’s breath. When Jaehyun was surprised to see Papi, the eccentricity of Papi was truly astonishing.

Wasn’t he grinning as he looked down at his golden-colored body!

With an angelic face too!

Jaehyun couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Hella reacted the same way.

Anyway, in this way, Jae-hyeon went around the drake habitats and hunted monsters.

And after a long time, Papi’s second and third growths finally took place.

―The rank of 《Fafnir II》 will increase by 2. Current grade is A.

―You have learned a new skill!

―You have learned a new skill!

Two new skills that Poppy learned. It was something that made Jaehyun’s eyes roll.

Seeing him wandering around in a brilliant golden light, Jaehyun also laughed at him.

“With this, I can now take care of the wyverns up there right away, right?”

* * *

A dungeon led by Camilla. It was very deep.

Kim Yu-jung, who still had trauma, shrugged her shoulders without realizing it.

Seo Ina held her and looked at her warmly.

“are you okay. This time, Camilla-san and me too.”

There won’t be anything like back then.

Seo Eana said that and warmly treated Kim Yoo-jung.

Kim Yoo-jung went deeper into the dungeon, feeling her eyes slightly reddened. In the dungeon for her to perform here, she had two simple things to do.


It could blow away Kim Yu-jung’s worries and thoughts, and it could strengthen Seo E-na’s Alfheim’s sword. It was a simple and sure training.

Of course, it wasn’t just that.

“This is actually a special dungeon used by the people of the Alliance. There is a device for radar training that forcibly limits your use of magic.”

In other words, it means that magic itself is impossible to activate in this place unless you use magic power at the right time and with perfect strength.

Is it like a rhythm game?

Kim Yoo-jung tried flash magic as a test.

She was also an A-class achievement, so that level was already 3. But the light flickered and quickly went out. It was the same with Seina.

“Perfect timing, perfect century. If you don’t meet that requirement, the magic won’t activate. Hunt the demons in that state. and survive That is your task.”

“… I will try.”

“I will try hard.”

It ignited the passion of the two.

I already know that it won’t be easy.

However, one clear will to grow was a strong bond between the two.

At that moment, Camilla couldn’t help but think while smiling happily.

‘By the way, who among the two is Jaehyun’s girlfriend?’

* * *

Chaeeng! visor!

The sword was changed from a wooden sword to a real sword.

Sparring with Balak. Surprisingly, Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang performed the best.

The two aren’t very talented, but they took advantage of their strengths and went into battle.

Balak basically didn’t put any restrictions on the way he fought. So, it means that he didn’t particularly sanction him even if he used everything available to him.

For example, Kwon So-yul’s search skill or Lee Jae-sang’s potion. He didn’t hold back, but made it easy for me to use it.

“I’m sure both of you will grow to the point where you won’t die anywhere.”

“Thank you for the map.”

“thank you.”

The two greeted each other.

Next turn. The last one-on-one sparring was Ahn Ho-yeon’s.

“Are you the last one?”

Balak muttered and snapped his fingers.

“Come on.”

As soon as he finishes speaking, his gray hair starts to fly and his son-in-law narrows.

Then, a sword held by a boy flew straight into Balak’s neck. horizontal cutting. It was something I had recently learned directly from him.


Instantly, sparks fly at the tip of the sword. With the sound of a caang, An Ho-yeon’s sword, which had jumped off before I knew it, was pushed back.

It was Balak who pushed his wrist with force.

“As expected, surprise doesn’t work.”

“You think I’m the head of the coalition for no reason?”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s gray hair swayed and created a strange afterimage.

A few strands of his hair are cut off and fall to the floor.

Balak raised an eyebrow.

“I guess it’s time to cut my hair.”

“I didn’t know you would even care about my hairstyle. It seems that you liked the disciple you were forced to take, right?”



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Swords collide again.

No, is it okay to describe it as bumping into it?

What came out of it was a roaring sound.

‘Yeah, it was. This guy is also hiding his power. This is not power.’

Lina, who was watching Balak and Ahn Ho-yeon’s sparring, swallowed.

battle now. Basically, it’s going well, and Balak is taking care of it, so it doesn’t seem like a big problem at first glance.

But the expression Balak made now. It was gradually gaining interest.

Gradually the sword became heavier and more nimble.

It was one of the Master’s bad habits.

When an interesting disciple appears, when a suitable opponent appears, he reveals his skills excessively and loses control of himself!

If that happened again, Ahn Ho-yeon could be seriously hurt.

