I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 307

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Episode 307: The Fourth Trial (2)

“Forbidden… .”

Jaehyun thought for a moment while looking at the quest window that popped up.


At this moment, of course, there was only one meaning of this word.

Sealing part of one’s talents and powers.

To put it simply, this ordeal meant that Jaehyun would put restrictions on something he had been using often.

Whether it’s skills or stats…

Otherwise, something else special.

‘It’s the same that they all control my power. I don’t think it will be an easy ordeal.’

I ate my heart out and took a deep breath.

In the past, Hela said that the trials were designed to test the opponent’s strength to the limit.

What she said was actually true.

Of course, the second was more difficult than the first, and the third was several times more difficult than the second. At least that’s what Jaehyun felt.

Now, there are only two ordeals left.

It would be correct to assume that only relatively difficult ones will remain. There’s a good chance you’ll see blood if you don’t approach carefully.

However, there was no time for Jaehyun right now.

It is said that hasty judgment is poison, but in the end, it is an ordeal.

He took a step forward without hesitation.

“I will take the test right now.”

[good night. However, I will tell you one thing in advance. This ordeal is completely against the enemy. It is prepared only for you. You will not receive Fafnir’s help.]

“All right. hella. Take care of Poppy. I’ll have two sandwiches here, so if you whine about being hungry, eat them.”

“Yes, Neet?! If it’s a sandwich… That purple poison… ?”

“My friend worked hard on it, but it’s poisonous. You talk too much.”

“… sorry.”

Hella immediately apologized.

By the way, Hella was the guide of the ordeal, so she couldn’t help Jaehyun.

Well, it was like that in the past trials, so Jaehyun didn’t pay much attention to it.

at that time.

Jormungand looked at Jaehyun and pondered for a while, then said with a confident expression for some reason.

[Then I hope you can get what you want from this ordeal.

Don’t take the test too much.]


Hella laughed again.

By the time Jaehyun heard that, he doubted his ears again.

A white halo of light engulfed Jaehyun, and soon he felt his body shifting somewhere.

After a while.

Jaehyun arrived at the white room. As he lifted his head, he saw things that had nothing to do with the ordeal.

His mind suddenly became confused.

“That… Is it a soap bubble?”

It was as he said.

Above his head were numerous transparent spheres that looked like soap bubbles.

―Jormungandr’s first ban 《The ban of weight》 is applied.

―Detonate all the orbs floating in the air and open the portal to decide whether to enter the next forbidden area or end the ordeal.

* * *

that time. When Jaehyun entered the beginning of his ordeal.

Jormungandr opened his eyes, which had been closed for a moment, and his cunning-looking tongue clicked.

[Hella, you must have felt it too. The movement of this mighty magical power… .]

At his question, Hella nodded her head with a dark expression.

“yes. I am feeling it too. they… It’s finally starting to move.”

gurrureung… .

Poppy was also on edge for some reason and was crying ferociously.

Hela and Jormungand were well aware of the reason for this reaction.

Currently, the magical energy that has suddenly begun to be sensed in Midgard… .

This is probably the god sent by the Aesir to defeat Jaehyun.

For Fafnir, who accepted Jaehyun as his master, he had no choice but to react to the murderous feeling he felt right now.

[It will not be an overwhelming force. Because the Æsir gods who broke the equilibrium mirror couldn’t have recovered that much power yet.]

Jormungandr said calmly.

His words were well-founded.

No matter how much Ragnarok has begun, the Æsir gods cannot arbitrarily attack Midgard and the worlds.

Basically, in order to interfere in each other’s world, divine power is required.

Right now, the Æsir did not have enough spiritual power to bring out the spirits of countless gods in Midgard.

Efforts would be made to recover it, but it was inevitable that it would take time.

6 months. In order to attack Jaehyun with the divine power recovered in a short period of time, it was not strong enough.

There is probably nothing other than sending relatively low-level gods.

[However, even if you are weak, it is difficult to deal with a perfect godhead.

Even if not as much as when dealing with Sigrun, it would be difficult without the opponent drawing out half of it.]

Jormungandr’s vertically slit amber pupils radiated light.



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Hela agrees with him and adds.

“It is as you said. A little while ago, I got a call from the Temple of Hel. It is both gods who have passed through Bifrost to Midgard.

Modi and Magni. It seems that they are targeting the enemy.”

[But I’m worried about what to do. I want to help, but I can’t get out of here… It’s obvious that the whole of Midgard will become a sea of ​​fire if left alone.

If necessary, take the risk and other gods step in… .]

Jormungand’s words. Hella cut her teeth and turned her back.

“I will go and help them. You just help Jae-Hyun go through the ordeal safely.”

At her words, Jormungandr couldn’t help but be truly taken aback.

No matter how strong Hella was, it wasn’t enough to tie the two gods together. However, her expression was serious. It was her face that no matter how she looked at it, she was not playing a joke.

Jormungandr wrinkled his brow slightly.

[No matter how you are, it is impossible to deal with two gods at the same time.]

“I know.”

[But why did you make that decision?]

