I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 306

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Episode 306: The Fourth Trial (1)

The time when Jaehyun met Jormungandr to undergo the ordeal.


Odin sat on his throne, rarely clenching his fists.

From that, a clear anger spreads out like a branch. Along with thickly protruding blood vessels, the godhead bounces with a crackling sound.

The reason Odin was so angry was simple.


It was because there was an existence outside the gaze of the throne that could contemplate everything in the world.

“Loki… Did he dare to escape from Asgard’s prison?”


Soon after, Trickster escaped from his prison.

This is a serious issue no matter how you look at it.

Loki, the leader of the Anti-Aesir Alliance.

The power he had dared to equal or exceed his own or Thor’s. Although his power must have been degraded by the long restraint now, if he quickly regains his power… .

‘There is a risk that the game of the second Ragnarok will change.’

It just meant that it couldn’t be ignored.

In fact, in the past, Odin had expected this to happen.

Because of this, even when he first built a prison to restrain Loki, he put a lot of thought and effort into it compared to other buildings.

Even if all the bridle and restrictions of the world disappear, I have been thinking about it so that I can never get out of my control.

Mythical level monsters were also placed at a level that reached 10,000 water points.

Odin thought first.

At that level, it would be possible to stop and possibly even kill the weakened Loki.

It was so vaguely judged.

However… .

“I was complacent. He was more cunning and stronger.”

Could it be that the intuition has been blunted for 10,000 years?

He underestimated Loki.

Loki’s escape this time was tantamount to proving this.

when he was in trouble

Thor, who had been silently listening in front of him, interrupted.

“But Father. There is no need to worry too much, right? No matter how good he is, he probably hasn’t fully recovered his strength yet… furthermore.

Aren’t you the one who was defeated by us anyway?”

“Defeat? Did you say defeat?”

Odin snorted.

It was proof that Thor’s words were absurd.

Odin said, raising his rank and extending his momentum.

The deity of a mythical being that has reached the 5th level stretches out and starts to shake the ground and the palace.

“In the first Ragnarok, the anti-Aesir forces were much weaker than us. However, it was always us who fell a little behind in battle. Why do you think it was?”

Thor narrowed his brow.

This time, it was an unspoken sign that he would not just listen.

“Are you saying Loki alone made that possible? The word leaps too far.”

“At least, he was a much more usable guy than you, who was stupid and strong. He was an enemy, but his stratagem was unparalleled.”

Odin didn’t even think about Thor’s expression or mood.

“The only thing we were able to win was Idun’s Golden Apple and Einherjar. And it was thanks to the Valkyrie army led by Freya, not because you were strong.”

“That is also strength. If making use of others is not strength, then what is strength?”

“You’re just a mouthful. How many times do you think you and your wife have been fooled by his tricks? Thor, you’re getting more and more mindless. I doubt if he is really my son.”

As Odin’s sarcastic remarks subsided, Thor stopped his constant flirtation.

His gaze turns to his father.

It was a blasphemous gaze that could hardly be believed to be directed at the highest power in Asgard.

However, Odin held on to his stubborn attitude and continued to criticize his son.

“If you’re arrogant about killing a filthy giant, you’d better stop right now. Well, if he doesn’t want to die at my hands.”

“… sorry. However, I was just saying it because I was worried that my father seemed to be overly concerned. Please forget it with a generous heart.”

At Thor’s words as he lowered his head, Odin averted his gaze with a slightly softened face.

“so… Have you all figured out what the adversary’s current skill level is? Late?”

At that moment, a black shadow that had been swaying behind the curtains stood out clearly in front of me.

A being that appeared in the thick darkness.

It was Hugin, the crow.

“I haven’t fully grasped it yet… It is believed to be close to the 3rd stage of divine power liberation. It’s none other than Sigrun-nim, after all. He won’t be stuck at least in phase 2.

and… It will grow faster.”

Odin nodded.

“I will move a little faster. Do I have to restore my divinity that I lost in the destruction of the mirror… Get ready to move properly in at least a month.”

“I will take your order.”

“Everyone go away.”

