I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 300

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Episode 300: Fimbulbert

Asgard’s highest point.

At the mouth of the lake with the sealed altar, the supreme god Odin appeared.

As always, Hugin was by his side.

“Are you really okay?”

Hugin looked at the huge mirror there and got lucky.

“It is a mirror that maintains the equilibrium of nine worlds. If you break it here, disaster will come to Asgard as well.

It is said to be to prevent the opponent, but I don’t know if it is too excessive.”

Hugin said that to stop Odin, but Odin’s decision was not overturned. Odin looked up into the mirror with a solemn face.

“Sigrun is dead. Freya’s first attempt failed.”

“… Sigrun… Is that true?”

“Yes. The power of the opponents of prophecy continues to grow stronger. This is the best way to stop him here.

Even if there is some damage on our side, we will remove it here.”

Hugin couldn’t deny Odin’s words, but he couldn’t say that his choice was right.

‘Mirror of Equilibrium’. The power of the forbidden artifact that Odin was trying to break was truly amazing.

An object that has the power to support the nine worlds and make everything run as it should.

Its majesty was known to anyone in the nine worlds.

But, what if that mirror breaks here?

All bonds and bonds will be broken.

The same was true of the treaty signed with the Van Aesir Alliance 10,000 years ago.

‘The Æsir had absolute influence and superiority over them by the conclusion of this treaty after the first apocalypse.

The power of the treaty that you can’t go against the Aesir is simple, but it exerts a stronger influence than you think.’

Because of this, Hugin wanted to stop it.

Of course, the power of the adversary is strong. But you have to take too many risks to get rid of that one.

Anti-Aesir forces still exist throughout the Nine Worlds.

What if they gather their strength, rally, and stand up?

The Æsir had too much to lose.

“The power of prophecy that surrounds the antagonist of prophecy. If you don’t get rid of it, you can never kill him.”

power of prophecy.

That was why Odin wanted to break the mirror.

The prophecy told by the three Norn sisters.

It became the power to protect Jaehyun. The three Norn sisters died, but their powers still protected Jaehyun.

Originally, this power was supposed to be exhausted in the next 10 years or so.

Odin also planned to kill the opponent of the prophecy at the same time and cause the second Ragnarok.

But my mind has changed.

The adversary is growing faster than he ever thought.

He acted as if he was looking into the future.

At the time of Limit Breaker, I injected my godhead into my body and took some of my power.

He won the fight against Heimdall, and this time killed Sigrun as well.

should be stopped here.

Odin made up his mind and put strength into his staff.

soon The giant mirror floating on the lake started to develop incontinence.


It was completely broken with a cheerful sound.

‘With this, disaster will begin once again. A war that takes place when Asgard is not properly prepared.

With this, the situation has become unpredictable.’

Hugin was analyzing the current situation closely.

Odin’s power.

Of course, this is great, but the pendulum of the world was shaken once so that the obvious was not taken for granted while breaking the mirror.

Now Asgard can kill its opponents, but it puts itself in the position of being killed too.

double-edged sword.

The teeth pointed at each other were sharp. Now, it remains to be seen whose flesh will fall and be torn at the end.

“I will go back. There are many things to prepare.”

Odin said calmly and turned around.

He will never regret it.

Because that was the reason why the god Odin was so great.

* * *

center of Helheim. Temple of Hel.

A very deep darkness begins to permeate through the stained glass that emits light.

It is very thick and thick.

Among all I’ve been through so far. It was by far the worst of darkness.

“Has it finally started? It’s a little earlier than I thought.”

Smir, who was standing behind, opened his mouth like that. It was he who escaped from his ruins for a while and found the temple of Hel.

I didn’t think the worst would happen at this timing… It was something that had to happen someday.

‘It’s surprising that the point of view has moved a little earlier, but it can’t be helped.’

Helen bit her lip and nodded.

“It looks like the ‘mirror of equilibrium’ is broken. It must have been Odin’s work.”

“All the restraints and limitations of the world have disappeared. I can finally kill all the Aesirs.



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All of the Gleipnir that bound me has come loose.”

The wolf standing behind, Fenrir, showed his teeth and laughed.

He was finally speaking properly after 10,000 years. That would be the case, because in the past, Fenrir fell for Tyr and Odin’s scheming and was bound by Gleipnir.

However, the cloth that was wrapped around his body was completely gone.

What this meant was clear.

bridle and bondage. That it was all gone, and then there would be a war.

“I will need a fourth or fifth trial for the adversary. We need to grow him a little faster. I do not have time.”

He said that and turned around. The signs of the end were already beginning.

