I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 313

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Episode 313 Thor’s Sons (1)

[I will tell you the details of the last ban. It is to fight me and win while all kinds of prohibitions, including the previous two prohibitions, are applied.

Of course, I won’t try my best. If you drop my stamina to less than half, I’ll treat you as a winner.]


Jaehyun replied coolly.

In fact, it was an absurd condition.

What a Jormungand. Cut half the health of the awe-inspiring creature that fought Thor in Norse mythology?

No matter how much he controls his power, it won’t be easy for Jaehyun, just like in the case of Nidhog.

But worrying only slows down time and lowers the chances of survival for your comrades.

“Then can we start now?”

[okay. don’t dump Don’t become seolleongtang while being sloppy.]

“… … That’s what I’m saying now Can I not do that?”


Jaehyun said so and quickly leaped.

Battle of the Battle Mage. Its biggest advantage is that it can be close to enemies and there is no delay in casting.

For now, though for a while, the visual restraint has also been lifted.

The forbidden case of weight doesn’t hurt him too much, as he now has almost full control.


Jaehyun first lightly cut the skin of the enemy with Nidhogg’s fangs.

However, Jormungandr moved his body freely, controlling the flow of water as if nothing had happened.

‘The attack is shallow. It’s a midgard serpent. It looks like you can control the current.

… but.’

―Artifact 《Essence of the Sea》 is used.

It was the same with Jaehyun.


The two water streams collided, creating a rough vortex.

The whirlpool expanded its momentum as if it would swallow Jaehyun at any moment, and Jormungandr laughed happily.

Jaehyun gritted it.

‘I’m at a disadvantage here because the size difference with the enemy is so great.’

Their skills in controlling water-attribute mana are almost the same. Because the essence of the sea made up for the lack of reenactment skills.

But the size difference is too much.

It was a situation where Jaehyun was forced to be pulled toward Jormungandr.

To make matters worse, Jormungandd didn’t stop there.

―The second ban 《Vision ban》 is applied.

Dark lead in the depths. Darkness leads to perfect blinking of sight.

In a situation where nothing can be seen, the tattoo on the shoulder reacts.

―There are dangerous enemies nearby.

-danger! Get out of here right now.

two messages.

But don’t back down.

Trials are not created to force you to do something you can never do.

One way or another, there is a breakthrough.

Jaehyun quickly focused his whole body sensations.

Feeling the flow of water, magical power flying from somewhere. And contemplate the graceful curves it forms.

It wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes, but it clearly saw through the enemy’s movements like another eye.


Jaehyun’s body perfectly avoids Jormungandr’s tail.

Jormungandr’s vision narrowed.

It was completely unexpected that Jaehyun avoided his attack from the beginning.

[This… Unexpected. Interesting! After all, it’s an out-of-standard talent… !]

only a few months

Jaehyun was chosen as the opponent, and he was not allowed long to grow in strength.

That’s why everyone reacted negatively at first.

that he can

To kill Odin when he was only human. Is such a thing possible?


Those who remembered the disasters that had occurred before were trembling in fear.

It wasn’t that he didn’t think he could do it, but Odin’s power at that time was at a level that even Loki couldn’t easily deal with.

In addition, although their number has decreased, they cannot be easily dealt with by the Valkyries and the Einherjar army.

No matter how you look at it, they were too much for a single human being to handle.

[Nevertheless… You should look forward to it.]

It was time for Jaehyun to take out part of his godhead and try to attack the enemy in order not to waste time.

Jormungandr laughed and walked away.

―The first ban, 《The ban on weight》, is applied.

‘shit! It comes out like this, right?’

Jaehyun returned to his body, which was rapidly becoming heavy.

The divinity was completely removed.

Then he raised his mana.



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‘Now, the stage that Jormungandr is showing is the 3rd level of divine liberation… As long as there are no restrictions, I can deal with it somehow.’

Jaehyun quickly responded to the attack.

Deploy magic with the other hand holding the sword.

―Active skill «Frozen Earth Lv 5» is activated.

The water that was spread through the streams was strengthening the firepower of the frozen earth.

In magic, there is basically something called ‘responsiveness’.

It is common sense that the efficiency increases when using flame magic in dry places, and the firepower of ice attribute magic increases in the sea or lake as it is now, which is also information that a radar must know naturally.

Of course, whether it can be used properly in practice is another question.

But even so, Jaehyun’s expression was not good.


Jormungandr easily parried his attack.

His attack was completely destroyed with a single tail swing.

Pieces of ice float in the sea and soon begin to sink.

It was not a very pleasant experience for him.

“You are strong.”

[This is the first time I’ve received a compliment from a human. But I’m not a whale.]

“… … Are you sure you want to continue? that?”

[I’m sorry about this… I thought it was fun this time.]

“Then, let’s go again.”

Reproduction did not stop.

We must somehow overcome Jormungandr’s last ban as quickly as possible.

Jormungandr must have grasped his determination to reappear, and he began to bet on a ban he had never seen before.

―The third ban, 《Movement Forbidden》, is activated.

―You cannot move more than 2m in radius.

―The fourth ban, 《Magic Forbidden》, is activated.

―All attacks except physical attacks become impervious.

However, Jaehyun did not back down at all despite all the bans.

Geeeeing… !!

An incomparable level of vigor emanated from his body.

At that moment, the bracelet wrapped around his wrist emits light and slowly begins to bind Jaehyun.

It was the prohibition of Misteltein that Hel bet on Jaehyun.

A bracelet that would not have allowed the liberation of the godhead originally.

