I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 268

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Chapter 268. Circle competition (1)

“I came to make a proposal to Min Jae-hyun and Circle Nine.

Milles’ circle competition, which will be held as a practical test for the final exam. Let’s join hands with Aran there.”

The proposal was simple.

Aran. As one of Miles’ main circles, they are proposing an alliance to Nine.

Jaehyun crossed his arms. It was an act that showed that he was deliberately taking a defensive stance.

“well. What are the benefits of joining hands with Aran?”

To put it simply, it was a threat.

Jaehyun was well aware of his abilities. His powers were coveted by anyone in other circles.

No matter how much the cadets’ stats are fixed below a certain level in the circle competition, and the upper skills are restricted. Because the value of representation never fades.

Kang Joo-hyeop must have known this and rushed to find Jae-hyun.

“I’ve been through it once, so you know. What unique rules are mixed with Miles’ test?”


Jaehyun nodded his head again.

“that’s right. Just like when you took midterm exams in the past, the cadets taking practical exams will be broadcast live across the country. There, inevitably, we have to get the viewer’s attention.”


To put it simply, Kang Joo-hyeop was letting people know that his team members were far more individualistic than members of other circles.

For reference, there was a good reason for him to put this as a strength rather than a part that was helpful in battle.

Unlike the midterm exam, this broadcast is not a one-way communication. The biggest feature of this term is that you can have a direct conversation with the viewers.

It was self-evident that cadets with unique personalities would attract better responses.

‘In addition, in this final exam broadcast, viewers can ‘sponsor’, and depending on the amount, the cadets can purchase items necessary for survival.’

It is a very unique system.

Miles Academy hoped to further enhance the academy’s honor when the cadets grew up as raiders. From the first time there was a director, Gu Ja-in, this trend has continued.

The sponsorship system was the extreme of this.

A radar that can attract attention, and a radar that can show its whimsical side on the battlefield.

It was the best ‘product’ in his opinion.

Therefore, Gu Ja-in intended to give vicarious satisfaction to viewers through broadcasting, and to bring appropriate financial gains and publicity effects to them.

This was not so different even now when Chairman Kim Ji-yeon took office. Of course, you may think it’s a bad event, but Kim Ji-yeon couldn’t abolish it at once.

At least one year in office.

It is not possible to change the composition of all events held at the academy in one year.

Moreover, the competition is one of the most popular events in Milles.

If it was suddenly canceled here, there was room for Kim Ji-yeon’s position to be shaken.

‘Because if even the viewers get angry and make a fuss, it will be difficult.’

For this reason, Kim Ji-yeon chose reform rather than the abrupt abolition of Daejeon.

She converted all donations from viewers into points and distributed them to the cadets.

It was a policy change.

This was to properly imprint that he and Milles Academy were considerate of the cadets.

Showing a different course from Gu Ja-in.

With that alone, the gaze of people who view the event negatively has improved considerably.

The perception itself of making money by fooling around with cadets has greatly diminished.

Sponsorship for cadets, not academies!

This brings out vicarious satisfaction from viewers and at the same time gives greater motivation to students. It really was a win-win.

anyway. Kang Joo-hyeop came to him and suggested an alliance.

In return, his plan is to become a clown and secure donations by attracting aggro with his teammates.

However, Jaehyun shook his head.

“You don’t have to pull aggro like that. I will decline the offer.”

Kang Joo-hyeop couldn’t hide his embarrassment at Jae-hyun’s refusal, probably thinking he would accept it.

Circle Aran is embarrassing to say, but he was clearly the apex predator of Milles Academy.

Traditionally, he has always had good results in circle competitions. This time, too, would be no different.

But, you reject it?

I waited for a while to see if Jaehyun would change his words, but there was no answer.

Kang Joo-hyeop got up from his seat and looked at Jae-hyun for a while.

“… You will regret it.”

* * *

‘okay. The time has already come to this. It’s a circle competition… .’

The circle competition of Milles Academy is approaching before you know it.

Jae-hyun briefly recalled the battles he had experienced before returning and the memories of this time.

‘Basically, the circle competition can be seen as a war between several circles and circles that have mutual interests. It’s a kind of training to prepare for a fight with a higher level monster.’

Intelligent monsters that can be found in high-level dungeons usually organize and form an army to attack the radar.

The purpose of the Circle Battle is to test all of the cadets’ resourcefulness and strength in order to face them. Training like this was bound to be of great help to the cadets in the long run.

Jaehyun belonged to the lower circle union before returning, and finished in 4th place.

The horse is in 4th place. With only four teams, they were in last place.

Thanks to that, I stayed and went through rigorous forced training.

