I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 303

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Episode 303: Flowers Blooming in the Snow (3)

“Are you here?”

The blush on Kim Yoo-jung’s cheeks stood out in the moonlight.

She may not feel it herself, but maybe anyone else can see it.

The fact that Kim Yoo-jung had been waiting for Jae-hyun from the beginning.

Jaehyun could feel a mischievous feeling creeping up in his mind.

he asked.

“Why are you doing that there? Did you even wait for me?”

“uh. Were you waiting?”

Kim Yoo-jung said very calmly. As if she had rehearsed the same words over and over again.

By the way, she was wearing a hospital uniform just like Jaehyun.

During the battle with Sigrun.

She sacrificed herself by activating her unique skill called Soul Link.

Her heart, which I see now, had stopped once in any circumstances. I was hurt the most and it hurt the most.

In the desperate situation at the time, Jaehyun watched her sacrifice with his own two eyes.

in the nearest place.

It wasn’t very pleasant.

Kim Yoo-jung said with a bright expression as usual.

“Are you on your way back from training? very diligent How long has it been since you recovered?”

“Because there is still a lot left to do. Don’t stay like that, go in and go to bed early. The winter night air is cold.”

After answering appropriately, Jaehyun walked past her and walked away.

It was then.

Kim Yoo-jung in the back wrapped around Jae-hyun’s waist with a playful face.

“Hey, it’s been a while since I saw you. Where are you going after that? mercilessly.”

She had a reason for saying that.

This hospital has clearly separated male and female wards.

Although we’ve seen each other’s faces from time to time, we’ve rarely had a direct conversation like this.

Jaehyun grabbed Kim Yoojung by the wrist that was wrapped around her waist.

In fact, Jaehyun was quite tired, so he had a strong desire to go in and rest.

but… .

‘I was thin.’

When I touched Kim Yoo-jung’s skinny wrist. He decided to go along with her jokes this time.

He was a child who sacrificed himself and became like this.

A seventeen-year-old child, mentally ten years old or less mature.


“… what?”

Jaehyun forced himself into a blunt voice as he asked.

Kim Yu-jung answered with a transparent smile.

“Let’s sit down for a while. There was a bench over there. I heard the stars look good.”

“… okay. let’s go.”

Jaehyun nodded in response to her words.

Kim Yoo-jung secretly came next to me and smiled. Jaehyun looked at her side profile for a moment, scented with the scent of freesia flowers.

You really like this flower.

The thought floated in Jaehyun’s mind for a while and then disappeared.

After a while. The two sat on a lonely bench in the hospital and looked up at the black sky.

“Not even one star.”

It was Jaehyun who broke the colic first. Kim Yoo-jung scratched her head as if embarrassed.

“Uh, huh? I can’t do this… .”

When Kim Yoo-jung blurted out, Jae-hyun laughed.

“To lie. I knew. I can’t see any stars. What kind of star is this city? … So, what do you want to say?”

“… I want to say I’m sorry.”

Kim Yoo-jung wiggled and said so.

The inside of the foot and the inside of the foot in hospital slippers collided, or the pods were put on and unwound in neatly gathered hands, or tilting the head left and right.

Jaehyun knew all of her manners.

By the way, that meant that I was nervous.

However, Jaehyun said with a calm expression like the first time.

“what? Why are you sorry for me?”

“I almost hurt you again. I’m sorry I almost lost a friend twice. that… Because I’ve already made up my mind to get scolded. Please be as gentle as possible.”

Kim Yoo-jung said that, as if she sincerely hated being hated by Jae-hyun. She had clear tears welling up in her eyes.

Jaehyun avoided her gaze for a moment and leaned back on the bench.

“That is what I am going to say.”

He put his hand on his face and brushed his hair for a moment.

“I really wanted to protect it… I’m sorry I couldn’t do that.”

“You did your best. Of course, at first I was a little upset that he cheated on us, but… When I found out I had no future, you told me. Please, please stay alive.”

“Yes… ji.”

Jaehyun’s face became hot as he remembered the time when he was overflowing with emotions.

