I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 293

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Episode 293: A future without you and me (1)

“… therefore. Are you saying that you came back as you are now after 11 years of time, and that you were originally a 27-year-old man?

Besides, the one who is attacking us right now is an Æsir or something, a Valkyrie following the Norse gods?”

“… that’s right. It’s all good, but can’t you leave out the old man?”

At Kim Yu-jung’s words, Jae-hyun forced a smile and replied.

However, the atmosphere was not friendly.

It was very confusing, and it took time for colleagues to accept it.

If Jaehyun’s words are true, why did Jaehyun approach them?

It was most likely that it was not out of favor for them, but simply because they coveted their abilities.

to use.

That’s why Jae-hyun might have attracted them.

Even, Jaehyun didn’t lie to his confused colleagues.

“As you think, I tried to use you all the time after returning. The reason I approached him was because of that. I understand if you feel disappointed. I have nothing to say.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel the deep pain of spitting out those words.

They were people who became his valued allies. Exposing one’s shame to such people was bound to be an indescribable pain.

No matter how deeply I care about them now, it won’t matter to them anymore.


He approached to use himself, and he would think that was the case.

In the end, he deceived everyone.

Benefits of Regression.

‘I may have trampled on the hearts of my colleagues with a complacent mind that only I can live well.’

Knowing that, Jaehyun thought of understanding them even if they were no longer with him.

But when the silence flowed, everyone’s answer came back.

“… I don’t think you’re a bad person, even if you came all this way with the intention of using us. We had fun times together… Not all of that goes away.”

“that’s right. no luck Wasn’t I brought here for the purpose of using it from the beginning?”

Seo Na-na and Kwon So-yul said that first, followed by Ahn Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang.

“You changed us. positively. That alone doesn’t make us hate you. You are the leader of Nine in the first place. a moment ago… The guys who said they were Valkyries. They say that only you can defeat them.

If we can be of any help, that’s enough.”

“I was also able to grow thanks to you. Jaehyun, it was a choice to survive, not a deception against us.”

Why are you listening to everyone? I felt something boiling in my chest.

Jaehyun tried to say something, but his lips kept moving and nothing leaked out from inside.

My throat is full.

these are.

Are my nice co-workers trying to understand me using them?

At that moment, Seo Ina said as if answering.

“… we have to go together Gods and Adversaries… And the sentence that says our death is alluded to in the second verse of the prophecy.

I honestly don’t know how everything is going… It doesn’t change the fact that we need to be by your side.”

“I can help somehow… .”


The last person to speak was Kim Yoo-jung. Jaehyun immediately cut her off.

Kim Yoo-jung looked at Jae-hyun with a slightly shocked expression.

Jaehyun was still stubborn. he shook his head.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but not as much as you. You cannot go with me.”

“What are you talking about… ? Are we a team?”

“The decision is not overturned. Kim Yoo-jung You don’t fight. And from now on, never leave my side. Even if you return to reality, you will be the first to run away.”

There was no warmth to be found in Jaehyun’s words.

A sudden change in his behavior.

Kim Yoo-jung and her colleagues were embarrassed, but could not respond.

Jaehyun has never acted without reason. There must be a reason for showing such a high-handed appearance this time. That’s a very deep reason.

“Let’s go, we have to get out of here and deal with Sigrun and the rest.”

Jaehyun said that and walked away.

Awakening Stone of the Beginning. A full-fledged movement to find it has begun.

A message that just popped up.

―The system of all allies of the Adversary is temporarily changed to the Nornir system.

―You have accepted the quest “The Future Without You and Me” from all of your colleagues.

―Please observe the future of each person and decide whether to join the enemy or not.

their own future.

What will happen in the future that even Jaehyun doesn’t know?

The only one who knows that is Loki. And there will be only three Norn sisters.

* * *

When Jaehyun and his colleagues suddenly disappeared through the opened portal. The subspace camera was still working properly.

Loki’s barrier was the outer wall. This was because it had no effect on the operation of the artifacts operating inside.

