I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 309

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Episode 309: Time Forbidden (1)

―You succeeded in popping all the bubbles.

―You can move to the second ban.

―Please decide whether to take the second ban or end the ordeal.

“Huh… Go next.”

Jaehyun took a deep breath and said that.

It was natural. Didn’t he say that when he first received the quest, he would give you more rewards if you overcome as many restrictions as possible?

Jaehyun knew why his rapid growth was possible.

main quest. and ordeal.

When did you grow the fastest?

It was a time of trial.

Trials have always allowed Jaehyun to grow at an astonishing rate.

But, to blow up the opportunity to become stronger?

No matter how much the ordeal bothered him, it was a loss.

In particular, it was necessary to rip off as many things as possible from Jormungand. Isn’t that why he put up with his daddy’s gag?

“It was really terrible.”

Jaehyun muttered that while standing in front of the portal to the next forbidden event.

Eventually, after passing through the blue portal, the place where Jaehyun arrived… silver.

Jaehyun couldn’t confirm it himself.

“what? The transmission seems to have worked, but… ?”

It was strange.

Clearly, the portal has taken me to a different place.

But, why can’t he see anything in his eyes?

Right now, Jaehyun’s eyes were pitch black.

There is nothing to be seen. This made me wonder if something was wrong.

The time when Jormungandr thought that the ordeal had been roughly prepared.

A system tone was heard.

―Jormungandr’s second ban 《Sight ban》 is applied.

Jaehyun doubted his ears.

what? A visual restraint?

If what he heard was correct, it meant that he had to go through this stage with his eyes closed.

Jaehyun was dumbfounded.

Seal the most important point of view among human senses?

However, the conditions for clearing the ban were not the only ones.

―Here in the <<Forest of Trials>>, hunt the monsters with the ban on and survive for 7 days.

Suddenly, the game of survival began.

Jaehyun dyed his hair white. What is the reason for such an ordeal?

restraint of vision.

It was not a joke because of its name.

Humans have countless senses. Jae-Hyun attained the status of a half-god by gaining divine status, but he was still half-human.

The current ban was no different from telling them to overcome it.

Five senses.

The transcendental being fully controls it and pioneers its own realm.

However, it will be difficult for Jaehyun, who has not been able to handle the 3rd stage of liberation yet. His mind gets more complicated.

‘Looking at it, this must be several times more difficult than popping the bell.’

The importance of what you see cannot be overstated.

People say that they can’t see what’s in front of them, and people get frustrated.

I’m relieved that I can’t see it right in front of me.

There is probably no one who doesn’t know that the idiom that everything can’t be avoided just by looking away came from him.

‘Anyway, I have to be calm.’

Jaehyun thought so, swallowing even the self-talk that had become a habit by now.

It is a situation where there is a restraint of vision. It goes without saying that making noise is dangerous.

It’s an extreme situation where you don’t know when and where you will be attacked.

Because of this, Jaehyun repeatedly thought about it. And cautiously take a step forward.

The ban seemed to have moved a great distance, but in reality it had only moved forward very little.

However, it was possible to infer some information from that alone.

‘First of all, this is a forest. When you hear the sound of the leaves being stepped on, the estimated time is the beginning of autumn or winter.’

Coincidentally, it was the timing when hungry beast-type monsters were infested.

―Activate the active skill 《Magic Power Detection》.

Jaehyun moved on.

Figure out the information. And prepare for the threats to come.

The sense that made Jaehyun survive as a radar for the past time shines through and focuses his nerves.

It was evolving him in a better direction even at this moment.

Krrrrr… .


From the moment Jaehyun realized something, he heard the demon’s cry from somewhere.

low-pitched cry.

At that point, I couldn’t help but feel a terrible fear for the first time in a while.



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It’s been a long time since I felt fear of a Witchbeast that wasn’t a being with divine power.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

Jaehyun summoned Balmung, a great sword with a wide attack range.

Nidhogg’s Fangs and Tyrbing’s destructive power itself were superior, but in a situation where vision was forbidden like now, it was judged that a longer reach would be more advantageous.

Jaehyun didn’t stop there, he also activated his magic.

―Active skill «Frozen Earth Lv 5» is activated.

Quadd Deuk!

It was when Jaehyun raised his mana to wipe out the enemy at once.

―The user’s magical power is mixed with divinity!

―The first ban, 《The ban on weight》, is applied.

Jaehyun’s body trembles. Only then did one thing the system said come to mind.

[During the ordeal, all prohibitions are stacked.]

* * *

Members of Nine induced Modi and Magni to a sub-space in Seoul.

A place that is several times larger than the place where the shipboard party was held in the past.

It was based on the judgment that no matter how fierce the battle would be here, there would be no big problem.

Things will get better if Jaehyun returns quickly after passing the ordeal.

“I’m sorry for entrusting you with such a heavy burden. We will do our best to help.”

“Do not worry! I’ll try my best!”

To Yoo Sung-eun’s sorry words, Kim Yoo-jung cheerfully replied.

Yoo Sung-eun looked at Kim Yoo-jung’s eyes for a moment.

Did such a bright child try to sacrifice himself for his comrades? that scared kid

I thought again that the world was ironic.

