I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 291

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Episode 291: Sword of Faith (2)

Gu Jain’s answer did not come back immediately.

After a while. He said, brushing his shaggy beard.

“Well, it’s a bit late to notice, but well… What then?”

Gu Ja-in’s completely changed tone. That chilled Ahn Ho-yeon’s conversation.

It was not the voice of the chairman he knew.

He was now in the shape of a complete monster.

The first time I sent the cadets to Svartal Fame for the incident with Congressman Park. He thought he had already seen his dark side.

But even that was a pretense. There was still more darkness left for him.

Ahn Ho-yeon gritted his teeth and asked.

“Why did you ruin our family? Because you made her mother suffer from that disease, even her father has changed so much.

you… You ruined people!”

“You had a talent to use. I thought that if I used it well, I would be able to shoot up to the S rank in no time. But somehow, since your mother is annoying, it’s getting harder to use you.”

He continued, brushing his beard.

“So I tried to get rid of them. But your nature is too weak He was a weakling who couldn’t kill even a fly. You needed a burden.

i have to move If you don’t, everyone will die! … That kind of strong pressure.”

“that is… Why are you holding my family hostage?”

“It seems like I’ve become a villain since you say I’m a hostage.”

Gu Jain said as if he was genuinely displeased.

Ahn Ho-yeon felt disgusted.

Did everything just look like a tool to him?

Was it just prey to be used?

when i thought so Gu Jain put his hands in his pockets and continued.

“But isn’t that the same for you? It is still the same now.”

“I am different from you.”

Goo Ja-in ridiculed Ahn Ho-yeon’s infidelity.

“Aren’t you the one who is swept here and there like a moth to a fire, burning with a foolish vengeful spirit? Is that all? You just killed a couple of people to avenge yourself.”

“What do you mean! I swear I’ve never killed anyone… !”

At that moment, one thought passed through Ahn Ho-yeon’s head.

It came down to the mysterious screams I had just heard.

“okay. as you think The ones you just killed… They are all samples prepared to encourage reawakening.

clinker. To put it simply, they are your seniors.”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s shoulders trembled. Her rescuer didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Yeah. It’s because they’re not good enough to be made into chimeras. I suffered a lot too. Because one or two out of a hundred were on the verge of success. There were also a lot of guys who went out of their way in the middle.”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s eyes went cold at Gu Ja-in’s words.

All the monsters he had cut down a while ago.

That their identities were your ancestors?

Innocent cadets… Was it a chimera made from their corpses using their deaths?

‘I killed… Was it a person?’

At that moment, it felt like something inside Ahn Ho-yeon was disconnected.

This is a wonderful person that he repeated himself before becoming a radar for the first time.

He wasn’t the one helping people.

At that moment, only the strong tenacity to kill Gu Ja-in in front of him remained.

And, unfortunately, this was also the reaction Gu Jain was aiming for.


Looking at the tip of Ahn Ho-yeon’s unstable sword, he sent the rest of the chimera that Gu Ja-in had prepared.

This time, undead monsters in the shape of skulls were prepared.

At least, if it was a beast-type monster, it would be easy to cut down because it had a different appearance, but this case is a little different.

To hunt humanoid monsters.

Besides, if he was a real human being.

How many people would wield a sword without hesitation?

“Ahn Ho-yeon. Since you’re a useful guy, your value will be higher if you make it into a chimera. It will create an interesting test subject.”

I could feel Gu Jain smiling faintly as he said that.

My heart was beating wildly.

pounding. pounding.


Amidst the heartbeat, An Ho-yeon continued to swing her sword.

The Witchbeast, no, the seniors who became the Witchbeast, cut down the students.

Continue. It wasn’t just repetition, it was something that gradually wore out the mind.

‘At this level, he must have broken his mind enough.’

Gu Jain smiled. He stretched out his hand and aimed in the direction of An Ho-yeon’s forehead. After that, he opened his magic and activated his unique skill.

―Activate the active skill 《Brainwashing》.

It was at that moment that the incident happened.

―The activation of the skill has failed.

―The designated target’s mental power is not exhausted yet.

Gu Jain’s brow flinched for a moment.


According to my data, he’s not very mentally strong, right?



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The power of his unique skill is certain.

But what? Doesn’t the skill work?

It was only a few months ago that it was said that it could not kill a fly, let alone a human.

But why did he swing his sword like that and stabilize his mentality?

Gu Jain gritted it. a little more here If you mess with it further, he will fall into his brainwashing.

“You are killing people! You’ve become a guy like me! Do you even know!”

Gu Jain continued shouting to shake Ahn Hoyeon’s spirit.

However, An Ho-yeon continued to silently wield his sword and approached him. It was a gigantic movement like a yaksha.


Ahn Ho-yeon came right in front of Gu Ja-in and said,

“You are trash.”

He spoke as if declaring, then exploded his magic power for a blow.

―Active skill «Blue and White Sword».

―Active skill <Union of Divine Swords> is activated.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s two skills shine and begin to put pressure on Gu Ja-in.

No matter how strong Gujain is, he is always an A-rank magician. It was also a mental manipulation series.

The odds of winning a one-on-one match with an S-rank martial arts fighter were infinitely close to zero.

‘It was unexpected to me that Ahn Ho-yeon reached S-class so quickly. But she has a deity to me.’

