I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 284

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Episode 284. Miles School Festival (6)

A hospital room filled with silence.

In the dim interior, only the sound of magical energy rotating was heard quietly.

Jaehyun saw a middle-aged woman who looked like his friend who had fallen in front of him. she has a painful face She was in a situation where, as the doctor had said, she might die if a little time passed.

worst. Her body, which has crossed the critical point, is slowly dying.

Body with purple color.

It was not poisoning, but a phenomenon in which the skin tissue itself was destroyed and died.

Jaehyun pulled out a fragment of a memory from the past.

‘At the time of Limit Breaker. Im Seong-ho’s body was like this. He was a dark blue-purple color, and he slowly died of poisoning. Of course, my sacrifice didn’t work either.’

At that time, it was already too late when he tried to use magic to save Lim Seong-ho.

In the first place, Hella told me that even if it was a unique skill, you couldn’t expect the effect of the disease caused by the divine attack.

An Ho-yeon’s mother’s symptoms now were exactly the same as then.

Jaehyun thought again and again.

The act of forcibly injecting a godhead into his body and causing him to go berserk.

This is something he experienced once. In the past, he couldn’t save the victims and Lim Seong-ho, but this time he had to get a different result.


Jaehyun first raised his mana and activated Sacrifice.

―Activate the active skill 《Sacrifice》.

Ignoring the sound of the system in his ears, Jaehyun focused on his concentration.

‘Upgrade of Sacrifice. that is nonsensical If it was another low-grade skill, it would have been easy to pull out the transformation… This is a unique skill from the beginning.

Because I don’t even know if it’s possible to change the expression itself.’

Jaehyun fully understood how difficult it was to do what he was trying to do.

It was the same with Hella.

‘If Jaehyun succeeds here, it’s like opening a way for him to become stronger. A human born with talent similar to Odin and Loki. And the tenacity to move forward without giving up… He’s such a scary guy.’

―The activation of the active skill 《Sacrifice》 is canceled! The effect of the skill towards the designated target is insignificant.

In fact, the magic invocation failed. It would be more accurate to say that it failed in its ‘current form’.

Jaehyun caught his breath. After the magic power is transferred to his body again, it goes through a process of being refined once again.

Right now, Jaehyun was using his mana to the limit. It is like filling a jar with water and carrying it on your head.

A state that can overflow at any time.

However, this process eventually allows people to walk more upright.

It was a necessary process for Jaehyun now.

Not a single mistake is allowed.

[I need to focus. It could even hasten her death.

I know I won’t last long anyway… .]

However, Jaehyun did not hesitate at all.

Aren’t you the mother of a colleague? Even if it was the opposite of her situation, Ahn Ho-yeon would have done her best to help herself.

If so, it is right for you to do your best in the present.

Thinking that, Jaehyun looked at the middle-aged man’s eyes and said.

“I don’t know if this is really true. But if you would like to see your son grow up even just a little bit more, please get up here. I will do my best too.”

Jae-hyun began to directly pour magic power into her body, which was slowly fading away from its purple color.

First of all, necrosis itself was delayed through Sacrifice. But not all work was done. There was still a lot of work to be done.

Jaehyun first recalled Nidhogg’s face, then closed his eyes and focused.

Then, when I visited Nastrond in Niflheim, I recall the story I heard in prison.

okay. All magic is a book.

Jaehyun reflected on this and slowly began to change his expression.

Unraveling the tangled skein, contemplating and contemplating the shapes and colors of the threads that make up magic, he concentrated.

Then, in front of my eyes, I saw something like a digital code that was connected to a complex rune. Could Odin’s lost eye, which can interpret all runes, shine?

System messages also started to explode.

―The level of understanding of runes has risen dramatically!

―The level of understanding of runes has risen dramatically!

―The level of understanding of runes has risen dramatically!

However, Jaehyun did not stop there.

Nidhogg’s story. Magic. book.

Fragmented words wander round and round in my head, and soon settle in one place.


square! square!

It sounded like a quill pen scribbling something on parchment.

it was a sensation It was the basis of magic. It was understanding.

Jaehyun was sure.

Magic is a story. In order to change its structure, the thread must be unraveled.

If you can do that, if only you can do that.


―The true effect of the active skill 《Sacrifice》 is unlocked!

―The wounds inflicted by the godhead can now be healed!

―You have succeeded in treating the designated target!

You can change the ending of a clichéd story.

Jaehyun broke into a cold sweat and smiled lightly.

* * *



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AR test room.

Ahn Ho-yeon was sitting there with a white towel wrapped around her head. He had been swinging his sword for over six hours just a moment ago, and was finally breathing.

Actually, it wasn’t a breather, it was just putting it down for a while because I didn’t have the strength to wield the sword.

