I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 329

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Episode 329: Troll Scarf (1)

“Hey, maybe… Are they the survivors of the ‘walkers again’? Please help me. please… … Your wife is in danger.”

“You have to be careful! Those are people I’ve never seen in town… It could be dangerous!”

At the man’s words, the woman hurriedly covers her mouth and says.

Jaehyun looked around, barely holding back the chills running down his spine.

The draugr was no longer seen nearby.

Apparently, he had been away for a while.

Jaehyun calmed down for a moment and said.

“yes. We are survivors too. I’m a merchant, but I came to sell something in this town and got caught up in an incident… .”

“That child is the chief’s… .”

“The chief has already passed away.”

Jaehyun said in a heavy tone. The man who asked the question bowed his head.

It seemed that the village chief was quite a sympathetic person in the village.

After Jaehyun suggested that they move, he looked at their whereabouts.

Both were dressed in shabby clothes, and the man seemed to be a fisherman, judging from the calluses everywhere.

There were cuts on his hands with something sharp like a fishing hook, so it’s almost certain.

The woman’s stomach was slightly full. It seems to be a pregnant woman, but it seems that there is hemorrhage, judging from the red blood flowing on the side of the leg.

Certainly, the present situation could not have been positive for pregnant women.

For now, stability is best.

‘They seem to be a couple.’

Jaehyun hasn’t figured out exactly what the conditions for clearing this quest are yet, so he decides to keep them alive.

Jaehyun was not a heartless person to the point of ignoring those who needed help in front of him.

he asked as he walked.

“Is there a village warehouse near here?”

“If it’s a public warehouse… It’s near here. Near the well.”

“So-so-so-where I think the next Hyde Point will be is also uh-near the well!”

Ratatosque said so too.

Two people, of course. That is, men and women did not recognize Ratatosque at all.

“Let’s go there for now.”


“… huh. okay.”

The rest quickly agreed. They first started walking to the warehouse where the well was located.

I made as little footstep noise as possible and avoided the movement of the draugr.

* * *

Right after Jaehyun started to attack Yggdrasil.

The headquarters of the World Radar Alliance has been razed to the ground.

A meeting room where the top leaders gather.

Richard’s expression hardened completely.

“therefore… Are you saying that Min Jae-hyun stole all the top-notch items you hid?”

“… … you’re right. I’m not sure if you believe me… .”

The radar in front lowered his head and said.

He was the raider that Richard had previously asked to manipulate the item grade in order not to hand over expensive items to Jaehyun.

chris. A craftsman who creates counterfeits and imitations.

Because of this, Richard first let Jaehyun freely take items from the World Radar Alliance on the VVIP floor of the department store.

I thought he didn’t have the ability to recognize the item anyway.

At least, the person with the ability to recognize the value of an item is, as far as he knows, a curator’s guild master in Korea. It was only Baek Ji-yeon.

But, at most, seventeen-year-olds robbed the item?

Is that a good thing too?

“It is true that this is unbelievable news. On the bad side, too.”

Richard said and touched his forehead.

stuff hidden there.

Of course, this was difficult to deal with.

An S+ grade item that is very difficult to use for a wizard-only item.

Richard thought that there would be new beings who could use it.

As far as in the US.

Unfortunately, however, talent like Jaehyun did not come out in the United States. This was the case even when the scope was expanded to the world.

What kind of raider uses magic freely without casting, and doesn’t lose much health even when attacked from the vanguard?

If there was such a person, the US would have sent reinforcements even in the battle against Sigrun.

However, the only human capable of such a thing was Jaehyun in the world.

“In a way, it’s like it’s in the hands of the person who will enter it, but… .”

Richard felt sorry for the fact that the owner of the S+ grade item was not an American.

Also, he had no choice but to admit that Jaehyun had a better eye than he thought.

I will be a little more careful in future negotiations with him.

He repeated that, trying hard to forget that an item worth more than trillions of won had been taken away.

“The next item.”

After all the stories about the items were organized, the meeting continued in the chairperson.

“Recently, accidents in which high-class radars die while attacking are happening all over the world.

