I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 311

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Episode 311: Time Forbidden (3)


Jaehyun’s sword cuts through the air. It was because he couldn’t cut the enemy even with the reach of his great sword.

It’s been a long time since Jaehyun felt the unfamiliar sensation of cutting through the air rather than cutting through demons.

It was absurd.

I can count on my hand the number of enemies who suffered because I couldn’t hit the attack after returning. Even when faced with a being with a divinity, there was hardly anyone who could push himself.

In the first place, Jaehyun had many stats and skill corrections in terms of speed and accuracy.


‘As expected, dealing with an enemy while blindfolded is difficult in itself. No, it would be virtually impossible for other radars.’

No matter how sensitive the senses were, the radar was the same.

Excellent magicians know how to hide their presence well.

At least, Jaehyun can vaguely guess their location thanks to his two skills, but the others won’t.

Because of the extreme difference between their basic strength and skills, they will die without even having time to care about those things.



The beast’s teeth were lodged in Jaehyun’s body. She reacted late, but he was faster.

Jaehyun narrowed his brows.

‘If only I could have taken out the Godhead, it would have been much better than this… .’

Of course, Jormungandr would know that he couldn’t handle the deity properly. So he must have prepared for this ordeal.


Each and every one was difficult for Jaehyun to handle.

In addition, if you recall Jormungandr’s words, there is still one taboo left.

‘I don’t know how much of a fucking ban the next one will be. Now I understand why he said from the beginning that even if he passed one of the bans, he would be recognized as clear.’

Jaehyun had no choice but to admit it.

That this ordeal was targeting precisely only his weak points.

And that, too, is not such a positive thing.


Jaehyun held his breath and took a cautious step forward.

After that, it spreads its mana like branches and begins to grasp the surrounding terrain.

Basically, magical power is the power that exists in all things and living things.

Just by clearly distinguishing magical powers, there would be more cards Jaehyun could use.

“I wonder if this happened… Wake up with the determination to die This ban.”

Jae-hyun tried not to forget the existence of the first ban, and raised his magic power.

restraint of vision. In order to break through this, you must first overcome the first prohibition and be able to deal with enemies only with magical power.

reconsider once again purification and separation.

If that is not the basis, you can never move on to the second.

Jaehyun made up his mind.

When you pass the first taboo, remember the process of purification and separation while zazen.

I feel the flow of magical power and turn it into a single point. Dots become lines again. Jaehyun started to properly recognize this line.

Sometimes straight lines, sometimes curved lines flying towards you.

okay. This is the witch’s movement path.

Jaehyun, confident, put strength into the hand holding the sword and slashed it roughly once.


Chow ah!

There is a heavy sound of something cutting flesh.

It was a noise that could have been frightening, but it was a welcome sound to Jaehyun.

Because it meant that he was starting to take a step forward.

‘It took about half a day to hunt the first monster. Half the next six days… I have to do it somehow.’

Jaehyun made up his mind.

I will definitely pass this ban. he thought so

* * *

Three days have passed.

Jaehyun didn’t have too much trouble defeating the S-class monsters.

The guys were strong, but as Jaehyun got used to controlling his magical powers, the difficulty became very low.

The godhead was not used at all.

From the beginning, Jaehyun completely ruled out this and fought.

While repeating the horror of the first ban.

Thanks to that, Mistiltein’s restrictive effect was not activated. The prohibition of weight also rarely attacked Jaehyun.

It was proof that Jaehyun was gradually moving forward.

“Anyway, the monster meat here is not tasty… Raising stats is good. Seeing that the system message doesn’t appear, it’s not even a taboo for taste.”

Jaehyun was grilling and eating a monster resembling a wild boar he had just hunted. Even though he couldn’t see his eyes, he was now able to do most of his actions with only his senses.

Besides, Jaehyun was a radar. Basically, if you don’t eat something, you’ll run out of calories, so this was an inevitable choice.

In fact, at first I ate the fruit hanging from the tree. The taste was okay, but it was not enough to make up for the calories and lack of protein.

That’s why I thought I needed meat.

Jaehyun learned that there is a demon in the shape of a wild boar in the forest.

Even so, a familiar pig was better than an unfamiliar monster as an ingredient, like a wolf-type monster.

There was no problem with saving or butchering, as the hands remembered it because they learned it often and properly at Milles.

Well, even if it’s not that, it’s Jaehyun, who was active on the battlefield for the past 10 years. I could have done this without even looking at it.



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After Jaehyun entered a cave where there were as few people as possible and secured the safety of the place, he grilled and ate the monster he had hunted in earnest.

… In fact, to confess now, this meat was not to be eaten.

[Extremely poisonous wild boar living in Alfheim]

It doesn’t seem to be suitable for food.

