I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 285

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Episode 285 Rank Match

The news that Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother had recovered to normal reached her colleagues safely.

Everyone congratulated them as if it were their own work, and the school festival was also going on again in a calm atmosphere.

With the reaction getting hotter day by day, more people flocked to it.

In the closed city of Daegu, the energy of the ebb and flow lingered.

At the festival, cadets sold their own food and exchanged necessities with each other.

The scenery is not that different from any other high school, to the point where you feel a sense of difference.

By the way, Jaehyun was now in the amphitheater of the academy.

People were full. No wonder.

This is because the event that the audience is most looking forward to at this festival is held here.

Miles Academy’s Ranking Match!

This was one of the academy’s representative events that judged the individual skills of the cadets.

There was nothing better than that to simmer the fans crazy about the hero Raider.

‘Before ranking. Scouts from numerous guilds flocked to see it. It’s an excellent opportunity for cadets.’

As the biggest event of Milles Academy, the ranking match at the academy festival is of a different level.

overwhelming scale.

And the field divided into two was a representative example.

Basically, all academy ranking matches are divided into two parts.

The first is a many-on-one battle.

It begins with one cadet stepping out and donning the barrier vest. Then, the goal is for other cadets to get that cadet out.

The basic rule was to set the remaining physical strength of the barrier vest to 0.

At this time, the biggest feature of many-to-one was that it was okay to attack one cadet by several people, just like the name of many-to-one.

The second is a one-on-one battle.

It is played in a tournament format and is the most popular.

In fact, in the case of many-to-one, even if one cadet is too strong, it is bound to get tired eventually. comes down at the end

A sector where it is customary to pay different rewards based on how many wins you have won.

However, this is as important as looking at the match and deciding whether or not you can win. It was difficult for the importance to be higher than one-on-one.

Jaehyun decided to participate in both.

In most circles, one person from each will participate in this event.

Of course, even if there are several of them, there is no problem at all. It is also recommended again. In fact, it is said that in the case of elite circles such as Hyun-Jung Yoo, there are quite a number of students participating in many-to-one.

However, in the case of one-on-one, if you are unlucky, you will have to fight with your teammate.

That’s why you can’t intentionally lose, and it’s a custom that only one person comes out of the body.

I thought I would do the same this time. And it was the time when Jaehyun alone thought he would be unmatched in both competitions.

“One to one. I’ll go too.”

Ahn Ho-yeon raised his hand and said. After exchanging glances with Jaehyun, who was looking down at the amphitheater, he expressed his intention again.

“I want to go out.”

“do whatever you want. But won’t you be with me?”

When Jaehyun smiled and said that, Ahn Hoyeon’s spirits boiled over.

It was pure force, not magical power. Seeing that scene, Jaehyun started to expect that something interesting would happen.

Maybe it’s not that I don’t even know if I’m going to fight him.

Ahn Ho-yeon. Fighting him properly again was welcome even as Jaehyun.

“Well, whatever that is.”

Kwon So-yul interrupted the two of them.

She said while looking at Jaehyun.

“Make sure to win many-to-one. Points are worth it.”

It is a many-on-one battle where all members of the circle get a certain point even if one member of the circle wins. It was natural that Jaehyun’s performance was inevitable here.

At Kwon So-yul’s words, Jae-hyun smiled and left her coat with her.

“I’ll finish it soon.”

With those words, the voices of famous casters and commentators sitting in the relay seats can be heard.

“Now then, let’s start the ranking match of the school festival.

First of all, it is a multi-player battle, and there will be differential rewards based on the number of victories! If you are applying for a many-to-one solo exhibition, please prepare.”

“From now on, everything happening in the ranking match will be broadcast live to the world through TV! Everyone stay tuned, and you can also participate in the chat via smartphone, so please participate and support as much as possible.

Then, the many-to-one ranking match begins in earnest. If you would like to participate, please step forward.”

However, despite the narrator’s words, no cadets came forward. No wonder.

In general, in many-to-one battles, being the first to go is at a disadvantage.

In the end, due to the nature of people, the one who wins at the end is remembered longer and actually holds more points in his hand.

That’s why, there should be very few people who step in first… .

“I will leave.”

Jaehyun said with magic in his voice. So that her own spirit can be clearly heard by everyone.

“Cadet Min Jae-hyeon became the first participant in the many-to-one ranking match! The best freshman from the start! It remains to be seen how many victories he will win!”

“That’s right. As a cadet with the best talent, he is expected to show a good performance.”

“But when you’re also on the one-on-one roster, do you need to relax here? I am also worried that it might not be a bad choice.”

The commentator and caster diligently briefed on Jaehyun’s profile and boosted the atmosphere.

And below, fierce preparations were underway.

“therefore… Wouldn’t it work somehow if we all rushed at once?! Anyway, the maximum number of people in a multi-player battle is 100.”

“You’re following the rules!”

“okay. It’s not that we’re cowardly, it’s that he’s weird!”

“All of us will participate!”



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They were a group that usually spread bad rumors about Jaehyun, saying he was cocky.

Jaehyun stands in the center of the arena, and a crowd of cadets blocks him from all sides.

you can’t get out of here If that’s what you want to say… .

It wasn’t a big intimidation for Jaehyun.

Even so, the cadets shouted loudly.

“Even if it is Min Jaehyun, we are 100 people! Do you think you can beat us!”

“okay! Hey fuck, do you know how many points you get if you win here?! If I had come out late, I would have made it. Be ashamed of yourself here!”

“let’s go!”

Jaehyun couldn’t stop laughing at their words.


―Active skill «Frozen Earth Lv 5» is activated.




Because they were too weak.

Jaehyun wiped out about a hundred cadets at once with one frozen ground.

