I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 322

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Episode 322: The Golden Labyrinth (2)

golden king.

Ratatosque seemed to have given up in the end, and started explaining in earnest while guiding the way.

Of course, about half of them were due to Jaehyun’s threats.

“Hwahwa—The Golden King was a legendary man! He – he coveted gold, but he never harmed people. Choi Choi – They say he did his best to take care of the weak!”

It was an unexpected story.

Even when I first heard of it, the Golden King was nothing but a grave robber. It seems that there was a surprisingly healthy corner.

‘Well, the bad guy has always been Odin. Even if he’s a nice guy, there’s nothing strange about it.’

“Sure—he loved humans—and he treated other races gradually—without discrimination!

Hwahwa―there were many stories that even aimed at gold would have been to help them too―but―.”

“Odin must have arbitrarily altered history.”

“Ah–I’m thinking it’s very likely!”

Seeing that Ratatosque thought the same, it seemed that his thoughts were roughly correct. Well, it’s a similar thing. I’ve been through countless times so far.

Odin has always plundered people’s lives as he pleased, and used them as he pleased.

Tirp and Roskva. Fafnir et al.

I used and discarded various beings to suit my taste.

He’s that kind of guy, but it wouldn’t have been a problem to harass even one more human.

‘I am one of those victims.’

Jaehyun briefly recalled himself before returning, but soon erased it from his mind.

Now I’m standing by your side.

What if she gets hurt by selling her mind elsewhere?

That really couldn’t have happened.

the insignificant past.

Or maybe it’s a future that I didn’t know that would happen.

It didn’t matter anymore.

Jaehyun needed to see the present and move on.

“An arrow trap this way. Over there, when you step on the footrest, a huge stone rolls down. be careful.”

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun was easily destroying the trap.

Basically, his physical ability was at the 3rd level of divine personality liberation, but it was more correct to say that it was more than that.

How many mythical artifacts and S-class or higher items did he have?

As long as they are all in effect, Jaehyun will not be defeated by beings of the same level as himself.

It was for that reason that he went hunting for the Golden King.

It’s because no matter how great items he packs around, he’s sure that he won’t be as great as himself.

“By the way, what weapon does the Golden King use?”

“Ii—as the name suggests, it handles molten gold, and basically ja—it is known to handle long spears!”


It is likely to be a tricky enemy.

Jaehyun made that decision.

‘Enemies using spears cannot easily close the distance. I’m very familiar with using a sword, but rarely with a spear. Until now.’

With cold eyes, he recalled for a moment the most famous spear wielder in Norse mythology.


It was he who possessed the legendary spear called Gungnir, which was said to pierce the opponent if it left his hand.

The fight now is likely to be helpful in the battle against Odin later.

No matter how excellent an artifact is, there is no way it can consistently hit the enemy.

If you close the distance as much as possible and pay attention to the attack that swings horizontally, you will deal with the enemy.

‘can win.’


Jaehyun, Seo Ina, and Ratatosque’s steps stopped at one point.

“Is this here?”


“… It looks like there’s something dangerous inside. You have to be careful, Jaehyun.”

It was as Seina said. In front of them was a huge golden recognition device.

It seemed to be an equation designed to open when mana was injected. It was a method that Jaehyun was quite familiar with.

“don’t worry. don’t push yourself too hard Understand?”

“… huh.”

a golden king

‘Should I check how it came to be?’

Jaehyun thought and carefully channeled his mana into the recognition device.

Tsutsutsutsu… !

However, for some reason, the Golden King’s room didn’t even show any reaction.

However, the ensuing message only informed him that he had failed.

―Recognition release failed.

Jaehyun tilted his head.

“what? a failure? Are there any other conditions?”

“… I think so.”

Seo Ina agreed.

Along with him, a voice came from the middle of the maze-filled cavity.

[Those who can pass this place, those who have been recognized by the Golden King.]



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[Those who covet gold, here is the golden light.]

[Those who covet gold, bring a life-destroying flame to this place.]

Two significant sentences.

The sentences were difficult to grasp immediately, so Jaehyun frowned.

This place was almost similar to the Trial of the Giant that he had gone through in the past.

Hrungnir’s Trial.

Jaehyun went through trials that tested countless wisdom there.

The voice heard in this maze is also almost identical to that one.

Interpret the hidden meaning, solve it and move on.

Perhaps that is what the Golden King is asking for from Jaehyun.

Jaehyun first repeated the two most important keywords.

‘Brilliant gold, and a flame that takes away life.’

Brilliant gold…

Jaehyun pondered for a while when he heard that he was recognized by the golden king.

Soon, he took out an artifact from his inventory.

“… that… Draupnir?”

“that’s right. I feel like this is what I need to be recognized by the Golden King.”

I thought it was as easy as possible.

The Golden King has the meaning of a person who coveted gold from the name.

It does not change the essence of how noble values ​​were pursued.

Then, one conclusion.

give me gold

‘Draupnir is a bracelet that increases to 9 every 9 days. The inventory is already overflowing to the point of rotting.’

Jaehyun held Draupnir to the recognition device first.

―Recognizer 1st lock unlocked.

– Recognized by the Golden King.

―Disable the following devices.

“It must be bingo.”

“… I always feel that, Jaehyun, you are really smart… .”

Seo Ina said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Jaehyun is second again. I focused on the flame that took my life.

