I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 279

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Episode 279: Milles Academy Festival (1)

[Equipment Item]

Name: Crest of Sensory Amplification

Grade: S

Sentences that can greatly enhance the user’s six senses.

It is engraved on the desired body part, but is hidden when the skill is not active.

*Uses the user’s magical power as a medium.

*If you have the same type of skill, the effect is greatly increased.

Crest of sensory amplification.

This was a fraudulent artifact that Jaehyun was familiar with even before returning.

An item that amplifies the user’s senses to the limit.

Of course, since it is applied as a passive skill, there is a minor (?) problem that you cannot adjust the timing you want.

It was self-evident that if you use it well, you will be able to grow faster.

‘The person who got this before the regression must have been Kang Seong-hun, who was an A-class raider.’

Kang Seong-hun accidentally obtained this artifact at the timing when he was about to die. He says that this allowed him to survive.

After that, he said he probably crossed the dead line more than 50 times.

Regardless of whether it was an exaggeration or not, it was already proven that the effect of the sensory amplification sentence was great.

Jaehyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

For reference, the item Han Ji-an received was a moderately useful Robe of Divine Amplification.

Something that looks slightly better than the one he used in the past.

It is the perfect artifact for her.

After checking all the artifacts others had obtained, Jaehyun used his own as well.

―Use the artifact 《Crest of Sense Amplification》.

―A crest of sensory amplification dwells on the user’s body.

Along with the system message, a black pattern began to be engraved around Jaehyun’s shoulder. It was in the shape of a sword.

I’ve never seen it before, but it’s a luxurious shape.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was watching this, tilted her head and made a rough expression.

“Because this is a tattoo, it looks like a bully… .”

“That’s prejudice.”

Jaehyun cuts off his words, but he still doesn’t seem to like her. It was her face that looked uncomfortable in many ways as she looked around her shoulder.

Fortunately, it only shines when the power is used, so it disappeared quickly.

I thought I couldn’t show it to my mother.

Seo Eana just smiled with her hands together as if everything was okay.

Like that, after everyone has settled their respective rewards.

“Okay, I got all the rewards… Even if you look at the final exam, it will be the highest score. Are you free now for a while?”

At Jaehyun’s murmuring words, the members of Nine and Seongeun clenched their fists.

“at las… I can finally rest… !!”

“I see! sister! I feel great right now!”

Kwon So-yul and Kim Yoo-jung cheered, and Seo Eana started reading the wish list she had written down on her smartphone.

“… First of all, I have to go to a pasta shop and eat cream pasta, then stop by a karaoke near the east gate, and then go to a department store to buy summer clothes… .”

She was also well-prepared.

When Jaehyun laughed at the group, Kim Yoojung, who was watching from the side, squirmed for a while. Soon she said to him.

“Hey, Min Jaehyun.”


“that… Do you have time during the school festival? On the first night.”

“Will there be? I don’t have any special schedule.”

“I have something to say then. Shall we see you that day?”

Hearing Kim Yoo-jung’s words, I began to feel a gaze from somewhere on my cheek.

Jaehyun nodded his head, wondering if it was a big deal.

“okay. Then I’ll see you at the main gate on the day the festival starts.”

In the meantime, only Kwon So-yul was the only one who read the whole situation completely and was taken aback.

Her uneasy gaze sharply scanned the space between Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na.

‘What a mess this is!’

I know that there has been a recent internal change in Kim Yoo-jung, but… .

What the hell did she see at the Red Gate that changed her attitude?

However, the problem did not end there.

“… Jaehyun, see you on the second day then. Didn’t you forget what we promised?”

Those were Seoina’s words.

Even Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy there.

It was because after the school trip, being alone with Seo Eana was somehow awkward.

But there is no avoiding it. Had she drawn the line right from the start, she wouldn’t even act like this.

If there is a problem, it must be with me.

In addition, as Seo Eana said, before the match, Jaehyun made a promise to Seo Ina.

If you help Jian Han and finish this operation successfully, you probably agreed to grant him one wish later.

“… okay.”

Because of that, Jaehyun had no choice but to say that.

It looks like it will be a very long festival.

Jaehyun thought so, and Kwon Soyul kept his eyes open and rolled his pupils.



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He remembered what Camilla had asked himself before leaving.

‘So, who the hell is Jaehyun’s girlfriend?’

* * *

The Milles Academy Festival is several times more grand than other academy festivals.

This is because it is a cram school where the top cadets are concentrated, so reporters and politicians tend to flock to it.

For reference, the way the festival proceeds is simple. Total duration is one week.

At this time, each cadet must save their own organs and open a booth that reveals their individuality for more than one day during the festival.

Jaehyun and his colleagues chose a cafe.

“As expected, preparing a booth is filthy hard. under… I’m worried that a lot of people will come on the day of the festival.”

Kwon So-yul crossed his arms and let out a small sigh. She is the one who has the experience of opening a booth under Sid the previous year as well.

It seemed that he understood correctly that there were a lot of troublesome things.

On the other hand, the other co-workers were delighted saying it would be fun.

Reproduction was about half and half.

‘I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t as exciting as it’s a festival… Anyway, my current situation is not so comfortable.’