“I have no intention of stopping myself. Allies of the Adversary… They’re pretty strong now, too, so I’m going to rely on them.

there… I don’t think it will take long for Jaehyun to complete the ordeal. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Hela left those words and completely disappeared from the realm of Jormungand.

Because Fafnir II disappeared along with him, Jormungand had no choice but to be left alone in subspace.

Own territory where the deep blue sea spreads. Standing tall there, he was lost in thought as he repeated the story of Hela from earlier.

[This is really strange. What is it about the adversary that draws the trust of so many people? Also, what are the limits of his talent?]

However, I had no intention of keeping the question in my head for long.

It remains to be seen how the adversary progresses from now on.

All three preparations were prepared.

However, a little while ago, she told him. Even if you pass only one of the forbidden trials, you will be cleared. It is only up to the adversary to decide whether to go further.

Jormungandr flicked his tongue, recalling Jaehyun’s thin face. Only one had ever shown such an attitude in front of him.


A question popped into Jormungandr’s mind.

Loki, what makes him and Jaehyun look alike.

Is it just a coincidence?

* * *

“Blast all those soap bubbles… la. It’s an ordeal with contents that I didn’t even think of from the beginning.”

Jaehyun scratched his head and carefully looked at the drops floating in the air.

It reminded me of the soap bubble machine I used to play with as a child.

At that time, it was said that soap bubbles burst with just a light touch with a finger.

After my hair grew a bit, I also saw magicians doing bubble tricks.

Did you say that it does not explode well because it is mixed with a special solution?

Jaehyun carefully refined his thoughts.

The theme of this ordeal is forbidden.

Also, the sound of the system that had been heard earlier said that the weight of the restraint had been placed on him.

Why was there a ban on weight in the ordeal of popping soap bubbles?

Jaehyun quickly brushed off his thoughts.

Whatever it was, it was something to try.


Jaehyun gave strength and lightly swung his fist at the soap bubble. It was to see if it was possible to pop the bell with pure muscle power.

‘My strength stat is already over 500. If this bubble isn’t special, it will burst soon.’

So, it was first thing to check.



The bell was crumpled into the shape of Jaehyun’s fist for a moment, but it quickly returned to its original state.

A heterogeneous sense stays in the hands of representation.

‘It doesn’t look like a normal soap bubble after all.’

After thinking so, Jaehyun drew out his mana this time.

―Active skill 《Mana Weapon》.

Then, Jaehyun poured magic into his fist and threw it out.


However, this time, the soap bubbles did not react at all.

It didn’t take much effort, but it seemed like there was another standard way.

Jaehyun stretched out his hand toward the soap bubble for a moment.

―Activate the active skill 《Magic Power Detection》.

A skill that detects magical power.

I didn’t know if I could find out something if I expressed my skills along with my sensitive sixth sense.

Fortunately, Jaehyun’s prediction was not wrong.

―The appraisal result of the designated target has been derived.


The soap bubbles confirmed by magic detection were composed of a very special substance. 100 percent pure magic. It was tangled up.

Even the drops had excellent elasticity. This meant that the formula was structured to absorb and release shocks well from the beginning.

Even if you don’t know, it must have been prepared with the intention of making Jaehyun realize something.

Jaehyun touched the sphere with his hand for a while.

Then, the mana is lightly released.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

―The activation of the skill is canceled.

―This skill cannot be used in the trial stage.

“As expected, shortcuts don’t work.”

However, Jaehyun was not at all embarrassed. After all, a drop is a drop. If you hit it with as much force as possible, it will eventually explode.

Jaehyun started to slowly open up his magic power.

Unlike the first time, several times concentrated horsepower. The primordial mana begins to pulsate through Jaehyun’s body, turning the area around him red.

It’s a power that I don’t use often because I can’t use it properly yet, but now it’s Jaehyun’s only trustworthy hand.

like that.

It was when Jaehyun raised his mana and tried to swing his fist at the soap bubble again.

Jaehyun’s body stiffened as he heard an unexpected system sound.

―The user’s magical power is mixed with divinity.

―The first ban is activated!

Suddenly, Jaehyun felt his body become heavy.

‘what? Suddenly the body… Did it get heavy?’

Jaehyun’s knee bends and touches the ground before the accident continues.

It was because an unknown, intangible force that he suddenly felt began to oppress his whole body.

“What is this… .”

Jaehyun let out a small sigh and clenched his fists.

The more Jaehyun exerts his magic to get up off the ground. The power of the first restraint intensifies and his body becomes heavy.


A question arises from the depths.

Why did my body feel heavy all of a sudden after drawing out the mana?

At that moment, the sound of the system he had just heard lingered in Jaehyun’s ears.

[The user’s magical power is mixed with divinity.]

[The first ban is activated!]

‘okay. Was it like that?’

Jaehyun quickly captured the magic and divinity he had drawn out.

The thin thread of magical power that had been spun returned to Jaehyun’s body, and the restraint that weighed him down slowly began to weaken.

One corner of Jaehyun’s mouth went up.

“Jormungand… You made something fun from the start.”

He had just uncovered the first forbidden secret.

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