Gu Jain’s lips go up in a fishy way. A divine power received from Heimdall.

If there is, it won’t be difficult to defeat him.

It was originally prepared for Min Jae-hyeon, but… Now, he was in a situation where he might die.

I was not in a position to cover the time.

“I will tell you that there is a wall that cannot be crossed by human power.”

Saying so, Gu Jain drew out the magic power remaining in his body at once.

It’s not magical power… For some reason, it felt more holy. But it was twisted.

This, of course, was a compressed magic that Ahn Ho-yeon had never experienced before.


Gu Jain drew out the divine power he received from Heimdall and activated magic.

―Activate the active skill 《Backflow》.


This was delivered directly from Heimdall to Gu Jain, and it was a skill that literally reversed the opponent’s mana and destroyed the internal organs.

A dagger hidden by Chairman Gu Ja-in.

Goo Goo Goo!

Ahn Ho-yeon’s whole body feels like he’s being crushed, and his heart starts beating wildly.

reverse magic. Although this was downgraded, it was a myth level skill.

Even An Ho-yeon, who opened the S-class, could not help but be sure of the power of such a skill.

The body’s blood flow is turned upside down, short circuits and brain burning pains occur, and the mind becomes distant.

reflux. It means a skill that turns everything upside down.

Now it felt like the blood was flowing backwards.

With a loud bang, An Ho-yeon’s one knee touches the ground.


At that moment, Gu Jain started walking towards him.

He was holding a grudge.

“If you had just followed me and lived as a dog, it would have been better.”

Ahn Ho-yeon closed her lips. I feel the object of my hatred and revenge approaching.

mother, family. And the being that made the innocent cadets suffer was coming towards him.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the strength to deal with him.

‘okay… Enough of this… .’

That’s enough. Are you going to sit there after saying that?

That moment.

It was as if Jaehyun’s voice could be heard in Ahn Hoyeon’s ears. It was an auditory hallucination, but it was enough to greatly increase An Ho-yeon’s weakly extinguished residual fire.

Ahn Ho-yeon forcibly straightened his bent knees, recalling the contents of the new skill he had acquired in the battle with Jae-hyun.

[Passive skill]

Name: Sword of Faith

Rating: Unique Skill

The stronger your sincere trust towards those you admire, the stronger it becomes.

*All swordsmanship proficiency increases significantly.

* The stronger the admiration and trust towards the target, the greater the effect and destructive power of all skills using the sword.

* * *

“east longitude.”

“What are you talking about?”

It was when Gu Jain was about to say that.


Standing up from his seat, An Ho-yeon quickly swung his sword.

Whoo! Pod!

sound in succession. It was tantamount to explaining Gu Ja-in’s urgent situation.

‘The sword… Did it suddenly become faster?’

Koo Ja-in does not know the current achievements of Ahn Ho-yeon due to preparations for the recapture match of Milles Academy.

At least grade A. I thought it would stop at that level… What is this speed… !

“When did you reach the realm of an S-class radar? According to my data, it will take at least two more years… .”

“If it was according to the data you said, I wouldn’t be standing here. Become your dog, as you said, or it’s already broken.”

Ahn Ho-yeon put strength on his wrist.

“But I didn’t. east longitude. Yes, a vague longing led me to this point.”

“… Is it about Min Jae-hyun?”

“okay. I wanted to reach you, sincerely.”


Before he could activate the reverse flow magic again, An Ho-yeon quickly kicked off the ground and jumped, grabbing Gu Ja-in’s neck.

After succeeding in driving him to the wall, Ahn Ho-yeon gave strength to the sword.

It was the moment when victory and defeat had already been decided.

Gu Jain had already used his Godhead, and was dealing with the Chimera.

Also, because he consumed a lot of mana for collective brainwashing, he had almost no mana left.

He spoke until the end with a sly smile on his lips.

“You are a weakling. He’s so righteous that he can’t do anything alone.”

He continued holding the hand of An Ho-yeon, who was holding his neck with trembling hands.

“Do you think you can kill me? your hand now… You must be trembling?”

It was as the old man said. An Ho-yeon had never killed a human.

Also, it was fair.

No matter how wicked it is in front of me. Whether it be a monster, he will be troubled if he has to kill it.

Gu Jain noticed that his hands were shaking in that short amount of time.

Why then?

A face passed by Ahn Ho-yeon.

And one thought clearly fills his head.

‘What would Jaehyun do here?’

“of course.”

―Active skill «Sword of Faith» is strongly activated!

―The power and effect of the user’s swordsmanship-related skills are greatly improved!


“It must have been cut.”

The blue flame-bearing sword lightly cut off the enemy’s head, followed by the sound of something rolling on the floor.

Ahn Ho-yeon smiled lightly as he saw Gu Ja-in’s blood splattered on his face.

I had to do this long ago. Recalling what he himself had said in the past, he let out his deep breath.

And started to move on.

Guin’s cleanup is all over.

Then what’s left… Now they must be monsters floating in the sky.

Reproduction is dangerous.

“I have to go.”

Ahn Ho-yeon began to run with strength in his legs.

It didn’t matter how helpful you were or not.

If I die, I will die on the battlefield with my comrades.

that was his will.

It was after the shaking of his hands had completely stopped.

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