I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 331

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Episode 331: The Second Death

“… Jaehyun. Really? That kid is really the chaser we’ve been looking for… ?”

“okay. Incidentally, he is also the first gravekeeper I saw.”

Jaehyun’s words startled Ratatosque.

“Hehehehehehehe! It’s scary!”

However, in the midst of such noise, Russell’s daughter does not say anything.

Everyone here quickly realized.

Saying nothing in this situation is no different from acknowledgment.

* * *

Russell’s daughter.

Jaehyun was convinced that she was the culprit.

A couple of days ago, the death of a couple. And in the first place, when Russell died.

From then on, he began to suspect Russell’s daughter.

For your reference, there were several reasons why Jaehyun was convinced that she was a ‘stalker’.

First of all.

the presence of a gravekeeper. Since we first met, he hadn’t had a single encounter.

He suddenly disappeared from the graveside and did not appear in the village.

Seeing as there were no separate huts in the forest, it would be normal for the gravekeeper to return to the village at night.

How is it that he never showed up?

Besides, how could he be in that dangerous graveyard with the draugr?

For Jaehyun, that’s all trollscarves.

In other words, I thought it was thanks to magic.

And no matter how much you search, if you can’t find a tombstone in the forest, it’s inside this village.

I was sure he was disguised as one of the people there.

Not only that, but the gravekeepers are the only ones who call themselves strangers.

Naturally, it meant that there was a high possibility that he would be the key to the second floor.


Wherever the daughter was, a draug would suddenly appear.

The first time was when I met the Draug at Russell’s house. At that time, Jaehyun remembered that a particularly large number of draugs were concentrated in one house.

As if someone ordered it.

They huddled together at Russell’s house.

Actually, there weren’t that many draugs out there.

That meant, after all, that one of these guys in Russell’s house was likely the tagger.

And in the house, there were only two people who could be suspected of being the chaser, except for those who could be trusted like Seo In-na.

It was only Russell and his daughter.

‘At first, I thought that Russell might be the tagger, but… .’

The first time Jaehyun runs away with Russell’s daughter in his arms.

I thought it was possible that he was a draug who pretended to be dead.

Draug’s trollscarves include weather manipulation and transformation.

Someone else could have taken on the role of father.

But that possibility has now been completely ruled out.

Aaaa… !!

While the draugs are slowly moving towards us.

It was because there was a man with a familiar face.

Right Russell. was the village headman.

Jaehyun quickly repeated his thoughts.

Third reason.

These were the words of the man of the dead couple.

he said.

Salt has the power to make draugr retreat, but it doesn’t erase the smell.

Russell said the same thing.

Draugs are particularly sensitive to smells, so be careful.


Why didn’t the draugr attack the daughter hiding under the bed just by sprinkling salt on it?

‘That’s because she’s the draug leading them. She’s disguised as a human.’

At first, it was a reproduction that believed that salt had the effect of paralyzing the draugr’s sense of smell, but with the death of the couple, it turned out to be false.

After all, this meant that there were other reasons the child was able to survive.

Judging by this reason, Jaehyun guesses, there is only one tagger here.

It was concluded that there was only Russell’s daughter.

Also, the reason why I was able to guess where the tagger was born was also simple.

‘If the gravekeeper is the culprit, then the place where he first encountered him must be the place where he was born.’

The fact that draugr was an undead monster in the first place also added strength to Jaehyun’s reasoning.


Finally, the sound of words flowed from the mouth of the draugr, who was confirmed as the culprit.

“… I thought I could cheat a bit more.”

At the words that came out of the innocent child’s mouth, Seo Eana’s expression hardened.

Jaehyun held her by the shoulder.

At that moment, the agitation stops and the feelings of anger are slowly engraved in her.



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Her fury is rarely revealed. Jaehyun looked at the draugr and said.

“On the day Russell’s wife and Russell’s daughter went out to gather herbs in the mountains, you killed them all and disguised yourself as Russell’s daughter to sneak into the village. After that, I controlled the draugs to attack humans and ate them.”

“okay. that’s right.”

“And you didn’t react at all when I just told you that I’m a stranger. That’s because you are a high-ranking draugr who controls the draugr.”

“good. It was pretty usable for a human. It was fun tag.”

Jaehyun clenched his fists as he watched her look at me with a confident expression.

he said looking at his colleagues.

“Anyway, I found the tagger. Now there is only one left. Poppy, it’s Inaya.”

“… huh. I know.”

-I found the tagger. All restrictions on skill use are lifted.

They immediately opened their magic.

In an instant, he opened up something close to the limits of what he had.

Jaehyun then pulled out the divine attack and focused it on one part of the body.

―The godhead is opened.

―Active skill «Alfheim’s Sword».

―Active skill 《Judgement of Light》.

Jaehyun and Seo Eana did not hesitate and poured in the best season.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!


As the two skills intertwined, pillars rained down from the sky, and the sword cut down all the draugs on the ground.

It was a skill ratio close to a one-sided massacre.

However, Russell’s daughter.

