I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 267

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267 Final Exam

“Thank you so far.”

All of a sudden, about a week had passed since Balack and Camilla had agreed to take care of their colleagues.

In the meantime, Jaehyun and his colleagues have grown considerably and spent useful days.

Each member of Nine was able to raise their achievements to a high level, which was enough for Jaehyun to feel satisfied.

This tutoring ended successfully.

‘At this level, S-class would be easy. Even though the kids smoked a lot… I’ve come this far after all.’

Jaehyun remembered the promise he made with his colleagues in the past.

If they reach S-class level, they will tell you everything about Heimdall. I’m sure you promised so.

It also includes stories about mythology.

‘This is information that should not be hidden any longer if my colleagues are strong enough.’

On the contrary, it is helpful for Jaehyun to open it quickly.

Of course, I had no intention of making him fight by his side. second prophecy. It was a prophecy about the death of his comrades, and Jaehyun had no intention of letting them die.

But it was right to tell you in advance about the other parts.

Because it is important for them to think about defense measures and to have the power to protect themselves.

If you can’t defend yourself, you die.

Because it is a radar, Jaehyun took this opportunity to entrust the tutoring of his colleagues to top-notch raiders named Balak and Camilla.

“Find it again anytime.”

“You must come to play!”

Balak and Camilla greeted each other like that.

“Then I will go too! no see.”


Balak said, grabbing Lina as she disappeared with a gun.

“I felt a lot while teaching these guys. I feel like I could do better this time.”

“yes yes?”

As if Lina felt something ominous about Balak’s words, she broke out in a cold sweat.

“Follow me. disciple Leveling up is difficult now that I’m over 20, but… You can gain experience.”

“Oh, no- it is! Black Robe! Save me!”

“Unfortunately, I’m a raider, not a hero.”

Jaehyun moved on without paying any attention to Lina.

The three people who had been directly guided by Balak watched this scene and just shook their heads.

Training that started with a 2-ton bench press and training like hell…

It gave them an indescribable fear.

On the other hand, the expressions of the two who learned magic from Camilla were bright.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, they have definitely grown. Build magic more delicately and learn the process of manifesting it. Next, he succeeded in increasing the intensity.

Seo Eana’s Alfheim’s sword has already reached the S-class level.

Kim Yu-jung’s auxiliary skills have also been mastered to the highest level. In many ways, this tutoring was a good time that had a lot of positive impact.

“… Camilla, you were a good person.”

“that’s right! They give you a lot of delicious food!”

As we chatted like that, time passed quickly.

Afterwards, Jaehyun arrived at the portal center in Germany again, and was able to return to the academy after a long time.

“eww… It’s been really hard.”

As Kim Yoo-jung stretched out and let go of the rhyme, a gloomy voice came from the side.

“… I didn’t want to come back.”

“me too.”

The two people who had been talking were Seo Eana and Ahn Ho-yeon.

It was.

Academy. What was prepared for those who returned was none other than the final exam.

Because it was a theory test.

* * *

next day. Information about the theory test was made public.

The main content was the story about the specific scope.

“Theory exams are all divided into two days. All of the academy cadets, please diligently take the exam, and we wish you good results.

together… Those who get a failing grade will stay for a while and take make-up classes.”

The first class of those who returned was Mathematics.

After reminding the cadets of the importance of the exam, the instructor informed them that there would be special guidance for cadets who received failing grades.

Alone! That’s a supplementary class with the instructor…

If you don’t know it, it would be a terrible experience, similar to going to Helheim and saying hello to Hel.

Even though the bell rang, none of the members of Nine could get up right away from their seats.

last week. Even though they have to take the test, they have been away for a long time in Europe and now they are back.

It was also something that might seem like a privilege to others.

However, if he knew that Jaehyun had attacked the Red Gate, he would probably be the flagship.

‘My true identity is still the Korean leader. And only Balak and Camilla know.’

Jaehyun recently revealed his identity at the Red Gate.

Even the fact that he was a black robe and that more threats were coming.

Of course, I didn’t say that the subject is a mythical being, but they will also know at a point in time.

The movement of the Æsir continues even now, and the power of the prophecy surrounding the reappearance continues to weaken.

The moment this is done, Jaehyun must stand in front of the true fear of death.



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after regression. Feelings that I hadn’t felt all along, that would once again tighten my breath.

But now it didn’t matter at all.

Now that he had hidden his identity, Jaehyun was still a student anyway.

Now cramming for the upcoming final exams was more important than anything else.

* * *

The next day, there is a deep silence in the classroom where the exam is being held.

