I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 320

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Episode 320: Yggdrasil (3)

“Hey, Min Jaehyun. But can I really trust him? According to Norse mythology, it was Ratatosque who separated Nidhogg from the nameless repairman, right?

So, isn’t it right to assume that they are lying to us as well?”

“That’s right. Hell’s alter ego, I don’t know much about him either. You better be careful.”

Kim Yu-jung and Hella looked at Ratatosque as if in doubt.

It was a natural reaction.

Because Ratatosque is portrayed as a malevolent being in mythology.

An existence that keeps Nidhogg and the nameless repair apart and makes them fight each other.

That was the essence of Ratatosque.

“don’t worry. If it’s a boundary, I’m doing it too. Not attacking right now… As far as I can go, I can kill that guy at any time.”

Jaehyun said not to worry, but he was paying more attention than anyone else.

However, he was curious.

How could such a small squirrel be able to come and go in Yggdrasil, where these high-level monsters are infested?

And whether what he said was really true or not.

In order to confirm this, it was necessary to take a certain risk.

“My dear—here it is! If you go this way, the door to climb the spiral tower will open! The ta-tower is made up of five tsu-layers!”

spiral tower.

Familiar words leaked from Ratatosk’s lips.

‘As expected, this guy must know something.’

Jaehyun was sure.

Just now.

She had never told him that Yggdrasil was made of a spiral tower.

That said, at least Ratatosque knew the structure of this place.

And it meant that Jaehyun and his colleagues were worth using him.

“That Yggdrasil has five floors. Please explain in detail.”

Jaehyun said in a high-pressure voice.

Ratatosk’s eyes twinkled anxiously, but no one took his side.

It was natural. They are Jae-Hyun’s colleagues, and while living by his side for a long time, he learned Jae-Hyun’s cold-heartedness.

It was a natural thing for a radar.

In order to survive, he must not be seduced by the cute (?) guy in front.

“Tatata—the tower is made up of two crossroads. Nanana—from the name Spiral Tower, that’s true—but—”

“Two forks?”

Simply put, this meant there were two ways to climb the tower.

Jaehyun crossed his arms as if telling him to continue.

“All—but here, nothing—there is a problem! That-that’s- Yggdrasil can’t go up to the top floor unless you conquer both paths!”

“therefore. Should we divide into two teams and climb the tower?”


“How can I believe you?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Ratatosque seemed to be startled and raised his front paws and slapped him.

“Gee, gee—I’m not lying!”

Jaehyun smiled. It was as if she was waiting for those words to fall.

A cool smile lingered on his face.

“good. As you said, we will divide into two teams and climb the tower. Instead, if everything you said was true.”

Jaehyun reached out his hand towards Ratatosque.

Magical energy leaked out of his hands, stayed in Ratatosque’s body for a while, and then went up the magic circuit of his head.

“Sasa-sasa- save me!”

Ratatosque shouted in horror, but surprisingly nothing happened.

Because Jaehyun had no intention of attacking him from the beginning.

―Active skill 《Subordinate》.

However, it was only necessary to take certain measures to ensure that his words could be trusted.

Jaehyun lowered his head and a shadow fell on his face.

“Now, should I sign it?”


* * *

Thanks to the success of the dependent skill, Jaehyun found out that everything Ratatosk said was true.

In addition, the fact that it was he who actually separated Nidhogg from the nameless repair.

“As long as you have this skill, you cannot lie to me even if you die. So, take care of yourself and act well.”


Jaehyun definitely threatened.

The squirrel in front of you is a dangerous guy.

How could he be able to go back and forth between the venomous dragon Nidhogg and the nameless repair? How cunning the tongue is to make such a thing possible… .

“… Jaehyun, so how will our team be divided?”

Seo Ina looked around and looked at Jaehyun and asked.

Now, with Ratatosque’s guidance, they have arrived at a huge hollow.

After passing through the rusty door and reaching the inside, there were two high-dimensional portals inside, as he said.

It was probably the gate to go upstairs, as the guy said.

“If you climb the two portals at the same time – the left side and the right side – Du-Du-Du – the test to climb the Titsu-floor will begin!”

The floor consists of five floors.



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It’s like an ordeal.

In order to move forward, the things to be done on the floor are set, and only when you succeed in this, you can reach the next floor.

Jaehyun had a moment of doubt and asked while looking at Ratatosque.

“It’s Yggdrasil that you can climb up only by enduring such a test… … How can you just go up and down?”

“So-so-I’m a little bit-a special case! Tae-tae-tae—because I was born with this tree from the beginning, I’m not affected by this—aaaa—not!”


A being born with Yggdrasil.

Jaehyun looked at Hella with a questioning face, but she didn’t seem to know the details either.

The reality of Ratatosque. Jaehyun’s curiosity about it continued to grow, but he decided to hold back for now.

