I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 305

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Episode 305: Age of Wolves

One hot summer day, the end suddenly began.

This is an era in which feuds and infidelities are prevalent.

In other words, the ‘Age of Wolves’ was opened, and the heavens and the earth were opened, and countless people who wanted blood were covered.

Son of Fenrir. Skoll and Hati opened their huge jaws to devour the sun and moon. Soon ‘eternal darkness’ will come to the earth, and disaster will come in earnest.

three roosters.

And Garm, the dog guarding the entrance to Helheim, howls.

All of that meant only one thing.


It was the beginning of a long winter, its end and end.

However, at that moment.

In the darkness of dusk, a brighter light than ever before ignited.

The briefness of the nine worlds is broken with a terrifying scream.


10,000 years ago, the weakest of the three sisters opened the door.

That moment.

The third verse of the prophecy resonates clearly throughout the nine worlds.

[The adversary will proceed according to his will, and in the end he will have everything he wants in his hands.]

third verse. At the end, a small note was added:

[In fact, he will never know that he already has everything.]

* * *

[Next news. This is the news about the war with Valkyrie that covered all of Miles Academy. Over the past six months, as a result of investigating the truth of the incident. The existence of gods, including the Æsir, was confirmed.

The appearance of gates and the appearance of monsters. And it is suggested that the transcendent humanity called Radar was also derived from them.]

[yes. It seems a bit unreasonable to think of the two incidents separately.

However, why did the gods, who had not moved for over 10 years, move? In addition, the reason for attacking cadet Min Jae-hyun, who is called the opponent of the prophecy, has not yet been properly revealed.]

[Are you saying that we have no choice but to watch the situation right now?]

[That’s right. Unfortunately, 3 years of long winter. Fimbulbert has already begun. The reason is that it suddenly started snowing in summer, and that it lasted for six months.

Ragnarok. What if there was a war between the gods in mythology? Also, if the war is going on at one point on Earth, at least hundreds of millions of people will lose their lives.]

[Right now, the appearance of gods and giants standing at the opposite point of Min Jae-hyun Raider and Valkyrie, who are the only hope, and whether they help humans has become important.

How will things go in the future? Thank you for your interest.]

“… Did this happen too?”

Jaehyun muttered for a while as he took the Bluetooth wireless earbuds out of his ears. He was listening to world radar news on the road.

The reason was that he needed to know the latest situation.

but… It turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought.

With all major media outlets and broadcasting stations only covering stories about him and the Æsir, Jaehyun felt like he was going to lose his mind.

“Well, in a way, it’s not natural. Because all the scenes of me and Sigrun fighting were broadcast live all over the world.”

The world has been in utter chaos lately. The announcer’s voice, which seemed embarrassed a moment ago, was still clear in Jaehyun’s ears, so there was nothing more to explain.

It was unavoidable.

Basically the identity of the Aesir gods. And the changes taking place all over the world were a new divergence of mankind.

The present is very important to plan for the future.

Jaehyun was never unaware of this.

but… Even so, there was no reason to create an atmosphere of fear throughout the world by talking about danger excessively like now.

‘can not understand.’

Why are they scaring the citizens?

Jaehyun could not hastily figure out the intentions of the World Radar Alliance.

In fact, they should know better that you can’t do anything by just being scared.

Even so, the TV was repeating the same sound like a parrot.

Jaehyun got annoyed and turned off his smartphone completely.

After all, you will have to endure the ordeal for a while. There was no reason to turn it on.

“Anyway, it’s already been six months… At the time, I thought he was really dying.”

Jaehyun calmly put his hands in his pockets.

The conversation partner was clear.

hella. She was following right next to him.

Indeed, like a guide through trials, he came to accompany him this time as well.


Poppy was also toddling after Jaehyun, making a pleasant sound. Now the guy has grown quite a bit and weighs almost 10 kg.

If you’re a normal person, it would be difficult to hug and carry with both arms now.

Actually, since he likes to walk on his own, there was no problem with him walking.

… Of course, the case was different when he was in Kim Yoo-jung’s arms.

‘Strangely, when only Kim Yoo-jung is next to her, she whines and acts cutely.’