Thor and Hugin in Odin’s celestial order.

The two beings lowered their heads at the same time as if they had matched.

“Everything according to the will of the great Odin.”

* * *

“So, Jormungand. What is the theme of the fourth ordeal?”



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At Jaehyun’s question, Jormungandr, who finally regained his composure, grinned and flicked his tongue.

It seemed that the embarrassment caused by the gag had finally gone.

[Are you directly asking me, the person in charge of the trials, about the contents of the test? I’ve heard rumors, but I know… Isn’t this too shameless?]

Jaehyun’s courage was truly amazing.

To the extent that even that Jormungandr laughed.

However, contrary to what Jormungand had thought, Jaehyun’s eyes were only serious.

His expression was innocent, as if he really thought that Jormungand would tell the story of his ordeal.

Of course, Hella knew very well that Jaehyun was the farthest from naivety.

‘It’s impudent.’

Though thinking so, Hella did not point out Jaehyun’s attitude.

In fact, for Jaehyun, the current reaction was quite natural.

It’s better for him to go through the ordeal with a little more information in his hands.

There’s no royal road to becoming strong, and you don’t have to rush your mind. Even so, it was not a story that could be used even in the current situation.


‘Three trials I’ve taken so far… It always pushed and tested me to my limits. It will be the same this time too. It’s good to find an easy way.

At least until I can handle this power properly.’

No matter how much the ordeal makes Jaehyun grow…

The fourth ordeal in a situation where you can’t properly handle the godhead?

Whatever is in reserve would be perfect for dying.

‘Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve heard the contents, but I can roughly understand Jormungandr’s personality… .’

It was at that time when Jaehyun was gathering information about the host of the fourth ordeal.

Jormungandr’s voice broke into his thoughts with a sudden gasp and tongue flick.

[good night. let me know The theme of the fourth trial.]

“… yes?”

Jaehyun rolled his eyes and said.

At first, he acted as if he wouldn’t tell me, but it seemed like the story would work. He smiled in satisfaction, as if he liked Jaehyun again.

[why? Don’t you like it?]

Jaehyun shook his head and put a small smile on his lips.

“As expected, the snake of Midgard… It’s nice to see you with a judo. Even if you don’t, I thought your story was the most interesting when I read mythology.”

[haha. is it. Even if it’s a lie, thank you.]

In a warm atmosphere. For some reason, Hella had a dark expression.

She seemed to be talking to someone. He’s probably communicating with Hell or other faction members via telepathy.

Jaehyun didn’t care deeply. First of all, because trials lie in front of you.

Right now, you have to focus on what’s in front of you first.

Jormungandr, perhaps aware of Jaehyun’s feelings, also slowly opened his mouth.

It was the moment when the details of the fourth trial were finally revealed.

[The theme of the fourth trial is ‘forbidden’.]


When Jaehyun tilted his head, Jormungand’s explanation continued.

[You are me from now on. You will receive Jormungandr’s ban, and if you pass it, you will fully rise to the stage of the 3rd stage of Godhood Liberation.

Now, no one will be able to call you a half-god, and you will be granted permission to attend Hel’s regular meetings.]

It was an unprecedented reward beyond what Jaehyun had thought.

Along with his thoughts, a quest window appeared in the air.

―Accept the main quest 《The Trial of Jormungand》.

―The contents of the quest are displayed.

[Main Quest]

Trial of Jormungand

The serpent of Midgard, Jormungandr, brings trials upon the adversary.

Endure the restrictions imposed and open the way to escape to the outside.

success condition

Overcoming inhibitions (one or more).

failure condition

1. Death of the Adversary

2. Failure to overcome restraints

difficulty: ???

Reward: Storm of Jormungand (EX), Deity level released

*Rewards are adjusted depending on how many bans you overcome.

*There are all three preparations.

* * *

Sounds of conversation can be heard from within Thor’s room in Asgard.

There were three men standing there.

Thor and two young men standing side by side in front of him.

They were Thor’s sons, Magni and Modi.

“Magni, Modi. Do you understand What an important task you have been entrusted with this time.”

