I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 276

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Episode 276: Divine Mirror (1)

Chaeeng! Quaang!

The sound of colliding cold weapons and the sound of magical explosions came one after another.

It showed how fierce and dramatic the battles in the forest area were.

‘This… It’s crazy.’

Jian Han watched the battle between the three freshmen and bit his lip.

Combat using Lee Jae-sang’s potion and support magic including Kim Yoo-jung’s overflow. It was already different from other members of the black forces fighting together.

How on earth could one refine mana so much and react at such a speed?

Of course, the most outstanding among them was Seo Ina’s Alfheim’s sword.

He himself knows well because he uses divine attribute magic. Seo In-na’s aptitude and magical power reached a phenomenal level.

That was an obvious monster. To the point where she thinks it’s fortunate that she’s not dealing with her.

While watching the battle, she recalled the conversation she had with the party a while ago.

The story goes back about an hour before using the Potion of Truth.

[…] so. Could it be roughly like this?]

It was Lee Jae-sang’s voice.

He had a slightly playful face.

That there is a spy here. And even though they knew they had to catch him here, Jae-hyeon’s colleagues didn’t look panicked at all.

Stay calm.

Jian Han thought so and focused on the story that followed.

Next was Kim Yoo-jung.

[Let’s go as Min Jae-hyun said earlier. Acting is also because I have confidence.]

She had a clear reason for saying that.

In fact, the potion of truth that Lee Jae-sang talked about from the beginning did not even exist for them.

Potion of truth.

Of course, this thing exists in the world, and the manufacturing method is also secretly circulated.

Lee Jae-sang also knows how to prepare it.

However, if you think about it with common sense, it is easy to notice that the story about the potion that Lee Jae-sang said is fake.

The first reason is morality.

Just because such a potion exists, do you use it on humans?

Even the broadcast of Miles Academy broadcasts it?

If you do that, it won’t end with a simple suspension.

It will probably be featured on the front page of the newspaper.

The second reason is the material.

The ingredients for the Potion of Truth are truly precious. It is right to say that manufacturing is impossible without investing an astronomical amount.

There was no way that such a thing could be found on such a barren cliff.

[so… Are you trying to cheat our team?]

At Han Ji-an’s question, Kim Yoo-jung nodded.

She looked ready to become a proficient performer. Kim Yoo-jung has to play her spy role, so she is the backbone of this operation.

[that’s right! They say that if you want to deceive your enemies, you must first deceive your allies!]

Kim Yoo-jung’s face, saying that, was only full of excitement.

anyway, that’s how it was.

An operation to find out traitors known only to the leadership of the black forces was carried out.

First of all, Lee Jae-sang lied to his ally that there were three potions of truth.

As soon as Kim Yoo-jung was expelled from the post, she waited outside and started chasing after Kim Yoo-chan… .

Not with himself, but with other members, and finally they found them.

The forbidden (?) tryst between Kim Yoo-chan and Jeong-hyeon!

* * *

Two people and one hundred forces who were caught having a tryst. And viewers cheered and chatted at the confrontation between the black forces that raided it.

[Anonymous 1: Wow… … is this a buildup? Then you tricked Kim Yu-jung into being a spy and found out the real one?]

[Anonymous 99: It seems like that… Also, the release of the spy seems to have been done to see who instigated it. It seems that it was also a plan to deliberately induce Jeong-hyeon here.

… It’s ridiculous even if I wrote it down hahaha]

[Anonymous 11: Who organized the operation.. Is he (she) a rookie! Is it a rookie!]

[Anonymous 24: It’s really crazy… I put all my donations here and disappear ㅅㄱㅇ]

A message of support with kites resounding with him.

It didn’t take long, Kim Yu-jeong, Seo In-na, and Lee Jae-sang succeeded in defeating Kim Yu-chan and more than half of the Baek forces.

It wasn’t even that difficult.

It seems to be holding a spear, but the enemy isn’t that strong.

Basically, the average strength is how many members of Nine are above. The same goes for practical experience.

No matter how much his abilities were nerfed, he was at the level of a small cadet. He was no match for those who were tutored by Ballack and Camilla.

However, the black forces were not able to defeat the white forces in the end.

They only said so when the battle was settled.

“Okay, that’s enough. Let’s pretend we’re okay Just like Jaehyun said.”

end of battle. Jung-hyeon succeeded in escaping from their witchcraft(?). … You might think, but in fact, this was intentionally released by them.

Jaehyun said

For the final production, you need a great script and a villain.

In order to do so, when the enemy general was out in advance, there was no choice but to be relatively excited.

All the plans were already in Jaehyun’s head.

With this, Baek led by Jeong Hyeon and the enemy led by Kang Joo-hyeop.



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Both forces were reduced by more than half. Thanks to his weakening, he won’t attack Jaehyun again unless he unites.

And that was exactly what Jaehyun was aiming for.

“… as a dwelling place. Let’s go back and join Jaehyun.”



Meanwhile, Han Ji-an, who was watching the three people’s judgment and movements from the side, shook her head.

It doesn’t make sense to be strong, how could a freshman have such judgment… .