“Is there a solid reason for rejecting Aran’s offer? Even if they’re a little bit like bullies, they’re definitely great. It is also the circle that recorded the largest amount of donations last year.”

Kwon So-yul asked that. Jaehyun nodded.

“I know. But that stimulation isn’t very good for viewers in the long run. It won’t work twice.”

Last year, Aran sent a spy to sacrifice him, and then wrote a script to overcome it through a grand war, which enthused viewers.

It was later revealed that it was all done according to plan.



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They know how to excite their audience. It was understandable that he was so confident.

“… So what are we going to do? You have to satisfy the needs of your viewers. To show overwhelming force, the restrictions of sub-space will work.”

Seo Ina said worriedly.

It was as she said.

subspace constraints.

It was the same as during the freshman hunt in the past. Except for unique skills, skills above a certain grade cannot be used, and stats are also restricted.

No matter how strong Jaehyun is, it means that you can’t record 1st place alone while filming invincible there.

War. It’s a huge game that requires a lot of resourcefulness.

Cruel, dirty.

And seeing that gruesome story is the reason viewers come to the show.

“Keep a poker face as much as possible. Other circles will continue to visit us in the future.”

Jaehyun pretended to be worried while saying that.

But he wasn’t worried at all.

‘Sorry, but I already know how everything will go.’

Jaehyun had no intention of being swayed by the viewers or other circles.

Seeing his confident expression, Kwon So-yul narrowed her forehead and whispered to Kim Yoo-jung.

“… It’s kind of a gloomy expression. What else are you going to do?”

* * *

“As you know, we can give you the best force. Our Yu has a higher average radar rating than other Circles, and the balance is great regardless of whether it’s martial arts or magic.”

The next person to come was Yu Jeong-hyeon.

He is a person who has quite a crush on Jae-hyun, and for some reason, he also brought Lee Soo-hyuk with him.

I don’t know why, but he seemed to think he and Jaehyun were close.

‘It’s funny.’

Jaehyun thought about that and listened to Jeonghyeon’s story.

“The most important thing in victory is, after all, the level of the average soldier. Since it’s a game that mimics war, there won’t be any other option than choosing us here.”

“senior! I want to have a proper match with Min Jae-hyun’s circle… .”

“Lee Soo-hyuk. Now we are in a position to persuade this side.”

Lee Soo-hyeok kept his mouth shut at Jung-hyeon’s intervention. Jaehyun nodded.

“Let me think about it. The decision will be made later.”

“after… good. I expect a positive answer.”

Jeong-hyeon stood up after saying that, and Lee Soo-hyeok stood up and glared at Jae-hyun for a few seconds before disappearing, declaring, “I will definitely win this time!”

This was enough to make him doubt whether he really thought of him as a friend.

Jaehyun had also shaken off all of his bad ties with him, and he hadn’t thought much about him.

“Aren’t you going to join hands with Circle Yu?”


Kwon So-yul kept writing something on the touchpad like a secretary and asked. She wore a shirt neatly for the first time in a while, and even wore round glasses.

… Are you the type who secretly enjoys situational dramas?

Jaehyun thought about it, but didn’t say it out of his mouth. Kwon So-yul also has a pleasant expression… whatever it is it will be fine

Kwon So-yul explained each circle’s strength, team members, and risk factors whenever each circle came to them to form an alliance.

There was quite a bit of information before the regression that I couldn’t even remember all of the reproductions, so it helped me a lot in my judgment.

Jaehyun smiled and looked at her.

‘Anyway. No matter what you do, you take good care of me. You look like a senior.’

A new, insolvent building that many circles visited while thinking so.


With a knock, the last guest finally came.

A familiar magical feeling. Jaehyun’s eyebrows went up.

“Finally, there is someone we need to hold hands with.”


Kwon So-yul quickly looked at the person’s face over the intercom.

A question was drawn on her face.

“They’re definitely not bad guys, but… There’s a good chance that holding hands with them won’t be so good. We are the weakest, and considering the terrain and other factors, we may be at a disadvantage.”

“are you okay. Because I understand that much.”

“… do as you like then.”

Kwon So-yul crossed his arms. However, it was not a bad expression. Even without words, it was a possible reaction because there was trust in Jaehyun by default.

Of course, Jaehyun was convinced.

The person beyond the door. Knowing that she will be the key to this event, and that the winners of this circle competition will be herself and Nine.

It wasn’t just Kwon So-yul that raised questions. All members of Nine’s team tilted their heads as if wondering about Jaehyun’s judgment.

Why did Jaehyun choose that person?

Jaehyun walked past all of his colleagues who were making such expressions.

He muttered like a villain boss in a novel without explaining the strategy in his head in detail.

“I think a lot of interesting things will happen in this competition.”

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