“… joy.”

Hella looked at Jaehyun’s profile and snorted lightly.

Jaehyun didn’t pay much attention and thought for a while.

6 months in hospital.

It’s new, but it was a period that can be said to be quite long.

Of course, he wasn’t just lying in the hospital room.

Until he regained his strength, Jaehyun took care of the things he had put off for a while in order of priority.

First of all, the first thing was to kill Odin’s raven.



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Except for Huginn and Munin, you found one of the crows in Midgard and killed them. The price was a little bit high, but I was able to raise it.

It was insignificant compared to Shin, but it wasn’t bad enough for Jaehyun, who was lacking in status right away, so I decided to be satisfied.

At that time, and even now, Jaehyun was desperate.

If there is any benefit, you should do anything. In order to control his new power, it was important for him to struggle as much as possible.

Next was training to control the power of representation and normalization of the body.

It was unavoidable, but his condition was the worst after overexerting himself once. He needed some kind of rehabilitation period, so it was inevitable.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun’s physical condition is almost perfect.

… Just one thing.

Except for the prohibition of Godhead, it was a story like that.

Meanwhile, at his expression, Hella’s forehead flinched and crumpled for a moment.

Her fine lips are, for some reason, a pale crimson color.

It was because it took quite a bit of mana to continue polymorphing into a cat, so there was talk of hiding his identity altogether.

Also, when it comes to hiding people (?), interpersonal relationships are the best.

There was also a trivial conclusion.

For these reasons.

For the first time in her life, Hella was roaming freely in human form. They said that excited Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na lent her cosmetics and dressed her.

The expression on his face at that time was really good to see.

Seeing him dying because it was awkward, Jaehyun just kept laughing.

Anyway, thanks for going through that process. In the eyes of others, the girl next to her only looked like Jae-hyeon’s younger sister. Hella couldn’t help it, and that made her look uncomfortable.

she said in a slightly annoyed tone.

“… You talk casually as if it were someone else’s business. I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking, but why don’t you stop worrying other people?”

“Do not worry. Because I want to stop fighting so recklessly there. You all know that there was nothing you can do about it.”

When Jaehyun spoke smirkingly, Hella barely held back the urge to stomp on Jaehyun’s feet.

Jaehyun had a relaxed expression, whether he was aware of her anger or not.

“By the way, the person in charge of the fourth trial… I never thought such a great being could be so close.”

Jaehyun looked around and said.

He was walking along the edge of the sea with Hella. They had just arrived in Busan for their fourth ordeal.

It was because he had heard that he could meet ‘him’ who was in charge of the fourth ordeal here.

Hella lightly shook her head with her hands behind her back. Her eyes were half closed.

No matter how much I used the magic of cognitive error, I could feel the glances around me because it was a pretty face.

Hella was unconcerned.

“It is not necessarily only here that you can meet him. His realm is all over the seas of Midgard. You can call him anywhere.

of course… Although it requires some conditions.”

Hella’s words were somehow sinister, so Jaehyun poked her side with his elbow.

And this time, what kind of troublesome trials will be thrown and told to overcome…

Because I already felt like I was getting dizzy.

“oh! really!”

Hella was furious. But her reappearance still smirked.

“sorry. My arm slipped.”

“under… .”

By the time he arrived at the pier after walking for a long time.

Geeeeing… !

I felt a strange energy from somewhere.

with him.

A voice I had never heard before, a voice of unknown gender began to ring in my ears.

[Adversary… to this place… Open the road to the sea and come here… !]

[Because the fourth trial is prepared here.]

The mysterious voice had said so.

Jaehyun smiled.

‘It’s the same as the great ruins of the second trial. It’s a structure that doesn’t open unless certain conditions are met.’

At the same time as Jaehyun thought, a huge spray of water appeared in front of his feet.


It was so loud it almost equaled the sound of thunder.

Magical energy pulsates from the depths of the sea and spreads out in a blue color. The waves collide with each other and create noise.


“Open the way to the sea… la. Something more enigmatic has come.”

When Jaehyun muttered that, Hella nodded with a sad expression on her face. She even raised her chin slightly as if she was showing off to Jaehyun.