However, something strange happened there.

The restraint on the bracelet slowly loosened, and the rising god began to fill Jaehyun’s body.

It was.

Jaehyun was also planning to break Mistiltein’s ban in the trial of Jormungand.

He raised his head with a light smile and looked at Jormungandr.

“First ban. 《The ban of weight》 was, after all, a ban that activates when two powers are mixed, not one. Yes?”

He clicks his tongue as if he likes Jormungandr.

[It’s literally.]

“Then, if I take out my magic power and use only my Godhead to deal with you.”

Jaehyun lifted his head.

I couldn’t see the front at all.

However, I wasn’t afraid.

Because he knew best what to do and how to move on.

“You’re not violating the first prohibition, are you?”

Kwak Kwah Kwak!!

With those words, Jaehyun’s whole body exploded with a godhead that reached the 3rd stage of godhood liberation.

However, unlike before, I didn’t feel any load on my body.

[Finally, you have become a whole godhead, not a half.

So then… Shall I face it properly?]

Jormungandr saw Jaehyun looking up at him with his eyes closed.

Jaehyun has already passed all three bans.

In fact, the purpose of this ordeal is to make him a whole god, not half. Since it had achieved its intended purpose, there was no problem at all if it was let out.

‘But it’s a waste. I’ll have to check.’

However, Jormungandr wanted to confirm one thing.


Will he be able to see the same scenery from the same location as Odin and Loki?

* * *

“that… Megingjord… ?”

As if something incomprehensible had happened, Hella shook her head.

If my memory is correct, the item Modi currently has is Megingijord.

It was a mythical artifact that was said to double the user’s strength. Also, the owner of this is, of course, a god she knows well.

‘Thunderer… Why are Thor’s things here… .’

“My father gave me this item while ordering me to deal with the opponent more clearly. Well, I didn’t mean to do anything stupid anyway.”

“Well, it’s too much for Modi, but… Having received these words, I will not say more.”

Magni looked slightly dissatisfied. But it wasn’t much of a disappointment.

Didn’t he also receive a famous horse comparable to what Modi had?

“I’ll take care of you first.”

Modi snapped her fingers.

The person the thick hand pointed to was Seo Eana.

Alfheim’s sword, the ratio of swords derived from it.

To him, that was a skill that got in the way.

It made it difficult to gauge the distance to the opponent, and I had to be bothered to knock them out one by one.

However, Ahn Ho-yeon and Kim Yoo-jung stood in front of her and said.

“Do you think I will let you do that?”

“You sound funny.”

Modi said in a hoarse voice.

“The weak have no right to make decisions. I make the decision.”


Along with him, a massive figure is launched towards An Ho-yeon.

“be careful!”

Hella shouted in an urgent voice.

The rain of swords was still pouring, but the sharpness was not enough to pierce the skin of Modi, who had increased the hardness of his body with explosive power and magic.


Ahn Ho-yeon’s body reacts one beat late. Modi’s speed was more than she expected.


Ahn Ho-yeon was hit by an attack and was pushed to the back. Blood gushed from his mouth as he hit the exterior wall of the gray-white building.

“Cheuk… shit… .”

Hoyeon Ahn looked at the blurry front with a rare curse.

Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul quickly drank HP potions and focused on recovering his physical strength, and Yoo Seong-eun also helped him, but it was not easy to recover because the attack was too strong.

At that time, Magni also took action without giving a chance.

Since he was strong from the beginning, Magni could easily approach Seo Ina with a single leap.

He avoids the rain of Seo In-na’s sword and draws his sword accurately across her neck.

Seo Ina gritted her teeth and parried the first attack with Alfheim’s sword.


However, Seo Eana was a magician. His basic strength couldn’t be the same as that of other fighter-based raiders. Eventually when she falters behind her.

Magni’s attack continued once more.

This time, a sword attack with the same composition, cutting horizontally.

‘no… You can avoid this… !’

Just like that, it was when Seo Ina tightly closed her beautiful lips.

“Thank you for sticking with me while I was gone. entire.”

Jaehyun’s voice was heard.

“… reappearance… ah?”

An embarrassed voice came from Seo Ina’s lips.

In front of her eyes, there was Jaehyun, who had come close to her. He was smiling as he blocked the sword that had been swung at him.

I quickly turned to An Ho-yeon and saw that he had also been moved to a safe place.


Jaehyun exhaled lightly and slashed Magni’s sword with Nidhogg’s fangs.

In an instant, Magni’s body leaned backwards and lost her balance for a moment, but she soon regained her balance.

Jaehyun asked.

“Did you say Modi and Magni?”

“Finally, the adversary himself has died. He’s been hiding somewhere and now he’s showing up… .”

When Magni, who was attacking Seo Ina, was about to say something.

Jaehyun’s eyes went cold.

with him.


Suddenly, Jaehyun’s fist flew right into his face.

Magni’s face turned wild.

An eerie sound of bones breaking is heard.

Then, Jaehyun chased after the new model that flew away, put his foot on his head, and stepped on it with all his might.

bang! bang! bang!

In the back, Modi saw his brother being trampled on by his adversary.

‘What the hell is it? Magni, who was said to be equal to his father in pure strength alone… How could a human be like that against a guy like that… !’

“To kill me.”

Jaehyun turned to Modi and said, leaving the fallen Magni alone.

“Your father should have come himself.”

One corner of his mouth rises, and Jaehyun’s smile stands out.

It feels creepy even to allies. It evoked unknown fear and coolness.

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