I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 318

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Episode 318: Yggdrasil (1)

“Are you ready?”

At Kwon So-yul’s question, Jae-hyun nodded and checked his luggage again.

Basically, the equipment a raider needs to equip to attack a field or dungeon. And even emergency tools to protect your life.

Jaehyun spent several times more time preparing for the attack on Yggdrasil than usual. The plan was the same.

He thought about it until the last moment when he checked his luggage.

Is it really okay to bring children?

Fortunately, the worry didn’t last long.

If he dies anyway, it is practically impossible for the anti-Aesir forces to win against Odin.

I’ve heard that Loki’s power has also weakened, and he’s trying to recover.

Somehow, until he regained his strength, he decided that it would be better for himself and his allies to keep the enemy’s momentum at bay as much as possible.

Not only that, but I thought that there would be many things I couldn’t do without the help of my colleagues.

Besides, didn’t Hella say that during the battle a few days ago?

[Your colleagues fought better than you think. If it wasn’t for Modi’s Megingjord, it could have taken longer.]

It was encouraging to see that his peers had grown to the point where they could tie God’s ankles.

Their strength is now certain.

No matter which other S-class raider you bring, it is impossible to be as active as they are, and there will be no one who follows your words as well as those who have been working together for a long time.

Now you just have to stop trying to keep it.

‘We have to go together.’

To Jaehyun’s intention, his colleagues happily agreed. They thought it was fortunate that they could share each other’s burdens together.

“Then shall we depart soon?”

When Jaehyun spoke, everyone rose from their seats in perfect order.

Their destination is one.

It was Yggdrasil, the world tree.

* * *

world tree.

This tree, called Yggdrasil in Norse mythology, is very unusual.

The first was that it suddenly sprouted and rose in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 9 days, and the second was that it was difficult to approach because there was a poisonous demon living nearby.

The third, of course, is that no one knows what exists inside.

It is certain that something is hidden from the fact that the monster lives there, and that disaster has arrived with the appearance of Yggdrasil.

However, with human eyes, it is impossible to know what is hidden here.

Because it was designed that way from the beginning.

“It must be Odin. They were afraid that humans would find out the secret of the tower, so they blocked access.”

As the boat they were riding gently cut through the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Hella said.


At the helm of the boat was Renki Moriya, the head of the Japanese coalition.

He was still blonde, with a gold necklace and wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

When Moriya realized that Jaehyun needed to approach Yggdrasil, he offered to ride the boat himself.

In fact, it was almost impossible for an ordinary person to drive a boat this far, and among the rest of the S-class radars, there were no other ways to maneuver boats.

In the meantime, Moriya Renki willingly said he would help them.

Moriya lowered her sunglasses for a moment and cast her gaze to one side.

“By the way, is that pretty lady going too? Could it be dangerous inside?”

“Do not worry. Probably many times stronger than you.”

Jaehyun nodded nonchalantly. Anyone can see that the words were directed at Hella, so it was her bonus that stopped her from getting angry for a while.

Hela had a tendency to get angry when she was treated as a child in a strange way.

Well, to her as a demigod, such words and actions would be quite embarrassing.

In a similar case, how many times did Jaehyun refuse to stroke his back when he was in the form of a cat?

“Anyway, going to Yggdrasil, I’m worried about this. Are you really okay? It’s hell out there. What am I even talking about… Even if dozens of S-class raiders flock to that place, there is no guarantee of survival.”

Moriya was sincerely worried about Jaehyun.

‘If that worry were false, Sigrun wouldn’t have come when he stormed the academy. His words can be trusted.’

However, Jaehyun and his colleagues only nodded.

“If you don’t go, more terrible things will happen.”

“Well, it’s not like that. Ha, come to think of it, at first I thought you were a villain even when you defeated Yamata no Orochi. Haha, it’s a thing of the past now… Oops!”

Moriya, who was holding the steering wheel, partially mismanaged the boat and caused the water to splash.

Jaehyun evaporated all the water that splashed on him with his magic power.

Moriya groaned.

“what. no fun.”

“Shut up and drive well, right?”

“okay. okay. Got it.”

At Jaehyun’s words, he continued driving.

The boat diligently crossed the current.

About a few hours passed like that. Soon they arrived at a spot marked with a red dot on the boat’s radar.

It was about 200m away from Yggdrasil, and it was the closest humanity could get to the World Tree.

In addition, it means that the most optimal location for finding the entrance is right here.

Moriya Renki sighed and looked back at Jaehyun.

“I can’t go any further from here. As you all know, there are a lot of monsters living in front of here… i’m weak

It’s a story that it’s like that compared to you to the end.”

“Thank you.”



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“It was nothing.”

After an appropriate greeting with Moriya Lenki, Jaehyun got off the boat.

To be precise, it would be more accurate to say that he jumped from a boat toward the surface.

with a splash!

Jaehyun fell into the water first. He was already wearing a usable suit, and he was Jaehyun with the essence of the sea. There was no reason to hesitate here.

