I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 328

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Episode 328: The One Who Walks Again (2)

A draug is a beast that is very sensitive to smell and hearing.

I don’t know if this fact is recorded in Norse mythology.

At least in today’s world where myths have become reality, this fact has been true.

Raiders dismiss draugr as low-level magic beasts, but it’s not because they’re weak.

attribute magic.

To be precise, it’s just that it’s too weak against divine magic, so its rank is low.

Basically, because they are undead, they are not easily knocked down, and most weapons do not work well. The demonic beasts with the skill to corrode iron weapons were the Draug.

Jaehyun knew it well because he was driven to the brink of death several times before returning.

As he had been to the very bottom, he knew very well that even a weak demon could become a fearsome being.

… Especially in a situation where skills are completely banned like now.

Jaehyun was holding his breath in, not exhaling at all.

With Seo Ina, it became a perfect hugging posture.

Even the slightest movement would make a sound, and Seo In-na and herself would be discovered.

Even if it’s just a little bit of breathing, it’s the same.

This is just an invisible role, a zone to deceive those who are sensitive to smell.

pounding. pounding.

The witch’s green eyes look around the closet where Jaehyun and Seo Ina are hiding.

small gap.

In the meantime, it didn’t seem to see properly, as the system message said.

Jaehyun and Seo Ina’s heart beats like crazy.

It felt like being the main character in a horror game.

[Inaya… are you okay?]

Jaehyun held his breath and sent a telepathic message, but there was no response.

“ha… .”

At that moment, Seo Eana exhaled a small breath.

very little sound.

Aaaa… .

That alone made them snoop in front of the closet again.

Jaehyun held his body a little closer and waited for the enemy to go as much as possible.

Russell’s daughter under the bed had made arrangements to keep them from attacking.

I had some salt from a conversation about Draug with Russell a while ago, so I sprinkled it around.

First, said Russell. He said that he put a wooden fence in the neighborhood to prevent ‘those who walk again’ and sprinkled salt on it.

This must mean that salt is effective for draugr.

Of course, I don’t know if that blocks their sense of smell. But now, Jaehyun could bet everything that this was for the best.

‘good… Hurry up and get out before the 2 minutes are up… !’

After a while.

Perhaps Jaehyun’s earnest prayer had reached him, and a group of draugs left the room.

After that, the sound of their footsteps seemed to fade away for a while, and then strange screams began to pour into the village.


From that scream, the tragedy began.

“Everyone, a walker has entered the village again!”

“Second, the village chief… Are you dead already?”

Jaehyun was able to get out of the closet only after all those screams were over.

There was nothing I could do now.

Most of his skills are sealed.

Before you find the stalker, all you can do is make the right judgment. All she had to do was get Seo Ina, Papi, and Ratatosque out of this hierarchy.

“after… Inaya. are you okay?”

At the question, Seo Ina nodded her head with a reddened face as if she was okay. It seemed that he suffered quite a bit from lack of oxygen.

Just in case, I grabbed my shoulder to check the condition, and a violent heartbeat resonated all the way to my shoulder.

Jaehyun caught his breath and looked around.

There are no more traces of the draugr.

After a while, Seo Ina, who came to her senses, moved her gaze. under the bed.

It was the place where Russell’s daughter had just entered.

“You can come out now.”

Jaehyun held out his hand and said that.

“Oh, Dad… .”

The child repeated his dead father, trying hard not to make a sound.

Jaehyun gritted his teeth at the sight, but tried to show a kind expression as much as possible. Then he reached out his hand to her and pulled her out from under her bed.

“You have to move with us from now on.”

“… … all right.”

The child quickly understood.

Could it be because he was born in a village frequented by draugs?

The child was aloof like an adult.

It was hard to see for a child of only five or six years old.

Jaehyun nodded and looked at the rest of his teammates.

Ratatosque was fine as expected, and Poppy was fine as well, probably hiding under her feet.

However, I had to think about it from now on beyond the dangerous situation.



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How can I catch the ‘tagger’ of this class?

troll scarf.

Jaehyun was sure that the culprit was the magic draugr.

The reason was simple.

The scenery outside the window.

It was because the rain was pouring from outside, where the villagers were being brutally murdered by the draugs.

‘If you’re not a draugr using a troll scarf, there’s no way you could do something like this.’

The types of trollscarves used by draugr basically include disguise, weather control, and future foresight.

raining now.

Jaehyun suspected this and confirmed that the culprit was the draugr using the troll scarf.

The proof was that it rained just in time.

Jae-hyun immediately informed Seo In-na and Ratatosque of the information he had judged. If the situation should go bad, he was to prepare immediately.

“… But in this situation, why did the draugr make it rain?”

Jaehyun immediately answered Seo Ina’s question.

“All the salt that Mr. Russell had sprinkled on the wooden fence has melted. That’s why the draugs were able to climb over the barrier and enter.”

The enemy is a guy with a good brain. He also has sufficient intellect.

Perhaps the strategy was planned from the beginning, aiming for a situation like this.

Seo Ina said in a slightly gloomy voice.

“… Is it because of us?”

“Even so, I can’t turn it around.”

I felt very helpless in this reality that I couldn’t say no to Jaehyun.

It was so frustrating not being able to use the power I had accumulated so far.

