I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 308

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Episode 308 Purification and Separation


The reality of the first ban prepared by the Serpent of Midgard was simple.

A prohibition that makes the body heavy whenever magic power is mixed with divinity.

Perhaps this is the reason why it was called the ‘prohibition of weight’.

Jaehyun took a deep breath and thought.

‘Magic power and divinity are fundamentally different forces. It’s a relationship that can’t be separated, but in the end, the derivation itself is completely different.’

Magical power is the power possessed by all living beings.

Simply put, it’s common.

An Awakened person in society refers to a case in which the tangibility and manifestation of this magical power is relatively easy and more extensive.

It is the aptitude value that recorded that number.

Thanks to this, it is easy to find Awakeners in society even if it is not on the radar. Based on magical power and various skills, there are awakened people in various occupations.

On the other hand, the deity is different.

Divinity is a status given to those who have transcended the limits of one race.

Although it is called a godhead for convenience, it is not something that only gods can have, and it is very difficult to find someone who has it.

Of course, as long as you have skills, elves, dwarves, dragons…

even humans.

Anyone who has reached the extreme of nothingness can be equipped with dignity.

In fact, didn’t Jae-Hyun also gain a status during the battle with Heimdall and rise to the level of a half-god?

… Well, the problem was that the process of getting there was filthy difficult.

Jaehyun recalled the story he heard from Smir six months ago at the temple in Hel.

[What you are suffering from is a mental problem.]

Smir said so to himself who couldn’t use his godhead properly. He said he was suffering from mental problems.

There must be a reason why Smir said that.

Wasn’t he the one who helped Jaehyun during the second trial?

Jaehyun remembered Smir’s face for a moment.

And he recalled the significance of the first prohibition.

‘First ban. In the end, it says to burst this bell with pure magical power without any divinity mixed in.’

In the end, this ordeal had one thing to say.

“Take full control of your Godhead.”

It was a reenactment that raised the level by forcibly reaching the 3rd stage of divine power liberation. However, forcibly raising the rank like this is too risky.

Perhaps this ban was prepared to teach Jaehyun a lesson.

“But the problem here is. It’s about how to rule out the divinity.”

Smir is Jaehyun after the battle with Sigrun.

He said that he was mixing magic power with divinity without even realizing it. It was also said that the circuitry of the brain or the body organs that store magical energy, such as the short circuit, may be out of order.

This was not incorrect.

Jaehyun was feeling it too. He knew that whenever he used his magical powers, his godhood was mixed little by little, and he started to have problems controlling his powers.

To this end, I asked Hel to strengthen Mistiltein, but I couldn’t control all the power that came out unintentionally.

“It’s an annoying ban, but… I can’t help it.”

Jaehyun muttered that and sat down, leaving the bells behind. It was to draw out his mana and to remove and refine his divinity mixed in between.


And concentration and manifestation, materialization.

It will help make the representation stronger.

Giing… !!

Jaehyun, convinced, closed his eyes and focused all his nerves on his head and Danjeon.

You can feel the energy slowly spreading through your body. It goes through the process of feeling it with the whole body and the process of separating it again.

All of the series of actions begin to calm Jae-hyun’s mind and body, helping the body’s blood vessels to circulate properly.



It was about four hours later when he opened his eyes again.

* * *

“By the way, where the hell is that adversary?”

Magni scratched the bridge of his nose as he galloped across the ground on his Gulpakshi.

Modi said, looking at Magni’s words with envy inside.

“well. At least, I couldn’t feel his magical power nearby. I don’t think there are any strong ones.”

“It seems to be hiding somewhere.”

At that, Modi laughed heartily and said.

“Well, how could the two gods of the Aesir be so strong, how could a human survive?”

“But only by hiding… Wouldn’t it be hard to find if this happened?”

“No, I have a way. According to Tyr and Hugin, the adversary is a righteous one. With that, he should be able to bring him out well enough.

We have to do what we do best.”

At Modi’s words, Magni grinned and clenched her fists.

“That means… You mean to destroy everything, right?”

“okay. If we did that, wouldn’t the adversary have no choice but to appear in front of us, even if we didn’t want to?

first… … .”

Modi continued with a fishy sneer on his lips.

“Shall we take care of the enemies of the enemy first?”

* * *



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When Modi and Magni passed through Bifrost and manifested in Midgard.

People’s world has truly become an abyss.

After the artifact that detects the wave of magic power, Sigrun appeared in the past. Because it was reacting the most violently.

Naturally, what this meant was clear.

That another godhead would attack humans.

Naturally, this news was delivered to Yoo Sung-eun and Yeon-hwa right away.

Moreover, the place where Aesir was heading now was Korea.