Loki thought it didn’t matter.

Anyway, now Ragnarok is coming. If that happens, humans should also learn about the danger and feel fear.

That’s not a bad thing.

If there is danger, those who prepare for it will appear.

There must be some who get frustrated, but humans are a stronger species than you think.

I will try to move forward in any situation.



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Loki thought about it and nodded.

Even on TV, voices continue to relay live events.

[This is a fight far beyond the norm! It is said that all the raiders from all over the world are moving to Korea to rescue the cadets of the academy… It is questionable whether that would be a worthwhile action.]

[overwhelming power. Are humans bound to be infinitely helpless in front of that?]

[If they are really gods, humanity may not have a chance now. Cadet Min Jae-hyeon, who was our last hope, suddenly disappeared, and even Cadet Fei is being pushed back… .]

[Everyone please pray. To give them some strength… And so that their embers don’t spread… .]

* * *

[Special Quest]

A future without you and me

Head to the Film Room of Milles Academy, contemplate your future selves as they regenerate, and decide your future course of action.

Condition: See each other’s future and decide whether to move forward with the adversary

difficulty: ???

Reward: Beginning Awakening Stone, ???

Jaehyun gave a brief explanation of the system to his colleagues who had questions about the quest window that popped up.

The Nornir System is, after all, for the opponent, created to fight Odin.

But, maybe it’s because the comrades standing by the opponents of the prophecy judged you to be you. Because of the operation of that system, these quests were forcibly accepted.

Colleagues quickly agreed.

Well, a little while ago, I saw a god and the leader of the Valkyries with power comparable to him.

Her strength was clearly imprinted in the eyes of the Nine members who ran from afar.

beings called gods. The magical power that they possess, called divinity.

how strong would that be?

“By the way, the quest name is strange… A future without you and me

What are you trying to say?”

Kwon So-yul muttered with his arms crossed. Kim Yoo-jung continued to follow her on Jae-hyun’s back with her dark expression.

Although he was doing as he was told, it was the first time he had seen him so overbearing.

‘Why did Min Jae-hyun suddenly become like that… .’

Kim Yoo-jung thought about it, but swallowed it as it was.

In a small voice, Seo Ina told me that there must be a reason.

She was right.

Jaehyun always planned and moved as it was. It won’t be different this time either.

There’s a reason, so I guess that’s why you put yourself behind.

But for some reason, the chilling sensation down her spine continued to torment her.

On the other hand, Jae-hyun continued to move forward, arranging the demons around him that were in ruins.

He no longer hid his divinity in front of his colleagues.

Without releasing all of the powers up to the second stage, you will not be able to quickly return to the original timeline.

If that happens, you won’t be able to protect anything. It just couldn’t have been.

What have you come so far for? Jaehyun didn’t want to forget it.

To do so, I saw my colleagues walking by for a while, and then looked ahead again.

The ruined city was in a much worse state than when they were camped outdoors.

Not only were all the buildings not functioning properly, but a higher level monster was rampant nearby.

“Originally, harpies don’t come out to shallow areas like this… The future in which God has arrived may be far more terrifying than we think.”

“… I know.”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na exchanged words.

In any case, the destination was clear.

Film room at Milles Academy.

There, they will see a video of their future appearance.

The system said so, and Jaehyun had never escaped from the control of the system until now.

I’m still not sure how it works… .

It must be certain that he is exercising transcendental power beyond cognition.

Loki, the three Norn sisters, and Mimir.

‘It’s just amazing how they made something like this.’

Odin was also an enemy, but he was competent.

After training humans to replenish the lack of soldiers, they set up a plan to make them Einherjar by filling the restraints with the system.

Thinking so, I walked through the closed city for a while, and soon Miles Academy was revealed.

No, not exactly… .

“What the heck… It can’t be like this. You mean this is Miles from the future?”

Ahn Ho-yeon’s voice. It was to represent their hearts.

It was natural. At this point, even Jaehyun was taken aback.

Where the eyes of colleagues are now heading.