At that time, Kim Yoo-jung smiled and met Jae-hyun’s gaze.

Relax. She seemed to have come this way from the beginning.



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“hey. What are you doing.”

“Can I ask you one thing?”

I felt like I was getting involved in Kim Yu-jung’s pace.

Jaehyun lifted his head and looked at her.

Kim Yoo-jung stood up. She looked down from the top of Jaehyun, who leaned back on her bench.

Her head came up above the reproduction.

Jaehyun suddenly met Kim Yoojung’s eyes looking down at him.

Kim Yoo-jung asked as if to be confirmed.

“Am I a dear friend to you?”

“of course. Why do you ask me something like that?”

“Isn’t it natural that friends usually joke around?”

“Until this point, you and I both grew up bullying each other. Why are you asking such a thing out of the blue? .”

At that moment, Kim Yoo-jung pulled Jae-hyun’s arms and grabbed his hand.

Hands holding tightly.

His calloused and thick hand, holding the cold weapon, touched her soft hand.

The pure white moonlight lightly fell on Kim Yoo-jung’s smile.

A moment of silence lingers on the bench in the hospital park.

Kim Yoo-jung asked in a voice that seemed to break.

“Then, such a joke… Are you okay?”

“… today.”

Jaehyun said that and gave her strength to hold her hand tighter.

It was a determined will not to lose it again, and an act of faith.

Replay was once again quite forceful.

“I will see you today.”

For some reason, Kim Yoo-jung smiled and smiled at those words. Jaehyun watched this and felt her chest ache for no reason.

* * *

Unprecedented heavy snowfall continues around the world.

After the beginning of Ragnarok, and after the beginning of Fimbulbert.

The world was dyed in complete white.

Europe, Asia and Africa.

It snowed all the way to the desert.

It was truly a disaster.

Quite a bit of time has passed since Jaehyun visited the temple in Hel.

time of about 6 months. In the meantime, her Jae-Hyun completed her rehabilitation perfectly, and Kim Yoo-Jung also diligently recovered and was freed from her hospital stay.

Circle Nine is finally able to stand in the world again.

“I wish I could rest a little longer… .”

An adult woman sitting in the back seat, squeezing her skin together, said.

Yooseong was the guild master of Yeonhwa.

Jaehyun smiled shyly.

“no. are you okay. Actually, this is too late. I should have moved a little faster… It took a little longer because I wasn’t used to dealing with taboos than I thought.”

In the meantime, Jaehyun went through a lot of research and worrying repeatedly at the hospital.

Thanks to this, all the magic tools prepared in the hospital’s training ground were smashed.

I don’t know, but the damage estimate is at least in the hundreds of billions.

But it’s not that big of a problem.

Now the world is a existence of reproduction.

In other words, they began to accept the existence of black robes and opponents. It was because all kinds of abnormal phenomena, including the continuous winter, affirmed his existence.

For example, the monster level of the gate that appears suddenly rises. or ancient ruins appear. Murals presumed to be traces of giants are found.

Signs that symbolize the end have appeared countless times. Even now, if there were people who didn’t believe it, he would say that he was a good person to die.

Thanks to this, worldwide support started to come to Jaehyun.

Because that’s when he learned that everything could be destroyed if he didn’t grow.

“Have you thought about what you will do next?”

It was Yoo Seong-eun’s question. Jaehyun nodded.

“yes. Well first… .”

“haha! I’m sure Jaehyun-kun will take care of it. You worry too much. and…

In fact, isn’t he older than me? If I’m 26 and Jaehyun returned from the future to the past… Judging by the number of days I have lived, I am the younger brother.”

Seong-jae Yoo and Jae-hyun were startled at Park Seong-jae’s interrupting words while driving.

With that face value, you can say that without hesitation?

I don’t know where it came from, but his confidence was admirable.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“what? Did I do something wrong… .”

On the other hand, Park Seong-jae only tilted his head, repeating what mistake he had made.

In the meantime.

Jaehyun’s colleagues who were riding behind whispered.