A country where battles were fought during Sigrun’s invasion in the past, and the homeland of the antagonist.

It was a series of bad things for Korea.

The situation faced a difficult phase in many ways.

Yoo Seong-eun looked at the members of Nine with a heavy expression and said.

“so… It’s shameless, but I’ve come to ask for your help.”


A black van stands at the main gate of Milles Academy.

Sung-jae Yoo and Seong-jae Park. Two members of Yeonhwa came to visit the members of Nine.

They decided to seek their help to prepare for the upcoming threat of the gods.

They are still students, but they are already on the S-class radar. Without asking for their help, there was no way to stop a monster with the same power as Sigrun.

In an emergency like this, it was not the time to show pride.

“Of course I will go.”

Ahn Ho-yeon, who grasped the situation, responded first. Other colleagues’ reactions were the same.

Kim Yoo-jung nodded.

“It’s a bit of a problem that Min Jaehyun isn’t there at a time like this, but… He said he’d come back soon, so we’ll have to hold out somehow until then.”

“okay. after… It’s scary, but I also have my new potion. You can hold on for a little while!”

“Is the strategy the same as before?”

When Kwon So-yul asked, Ahn Ho-yeon nodded.

“yes. Because that is for the best.”

“… You have to be careful not to get hurt as much as possible. If we get hurt here, Jaehyun will be sad too.”

Seo Ina agreed. They all got into the van.

Now they have to do it themselves. If time is not delayed, at least until reappearance comes, countless human casualties will occur.

They, too, were vaguely feeling it. A mysterious, gigantic magical power felt from somewhere.

Also, it is equal to or higher than the Sigrun I met before. This time, unlike before, there are two of them.

“Where can I take you?”

It was a question from Park Seong-jae, who was driving in the front seat.

“that is… .”

Yoo Seong-eun could not answer easily.

It was because it was not known where the enemy would appear.

It was a very urgent situation, so they immediately came to Nine, but it is impossible to accurately determine where they will attack them.

Even though there is a portal, if you happen to make the wrong decision. A lot of people will die in a short time… .

It was obviously far from the ending she wanted.

Like it or not, the battle is about to break out.

They are aiming for less reproducibility.

The problem is that Jaehyun is currently away.

And according to the strength of the enemy and Park Seong-jae, it was where the enemy appeared.

It was such a moment of silence.

In an instant, Kwon So-yul, sitting in the back seat, leaned forward and grabbed the seat.

It was because something went through her mind.

‘Aesir sent God here to target Min Jae-hyeon. But what if you can’t find him? maybe… .’

if so.

Now that there is no Jaehyun, who will be the first to be targeted by the enemy?

of course.

‘It must be us, the adversary’s allies.’

After thinking, she nodded.

“Please go to the least crowded place. The enemy will come looking for us anyway.”

* * *

Excluding only divinity from magical power.

In addition, the process of refining it was much more difficult than expected.

First of all, there are two places for the remaining magic power in the body. Rotate the head and the dantian to refine the mana. refine it again


The current process of representation consists of two things.

First, the process of skimming impurities.

This is called refining in the world, and it makes mana more pure.

Second is separation.

It refers to the process of refining and completely separating the purified and separated mana.

However, this process was developed to prevent mixing of magic with special properties.

It is much more difficult to newly apply this to the distinction between divine and magical powers.

However, it took me about four hours to do zazen.

Jaehyun was eventually able to succeed in this.



The magic and divinity were completely separated, and the first bubble burst.

“under… How many more do you mean by now? now?”

It’s not that it’s not Jaehyun, it was really hard to the point of dying.

Even if you don’t pay attention, the divinity is quickly mixed with the magical power, and the prohibition of weight is applied.

Then I sit down again, do zazen again, and refine my mana… .

The ordeal was structured in such a way that it was impossible to break it.

“It’s nice not to be in danger of dying… Still, this takes too long.”

Of course, during the first trial, Jormungandr added little.

[The time inside the ordeal will flow a little differently than outside. You may have experienced it in the third trial, but… Let’s see, about one day in three months?]

How can three months spent here be replaced with one day?

How could such a thing be possible if the subspace was created? I didn’t get a sense of it, but I didn’t have time to care about such things.


As soon as he loosens up a bit again, the weight of restraint weighs him down.

Jaehyun barely got up and sat down again.

“It’s like a dirty ordeal… .”

At that moment, the sound of the system continued as if teasing Jaehyun.

―Focus more on the purification and separation process.

-caution! All prohibitions stack until the ordeal is over.

Jaehyun thought that this was the first time he felt the system was mean, and concentrated his mind again.

I will definitely avenge this humiliation!

thinking so

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