“is it so! Even you wouldn’t be able to pass easily here. that’s an ordeal Until now, this and that worked out, but… .”

However, Jaehyun walked slowly toward the sea without even paying attention.

He murmured and lightly released his mana.

“The road to the sea… Then, after all, this guy will work.”

Jaehyun smiled.

Hella’s fine brow wrinkled again.

Eventually, she had no choice but to watch the situation unfold in a completely different way than she had imagined.

―Artifact 《Essence of the Sea》 is used.

―The level of the user is high! You can control water attribute magic as you wish.

Jaehyun smiled.

As a result of searching the area a little while ago with magic detection, I already figured out that there is a subspace below that leads to ‘him’ who is in charge of the fourth ordeal.

However, the problem was that the process to reach that point took quite a long time. My colleagues also told me to come back soon… .

He didn’t want to spend a long time on Jaehyundo ordeal anymore, so he brought out the best move he had.

It is the essence of the sea.

It was stolen from the former master.

I’m sorry!!

As if water has viscosity, they clump together and begin to build a false wall.

Then, Jaehyun was able to truly experience the miracle of Moses.

The sea opened for him, revealing the sacred altar he had hidden beneath it.

It must be some sort of transmission portal.

Jaehyun smiled lightly at the system designed to be easy to understand.

“… You become more impudent every time I see you, so I’m not even angry anymore.”

“Then laugh. You should smile when you see your handsome face. Why are you angry?”

Jaehyun headed to the depths of the sea with Hella shaking her head.

He soon reached the altar, followed by the familiar sound of the system.

—… Prove that you are the enemy… .

“Isn’t it just a drop of blood? Now, eat quickly and guide me to the subspace. Because I am a busy person.”

The mana blade made by Jaehyun was lightly fed with blood. The altar responds, and the sound of the system resonates gently in your ears.

It was a similar feeling to when I used Urd’s mirror in the past.

―Adversary recognition complete.

―Guide the adversary to the fourth ordeal 《The Trial of the Midgard Serpent》.

At that moment, Jaehyun clearly felt the moment he closed and opened his eyes. Before I knew it, the water rose again and swallowed Jaehyun’s whole body.

Jaehyun used the essence of the sea and quickly reached the sea level.



With a sound, I felt something rising over the sea.

Jaehyun intuitively sensed that it was not a column of water, and was once again surprised by how unusual the size was.

‘What kind of ignorantly big thing is this… .’

[You’ve finally reached this place. Adversary.]

Then, the snake’s language, which sounded much more subtle than the others’, was replaced by human speech in Jaehyun’s ears.

The scenery in the middle of the sea changed in an instant, and then it was transformed into a flat land.

Apparently, the host of the fourth ordeal seemed to be quite a conversationalist. If you look at how they take care of themselves from the beginning and move them to the place.

[This might be better for you, a half-human, to talk about. First, I will introduce myself.]

Jormungandr flicked his tongue.

[I am Jormungand. It’s a Midgard serpent, and one of the bloody Loki’s children.]

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes. what? One of his children’s children… ?

At those words, he didn’t even think that he shouldn’t do it in the first meeting, and he did it without even realizing it.

“… Is that a gag?”

[…] no.]

At Jaehyun’s words, Jormungandr twisted his body as if he was very embarrassed.

what the hell is this… .

Jormungandr, a serpent described as one of the strongest in mythology… A guy who makes such a silly gag?

Even the problem was that it was a gag with a different resolution from Mimir.

‘That old man didn’t know shame, so he was quite listenable… What are you going to do if you’re ashamed of what you’ve done… .’

Jaehyun started the fourth ordeal in a situation where he could neither laugh nor cry.

But then.

Hella’s shoulder next to her suddenly trembled.


“Hella, why are you shaking so much… .”

“Ah, great. oh sorry It’s a gag I haven’t heard in a while, so I don’t know.”

“… Your taste is a bit peculiar. A dog-like gag like that… .”

[Oh oh! Dog-like gag?! excellent! I’ll write it down in my humor book #33 right now.]

Jormungand was delighted.

Jaehyun was now in a frenzy.

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