I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 299

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Episode 299: The Plateau of the Red Moon (3)


Standing tall on the highest point in the world, here.

There was a dark side from the past.


Abandoned in their own world,

Because those who lost their families in the war gathered here.

The reason they live in Asgard, which has taken away their place of life, is simple.

It was because he was deceived by Odin’s flattery.

[Even though you lost the war, I will take care of you and provide you with a place to live.]

Odin declared so to the surviving beings after the first apocalypse.

He hated Odin to death, but people had no choice but to obey his words. Even if the family who has already died is stepped on in the eyes, in the end you have to survive.

Then there is the next You can get out of Hell again.

because he knew that

Immediately after Odin’s remarks, countless people emigrated from the eight worlds except for Asgard. It was good to see it as a huge procession.

Numerous races gathered together and headed to the dazzling city of Asgard every day.

But this was a trap.

[Why do you want to keep them in Asgard?]

One day, at Hugin’s question, Odin replied with a sneer.

[This is so that they can no longer challenge my authority. To divide it from the inside.]

At that time, Odin was already preparing for the next war.

He divided the world and fueled kin hatred.

Those who came here at the suggestion of Asgard, and those who want to stay and defend the ground. The survivors were forced to split into two groups, and the two naturally fell apart.


For this, he decided to accept refugees.

And so that the bereaved families of those whom he sacrificed himself could live here.

And it keeps them out of their eyes. It also helped prevent rebellion.

I came across Odin and Hugin quite by chance. I could overhear the conversation between the two beings.

A voice came to me as I was squatting in a corner of a slum.

I couldn’t help but rejoice from the bottom of my heart at the truth it conveyed.

Afterwards, it wasn’t long before people realized that they had been tricked by Odin. But no one thought of fighting him.

They were people who had already lost everything in the war against the As gods.

The corpses of those who had the courage to risk death have already formed a mountain.

The only ones left in this slum were those who were weak and culled.

So did I.


It was the name given to me by my mother, who was torn to pieces by Tyr’s monster army. I somehow managed to survive even in the hellish slums.

However, at some point, that luck was in danger of ending.

It was when I just turned 20.

“you… So beautiful. It would be a waste to rot in a place like this.”

These were the words of Tyr who came to me one day.

At that moment, I looked at him, speechless and overcome with rage.

Tyr. the one who killed my mother

Yeah he won’t remember anything.

The war piled up corpses like a mountain, and he killed countless people.

It was one of them.

That was just my mother, and I was just a war orphan.

However, that didn’t make my anger go away.

‘If I can kill him, I will die here.’

With that thought in mind, I was about to pull out my sword.


That day, I saw Freya-sama for the first time.

beautiful face.

But there was a more beautiful heart in it.

“Tyr… Odin is looking for you. You’ll be in trouble if you don’t go. Do you have time for this here?”

Tyr wrinkled his brow, but got up from his seat.

And in the empty slum street, Freya-sama asked.

“Tyr. Did he lose your family to him.”


I replied as if possessed, and Freyja nodded.

“Do you want revenge?”

“… yes.”

“Asgard is huge. To the point where you can’t do anything alone.”

“… Even so, I want revenge.”

“Then become a Valkyrie. I don’t need a strong man

be loyal to me If you stay by my side, I will show you the destruction of Asgard.”

For some reason, Freya-sama’s words had a strong scent of tragedy.

I knew. She also knows that she went through something similar to me and that she came here.



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And that even in a tragedy that couldn’t compare to mine, I didn’t lose the vitality of my eyes.

“I will follow.”

So, I decided to become a Valkyrie.

Also, decided. no more losing her family.

In order to do that, I would sometimes become a monster.

* * *

“at there… Stop!”

The memorial sword draws a trajectory and shoots toward Jae-hyeon.

Its power was even stronger than before.

However, it was never to the extent that Jaehyun couldn’t deal with it.


Jaehyun easily blocked her attack just by moving his hand horizontally.

A Valkyrie with regrown black wings. He could feel her running towards him in her detonation. Her reappearance was not avoided.


I control the chains and completely rip off her wings once again.

Then he looked down at her again with his eyes wide open.

“How does it feel to not be able to keep yours? Are you sick?”

“You must have felt this way too.”

Surprisingly, Sigrun was the first to affirm his words.

Jaehyun was still cold, but a little surprised by her words.

Just a moment ago, she was only obsessed with getting rid of herself.

But what about her now?