It’s a festival in a situation where you have to beat the Aesir god.

Hella also climbed onto her shoulder and tied her tail, reminding Jaehyun of the same fact.

[Anyway, remember that something like Red Gate could happen at any time. Your recent achievements… That’s a level that even Odin can’t ignore.

Perhaps he will approach you in some way.]

[I know. I concentrate as much as possible without relaxing.]

Even while preparing the booth, Jaehyun couldn’t help but keep repeating his thoughts.

In order to protect the daily life of laughing and chatting with the people you love like now, you have to kill Odin in the end.

You have to concentrate. And don’t lose me

It was something Jaehyun kept thinking about lately.

“So, how should we distribute the roles?”

Jaehyun asked, trying to hide his uneasiness. Kwon So-yul put her hand to her mouth and pondered for a while before saying.

“Since Ina is good at food, let’s take on cake-like desserts together with Hoyeon, and Yoojung, me, and Jaehyun serve them.

Jaesang Lee. You will receive full instructions separately. Because I have a good memory. how is it?”


Jaesang Lee was the first to nod.

It was a pleasure to be recognized.

Kwon So-yul’s role arrangement was indeed accurate and smooth.

Jae-Hyun and Kim Yoo-Jung, who are not good at food, are assigned to serve.

Seo Eana is good at food, so of course she was in charge of coffee and food, and Ahn Ho-yeon also decided to help.

Jaesang Lee instructed. He was smart enough to memorize all the complicated names of herbs, so there was no problem with the arrangement.

However, Kwon So-yul could not avoid one person’s question.

“I have a question for you, sister. Why am I the serving and not the dessert department… ?”


Jaehyun didn’t miss the fact that everyone’s shoulders flinched and trembled.

How could you say such a terrible sound with such an innocent expression… .

Do you want to join the dessert club yourself? Maybe that’s it?


Jaehyun couldn’t help but shudder at the terrible thought.

He knows he can’t cook himself. However, Kim Yoo-jung is not even aware of that.

There is no self-awareness. That’s why it’s a monster!

Kwon So-yul said while breaking out in a cold sweat.

“no… that… .”

Kim Yoo-jung is still tilting her head. When she was suffocating stillness flowed.

She said with a bright face as if she had remembered.

“That, why… You showed great performance in the circle competition before. That’s why it’s so popular, I think there will be a lot of people who want to take pictures… .”

“ah! It was like that! Well, I heard that there was something strange about the personnel appointment… ! After all, you are my sister!”

No one mentioned the rain of Seo Eana’s sword, which was praised at the end.

anyway it is You can’t assassinate a customer, can you?

So, the preparations for the school festival were going smoothly.

However, Jaehyun didn’t know.

something. The fact that something very large was slowly approaching him and his allies.

* * *

Only two days left until the festival.

Unexpected news came to Miles Academy.

What a new transfer student has entered the academy!

If it had been another academy, you might think it was no big deal, but the news of a transfer student entering Milles was truly unprecedented.

The reason is simple.

Milles Academy’s Transfer Test. Because its difficulty is beyond imagination.

The transfer test is structured so that it cannot be passed unless it is at least the level of a B-class radar.

This was in line with the meaning of the academy’s operating policy itself, which would not accept cadets from other academies and would focus on sacred bones.

I will never accept it unless it is excellent. That was the criteria for selecting Milles as a transfer student.

but… The one who broke it appeared!

Jaehyun looked at Kim Jiyeon holding the microphone on the podium with a suspicious look on her face.

The place where I am standing with my colleagues right now is the auditorium.

All the cadets gathered to hear about the school festival.

The story of transfer students came out for the first time on the spot…

So far the story has unfolded.

“… So, a new transfer student came into Milles. Her name is Fay Go and her nationality is Swedish. Please welcome everyone without prejudice.”


The transfer student was a very unique boy with red hair and red eyes. He’s a typical raider figure with his small muscles nicely set and his shoulders wide open.

It was to the extent that no one could dispute that he had an outstanding appearance even at a glance.

In fact, the response was also very good.

“Fay? It’s a very exotic name… It’s Sweden.”

“Do I need to come all the way to Korea from there?”

“But he’s really handsome… .”

“Isn’t that almost like Min Jae-hyun or An Ho-yeon?”

“You look so out of place. Red hair and red eyes.”

They each began to mumble, saying one word at a time.

Meanwhile, Jaehyun wonders why while looking at him.

I couldn’t help but suffer from an unknown sense of incongruity.

“Then, Fei-kun, please introduce yourself briefly.”

Kim Ji-yeon handed the microphone to Fei, who was waiting for a brief introduction.

He received this and stepped forward.

“Call me Fay. I wish we could be friends.”

That moment. Jaehyun was able to realize the identity of the intense sense of discomfort that was climbing up his spine.

‘… A human named Pei. A guy like that doesn’t exist in my memory before returning.’

In the first place, until the moment of his death, not a single cadet succeeded in transferring to Miles.

The name Fei, and the face. I don’t remember anything.

A completely different person from the memories before the return intervened.

Jaehyun came to a conclusion and saw him on the podium.

In that moment, Jaehyun knew. that he, too, was looking at himself.

And it was no coincidence.

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