But I can’t help it. I have no choice but to adapt to the ordeal now.

Stomping his feet in denial of reality was not in his temper.

Finding a way to struggle somehow.

That was a person named Jaehyun.

“Let’s go out for now. There will be more Hyde Points.”

“… huh.”

“So-so-so-when I looked at the town map earlier, I found a place that seemed to be the next haha-Hyde Point. Sasa―Actually, I was going to run away there if I had to, but―”

“Guide me. Be as quiet as possible.”

Jaehyun clearly realized that he had to first figure out the location of the hide point where he could hide for two minutes.

There might be some other secret hidden there.

‘Whatever it is, I can’t do anything here. I have to move.’

Jaehyun took the lead and started walking.

It had been a very long time since the attack on Flanders’ mansion had been heard so loudly by the creaking of the wooden planks.

* * *

Other colleagues also arrived on the second floor.

However, it was not the floor where the draugs appeared that Jaehyun was targeting.

Originally, the second floor test that Ratatosque knew was not that difficult.

Rather, it was a floor that could be said to be easier than the hidden route on the first floor.

The background was also simple and clear.

There is a huge stone door, and under it is white chalk to write something on.

However, writing arithmetic expressions was not the main test.

“I didn’t expect to solve the puzzle on the second floor of Yggdrasil. Still, it’s fortunate that it’s not that difficult once you put your heads together.”

The second layer basically consisted of a puzzle structure.

The most famous game that anyone in the world can easily access.


Ahn Ho-yeon nodded as if he understood.

“So to put it simply, a crossword puzzle… It’s a horizontal and vertical word quiz, right?”

after. The members of Nine have been doing crosswords for a long time.

Of course, it was a little different from the general word quiz.

First of all, the problems given with the hints were all about witches.

Kobolds, Worms, Drakes, Wyverns, Draugs and more.

Only the names of various monsters were to be filled in in the crossword.


“This is Harpy.”

When Kim Yoo-jung filled in the words on the crossword board in front of the huge door, the monster appeared and attacked them.

If you write the name of the monster, that monster appears. If you fight and win, you can continue the next word quiz.

It was a simple and clear hierarchy.

“At this rate, even Jaehyun would have cleared it a long time ago… It’s strange. why are you still not saying anything? No message pops up.”

At Ahn Ho-yeon’s words, Kwon So-yul evaded the harpy’s wings and threw a dagger.

“Can’t we just live with us for now? He knows how to do well.”


The shuriken thrown by Kwon So-yul quickly exploded and landed on the harpy’s shoulder.

The harpy screams in pain as it descends to the ground.

At this time, Ahn Ho-yeon steps forward to attack, and Kim Yoo-jung assists him.

The basic attack was simple, but Seo Eana was missing, so the balance needed to be adjusted a bit.

In the case of Jaehyun, there were so many cases where he was away, so he trained quite a bit while he was absent…

Seo In-na was always with her, but when she fell out of it, there was no choice but to leak power.

Although it is a situation that is covered to some extent by the rapid growth of all of my colleagues.


“Well, it is. It’s not someone else, it’s Jaehyun.”

An Ho-yeon nodded and completely cut the harpy.

It was to fill in the words to be put in the next crossword column after tidying up quickly.

After filling in the crosswords for a long time, the second-tier test was almost over.

However, the last problem, problem number 6, caught them on their feet.

Kim Yoo-jung and Kwon So-yul, who knew the most and studied well.

The expressions of the two people who were solving the puzzle almost instantly changed.

They quickly opened their magic and said.

“… this one is a bit old Guys, should we be careful?”

“… what is that?”

At Kwon So-yul’s words, Lee Jae-sang hesitated a little and stepped back.

In the meantime, I steadily hold the abnormal potion bottle and sword in my hand.

Ahn Ho-yeon narrowed her eyes, and the word entered the last crossword in front of her eyes.

No, I saw the name of the Witchbeast.

“… Black Dragon.”

Aaaaaaa… !!

The sky shakes, and a sigh escapes from deep in the hearts of the party.

Kwon So-yul shook his head.

“Look. I said I would.”

“I have to fight first. What can I do?”

Kim Yoo-jung again held the staff in her hands. Soon after they were ready for battle.

It didn’t take long before the stone wall opened and a huge black dragon emerged from it.

―The 2nd layer lord «Black Dragon» will appear.

The number of monsters expected to be at least S+ grade based on their estimated height.

Jaehyun said that he had hunted a mythical dragon before, but he never dreamed that they would meet now.

But you have to.

“let’s go.”

“This time I might as well lend a hand.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Hella spoke, and the black dragon began to fire a breath containing black flames at them.


An explosion was heard.

* * *

The outside of the village was already in trouble.

The number of draugs itself wasn’t that great, but the problem was that there was no way to deal with it.

Rather, there were fewer draugs outside the village chief’s house than inside.

Jaehyun thought it was strange inside, but for now, he didn’t show it and moved quietly.

Buildings in the town collapsed and screams were heard incessantly, but all could not be saved.

Can not help it.

It was a word mixed with terrible hypocrisy, but only that could comfort Jaehyun.

Seo Ina was covering the child’s ears.

Just like that, when the three and two companions set out to find the next Hyde Point.

Suddenly, the voices of a man and a woman were heard from behind.

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