I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 275

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Episode 275: Strategy (2)

Shortly after Kim Yoo-jung was revealed to be a spy.

A brief moment of silence flows at the Black Force’s post.

It was the first time that such an embarrassing situation had ever been staged on this side.

We started with Jaehyun, the best rookie. No matter how much she lost her teeth, didn’t Seong-eun’s Han Jian also participate in the final exam this time?

Even in the fight against Kang Joo-hyeop, which was regarded as a crisis, they won without difficulty. Again, Kang Joo-hyeop lost about 1/4 of her power and was forced to retreat.

The current situation clearly raises the flag on this side.

Victory is in the power of black!

The black faction cadets were almost certain.

Also, the decisive reason why they could think that way is Kim Yoo-jung. she was her

Kim Yoo-jung’s buff was specialized in supplementing the weak physical abilities of the cadets. It means that it is truly optimal in the current situation where there are restrictions.

However, Jian Han declares that he will abandon her here.

Because I was sure she was a spy.

“Um, is Yoo-jung really a spy?”

“The potion of truth does not lie.”

Lee Jae-sang shook his head in pity and said so.

Standing next to her, she didn’t say anything either. I heard she’s friendly with her, but why doesn’t she say anything at this moment.

when doubt arises. Kim Yoo-jung came out and said.

“Are you going to regret letting me live?”

Like that, Kim Yoo-jung completely disappeared from the guard post.

Others just stare at her with dazed faces.

The cadets were still too weak to suffer the betrayal of the person they trusted.

Meanwhile, at that time.

A man in the middle of the crowd where Kim Yu-jung left was biting his nails.

‘What the hell is this… I’ve never heard of a story like this!’

* * *

Jaehyun passed the spider and headed to the depths of the dungeon where the artifact was.

The cobwebs entangled there were all mysteriously frozen.

According to Jaehyun, it is at least twice as cold as dry ice.

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul continued walking without even thinking about touching it.

In the meantime. Suddenly, Ahn Ho-yeon paused her steps and said.


“know. wait a little longer.”

It means that someone is following you, so you need to be prepared. However, Jaehyun gave the signal to wait.

Naturally, the two of them just shook their heads and walked forward calmly.

And finally.

The moment they completely passed the spider and passed the mirror room.


An explosion sounded as Jaehyun spoke nonchalantly.


Kwon So-yul threw the dagger into the ceiling at his signal.

It was something I put in the inside pocket of my school uniform, but it had an explosive effect because Lee Jae-sang’s special potion was applied to it.


“X-foot, what a sudden!”

At the same time as the spider responds to the sound, a familiar voice is heard from behind.

Kang Joo-hyeop, who had been following him, looked at Jae-hyun with a puzzled expression.

It’s because I didn’t understand the situation itself that was happening right now.

Jaehyun smiled faintly.

“For now, you are playing with spiders. We had to get an artifact.”

“Min Jaehyun… Jesse… !”

“Let’s go.”

Already, the spider is too far away to attack Jaehyun.

It will take quite a while for them to get this far, and by the time they reach it, they will already be holding the artifact in their hands and slowly disappearing.

Moreover, the biggest thing was that the spiders had no reason to come here in the first place.

‘As I instructed Won-seop through brainwashing yesterday, Kang Joo-hyeop came with his fellow raiders. But there are no good alchemists.

He has a way to turn the aggro towards us here.’

does not exist.

Jaehyun knew this from the beginning, lured them inside, and attacked them using spiders.

Today is the day of unity. The only peaceful period during final exams, when they can’t attack each other.

However, this only means that they cannot harm ‘each other’.

It wasn’t unreasonable to cut off the enemy’s barrier if using witch beasts.

[Anonymous 2: What is the firepower of that dagger;;]

[Anonymous 12: But you really have a really good head hahaha Didn’t you know that this was going to follow you from the beginning?]

[Anonymous 41: Using sound to dig a trap and trap the opponent… He’s a bit of a jerk…]

[Anonymous 21: Planting spies was also great. I didn’t even think it had mind manipulation magic;]

They were viewers who saw how Jaehyun conceived the strategy from the beginning.

He gave them the best fun through meticulous build-up.

Also, the effect was immediate.



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[Anonymous 55: [You sponsored 20,000 points!]]

[Anonymous 51: [You sponsored 10,000 points!]]

[Anonymous 65: [You sponsored 20,000 points!]]

[Anonymous 87: [You sponsored 100,000 points!]]

‘There’s someone who has already sponsored him to his maximum.’

The number of points that each person can sponsor in each broadcast is fixed.

100 thousand.

Even viewers who shot it at once began to appear.

[Anonymous 1: George is already a big hand with 100,000 points ;;]

[Anonymous 88: Still, if you have a coin like Min Jae-hyun, you can board; Really]

[Anonymous 7: The moment I bought coins~]

Around the time when viewers’ reaction to Jaehyun’s performance exploded.