In the name of Radar, the world is using countless children as tools. It is to treat it as one’s own defense and to use it politically.

Just listen to the recent speech of the Global Radar Alliance.

They portray the Adversary and the Nine as heroes and are thinking of using them as a fence to protect themselves.

They, too, must be guessing. Because they are smart kids.

But it doesn’t show it outwardly. It is probably because of their kindness and a sense of debt to the people they need to protect.

Looking at it, no matter how much Yoo Seong-eun was a radar to the bone, one side of her heart felt cold.

It broke my heart that there was so little he could do.

Since she had hardly experienced anything like this since she was on the S-class radar, those feelings grew even more.

“Do not work too hard.”

“We have no intention of dying either. and… Because Jaehyun will come. You just have to hold out until then. It would be best if we could get them out of our line, but… Because we are still just taking a step forward.”

Ahn Ho-yeon speaks calmly.

He never overconfided in his own strength. It was a response unlike those who recently gained strong power and received the highest new rating of S+ class.

It was calm. And it doesn’t shake.

‘A lot has changed. This child too.’

Yoo Sung-eun thought so and looked at Ahn Ho-yeon’s swaying gray hair for a moment.

In the past, Sungeun Yoo and Hoyeon Ahn were put on Yeonhwa’s recruiting list, but they had the experience of canceling it.

Because, as a radar, he showed serious flaws in the most important areas.

just mental. It is as if there is no foothold for the weak to grow higher.

‘Honestly, I thought Hoyeon wouldn’t be able to grow as much as her talent. but… It wasn’t. Now he’s stronger than me.’

There was only one reason why that was possible.

presence of reappearance. It made everyone stronger.

both mentally and physically.

Yoo Sung-eun was to the extent that her student’s current skills could not be measured anymore.

Jaehyun was the top radar in name and reality, and no one can deny that.

However, she did not want him to shoulder too much of a burden.

No matter how strong he is, he is his disciple. Seeing him suffer was bound to break his heart as his teacher.

“Should we stay here to get in the way?”

Yoo Seong-eun’s words. Nine members nodded.

The word obstruction itself carries a bit of weight, but it was true.

The enemies approaching them now were at a level that S-class raiders could never stop.

Yoo Sung-eun and Park Seong-jae were much better supporting them from behind.

“I’ll ask you from behind. We’ll do our best to stop it.”

Even Kim Yoo-jung said that, and Seo E-na agreed.

“… Right now, without Jaehyun, this is the best. Please trust me.”

“Of course I believe.”

Yoosung smiled brightly. Seongjae Park felt the intense hostility slowly felt behind her.

It was easy, unbearable.


All right. All right.

A landscape that cannot be believed to be modern came into their eyes.

Two men on horseback were running furiously toward us.

Yoo Sung-eun and Park Seong-jae have already fallen a little from the battle scene. It was only natural that they were given the role of supporting them from a distance.

Jaeshin Lee and other members of the Raider Union were blocking giant gates from elsewhere.

In the last 6 months, like this Red Gate, the appearance of large gates has become frequent.

It really meant the arrival of Ragnarok.

“That… must be He’s a guy with magical powers similar to Heimdall’s.”

Those were the words of Kwon So-yul.

She had experience of being directly attacked by Heimdall during the camp in the past.

This meant that they could feel their magical power most vividly.

Seo Ina also affirmed.

“… that’s right.”

“Are you allies of the adversaries?”

Modi and Magni, who were riding horses in front of them, spoke in front of them.

The horse gallops vigorously.

Sparks flew from him, proving that the horse was a great horse even at first glance.

“We are the sons of the thunder god Thor. He personally arrived in Midgard to slay the opponent.”

“… Are you going to attack Jaehyun?”

At Seo Eana’s words, the two beings immediately affirmed.

“Of course. He is the enemy of the Æsir. Because that’s also the adversary that the prophecy has fortified. But before that.”

“I decided to kill you first.”

Modi and Magni said so while talking to each other.

Then the earth shook with a roar.


I feel the ground splitting into several pieces and the center of gravity leaning forward.

Magni chuckled. He thought for a moment as he got off his horse.

‘He’s strong for a human. also has the ability But all of this is for naught if you are not given the time to grow properly. Even if you blame me in Helheim, it’s already too late!’

Magni’s body was shot straight at Kim Yoo-jung. However, the members of Nine were not taken aback and corrected their posture.

Ahn Ho-yeon shouted while blocking Kim Yoo-jung’s way.



At that moment, Magni saw a shocking sight.


human… He dared to block his own attack, which is said to be comparable to that of his father, Thor, in terms of pure strength.

No matter how much mercy was put into their hands, it was not a situation that could be easily understood.

“What is this… !”

The system I heard then.

―Active skill 《Soul Link》.

―Four party members (one absent) handle the attack together.

And when their health drops below a certain level.

Just in time, Lee Jae-sang, who was waiting behind him, quickly drank a potion to recover his HP.

Then, along with Lee Jae-sang’s physical strength being restored, the other people’s HP bar gauges began to rise.

“A weakling has his own way of struggling.”

Ahn Ho-yeon said that and smiled.

If I can’t fight a winnable fight, I’ll create a winnable situation.

It was the most efficient way for weak comrades to fight without reappearance.

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