After a while, the next answer came quickly.

Jaehyun brought Poppy who was sniffing on the floor and put it down in front of the sensor.

and instructed

“Papi. Fire your breath at that device.”

The reason why Jaehyun gave Papi such an order was simple.

A spark that consumes life. Wasn’t it white fever?

In fact, Papi’s white flame has shown a great effect on the undead and the undead. Therefore, the life-sucking flame requested here is most likely a white flame.

Poppy toddled and approached the recognition device.


Perhaps it was because he had grown up a little, he heard a much more menacing cry than before. It was a cute (?) cry like a dragon, one of the dominant species in the nine worlds.

Jaehyun smiled.

―Active skill «Dragon Breath (Back)».

Along with that, the white flame inside the recognition device and the replica of Draupnir that I had just dedicated were mingling with light.


―The second condition has been met.

―The reader is unlocked.

Awesome profit!

Jaehyun smiled. Because the door was finally open.

* * *

“wow… I am amazed every time I see her real sister’s unique skills. How can you find your way so quickly?”

“It is definitely a great ability. There must be a reason why Jaehyun chose you as a team member.”

The exact same place as the dungeon that Jaehyun and Seo Ina are targeting.

I could hear the voices of my colleagues from other portals here. Now, it was Kim Yoo-jung.

Seeing Kwon So-yul, who had activated her unique skill a little while ago and found all the directions of the road, she was envious inside.

Kwon So-yul smiled and patted her on the shoulder.

“Your soul link is even more amazing.”

“no. what… From now on, I won’t be able to save others like I did back then… .”

Kim Yoo-jung said that with a slightly gloomy expression.

What she is saying right now. It was simple.

The promise I made with Jaehyun.

Kim Yoo-jung sighed, recalling the conversation she had with him a few months ago.

[therefore. Never. In the future, don’t use Soul Link in the way you sacrifice yourself. Because I can’t accept it.]

[Ah, I know.]

[Did you really understand?]

Jaehyun looked at Kim Yoojung while asking that. She was averting her eyes.

What that meant was clear.

I can’t tell. The next time this situation comes up, I might use my ability again.

The reason Jaehyun was able to understand this was as follows.

This is because Kim Yoo-jung’s frequent behavior when lying is to avert her eyes. Of course, Jaehyun was well aware of this.

However, Jaehyun was much more elaborate than Kim Yoojung thought.

Knowing this, he set one more condition.

[Because you say you reflect that much. Let’s make one thing clear.]

Meanwhile, Jaehyun activated a skill on Kim Yoojung.


It was a skill to conclude an irresistible contract between the opponent and oneself.

There, Jaehyun suggested only one thing to Kim Yoojung.

Never sacrifice yourself to save others.

Kim Yoo-jung ended up signing there… Now Soul Link can only be used to help teammates thoroughly.

Sacrifice is not allowed. Because that was the condition for reproduction.

“Still, I think it’s a good thing. Whenever there is danger, if Yu-jeong tries to sacrifice herself, Jae-hyun will start a fuss again. Even if it’s not, I have an eccentric personality… .”

“It is, but… .”

At Hella’s words, Kim Yoo-jung muttered in a low voice.

I was grateful to Jaehyun for worrying even though he didn’t say anything. The proof was that her cheeks were a little hot.

“Still, I think we need to go a little further, so cheer up. I don’t think there are any separate monsters.

I can get a signal from one place… I guess it was made to trap people who went in the wrong direction.”

“too bad… .”

Lee Jae-sang shook his head at the fact that the tower had gone so far.

Kwon So-yul busily searched for the road, wondering how Jae-hyun would be doing by now.

He’s a great junior, and he even has a guide, so there’s probably nothing to worry about.

On the contrary, they would be worried about themselves. if that guy

“Then we go quickly. Because Jaehyun was always ahead of us… Shouldn’t we be ahead sometimes?”

Everyone in the party nodded at Ahn Ho-yeon’s words.

Deep down, Kwon So-yul was annoyed by the presence that turned out to be a monster on the other side of the exit… .

I thought it was some kind of MacGuffin and decided to pass it on.

Jaehyun is not around anyway.

There was absolutely no reason to do anything dangerous.

* * *

Thanks to Draupnir and Papy’s Breath, Jaehyun is a hidden place in the maze. You have succeeded in reaching the Golden King’s room.

It was a very special place, like a hidden room.

Just like when Fafnir’s nest was discovered in the past, there was a lot of gold, and white flames were all burning from the torches hanging on the walls.

[This is the Golden King’s room… ]

At that moment, the voice continued again.

Jaehyun listened closely and took a closer look at his surroundings.

A little while ago, through magic detection, I knew for sure that there was a demonic beast here.

But I couldn’t guess what was going to happen here.

‘It would have been fine if Soyul was there, but… can’t do it now If a dangerous situation arises, I have no choice but to prepare immediately.’

when you made that promise.

Along with a system message, a giant skeleton holding a spear appeared.

―A stuffed 《Golden King》 has appeared in Yggdrasil.

―Free the soul of the Golden King.

He wore a Viking helmet on his head and held a huge long spear in his hand.

The golden king was there.

Jaehyun asked him according to the system message he heard.

“Did you say the golden king… Are you an ally, or else?”

He raised his head and opened his magic.


It was a question that was truly reproducible.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 321I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 323
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