Inflicts poison on those who eat it.

It was because it had the tricky property of granting deadly poison.

However, Jaehyun doesn’t care, just puts the meat in his mouth and mumbles it.

The reason was simple.

―The passive skill 《Blessing of Hell》 is active.

Hel’s protection.

It was because Jaehyun had a fraudulent skill that nullified any status ailment.

This was to make Jaehyun go a little faster and farther.

‘The first trial. It was a skill that Hell gave me there.’

Come to think of it, this saved me from many dangerous situations.

At first, he defended himself from the spores of the paralytic mushroom of the Freshman Hunt. Even after that, while dealing with enemies, the most effective skill was Hell’s protection.

After all, trials are the fastest way for me to grow.

While Jaehyun was thinking about it. A floating status message follows.

―You have absorbed the essence of the highest level monster.

―The user’s magic power increases by 1.

It’s a fact I learned yesterday, but this wild boar seemed to be a top-notch beast. In addition, there was also an effect of increasing the user’s horsepower when ingested.

It was not a bad situation for Jaehyun.

Jaehyun’s current level is 152.

At this level, each stat becomes precious. Recently, there was almost no way to fundamentally become stronger other than depriving the godhood through divinity usurpation.

But just eating something can make you stronger?

This was truly an innovation.

“Now that we’ve finished eating, shall we go hunting again?”

Not only that, but Jae-Hyun learned that the Demon Beast here gives a lot of EXP.

Even when he first entered, his level had stopped at 150, but he had risen by 2.

Even when he killed the crow and took away his rank, his level didn’t rise this easily.

In a situation where he was quite accustomed to the restraint of vision, Jaehyun was seriously thinking.

anyway that’s how it happened Wouldn’t it be better to go back after being a little bit stronger here?

There is no specific time limit for the ordeal, and 3 months is a day outside.

If it was this much, it would be good for him to spend a little more time here.


After making up his mind, Jaehyun got up from his seat.

* * *

rain of swords.

It was the awe-inspiring power that can be seen when Alfheim’s sword was used to its limit.

The first time this was introduced was the circle competition of the final exam. However, the size, number of swords, and power were quite different from before.


This is because Seo In-na’s growth and the supply of divine attribute magical power from behind was the S-class divine class radar Yoo Seong-eun.

Modi and Magni looked at the Nine members with angry faces.

It was Magni who spoke first.

“That sword… That’s pretty annoying. Is it an elf’s?”

“I guess so… Mithril. A little bit of adamantium was also mixed in. This must be annoying.”

Incomprehensible conversations took place for a while. However, the colleagues had no time to focus on the words of the two gods.

“How long will it take for Jaehyun to come?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked. Hela shrugged her shoulders and had the dead attack Modi and Magni.

“It will probably take half a day at the earliest. Until then, we must hold them back.”

“under… He always adds work.”

Kwon So-yul sighed. Lee Jae-sang clenched his fists and said.

“You have to do it anyway. Because it’s something we have to do, not anyone else.”

“that… yes.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na were extremely focused.

Ahn Ho-yeon was swinging her sword at Modi, who was rushing towards her while slashing the dead, and Seo In-na was blocking Modi’s movements.

The sword’s rain is a wide-area skill. Simply put, it’s because you can put a ban on movement.

‘good. At this rate, I can take enough time.’

Hella thought so and looked at the two gods in front of her.

they are strong However, if you ask whether it is exceptionally strong among the Aesir thrones, we can say for sure that it is not.

The degree of strength is the lowest among the Æsir.

Magni, born with great strength. And although Modi had a warlike personality, his strength was never that of Thor and Tyr. It couldn’t be compared to the highest god.

can do.

It was about time they had such confidence.

“I can’t possibly eat it.”

Koo Goo Goo!!

Suddenly, overwhelming power was manifested in Modi’s body, and he began to wipe out the undead at once.

The sky is dyed black, and a terrifying scream pours down below.

Hella’s eyes narrowed.

It was because something completely incomprehensible was happening.

‘what? I’ve never heard of Modi having such powers… .’

At that moment, Hella’s eyes caught Modi’s belt.

That was enough to shock her.

belt he is wearing. It was none other than one of Thor’s favorite artifacts.

“that… Megingjord… ? Modi, why did you do that thing!”

“Pyramid-like bastards… I will kill all the annoying ones.”

Modi laughed, revealing his teeth, and at the right time, Magni also exerted his strength and began to slowly clear the rain of swords.

An Ho-yeon’s sword bounced off, and the rain of swords stopped and darkness fell over the clear sky. That the darkness won’t be lifted easily.

The members of Nine had no choice but to intuit.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 310I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 312
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