I knew that Jaehyun was strong, but I didn’t know that other people would be this strong. Did you learn a lot from him?

If I can grow up to that point just by being next to Jaehyun, then I’ll quit the circle right away and go to Nine… .

I thought so, but didn’t say it out of my mouth.

Doesn’t Jian Han have his own circle?

She gave herself a prickly warning to herself who harbored blasphemous thoughts even for a moment.

“after… So, is the only thing left to do now? I was given a week, but this is the first time I’ve seen the final exam finish in three days.”

Now she could understand what Kwon So-yul meant to her at first.

From the beginning, the practical exam for the final exam was playing in Jaehyun’s hands. She couldn’t help but admit it.

* * *

“But is it really okay if I let you go?”

The three people who came out after clearing the dungeon. Ahn Ho-yeon asked Jae-hyun.

It was Kang Joo-hyeop’s work that I had sent a little while ago.

Jae-hyun deliberately cut off a little bit of the spider web he was tied to and left it loose.

As a result. When I got the artifact and returned, he was gone.

All of this was according to Jaehyun’s intention.

However, it could be a worrying situation for Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul.

In any case, the enemy was released. voluntarily too.

The operation that Jaehyun explained is, of course, full of possibilities if implemented, but… .

‘It won’t be that easy.’

However, it did not mean that Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul did not believe in Jae-hyun.

It’s just that it takes a little time to figure out the intention of reappearance.

After a while. Jaehyun and the two returned to the residence.

There, I could see Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, and the rest of the members smiling brightly while drawing a V with their hands.

Jaehyun looked at Han Jian and said.

“Does this look okay?”

“What is it? It fit perfectly just as you thought. Your co-workers… You fight like crazy.”

She wrapped her arms around her and trembled.

Those moves that made the enemy’s Bear Barrier’s HP bar 0 without hesitation.

In particular, Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na’s skills were outstanding.

“Anyway, now there is only one final fight left. Lastly, check the strategy, and wipe them both out at once.”

“Are you really going to do that? In fact, if we hit one side like this, our victory will be certain. Is there any reason to take the risk?”

“Because you can’t please people like that.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“I am well aware of the characteristics of my viewers.”

* * *

The time when Jaehyun shared a reunion with his colleague.

A man and an army arrived on the shore.

Jung Hyun and his gang. The injured Kang Joo-hyeop was also gathered there.

“Junghyun… .”

“Kang Joo-hyeop. It’s a dangerous situation. It’s dangerous for us to fight among ourselves here. We must unite.”

“That means, the word union, which I first brought up, was not sincere.”

“Isn’t it the same for each other?”

Even when the two first formed an alliance, they were full of thoughts of changing their attitude quickly after Jaehyun’s treatment.

In the end, it is a game where the winner has to be one team.

To win, you must turn yesterday’s friend into an enemy.

Even more so, weren’t Jeong-hyeon and Kang Joo-hyeop friends?

In the first place, for them, an alliance in a fight like this is nothing more than a coincidence of necessary relationships.

“i get it. Let’s hit him together this time.”

“good. The battle will proceed on the plains.”

champaign. If it is the plain under the cliff, it is optimized for fighting.

No matter how Jaehyun and the dark forces are occupying the place, a large army is overwhelmingly advantageous there.

What is the meaning of the operation in an open area?

Unless even that is a great wizard or something that jumps out and shoots magic.

They won’t be defeated.

“Maybe Min Jaehyun will know that we will unite. Hide information as much as possible and hit it fast.”

“Know. Then tomorrow morning. Let’s start as soon as dawn breaks.”

After the two reached that conclusion, they quickly began organizing an army.

Spearmen and combative raiders who will stand at the forefront. The placement of the magic radar behind it and the location of Jung Hyun and Kang Joo-hyeop to put Jae-hyeon, the enemy leader, out.

Designate everything and go into battle.

the two thought.

I will somehow defeat Min Jae-hyeon in this battle and show the strength of the current students!

* * *

On the other hand, unfortunately, Jae-hyun was fully aware of the strategy of the two.

‘As expected of cadets, their thoughts are obvious.’

Moreover, Kang Joo-hyeop was a little emotional because he couldn’t cool his brain.

He must have learned later that he was betrayed by a colleague.

Jaehyun knows.

That the more we are swayed by emotions, the weaker humans become.

Just like when he first met Hugin in the past.

And this time they will.

“Then, shall we prepare for our final outing?”

At Jaehyun’s words, the colleagues all stood up from their seats.

The darkness of the night slowly lifts and the dawn comes.

It was starting to dawn.

[Anonymous 3: Looking forward to a fun battle… !!]

[Anonymous 19: But… do you really have to gather the kids like this and do it all at once? hey hey! Can’t you go easily!]

[Anonymous 83: It’s more fun that way haha ​​ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]

The reaction of the chat window is enough.

Lastly, Jaehyun used the points to strengthen the guard post to the maximum.

Materials are added so that they do not collapse easily even in the face of enemy attacks, and a cloth with a special treatment that is strong against magic is covered on top. I used up all the points, but it doesn’t matter.

The hundred and enemy forces will be defeated here.

Their struggles won’t mean much.

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