I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 310

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Episode 310: Time Forbidden (2)

[During the ordeal, all prohibitions are stacked.]

Jaehyun gnashed his teeth as he recalled a phrase he heard once.

How the hell is this ordeal, so you have to clear it with a visual ban?

To survive for 7 days?

Even though he had gained his status, he was Jaehyun, who was a human. It couldn’t have been that easy.


Even if you pretend to pretend, each of the monsters inhabiting this forest is S-class or higher. It was almost at the same level as the most elite Valkyrie.

Even if you don’t cover your eyes, it’s going to be a hassle to deal with them now that they’ve been banned… .

You’re going to screw it up like this?

‘Jormungand… I will cut off that wicked tongue someday.’

Jaehyun quickly drew his sword horizontally, thinking that there were only people with missing screws in the anti-Aesir coalition.

Greatsword, Balmung Keeps enemies from approaching.

This was a good decision. I couldn’t clearly see the location of the opponent, but it was a reproduction that I could read the approaching sign.

The crest of mana detection and sense amplification.

The synergy between the two skills was significant.

The worrying part was, of course, whether the enemy could be accurately attacked and knocked down.

Jaehyun focused on concentration over and over again. And on the line of not drawing out the divinity, I released my magic power close to my limit.

Right now, it’s difficult unless you deal with the enemy somehow. It was true that even if he tried to reflect on the situation and come up with a plan, it would become cumbersome if he did not properly secure the minimum level of safety.

If you don’t win, it will be you who suffers.

Here it was necessary to amplify one’s senses to their limits.

Even with the chills running down his spine, Jaehyun decided to participate in this terrible 7-day low survival game.

The other four senses, except for vision, are extremely active and begin to capture the movements of the witches.

“after… .”

With the short exhalation, Jaehyun’s eyes began to glow.

* * *


Magni’s attack. It was precisely blocked by An Ho-yeon’s sword.

Of course, it wasn’t the best attack.

However, it was enough to damage Magni’s pride.

It was embarrassing for Magni.

Aren’t those in front of you at best inferior human beings?

Even in the nine worlds, the lowest-ranking and weakest guys.

Garbage that roams around and annoys me.

Those were the humans Magni thought of.

But such trash… parried his own attack.

“dare… !”

Even the lazy one couldn’t help but be angry there.

He clenched his fists, which were much stronger than before.

Tsutsut… !

A fist that looked dangerous even at first glance. Magni’s fishy expression scans the members of Nine and examines their faces.

Meanwhile, Ahn Ho-yeon barely caught his breath and fixed his sword.

My hands were trembling.

Even though he had become stronger, it was the first time for him to face a god directly and directly block an attack.

furthermore. The destructive power of Magni’s fist, which had just been blocked, was beyond imagination.

Even when he was being tutored by S-class Balak, he had never felt such destructive power.

If it hadn’t been for Kim Yu-jung’s unique skill, Soul Link, she would have died instantly.

However, now he was not alone.

‘Yoo-jung’s soul link and Jae-sang hyung’s recovery potion… These are great things too. Senior Soyul’s search skill is also helping to read the enemy’s attack.’

Everyone is active in their respective fields.

For the past six months, they have also worked harder than Jaehyun, so it was only natural.

They, too, have continued to grow over the years.

One of the results was the stamina that allowed him to block Magni’s attacks even once.

Ahn Ho-yeon briefly recalled the conversation he had with Jae-hyun in the past.

[therefore. After all, you have to go through five trials, and you might be away during that time, right?]

[that’s right.]

Jaehyun told me that I could be away with five trials and tasks. And there, they couldn’t even follow along.

In any case, trials are prepared only for the opponents.

Even if they went, they couldn’t play together, and the difficulty level was high.

However, Jaehyun said this in case he was not confident.

[If something happens on this side while I’m gone… Now I have no one to turn to but you. At least for the time being, you guys have to endure.]

Jaehyun’s words were truly shocking. All the more so, since it was the first time he was relying on his comrades to share his burdens.

Because of this, the members of Nine decided to do their best to help him.

They continued to raise their level by sparring over and over again, and set up a strategy in preparation for the situation like now.


As a result, I came to think that it would take quite a long time to be of any meaningful help to Jaehyun.

So, at least they changed their goal to not hold Jae-hyun’s ankles.

This was the operation that appeared thanks to this.



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Buying time through Kim Yoo-jung’s unique skill, Soul Link!

This is when Ahn Ho-yeon, who has the best defense, receives an attack from the front. Kim Yoo-jung, who was waiting, spreads the damage with Soul Link, and it starts with everyone sharing the damage equally.

‘Soul Link is basically a skill that allows you to share damage with all your friends. As long as you are a party member, and as long as you are adjacent to it, you can block the attack with others.’

However, the number of party members and the number of party members mentioned here were not arbitrarily adjusted.

Except for the members of Nine, led by Jaehyun, other people could not share the attack.


After they block the attack. Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul drank a quick recovery potion made from rare crops grown in Idun’s garden, restoring the physical strength of those in battle.