“No matter how much it is, I can’t call Jaehyun an older brother… The manager is also bad. look at the face Considering the face value, absolutely… .”

“I can’t use it when you say things like that. Do you want to grow old too?”

“Why do you still look at that age… .”

“Do you think that makes sense now?”

“Hey… .”

Almost at the same time, sobbing was heard from the front.

He said he was talking quietly behind the scenes, but he heard everything about it.

In fact, it was natural.

Park Seong-jae, a martial arts raider belonging to the assassin class.

Eavesdropping on other stories is not a very noble hobby, but… Due to the constant skill activation, I can’t help but hear it in my ears!


Park Seong-jae drove quickly and arrived in front of a familiar building before long.

There were already reporters scattered all over the place, so it was difficult to control the number of people.

“Milles Academy… It’s the first time since then.”

Jaehyun muttered that and slowly finished his preparations.

Here he had work to do.

Yoosung opened the car door and said.

“Then, have a good day. Don’t forget that Yeonhwa is always on your side.”


Saying that, Jaehyun got out of the car with his colleagues.

As they passed the black van, countless flashes burst out as if they were going to eat Jaehyun.

His colleagues were terribly frightened, but Jaehyun had no such feelings at all.

It was natural.

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

Because he had a cheat key.

* * *

‘It’s a bit of a burden, but… Can not help it. After all, I needed to reveal myself to the world at least once. Now is the right time.’

Jaehyun caught his breath and headed to the waiting room behind him.

Events you are currently attending.

It was because some important issues were to be decided here.

Especially now that the gods of Norse mythology are real, and news spreads that they will bring disaster to mankind, a quick judgment was needed.

Also, at the center of all these incidents is the antagonist. There was a reenactment.

Thanks to this, Jaehyun was in a situation where he had to appear in front of the public immediately after being discharged.

It was unavoidable.

There are still many stories about the enemy going around in the world.

What is the truth behind countless rumors?

Will the same fierce battles continue in the future?

How far can a god’s power go, and is only one adversary able to reach it?

I couldn’t come up with a countermeasure without checking all of them properly. Wasn’t it a fight that even the World Raider Federation and Headquarters couldn’t get their hands on in the first place?

In fact, after that, there were little investigations into the battle…

It didn’t mean much.

What kind of S-class raider can slice Ark Metal into tofu? That was something that even Balak, the head of the European Union, could not do.

However, enemies were possible. Valkyrie, a woman called Sigrun, did it very easily.

Also, the real problem is that she’s not even a god.

It’s a situation where you don’t know if there will be a bigger problem left.

like that.

The time when everyone who was watching the live broadcast gave up and despaired.

Min Jae-hyeon, the antagonist has appeared.

I wiped out the army of Valkyries that filled the sky and reached them.

It has reached a level that other S-class radars cannot even attempt.


Finally, the antagonist of the rumor has now appeared.

“Then, from now on, we will start the emergency press conference hosted by the World Radar Alliance in earnest.”

chump chump chump!

Flashes were fired from all sides of the outdoor auditorium where the press conference was being held. They seemed convinced that this article was going to be a scoop.

By the way, the person holding the microphone now was Richard, the head of the World Radar Alliance.

Another scale different from national organizations operated in the Republic of Korea. The head of the coalition headquarters, where the leading radars of each country belong, came to Korea directly.

For the story of the adversary, and the coming catastrophe Ragnarok.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions about me and the World Radar Alliance.”

He was so lucky.

“From now on, our headquarters firmly promises to reveal all the facts learned through this press conference step by step. However.”

… but before that.

“Before that, we will start with a small ceremony. Our World Radar Management Headquarters judged that Min Jae-hyun Radar and his colleagues had pioneered the S-class and above.

We made the decision to create a new class on top of that.”

Jaehyun crossed his arms as he watched Richard’s presentation.

The highest grade S that has been maintained for the past decade or so.

Down there A, B, C, D…

This announcement is the rating of the radar system.

It will be the content that overturns all the foundations.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 302I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 304
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