Then, with the sound of a thororong, he could see his ranking on the display board going up.

‘I have already mastered the frozen land. The power of Lv 5 is beyond imagination.’

Of course, it wasn’t the power that the cadets could withstand, so I adjusted the level.

The magic of reappearance was enough to freeze the entire field at once.

However, with this, Jaehyun’s overall ranking is 4th.

Top students. It also raised it to just below Jung Hyun, Kang Joo-hyeop, and Han Ji-an, who had proven their skills for two and a half years.

All that remains is the one-on-one ranking match.

It was a tournament-style event.

There, Jaehyun planned to achieve the first place in the school rankings.

* * *

One-on-one ranking match.

Its rules were much easier than many-on-one battles.

Two people go up and fight with only the basic weapons provided. And the winner is decided.

The winner rises higher.

That was all.

The match started in the round of 64.

As expected, Ahn Ho-yeon and Jae-hyun cleaned up their opponents without difficulty and continued to rise.

An Ho-yeon swung his sword every moment and felt the wall around him shatter.

If this is the case, I might really be able to grow more.

And on the basis of that, the influence of the mother who is waving from the audience now can’t be said to be small.

“do well! My son~!”

My mother recovered quite a bit and was able to come to the academy in a wheelchair. By the time she can see the festival, she feels better.

Ahn Ho-yeon thought of Jae-hyun and realized that there was only one step left before fighting him.

The bracket was decided, and the quarterfinals. It was because if I made it to the semifinals, I would face him.

But before that, there was one person I had to deal with.

“Lee Soo-hyuk. You also appeared before the rankings.”

“okay. I need to get revenge on Min Jaehyun. Does he know how much he hurt you?”

It was Lee Soo-hyuk.

A cadet with the highest level of aptitude, who had the same magical talent as Kim Yoo-jung.

He participated in this one-on-one ranking match.

Ahn Ho-yeon grabbed his sword and stood in front of Lee Soo-hyuk. He had a tight grip on his staff.

It’s not studded with the often used lion shape, it’s a normal staff.

Ahn Ho-yeon was well aware of his recent achievements.

‘The cadet who was born with the strongest magic talent after Jaehyun, Yoojung, and Ina. I heard that you’ve already started learning A-class magic. It’s a great level.’

Of course, there were three big players in front of me, but even that was enough.

Ahn Ho-yeon thought so, grabbed his sword and took a stance.

The heat of the amphitheater did not know how to go.


“Then the quarterfinals begin!”

With the voice of the commentary, the battle between Lee Soo-hyuk and Ahn Ho-yeon began.


As soon as the sign dropped, Lee Soo-hyeok sprinkled something on the floor and stepped back.

It was a tack for status ailments. It seemed that it was made with magic, but its sophistication was not at the level of a cadet.

‘It seems like they’re trying to minimize the terrain I can step on.’

Lee Soo-hyeok’s operation was excellent.

Ahn Ho-yeon was agile and a cadet who knew how to move quickly.

In addition, the power of the blue and white sword removes the dark attribute mana.

For Lee Soo-hyeok, the method of putting a limit on the range of activities by risking status abnormalities was relatively advantageous.

I am a magic type that takes time to cast. In addition, it is not possible to use magic freely without delay like Jaehyun.

A situation that is bound to be unfavorable. To overcome this, this method was the best.

Wizards sometimes have to devise things to survive even if they are a little cowardly.

If you don’t do that and push forward honestly, the same situation as in the past, at the time of the outdoor training camp, will happen.

The miserable thing of being saved by the person you thought was your rival!

‘Actually, I don’t usually prefer this way, but… Can not help it. To face him!’

Lee Soo-hyeok’s mind was filled with only one person, Jae-hyun.

He saved himself during the outdoor training camp, and won the recent match. At the same age as himself, a rival that he does not recognize.

He was considered as an object that Lee Soo-hyeok had to overcome before he knew it.

But it was the same for Ahn Ho-yeon.

―Active skill 《Fire Strike》.

Lee Soo-hyuk’s attack was fired at Ho-yeon An, but Ho-yeon An accurately blocked it.

Blue White Sword. It was removing the flames with the power of stronger blue flames.

“It’s me who gets to the semifinals.”

Lee Soo-hyeok said that and gave strength to the staff he held.

Increases the power of the flame magic you activate. It was at least a level of A-class magic.

―Active skill «Gust Storm».

Gust Storm.

This was Lee Soo-hyeok’s wind attribute magic. An A-level skill that attacks enemies using wind-attribute mana that can be changed freely.

It was a magic that Lee Soo-hyeok diligently practiced to catch Ahn Ho-yeon.

‘This would be dangerous if hit directly.’

He didn’t know for sure because he wasn’t very knowledgeable about magic, but Ahn Ho-yeon knew that it was dangerous even when he looked at it.



Suddenly, Ahn Ho-yeon’s voice was heard, and Lee Soo-hyeok’s whole body gave rise to goosebumps.

The place where Ahn Ho-yeon’s voice came from. It was too close.

‘Where are you? Where is it coming from!?’

At that moment, Lee Soo-hyeok had no choice but to realize that it was already too late.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s position. It was targeting the most vulnerable part of the wizard.

close range. exactly… behind the neck.

At that moment, only one sentence ran down Lee Soo-hyuk’s back.

moving here,


Then, the barrier vest was hit accurately and his body flew forward and was pierced.

Ahn Ho-yeon finally continued the rest.

“It has to be me fighting Jaehyun. There is something I must get back.”

“The first match of the semi-finals is over! The winner is Ahn Ho-yeon!”

At that moment, a smile crept across Jaehyun’s lips as he looked down from the crowd.

My heart started pounding like crazy.

okay. I mean, that’s your will.

How much can you please me this time?

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