Yooseong also healed them with Sacrifice from the back and supplemented their lack of physical strength.

Simply put, unless the enemy’s blow is enough to completely kill four people. This formation is an almost zombie-like formation that never collapses.

As expected, it was very efficient.

An Ho-yeon’s HP, which had been cut in half due to the attack, quickly recovered to its maximum.

Then he put strength into the hand holding the sword.


―Active skill 《The Extreme of Nothing》 is activated.

―Active skill «Blue and White Sword».

―Active skill <Union of Divine Swords> is activated.

―The passive skill 《Sword of God》 is activated.

Enormous magic power bursting out with blue flowers.

It was already at almost the same level as when the past reappearance first gained divine status.

Seo Ina also stuck by her side and said.

“… You can’t waste your time just by blocking. Even this formation will be dangerous if joint forces come in. I’ll take over there.”

―Active skill «Alfheim’s Sword».

6 months of hard work. Alfheim’s sword, which had reached a clear stage beyond the S rank, radiated light.

It was truly a holy light, worthy of being called brilliant.

Kim Yoo-jung improved their physical abilities by activating auxiliary skills such as overflow and mana field.

She was trying to kill the enemy’s momentum as much as possible while maintaining her soul link.

“It is not an illusion to be an ally of an adversary… Is that what you mean?”

Modi said that with displeased eyes.

Modi and Magni. The two gods were still not at all nervous, but now the humans in front of them were starting to annoy them.

How dare you show such disrespect in front of a god!

That too in front of them, the children of Thor!

This was not easily acceptable to them.

“Magni. You deal with the woman over there.”

“I will.”

Magni faced Ina Seo, and Modi faced Hoyeon Ahn.

The two gods expanded their momentum at once and began to raise their divinity.

Now, even the mirror of equilibrium is all broken.

No matter how much divine power wasn’t fully restored, it was the point at which Ragnarok began. They were about to be able to fully draw out their power.

Just like that, when Modi and Magni were about to run towards the two of them.

―Artifact 《Mirror of Divinity》 reacts!

―The active skill 《Alfheim’s Sword》 is strengthened!

Yoo Seong-eun, who was healing with Sacrifice, activated the artifact from the back and strengthened the sword floating above Seo In-na’s head.

It didn’t take long and it quickly broke up.

Alfheim’s sword, which had reached dozens or even hundreds, rose in the air.

Even Magni and Modi were taken aback by the scenery.

“What is this… .”

It was a level of ability that could hardly be seen as human power.

Even if they used artifacts, wouldn’t it be impossible for anyone other than those with the least rank to operate such numerous swords at the same time?

However, until now, there has not been a single human being with this status.

… Wasn’t there one?

At that moment, the two gods’ heads crackled as if there was noise for a moment, then returned to normal.

And just in time, the rain of numerous swords that Ina Seo had floated began to slowly plunge downward.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!

The sword that reaches 100 water distance stops Modi and Magni from running, and cuts off the flow of attacks. It was a bonus to instantly dissipate his magical powers.

It parried some swords, but the two gods couldn’t parry all attacks.

If you show more power, you might be able to stop it. But for the two gods, pride would not allow such a thing.

are only human

To open up your divinity against such people?

While thinking about that, swords are stabbed into Modi and Magni’s thighs one by one.

At that moment, the eyes of the two beings went cold.

Then, their anger began to burn clearly, and a different godhead erupted again from before.

The party breathed in vain at the level of magic that they dared not handle.

“This is the beginning. Is everyone ready?”

Kwon So-yul looked around and said so. She was reading the current situation accurately.

Colleagues are strong enough.

It was especially true that he was blocking two mythical beings right now.

but… can’t last long

‘Somehow, I have to wait until Min Jae-hyun goes through the fourth trial and returns.’

return of reproduction. Otherwise, it would only last an hour.

Moreover, they were decidedly devoid of divinity.

Since he is Jaehyun’s colleague, the growth restriction itself has disappeared, but the strength is still not enough to gain the status.

Because of this, Kwon So-yul judged calmly.

The best they can do now is to hold on until Jaehyun returns.

But can he really come back in an hour?

I don’t know the details, but the ordeal could take any amount of time. Didn’t he say that it took a little more time especially in the third trial?

The time when Kwon So-yul was troubled over and over again.

“It looks a bit difficult, doesn’t it?”

A voice that could not be more welcome came to their ears.



The army of the dead pours in, tying up Modi and Magni, who were about to attack again.

A black hand rose from the ground.

Its owner was clear.


Kim Yu-jung shouted as if she was happy.

Where their eyes focused, there was Hella.

Soyul Kwon thought.

Now this should have lasted at least another hour.

hella. Her presence is beyond imagination. It was all the more so because even they, who had become stronger, had not yet reached the level of Hella.

“Hella… Are you saying that a mere half-god is going to get in our way again?”

When Modi raised the corner of her mouth at an angle and said, Hella responded by opening her eyes straight.

“Modi and Magni… Of the gods sent by the Æsir to slay their opponents, they are only weak.”

At those words, the faces of the two gods were furiously crumpled.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 309I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 311
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