I don’t have time right now, and I have no choice but to climb the tower with this guy.

Spiral structure tower.

It is possible to reach the end only by riding through two portals at the same time.

A mistake here meant that he would soon die.

“For now, as this guy said, I’m going to divide the team into two.”

Jaehyun said as if he was declaring first, then looked back at the party.

“First of all, please go with Kim Yu-jung, Ho-yeon, Jae-sang hyung, So-yul sunbaenim, and Hella.”

Jaehyun naturally wanted to form a team with a balance of power.

And inevitably, the one on his side has no choice but to be stronger.

Therefore, after arranging Hella and colleagues with strong utility in one place, Jaehyun planned to bring only one member with good compatibility.


Kim Yoo-jung replied with a dissatisfied expression, and the rest of her colleagues quickly agreed.

“Since our forces are clearly weak, it would be safer to stay together. Yoo-jung’s soul link, chancellor’s potion, and So-yul’s search will also work to your advantage.

If there is also Hella, there will be no big problem.”

Ahn Ho-yeon accurately analyzed the situation, and the others nodded as well.

“okay. okay.”

“All right. We do our best to help. It’s not even an ordeal this time.”

Jaehyun looked back at Seo Ina this time.

“Inaya. You will come with me.”

“… huh!”

Seo Ina was joking with a slightly excited expression.

Jaehyun grabbed and dragged Ratatosque as he slowly walked towards the opposite team.

“Where are you running? You are here too.”

“Let’s go—let’s eat it, but mama—please don’t!”

“hmm… Come to think of it, I’ve never eaten squirrels before. Is it delicious?”

Ratatosque was frightened by Jaehyun’s sly words and took a backward step.


In response to his reaction, Jaehyun moderately relaxed his expression and said.

“Don’t worry. don’t eat There is a guide on the other side, but there is no guide on this side, so I just take him. Well, it might be different if there’s nothing to eat inside or if you don’t listen to me.”

It was as he said. The reason why he takes Ratatosque is because he needs a guide.

There was Kwon So-yul with the search skill on the other side, but not this one.

The danger that Jaehyun could detect with the words of mana detection and sense amplification was very close.

It wasn’t very helpful in identifying traps in the distance or finding a quick way to the next floor.

If that’s the case, it’s a matter of taking a guide with you in the end.

Moreover, the dependent skill was reproduced to the last. There was no reason to leave him alone.

After making a decision, Jaehyun headed to the left of the huge hollow.

Seo In-na chased after him, and the rest of the members stood in front of the transmission portal on the right.

After taking a deep breath, they looked at Jaehyun.

“Everyone is doing well. I’m sure you’ll be able to clear it. Then, let’s meet on the 5th floor.”


“Only trust us!”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kim Yoo-jung responded first to Jae-hyun’s words, and soon they completely disappeared under the light of the portal.

However, at that moment. they didn’t know

The huge iron gate of the empty common they passed through.

that it slowly began to close.

* * *

center of Asgard. Thunder God Thor’s room.

Reports of shock and grief followed.

“my… My son was killed in action? And both… ?”

Thor’s eyes widened as he listened to the report of the confidant sent to observe the adversary. Now, he clenched his fists in the greatest rage he had ever felt in his life.

It’s something that doesn’t make sense at all.

No matter how half they are, they are the sons of Thor, the god of thunder.

Not only that, but didn’t he hand over the artifact and instruct him to defeat the enemy?

I paid attention to all safety and thought there would be no problems.

however… lost?

my sons?

“under… Ha ha ha ha ha!!”

Thor burst into madness as if he had lost his mind. It didn’t calm down at all.

A dark murderous intent lingered in his eyes, and a cold smile formed.

But it didn’t mean much.

All of his sons have already passed away.

It was virtually impossible to go to Helheim and bring them back.

As long as Hel guarded the place, there was no way he would give himself a way.

“Adversary… Fucking baby… I will definitely kill you… !!”

The time when Thor’s anger clearly filled the room.

Suddenly, along with a knock, a familiar voice was heard.

“Thor. Odin has called.”

“Hugin… .”

Thor gnashed his teeth and took the word.

He knew very well why Hugin and Odin were looking for him.

He sent his son to attack the enemy without giving any instructions.

Even failing to do this, he consumed all of Asgard’s divine power that he had accumulated so far.

You want to hold him accountable.

“Tell me I’m going.”

However, Thor also had many things he wanted to ask about this time.

the sorrow of losing a son. That’s big too, but now he’s the opponent.

Because the doubts and anger toward him were many times greater.

“I will kill myself with my own hands somehow. adversary… I will make sure to pay the price for the crime of touching the god of thunder at a mere human subject.”

Thor’s clenched fists trembled, and the real Thunder God’s lightning bolt surged for a moment before disappearing.

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