They sympathize with the pain they are experiencing, and are rising up for what they have to protect.

Jae-hyun thought about what the hell the evil he remembers came from.

What will be the end of this story infinitely close to tragedy?

In an unknown situation, the chain and Sigrun’s sword collide.

There, the sparks of magical power flew.

Caan, the noise poured out. Without rest, Sigrun was facing his sword.

Freya… Freya… .

the person who took care of himself.

The moment Sigrun reached the end, he thought that he would not be able to keep his promise to her.

The chains of rebirth were digging into him much faster than his own sword.

Jaehyun was driving the enemy into a corner using a sword and a series of magic.

The S-class, unique skills that have been accumulated with the godhead so far. In addition, the power of Nidhogg’s fangs is displayed to the limit.

Sigrun had already been cut by Jaehyun’s dagger and was in a state of deadly poison.

Then, he could clearly feel the chains penetrating his body somewhere.


“I have done the worst thing to you. Even though I went through that pain.”

Sigrun vomited blood and looked at his abdomen.

She looked up at Jaehyun with a shaky vision in the midst of a dizzying sensation as if something was stabbing her.

“With the story of an order, I took away something precious from you.”


“now I get it. When hatred becomes another hatred… That existence is destroyed.”

“If I had known a little earlier, I wouldn’t have killed you either. But it’s meaningless now.”

rehearsal words. Why was it?

Sigrun felt infinitely warm.

Then, not long after, she stopped breathing completely.

Finally, Sigrun faced death standing upright with his sword stuck in the ground.

The last thing she uttered. It remained clearly in Jaehyun’s mind.

“Lady Freya… Because I can’t stay by your side… sorry… .”

what is it

Sigrun. Because what was it that made her move and hold her sword?

Did someone who can say the same thing now steal something precious from me?

War. There death comes equally to everyone.

dirty and hot

I already knew.

However, that was not the only misery of the war that he actually began to experience.

If you saw them elsewhere, you could build a much better relationship with them. I have to see him die by my sword and hand.

that was the war

but… Jaehyun didn’t care what happened to those things now.

His body was completely in a state of runaway.

Sigrun has been eliminated, and the field is slowly crumbling. It won’t last long.

And even if I go back, Kim Yoo-jung is not there.

his old friend. not anymore.

I couldn’t keep it this time either.

When I realized that, my whole body lost strength.


The field collapses. The huge sword and the plateau tied to the chain that were stuck in the back all disappeared.

In that moment, Jaehyun knew exactly what he had to do.

You have to take care of the messed up body by putting magic all over your body and forcing it to run out of control. You need to use Sacrifice to heal your body and circulate magic.

If you don’t do that, you die.

Despite knowing it, Jaehyun seemed unable to go any further.

If I lose more people in the future, I don’t have the confidence to endure even there.

It might be better to end everything here.

Yeah, it was unfair from the start.

Others only had one life, but I was given a second chance.

It’s completely my fault that I couldn’t save it and let my person die.

The ugly one was me from the start.

Pessimism bites tail after tail, causing Jaehyun to sink endlessly.

Jaehyun’s eyes were still the same, and the blood vessels were bursting and blood was constantly leaking out.

‘It’s over.’

After a while. The pure white light breaks and the sky is revealed.

The relay screen of the TV also returns, and Jaehyun’s appearance is revealed there. In the midst of his shaky vision, Jaehyun unknowingly had a smile on his face.

It was self-pity.

Fighting for this, destroying each other and coming back.

if so…

“I don’t have the confidence to do any more.”

I couldn’t move on.

Just like that, it was time for Jaehyun to collapse.


“no! Wake!”

“… You have to get up!”

“First of all, this potion… !”

voices were heard

It was something familiar and warm. However, the fact that one of them was missing was telling me to stop recreating it here.

“Thank you.”

Jaehyun laughed at that.


Just as he was about to give up everything, a voice interrupted.

Even though the surroundings were noisy, the voice could be heard very clearly. It belonged to someone who had been around for at least ten years, thought he had just lost.

“Min Jaehyun… no. I was wrong. Because I won’t do it again… .”

There was Kim Yoo-jung.

“Come back.”

At her words, Jaehyun quickly turned his sight back to normal.


It was good though. Jaehyun forced her body up and pulled her wrists and hugged her. Her hands trembled.

A tear slowly trickled down from Jaehyun’s eyes. It was the moment when I finally found a place to return to.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 298I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 300
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