Anyway, if you manage the flow and find your way, you will find the door in no time. I remember hearing about the location to enter Yggdrasil during the regular meeting.

On the other hand, the other colleagues seemed to hesitate for a while.

“I have some water phobia… .”

“… I’m not good at swimming either… .”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na showed disapproval first. Kwon So-yul also did not show a very good reaction.

“It’s scary. After all, the deep blue sea.”

“I’m good at swimming… !”

At Lee Jae-sang’s careless words, Ahn Ho-yeon grabbed his shoulder.

“brother… ! You have to be careful. If I’m wrong here… .”

At that moment, someone pushed Lee Jae-sang and Ahn Ho-yeon from behind.

It was Kim Yoo-jung.

“Can the good swimmers go first and make sure they’re all right? This can be happen?”


“… Because it happens like this.”


Lee Jae-sang fell into the water with a clumsy sound.

But, true to his own words, he was a very good swimmer, and he swam without fear at all.

Kwon So-yul looked at him with an unexpected gaze.

Soon, they all jumped into the sea, closing their eyes tightly with an expression of “I don’t know.”

“Then come back alive somehow!”

Moriya immediately turned the key with the last words.

Because I knew very well that I would die if I stayed here any longer.

‘I came because I asked to take you, but… Go inside Yggdrasil. It would be dangerous even to pretend… Will it be all right?’

Black robes, no adversaries are strong.

I already know from the news that his teammates are also strong.

But this is a place where even they are afraid.


If the beginning and end of Norse mythology is a far-off abyss.

It connects to all worlds, and Yggdrasil is what connects them.

What is not dangerous is more strange.

“what… Because there is nothing I can do.”

Moriya drove the boat with a slightly disappointed expression.

Fortunately, the adversary said that if the enemy succeeds in capturing Yggdrasil, the limits of human growth will be lifted.

If that is the case, he will be able to contribute with all his might in the fight against Odin, who is judged as the main enemy.

No matter what you do, you won’t be as strong as the adversary… .

Since ancient times, an S-class raider representing their country should not be complacent in a helpless situation like now.

* * *

[Come this way. Move quickly.]

[Ah Okay.]

[I want to go quickly too… That doesn’t go well!]

Jaehyun and his colleagues went downstairs talking via telepathy.

Kim Yoo-jung used wind-type magic to transport oxygen, so there was no need for a separate respirator.

Bubbles of air floated around them like bubbles.

All kinds of other life forms in front of him. There were almost S-class monsters lined up.

Jae-Hyun and his colleagues moved forward, hunting only the monsters needed to open the road.

Jaehyun smiled.

‘As expected, I’ve become stronger.’

The appearance of the comrades responding to the attacks of the demonic beasts in perfect order had indeed grown.

[how is it? This is enough for us to be able to use it!]

Kim Yoo-jung spoke with an air of arrogance.

Also, I can’t think of anything.

Jaehyun looked at her for a moment as he calmly spoke to her.

Then, I turn my gaze to see Ina Seo, Hoyeon Ahn, Jaesang Lee, and Soyul Kwon.

They have now come to a place where they can really stand next to themselves.

It was something I hadn’t even thought of when I first made the appointment… .

They really did keep what they said.

However, Jaehyun knew that he still had to be careful. No matter how strong they become, there are still mountains of stronger enemies.

Moreover, these are human bodies. Unlike yourself, it will take a lot of effort to get a rank.

Maybe it won’t be possible until the war is over.

There are few people who can build a myth with a human body like himself.

Hella said so.

In the end, they can’t grow as fast as they do, and they can’t move forward.

A path only allowed to you.

Because that was the fate of the antagonist.

That’s why Jaehyun thought of helping them.

Leading in the right direction, and helping colleagues move forward.

Also, the effort would be helpful to himself.

By the time Jaehyun gets out of his thoughts. A voice came from behind.

[Deep at sea level… Don’t you think there’s something there?]

Ahn Ho-yeon asked Jae-hyun, who quickly descended to the depths using the essence of the sea.

Certainly, as he said, there was something strange and unknown on the floor.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s magic detection, he looked more closely, and the party was able to quickly recognize that it was a door.

An iron gate that appears to be 6 meters high. It was an appearance that somehow felt strange to be in the sea.

[It looks like a passageway.]

[Is the passage that Hella said over there?]

[…] I think so.]

Colleagues chatted with each other.

Jaehyun also agreed.

[that’s right. over there It perfectly matches the appearance I heard then.

Oh right. And I forgot to tell you one thing.]

Before Jaehyun finishes talking.

With a bubbling sound from the floor, a monster burst out through the door and opened its huge mouth at the party.

It was in the shape of a shark.

―Yggdrasil’s gatekeeper monster Gate Keeper appears!

At the same time, Jaehyun shrugged at the sound of the system.

[There is a gatekeeper monster… I think Odin prepared it.]

[hey! What if I say that now?!]

Kim Yoo-jung was hot.

Jaehyun laughed, not caring. He opened his magic lightly.

[Let’s deal with this guy first and then talk.]

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