Kang Joo-hyeop and the raiders who followed him were also bursting with mentality.


The cold thread spurted from the spider’s mouth, and began to wind them up.

It steals body heat and is sticky, so it is difficult to get out of it easily. Due to that, some raiders’ stamina was already being cut.

“Guys, hold on a little! You can do anything!”

Actually, I couldn’t think of a way to do it, but I decided to say it for now.

Reassurance is the first priority. It’s better to die comfortably…

Kang Joo-hyeop grew angry with Min Jae-hyun and had no choice but to watch him reach out for the artifact.

The three, including Jaehyun, quickly reached the deepest part of the artifact.

There was a huge window, so I could see the scenery outside at a glance.

The spider hadn’t let the cadets out of the spider’s web yet, probably because he was planning to eat late.

Do you not like people with a bad temper?

Jaehyun opened the box he was holding in his hand while thinking such foolish thoughts.

There, as I remembered, there were items that I absolutely had to acquire in this raid.

[Special item]

Name: Divine Mirror

Rating: A+

Amplify divine attribute magic to duplicate skills.

Depending on the amount of divine attribute mana the user blows into the mirror, the number of skills that can be copied and their power vary.

Jaehyun smiled.

If you only have this item, great war.

You can be confident of a clear victory in the second battle.

“Okay then, it seems that the problem here has been resolved. I have to hope that the other side will do well now.”

“It’s not another child, it’s Yoojung. Wouldn’t it be difficult?”

“Well, it’s not like that. You’ve shown great things before. That’s why, when you catch Gu-Jin.”

What Kim Yoo-jung showed when he destroyed Gu Ja-in in the past… .

Jaehyun smiled a little thinking about the acting at that time.

* * *

“Huh… Heo-eok… !”

A night where not even the moonlight could take away the darkness.

A cadet belonging to the black faction is running like crazy through the forest area.

A while ago, Jian Han had told her not to take personal action today, as other cadets, including the traitor Kim Yoo-jung, could attack.

But none of that seemed to matter to him.

You have to go right now. His expression was full of thoughts.

‘weird… Weird! Something must be wrong!’

True to his words, what had just happened was really strange.

The black forces began to move to find spies.

But why did Kim Yu-jung, not herself, turn out to be a spy and even get kicked out?

The boy, Kim Yoo-chan, ran as if he was out of breath while holding the question.

Soon he came into contact with one person. In the middle of the forest, there stood a completely unexpected person.

Jung Hyun. He was Yu’s master, and this time he was the person in charge of Baek’s camp.

“Because I don’t want to stand out, I would have said to try not to meet halfway if possible.”

“Ha, but that… Something unexpected happened… .”

Junghyun tilted his head in embarrassment at Kim Yuchan’s words.


“That, yes. Suddenly, the kids in the black camp said there was a traitor. In order to find him, he said he would make a potion of truth to find him.”

“… But how can you not be out yet?”

It was something Jeonghyun couldn’t understand.

Yuchan Kim. He was a spy he hid in the black camp.

It was the story that Sung had just joined the circle, and that it was a hidden card for this event.

Jeong-hyeon continued his thinking.

‘Knowing that there was a traitor, that is, a spy, means that there was a hint of something.

No, let’s just figure that out. But why is this guy not suspected?’

It was his intention to induce him to fight in the plains for the first time and to devise a plan after meeting Kang Ju-hyeop.

In the process, Yuchan Kim fulfilled his role. He did quite a bit to arouse suspicion.

If it was a cadet with a keen intuition like Min Jae-hyeon, there was nothing strange about suspecting Kim Yoo-chan first.

That time when Jeong-hyeon’s head became complicated. Kim Yoo-chan’s amplification continued.

“Hey, is that Kim Yoo-jung… He was accused of being a traitor instead of me… however… The kid admitted it. She says she’s a traitor.”

“… what?”

At that moment, a sudden bright light began pouring through the forest.

“… Have you already suffered?”

Jeonghyeon muttered that, and a girl walked out of the light.

It was Kim Yoo-jung.

“As expected, Yuchan Kim. Are you the culprit?”

For some reason, the voice seemed a little excited.

Yuchan Kim looked up at her with a puzzled expression. She has a confident face with her hand on her waist.

“Hey, Kim Yoo-jung… ! what the heck is this… .”

“You have suffered. Kim Yoo-jung tricked you. Get ready.”

Jeongyeon pursed her lips. Is this also the idea of ​​representation?

Finding a spy.

Everything from using a spy to targeting his background?

“… There’s no way Yoo-jung would betray us.”

When Seo Ina said that, Kim Yoojung shrugged.

From the beginning, they never doubted each other. Everything was just male and female to get behind them and kill Jeong Hyeon.

“I don’t think it will be an easy fight. Few can return alive. We will lose at least half of our troops here.”

Junghyun murmured and held the spear.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 274I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 276
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