The gate, which was only A-class when it first sensed the wavelength, has suddenly risen to an S-class or higher.”



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“I still heard the news. No matter how you think about it, this is not something to be taken lightly.”

That is what has been emerging as the biggest problem in the world lately.

It’s not as serious as Red Gate, of course, but the dungeon’s rating has been rising lately. An error occurred in the measurement of the grade, and there were frequent incidents of high-ranking monsters appearing in lower dungeons.

Thanks to this, a number of top raiders have recently withdrew from the guild with their accumulated assets, and are declaring their retirement one after another.

Richard had no choice but to suffer from a headache.

he asked with a sigh.

“What is the alternative?”

“Min Jaehyun… If so, it seems that it will be possible to clear the dungeon stably. However, I contacted Yeonhwa. I’m at work right now, so I can’t move for a while… .”

Richard’s expression crumpled even more at the secretary’s words.

Currently, Jaehyun and his party members can reliably handle the highest level gates. And there are only new radars to grow.

Richard’s anxiety only deepened.

Those gathered in the conference room do not speak, but all have one thought.

‘Ragnarok… What the heck does that mean? Alternative dungeons and monsters… Something exists behind the field.’

Jaehyun, who knew this properly, was not currently in Midgard.

* * *

The well was farther away than I thought.

The well was a pale rusty color, just like the closet. Hyde Point, which Ratatosk had predicted, was probably also this well.

The inside of the well was already dry, so there was no water.

Hiding optimized terrain means.

However, this was also very narrow, so I had to hide in the same position as before.

Seo Eana blushed for a moment thinking about the situation in the closet a while ago.

At that time, he only desperately hoped that his heartbeat had not been heard by Jaehyun.

As a result of looking around for a while. Jaehyun was able to find a warehouse nearby that was old but seemed to have been frequently maintained.

When he opened the door and went inside, Jaehyun was able to quickly find what he was looking for.

It seemed that things were getting a little better.

“… Jaehyun, this is… .”


Jaehyun nodded at Seo Ina’s tone of understanding and placed his hand on one of the sacks deep inside.

It smelled slightly salty from there.

It was. That thing was salt.

Jaehyun thought for a moment about the first time he met Russell.

It is said that he put a wooden fence around the outside of the village and sprinkled salt on it.

The reason was simple. Because they are weak against salt.

Besides, didn’t Jaehyun save Russell’s daughter with salt?

It was none other than the effect of the salt that prevented her from smelling the woman who was holding her breath under the bed.

Jaehyun took all four of the remaining sacks of salt, spread a tent made of clothes near the well, and sprinkled it on and around it.

This would have provided a place to hide as much as possible.

Now the rain has completely stopped. If the salt does its job, the draugs won’t be able to invade this place.

‘There’s no way to make it rain again using a troll scarf… Massive weather-manipulating magic isn’t something you can use very often. There will be a cooldown for at least half a day.’

If you spend the night here and you see any sign of their raid, you can hide in a nearby well. It was a minimum safety measure.

“Ugh… my stomach hurts… .”

At that time, the woman who came with me groaned and said. The man took her hand.

“are you okay. It will be fine… . So, bear with it a little longer… .”

“… Are you my wife?”

Seo Ina’s question. The man nodded his head.

“That’s right. Because of my greed, having a child in such a dangerous time… This is what happened. really… It is frustrating.”

The two were, as expected, a couple.

Of course, Jaehyun didn’t fully trust them even in the middle of it.

But they didn’t even think they had enough power to harm them.

Even if Jaehyun couldn’t use attack skills, it wouldn’t be that difficult to subdue the two humans.

Jaehyun immediately stood up from his seat.

“We have made two tents. I put salt on it so the draugs won’t come easily, but please be careful. I will keep a vigil.”

“ah… I’d appreciate it if you would, but I’m so sorry… .”

“Please take good care of my wife.”

“Well, by the way, would it be okay if I ask you something?”

The man suddenly turned his head and asked.

Jaehyun nodded happily, and he continued with a relieved look on his face.