“Master… ! More than that… Dangerous for children… no see!”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s breathing is collapsing.

No wonder. What is in front of you is the world’s best radar.

It would be impossible for me to win here. but.

‘I have to stand next to him someday.’

You can tell who he is without looking at him.


What happened at Red Gate and why Yoo Sung-eun believes in him?

What can be known is extremely limited. But he knew.

At least Jaehyun was stronger than Balak in front of him, and he had come all this way with a heart of longing for him.

“I will go.”


Ahn Ho-yeon put all his strength into the final attack.


The two swords facing each other aimed precisely at the opponent’s vitals.

Sometimes it was entangled like a snake, sometimes it was simply shot straight.

But one thing is certain. sword’s goal.

Where does it go to reach?

The will to defeat the opponent, only that, was not shaken, and the battle continued.

about ten minutes like that.


An Ho-yeon’s body fell to the floor, and he was completely defeated by Balak.

It was a predestined outcome, but Ballack had to make one thing clear.

Ahn Ho-yeon. His talent is beyond any radar I’ve seen in Europe.

Before he was a born genius, he stood alone as a person’s radar.

Who the hell raised him up? The thought came to mind for a moment, but it did not deepen.

‘Min Jaehyun. It’s him. What turned this guy into a monster.’

* * *

―Displays information on newly acquired skills.

[Passive skill]

Name: Dragon Heart

Grade: A

Strengthens the dragon’s heart. Enormous magical power springs up.

The first dragon heart you get.

This was a skill that dragons should have naturally.

It is classified as a top-notch skill because it not only significantly increases one’s magical power management ability, but also raises its absolute value.

Papi learned this easily.

‘As expected, dragons in mythology are dragons.’

Jaehyun checked the next skill with a satisfied face.

The next skill was even more amazing.

[Active skill]

Name: Dragon Rider

Grade: S

It is a skill that allows you to move while riding the contracted dragon.

It must be used together with Giantization, and greatly increases attack and defense power when flying.

*When flying, user and dragon’s ATK and DEF increase by 1.5 times.

It is a skill that can secure mobility. It’s a skill that allows you to show off more colorful battles, and it’s also a skill that increases Poppy’s attack and defense.

There was nothing bad about him. Jaehyun put on a proud expression.

‘With this kind of skill, Ragnarok will happen in the future. And I’ll be able to play an active part in the Great War.’

It was an unexpected benefit to him.

Not only that, Dragon Breath also rose through both ranks and reached A rank.

At this level, I could handle level A dungeons alone.

Hella also read the description of the skill and looked at Jaehyun shaking her head.

“I originally planned to spread it out, but you took it all without conscience, so it’s a problem.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Jaehyun just smiled at her words.

Poppy tilted her head.

“Okay, Poppy. Because I got a new skill. You should try it soon, won’t you?”

He got up from his seat and gave Papi a light instruction.

―Active skill 《Gigantification》 is activated.

―Active skill 《Dragon Rider》.

With the activation of the second skill, a saddle appeared on Papi’s back.

Looking at the system message, it seemed that this too could be strengthened later.


Jaehyun jumped on Papy’s back.

My heart is pounding and my heart flutters through my whole body.

If you’ve ever ridden a horse as a kid, you’ve seen it many times, but this was a completely different story.

What a dragon!

There are very few people in the world who can handle them, and they are not as strong as Poppy.

However, the Papi that Jaehyun had was different. He thought for himself and moved to help Jaehyun, and he still had plenty of room to grow stronger.



As Jaehyun accelerates, the wind brushes against his ears.

Pass through the dark landscape of the cave and reach the outside. The embarrassed face of the swarming wyvern caught my eye.

Jaehyun raised his mana and smiled lightly.

There is one very useful skill to use at this time.

Jaehyun smiled at the wyverns flying over the canyon.

“Do you guys know what carpet bombing is?”

―Active skill «Dragon Brass (Back)».


One wyvern was shot down by the breath fired along with the instructions.

Jaehyun didn’t lose, and he deployed his magic.

―Active skill «Meteor».

Jaehyun laughed lightly. With his beckoning, the magic learned a few days ago with the Awakening Stone of the Beginning.

Meteor began to fall, dyeing the sky red.



Suddenly, the valley of the Wyverns was filled with only the sound of something colliding and the screams of the beast.

Even at that moment, Jaehyun had a stupid thought.

“hmm… It’s the Valley of the Wyverns, but if all the Wyverns die, is this the Valley of the Wyverns? .”

It was a really useless idea for the first time in a while.

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