I will not repeat the tragedy of 10,000 years ago.

I will stop Odin and save the nine worlds and races.

They made such a resolution and made a plan to roll the opponent a little more. After all, it would be difficult if he didn’t grow to the point of killing Odin.

The prophecy of the three Norn sisters.

If done right, the winner of this war will be the anti-Aesir coalition.

* * *

Jaehyun was held in Kim Yoojung’s arms for a while.

When I came to my senses, everyone was hugging me. Each other’s body temperature shared, tears and runny nose. I was dizzy because of the sweat mixed with my body odor.

Of course, few people felt this.

It was such a long fight.

I met Loki, Kim Yoo-jung almost died, and I forcibly broke the Awakening Stone and ran out of control.

In return for forcibly using the Awakening Stone of the beginning, I almost died there.

Jaehyun went back and forth between heaven and hell in less than a few hours at most.

I have experienced my own limits and have surpassed them. It was too hard for him.

Especially if it happened when you thought your friend was dead.

My colleagues said that a little while ago, Loki consumed one of his powder. He let me know that he saved Kim Yoo-jung with that power.

Jaehyun couldn’t help admitting that he was indebted to the damn Trickster for now. Of course, there were a lot of things that had to be paid back, but… .

Anyway, all of that was put off for a while.

thoughts and thoughts. Instead, only one thought filled his head.

“thank god.”

relief. The words that Jaehyun spat out made his colleagues burst into tears once again.

The emotion boils from deep inside. It was to ease Jaehyun’s heart.

No one died.

Yoo Sung-eun and Lee Jae-shin, Ballack and Camilla who came to support. And Moriya Lenki.

Jung Hyun, Kang Joo-hyeop, Han Ji-an, etc… Everyone had their own fight.

and survived

No one has lost yet.

He calmed down, thinking that Jaehyun would definitely do that in the future.

Jaehyun wanted to finish this long fight and get back to his daily life.

It’s clumsy at times, but I hoped that the time when we laughed and had fun would come back.

And I will definitely do that. It was when he was like that.

“yet… It’s not all over. After all, this is just the beginning.”

Along with Hella’s falling heavy horse, something suddenly began to fall from the sky.

It was cold and in the shape of a crystal.

“… This… eye?”

Seo Ina was the first to react.

She tilted her head as if it were strange.

Kwon So-yul-do, Ahn Ho-yeon-do, Kim Yu-jeong, Lee Jae-sang-do. All have the same reaction.

It was natural.

August now. It was a full summer.

But what about snow? At this point?

Everyone in this room felt a sense of incongruity spread throughout their bodies.

It is also like a radar sixth sense. Strange goosebumps rose from him.

As soon as Jaehyun and Hella saw the eyes that filled the sky, they immediately felt it.

What was happening now, and how Odin decided his course of action going forward.

‘Although it’s a bit earlier than expected.’

Jaehyun nodded and looked at Hella, then looked up again.

He already knew the identity of the eye.


It was a long three-year winter that appears in Norse mythology.

A catastrophe with extreme cold that brings famine and cold.

Also, it.

“Ragnarok… It started.”

It was also a precursor to the beginning of Ragnarok.

* * *

Iron gruck.

Meanwhile, deep in Asgard at that time.

The chains that bound Loki’s body imprisoned in the dungeon began to slowly unravel.


The chains completely break, and the restraints surrounding his body are shattered. The snake that was dripping poison that fell on his head also died instantly with a single gesture.

Loki smiled and looked around.

‘also. Odin would have thought it would be like this.’

Loki already knew that Odin would break the Mirror of Equilibrium.

And to do so is to say that Ragnarok will happen again. It meant that all the bondage and restraints of the world would disappear.

Loki smiled mischievously at his hand, which was completely free. I clench and open his fists, and I try to stomp his feet.

Odin. He had a lot to repay him with.

It was the same with the rest of Asgard.

For the past 10,000 years, he has been embarrassing as a chieftain, but it won’t be anymore.

Loki was still Loki even if he lost one powder.

he stepped out

Hundreds of demons guarding the prison. All of them were guys with powers close to myths, but to Loki, they were just toys.

Loki grinned as he watched the monsters rushing at him.

‘Shall we play a little prank after a while?’



He cleared them out with a single shot of fire. It was a prison break, but it was too imposing.

Loki thought.

I guess I’ll be a bit busy from now on.

‘But I quite like it. In the past, I would have told you to get rid of work.’

Even so, 10,000 years of probation was too long.

Loki retook his steps.

“Adversary. I want to go see Min Jae-hyun in person as soon as possible.”

The meeting with the enemy was already expected.

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