“As far as I know, salt only blocks the invasion of draugs, but it doesn’t have the effect of getting rid of the smell. Have you really seen the effect of salt?

I heard that applying it to the human body is not very effective, so it is not used often, and it is only used for wooden fences.”

“Since it protected Mr. Russell’s daughter a while ago, it must be true. I will be vigilant in the future, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

Jaehyun said softly. Basically, there are certain parts of the witch beast’s habits that you can’t understand unless you experience it yourself.

If it is information about the demons that the two couples, who are not professional hunters, know, there is a high possibility that it is only a piece of information.

If so, what should I do?

You just have to believe what you see.

Jaehyun had saved Russell’s daughter a moment ago, and that was the one thing he could be most certain of.

After a while. Jaehyun stood guard and checked the skills he could currently use.

First of all, a light flash, and items that increase defense excluding attacks.

The problem was that the latter case didn’t mean much.

If you get hit by five in this field, you will surely die.

The time when one hit already. If so, it means that Jaehyun now has four coins left. The same goes for Seina.

‘It would be nice to have some skills that can be used on the other side rather than defense… .’

However, no matter how much I washed my eyes and searched, there was hardly anything useful.

It was when Jaehyun sighed and looked at the skill window.


‘this… !’

He felt something approaching silently from somewhere and gripping his arm.

who walks again

Draug appeared.

“Everybody wake up right now!”

Jaehyun screamed as he felt his physical strength decrease by another 1/5.

Seo In-na, who was resting inside, the girl she brought, and Poppy and Ratatosque, who had been hiding, jumped out of the tent.

In the meantime, Jaehyun clenched his fists and threw the draugr away with strength.

But then, the worst thing I ever thought of happened.

The draugr pushed by Jaehyun fell into the well, making it impossible for Jaehyun and Ina Seo to use hide points.

The moment Jaehyun was sold at a glance, the Draug’s attack from behind gnawed at his shoulder again. He was a different guy from the guy I was dealing with earlier.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘With this, all remaining HP is 2/5.’

two cars.

It has become a situation where you can lose everything with just one mistake.

Seo In-na also kept her lips tightly shut while looking at Jae-hyun’s stamina.

“Inaya! now!”

The two draugs in front. At that time, Seo Ina threw the bag of salt she had hidden in the tent at them, as Jaehyun had instructed.


Jaehyun threw a large stone he picked up from the floor and hit the bag exactly, and with a short bang, the bag exploded and the contents spilled out.


A scream close to that of a draugr is heard.

It was so gruesome that it was hard to hear.

The two monsters flinched for a moment, then, as the salt kept digging into their bodies, they soon drooped down.

Jaehyun was sweating all over his body, but he didn’t show it as much as he could and let out a deep sigh.

Seo Ina asked with a worried expression.

“… Jaehyun, are you okay?”

“uh. Even if you don’t worry… no. This is something to be concerned about.”

Jaehyun joked and said that even in that situation, but Seo Eana’s expression was not good.

At that time, Ratatosque frightened and pointed to one side.

“Hey hey hey—look over there! After and after—the tent the other person entered was broken!”

At those words, Jaehyun and Seo Ina’s eyes instantly turned to one side.

A tent with two couples. The place had completely collapsed, and through the gap, I could see the hands of two people who had collapsed, bleeding.

Red liquid dripped from the ring finger of her wedding ring.

Jaehyun felt his head go cold.


Jaehyun, feeling a terrible futility, held Seo Ina’s wrist and Russell’s daughter’s hand.

and headed to a place.

“I understand now.”

“… huh? What are you talking about?”

“I knew the sullae. therefore… Let’s go finish this goddamn tag game.”

* * *

At the moment when Jaehyun and the two young couple’s house was raided, an unknown magic power was sensed from the village chief’s house.

It floated in the air, and slowly began to coalesce and permeate one side.



Along with the eerie sound of bones snapping together, a very familiar scream began to be heard.

Aaaa… !

The village chief suddenly stood up and murmured.

“I will kill you… never… I won’t forgive you… .”

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