“… but father. Aren’t you the opponent who defeated Sigrun? Even if we fight together, we might not be able to defeat him.

Even Odin didn’t give us the mission directly… I don’t know if it’s right for us to step forward now.”

Magni said slightly embarrassed.

Modi interjected, frowning.

“Magni, are you at least afraid of humans? We are the sons of Thor, the thunder god, and one of the great gods of Asgard.”

“Mony. Don’t you think you’re too careless?”

The opinions of the sons were sharply divided.

Naturally, Thor didn’t like the answer, but they also had their own circumstances.

The words that Thor summoned the two gods a while ago.

That was enough to embarrass the two gods.

[I will give you an order as a father. Go to Midgard, defeat the opponents, and return.]

It was news that was almost like a thunderbolt.

Sadly, Magni was not a battle fanatic like his father.

Although he was used to fighting because he was born with such strong power, he did not enjoy fighting.

In the case of Modi, he inherited his father’s warlike nature, but lacked fundamental strength and talent.

‘I wish only one of them had inherited all of my powers and personality… .’

It wasn’t once or twice that Thor thought about it.

To Magni and Modi, Thor’s mountain was high with Mjolnir and Megingjord.

An existence that cannot be surpassed by any means.

That was the status of a father in Asgard.

Because of this, the two sons gave up on surpassing their father and spent time drinking with Aegir or enjoying sex every day.

The other gods, of course, looked at them with pitiful eyes.

Thor was upset about that, and now he too was ignored by Odin. He came up with a trick, and he devised a plan to boost himself, his sons Modi, and Magni’s standing in Asgard.

The plan itself was simple.

It’s to get Modi and Magni to kill the antagonist.

If he succeeds, his position in Asgard will now be right below his father.

The ripple effect of the name of the antagonist of prophecy.

This is because it is a level that cannot be ignored in Asgard, which values ​​prophecy.

However, Tor has this problem. What if Modi and Magni, who were called his ugly sons, succeed in defeating them?

As long as he won, there was nothing wrong with Thor. A reward obtained by defeating an adversary, a human who obtained at least slightly stronger power.

It was sweet indeed.

‘No matter how strong the adversary is, there is a high possibility that it is an inflated rumor. Although she said she killed Heimdall and Sigrun, who had 30% godhood, it must be because she made a mistake or was careless.

No matter how you think about it, that crow’s evaluation is incomprehensible.’

Thor thought about that and nodded his head.

“My decision will not be reversed. You will have to head to Midgard to defeat the adversary. but.”

Thor said, looking down at his two sons.

“I am also your father. I am not giving you anything and telling you to destroy your opponents. Take this with you.”

“This, this… ?!”

Modi was the first to look surprised.

It was because the object Thor had given him was something he had never thought of.


It was Thor’s belt, which almost doubled the wearer’s strength.

My father is handing such things to himself!

“It is borrowed in any way. Modi, take this with you. You were born with the same temperament as me, but you are naturally weak.”

“thank you. father.”

“And Magni.”


“I will lend you a Gullfaxi.”

“Is that really?”

Magni couldn’t help but be surprised there.


It was his horse that Thor had obtained as a trophy when he defeated Hrungnir in the past.

It is said to be superior to Odin’s Sleipnir.

Truly, the famous horse under heaven.

Deep down, it was the prize he wanted to tell his father about after the battle with Hrungnir, but Thor correctly grasped it.

These two artifacts were enough to ignite the two sons’ sympathy.


If you think about it, it’s a simple thing.

No matter how strong he is, is he barely human?

Humans, let alone gods, were weak trash that were worse than Dark Elves. The reward for defeating him was simply sweet.

“I will go. Modi, would you like to go too?”

“Of course.”

Modi and Magni.

After the two gods greeted Thor, they headed for Bifrost.

It was the Rainbow Bridge guarded by Heimdall, and it was the only passage to Midgard.

two gods. Modi and Magni thought.

Soon as they reach Midgard, the world will become a sea of ​​fire.

The two gods did not doubt this.

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