Kim Yoo-jung and Jae-do, who have relatively good expressions, and other students with delicate faces.

And there were also Seo In-na and Ahn Ho-yeon, who looked at the question paper as if they were terrible.

After everyone had passed their exams, it was already evening.

Fortunately, there weren’t that many test subjects. Since it is a radar training institution whose purpose is to hunt monsters in the first place, all subjects except for basic education tend to be biased toward that side.

Also, many times this is treated as practice rather than theory.

Anyway, thanks to you, the theory test was all finished in two days.

As a result of the provisional scoring, Kim Yoo-jung and Jae-hyun were still strong in theory. Both were weak.

Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul each achieved good grades in their specialized fields and average grades in the other subjects.

“Now then, shall we talk about the next practical exam?”

“Hey, it hasn’t been long since the exam was over… Where to go after a little rest… … .”

“… that’s right… too bad.”

“Before that, of course.”

Jaehyun cut off the words of his colleagues who were trying to scold him.

“Let’s go check out the newly completed infirmary.”

At his words, all members of the circle had bright smiles on their lips.

An insolvent building that was newly built by collecting their bloody points. Wouldn’t it be a lie if you said you weren’t curious!

After quickly getting ready, they immediately packed up their personal belongings and headed for the site where the poorly built building was completed.

And there, they couldn’t help but admire the finished building.

“… Crazy.”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s short and bold impressions accurately represented their feelings.

The room, in fact, had the name of it, but it boasted an excessively grandiose size and majesty.

Basically, it was at the level of a tolerably small mansion, and there was a field for growing plants and a basic training ground nearby.

‘For reference, the arc metal that I obtained while performing the red mission in the past is contained in the arena, and its hardness is almost as high as that of Yeonhwa’s secret training ground. That’s great.’

Jiyeon Kim was in charge of the construction process of the building. Using a 3D program, my colleagues placed the facilities and equipment they wanted.

It is an insolvency that is constructed in such a way that Jaehyun inspects it last.

Of course, there is also a tutorial dungeon to test their level downstairs.

In many ways, it is optimized for growth.

Jaehyun sighed and stepped out the door. A robot at the entrance of the room with a bloody security system scans Jae-hyun’s body.

―Min Jae-hyun, leader of Circle of Nine, has been confirmed. Open the stalemate.

With that voice, the door opened, and the circle members rushed inside faster than Jaehyun.


“hey… There is also the training ground I mentioned!”

“There are plenty of things to eat!?”

“Alchemy tools are like this… I thought it would have already been completed… !”

Lee Jae-sang’s alchemy tools made of arc metal were also completed and hung there.

In fact, it could have taken more time, but the power of softening and reappearance hastened that time.

“That one came in just right. transmission device.”

Kwon So-yul crossed his arms and bit his lip as if surprised.

As she said, a transmission device. It has a seat in the center.

‘A transmission device is basically an object that quickly transports users to distant places. Unlike the Warp Stones used in Red Gate, which are disposable, there are no restrictions on using this one multiple times.’

To put it simply, this was the object used to get on the portal at the portal center.

Of course, the transmission distance varies depending on the grade of the transmission device installed in the portal… . What Jaehyun had now was also highly efficient.

It can travel hundreds of kilometers from the closed city of Daegu at once, so it can be visited anywhere in the country.

It was a quick trip from Seoul to Daegu.

“I like it.”

“How did you get that? Did Yeonhwa apply again this time?”

“no. This time from the united guild side. Well, I hit and broke the Red Gate, but I need to take care of this much.”

“but. If it wasn’t for you, all of them would have died.”

Kwon So-yul nodded as if he understood.

about an hour like that.

Jaehyun and his colleagues looked at the newly completed room for a long time.

A 2-story private room with private rooms!

Even just looking around, it took that much time.

However, Jaehyun had no choice but to tell the excited circle members one thing.

“excuse me… I have something to tell you, so let’s gather below… .”


It was then.

With the sound of knocking on the door of the clubroom outside the circle, a man appeared.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

“Has it already started?”

He obediently opened the door at the entrance of the room and let the man who was waiting inside.

Kang Joo-hyeop. He came to Jaehyun this time in the capacity of Circle Aran’s Circle Leader.

he opened his mouth

“I came to make a proposal to Min Jae-hyun and Circle Nine.

Milles’ circle competition, which will be held as a practical test for the final exam. Let’s join hands with Aran there.”

Something to come has come.

Jaehyun thought about it and looked at him quietly.

Of course, the final exam at Milles Academy was not all about theory.


The subject of this practical skill with the highest score is… Union, and war.

The circle competition was finally showing signs of starting.

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