Only the ruins of the academy were left there.

It was.

The Milles Academy of the future has already collapsed and does not exist.

* * *

Anyway, Nine stepped inside the ruined academy.

Although the building was still aging, it did not appear to have completely collapsed.

Should I say I’m lucky? The video room was also quickly found.

There, a sphere with blue light was floating.

Jaehyun reached out his hand towards the light.

Then, a voice began to be heard from him. It was from the Nornir system.

―You have met the quest conditions.

―Regenerate the future of the Adversary’s first ally.

Something like a giant screen floated in the air.

Seo In-na was the first to appear.

In a dark dungeon. Seo Eana was attacking a dungeon with someone.

She was slaughtering enemies with a chilling cold smile.

A completely different, calm look from Seo In-na now. It was also a look that the group was not used to.

“… That… A future country?”

What surprised me the most was, of course, Seo Ina.

She couldn’t easily open her mouth, probably shocked by her change.

Jaehyun nodded.

“Before the regression, I and you didn’t trust people. no one.

He said very little, so at first I thought it was dangerous to accept you as a colleague.”

It was a video that showed why Jaehyun was negative about joining him as a team member during the freshman hunt.

The sight of himself killing a demon with no expression was truly bloody.

but… Unfortunately, there was definitely a self from the past.

As Jaehyun said, it’s cold. it was dark… .

Before the shock had even passed, a second video was played.

―Regenerate the future of the Adversary’s second ally.

Next was Ahn Ho-yeon.

He barely survives as a low-level raider and spends his days drinking.

Both father and mother are dead, and only one picture of the portrait hangs.

He continues to blame himself.

ugly kid ugly guy

You are the one who ruined everything.

Knights who praised themselves in the past are sticking to the wall.

It was sinking him further.

“Hoyeon, you couldn’t overcome the burden given to you and became a disabled person.

Likewise, no one believed it, and my mother… I couldn’t keep it.”

“I can’t… .”

―Regenerate the future of the Adversary’s third ally.

Next was Jaesang Lee.

He was unable to settle any relationship with his father and stood alone.

But no one is unaware that his line is precarious.

A lab full of brilliant people. However, unlike the successful appearance on TV, he was being threatened by the training guild.

Make a new potion right away.

side effect? that none of that matters.

The appearance of the training guild leader saying that is clear.

“my… Memories that may have been the future.”

―Regenerate the future of the Adversary’s fourth ally.

The owner of the last memory was Kwon So-yul.

She was able to enter a guild that was somewhat useful, but in the end, it was only treated as a tool with a bright eye.

A cheap wayfinding radar.

Although she had a unique skill, she lacked actual fighting power and had neither the strength nor the resources to meet a better ending than that.

“… … It seems more exploited than you over there. surely.”

Kwon So-yul just said that calmly.

So, everyone’s memory. Immediately after the piece is played.

An oddity has occurred.

The next video… No matter how long I waited, it didn’t work.

At that moment, a person’s face hardened.

-Replayed all memories of the adversary and his allies.

Only two people immediately realized what it meant.

Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung.

Kim Yu-jung looked at Jae-hyun with a more trembling voice than ever before and asked.

“… Min Jaehyun, let me ask you one thing.”

Tears welled up in her eyes and dripped down.

Kim Yoo-jung said while holding Jae-hyun’s wrist.

“Why is there no record of me in the future… ?”

In response to her question, Jaehyun had no choice but to bring up a story he had been wanting to keep quiet for a long time.

“You are dead.”

Jaehyun’s eyes fall coldly. it was a pain

It was a pain that choked her breath, and an arrow that pierced her heart.

Jaehyun bit his teeth until the blood gnashed at them.

“Listen to Kim Yoo-jung. You died protecting me during this period, before returning. therefore… I will never let you fight.”

Jaehyun had no choice but to recall the image of her who died trying to protect him, the image he had tried not to think of.

It was a very long nightmare.

“please… live.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but appeal to Kim Yoojung.

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