‘mother… I have to protect you until the end.’

should be by your side

Anyone should.

Isn’t it customary to guard the place at the time of one’s family’s deathbed anyway?

When I think of my mother walking down that cold road alone… Even if it was the last time, she had to be by his side.

But I couldn’t get off my feet. The vengeance that had boiled over a little while ago. Wherever it went, it burned completely and then disappeared.

Right now I’m just anxious.

All that remains is to worry about the mother.

sick. Now if you go to the hospital. Then I’m afraid I’ll really see my mother’s death. I was so afraid.

The shock was so great that the tears didn’t even flow. All I could think of was that I couldn’t accept the unbelievable reality.

It was the time when he was sitting blankly thinking that.

Giying… !

Suddenly, the phone vibrated.

In fact, I didn’t want to hear from anyone right now.

So I didn’t want to answer the phone or talk about anything.

But at that moment, why?

The idea of ​​answering this call ran through his mind.

It was closer to the sixth sense that Radar possesses.

“… hello.”

[Ah, cadet Ahn Ho-yeon! I think you should come here quickly!

Mother… You’re awake!]

* * *

Hearing those words, I hurriedly took the portal and headed to the hospital room, the smile of the person who saw it.

It was a little more wrinkled than he remembered, but it was enough to make Ahn Ho-yeon feel overwhelmed.

Mother, Mother woke up and was looking at herself.


Ahn Ho-yeon was held in her arms like a child.

The nurse, who was watching him from the side, said with tears in his eyes.

“A little while ago, my magic power suddenly returned to normal… You opened your eyes like a miracle. We still don’t know the cause, so we’re looking into it. Anyway, one thing is certain.”

The nurse patted Ahn Ho-yeon on the back and said.

“My mother has woken up, and now she can recover.”

Meanwhile, outside the window. Jaehyun, who climbed onto Papy’s back with the invisibility magic applied, is watching this.

From the time he treated An Ho-yeon’s mother, the hospital turned upside down, and An Ho-yeon arrived here soon.

And she hugs her mother and sheds tears.

Jaehyun just silently watched all of that.

That you have the power to change something. Feel its greatness once again.

Before returning, she was already dead. Her own mother, too, Kim Yoo-jung.

Jaehyun had promised not to lose this time. his own.

Jaehyun would keep his word.

Also he knew

That this is just the first step towards doing just that.

* * *

I cried in my mother’s arms for a long time.

My mother never remembered that she had been asleep for years.

I only have memories of a large man approaching me and collapsing.

After that, she heard only the voice of her son who kept coming to the hospital room.

Like a dream, that unwavering voice that doesn’t break.

“What a relief… Now that I’m doing well… Please don’t get sick.”

“okay. I’m sorry for worrying you so much.”

Mother only said so. Her hands on her back were clumsy.

As a child, An Ho-yeon’s family was poor. Maybe it’s because she suffered from it.

If you remember, you worked at a restaurant for a long time.

I remember the image of my mother, whose hands were always swollen, and tears came to my eyes again.

“By the way, does anyone really know how you woke up?”

Ahn Ho-yeon asked the nurse. Next to him was a doctor who was investigating the truth of the case.

he said, raising his glasses.

“I have never seen anything like this in my hospitality. My mother’s case is so rare… It’s hard for me to tell you for sure.

Did the patient see anything right before waking up? Maybe something will help.”

When the doctor asked that question, Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother thought for a while and then said,

“I think I saw a man in black… red eyes… No, one of them had odd eyes that shone brightly in gold.”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s eyes narrowed at those words.

I didn’t even think about it.

At that moment, he was only certain.

I don’t know how he did it.

However, it is Jae-Hyun who saved his mother.

Ahn Ho-yeon smiled as he recalled his friend’s face for a moment.

‘okay. you’ve always been ahead of me Whenever I couldn’t see right in front of me, you farther away. I looked around more people.’

Jaehyun was the object of his admiration.

What you thought you couldn’t do. always do it right

The opponent who went ahead of himself who everyone said he had to be the best.

To be honest, it was really comfortable and I was grateful. Because she herself was not mentally strong enough to handle the burden of the world.

Because Jaehyun took all the excessive spotlight that was supposed to be on him.

That’s why I was able to hide a little further back.

but. At that moment, Ahn Ho-yeon thought.

Standing behind the representation. It has already been experienced enough.

powerlessness too. But now I don’t want to do that.

Now, even if you can’t stand in front of Jaehyun, it’s difficult if you don’t stand next to him.

A faint smile spreads across Ahn Ho-yeon’s lips. words coming out of his mouth.

“Mom, if you feel well soon, please come to our school festival.”

“School festival? Are you talking about what Milles Academy said?”


Ahn Ho-yeon clenched his fists tightly.

“There’s something I really need to get back from my friend.”

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