No, the head draug didn’t look agitated at all.

The guy poured out a thick layer of void and darkness to attack Jaehyun. It was an attack that looked like one giant hook.


Jaehyun immediately reacted and hit the hook, but the number of hooks was too many.

Seo Eana quickly tried to get close to him at that moment, but turned around immediately.

All quests are not over yet.

That means, in the end, it is certain that Jaehyun will die if he gets hit by two more.

In addition, a little while ago, Seo In-na and Jae-hyun had already had a conversation about a quest in front of the enemy.

[Now, if you get hit by two more, it looks really dead. This exam is full of annoying things. Or do you think so too?]

[…] huh. i think so too. And if there’s anything dangerous, I’ll be the first to go. Because I still have four more left.]

It is certain that the high-ranking draugr overheard such a conversation.

Also, a skill that attacks by making a hook he uses.

This is unmistakable.

It’s weak, but it’s a ‘kill’ skill that crosses the opponent up to twice and cuts them.

As the name suggests, it can definitely hit the opponent, but since the attack power is not outstanding, it was a technique that did not use general radar.

However, attack power was not a problem at all for the current high-ranking draugr.

He planned to attack Jaehyun several times to reduce his health by percentage.

That’s why I prefer to attack Jaehyun, who will die if he gets hit twice more.

“Danger Jaehyun… !”

[are you okay.]

Jaehyun sent a telepathic message and smiled lightly.

Seo In-na’s eyebrows twisted as she couldn’t grasp the meaning properly.

Could it be that he didn’t understand the draugr’s intentions?

when i thought so The enemy’s voice was heard.

“Didn’t you say you would die if you got two more hits?”

he laughed bitterly

“That hook is a skill that guarantees a total of two attacks to hit. It means that now there is nothing left for you to do but die.”

However, Jaehyun is not at all shaken by those words.

It’s just that the magic continues to be activated at that moment.

“Draug. There is one thing you don’t know.”

A harsh voice escapes Jaehyun’s mouth.

Was it because he saw with his own eyes what he was doing?

However, even at that moment, Jaehyun felt that way.

Perhaps even for such people, their souls may not have fallen to that extent.

It is said that draugues could have been born when Odin’s souls were corrupted in the process of dragging the dead away as his soldiers. Because Hella once said it.

However, sins committed in life or death do not disappear.

As Jaehyun thought about that, he saw a hook pressing down on his back once.

Again, 1/5 of your health is reduced.

“… Jaehyun!”

Seo Eana shouted and ran to get rid of the enemy.

But it will take time to arrive. There are other draugr ahead.

Even if you activate Rain of Swords, it will take time for the attack to hit Jaehyun first.

‘… What should I do?’

Seo Eana bit her lip, thinking about how the hell she could save Jaehyun. Time is running out.

A life-and-death crisis.

Even so, Jaehyun laughed.

“Then die.”

Words falling from the draugr’s mouth.

Jaehyun leaped as soon as it was heard.

And in an instant, it accelerated and came close to the draugr.

A solid line was drawn on the necks of the other Demonic Beasts who stood in their way, and at the same time, blood splattered.

The draugr’s eyes widened.

“Well, even so… ! My attack should be faster… !”

“I can’t reach you. that.”

“… what?”

The time when Draug let out an airy voice at Jaehyun’s words.

The last hook landed on Jaehyun’s neck.

Because it is an on-the-fly attack, Jaehyun cannot avoid it.

But for Jaehyun, at least once.

There was a skill that could ignore enemy attacks.

-Activates 《Shadow Fairy Tale》 on the designated target.

―Perfect evasion of one attack.

shadow fairy tale.

Its new effect was to be able to completely deflect an enemy’s attack at least once.

Again this was applied without filtration.

This was also the reason why Jaehyun told him that his remaining health was two squares.

As a result of checking beforehand with the Insight Eye, he had a skill that hit the enemy twice. In other words, Jaehyun threw something tasty to eat.

Make them aim for themselves from the start and focus on attacking.

It was meant to drain it completely.

“You killed too many people.”

I don’t know if anyone else would have given up their neck. he is not himself

Even at that moment, the draugh put other draugs in front to escape, and he himself was falling behind.

He intuitively admitted his defeat.

at that time. Suddenly, there was a presence blocking him.

A draugr like yourself. He was also the owner of a familiar face.

“Russell… ! Get out of the way… !”

“I can forgive… does not exist… !”

Russell stood firm. Acting against his own will.

Why is he behaving like he is now? The top draugues were completely unknown.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

Without missing that moment, Jae-Hyun put the divine power in Nidhogg’s fangs in his hand and cut them horizontally.


Along with that, the sword of Alfheim of Seo Ina, who had leaped and narrowed the distance before he knew it, also accurately hit the enemy’s heart.


Blood gushes high into the sky.

Then, the light flickered and filled the surroundings, and the draugr’s body slowly began to fade.

The draugr’s body collapsed and fell to the floor.

“ha… I somehow ended up with this Inaya, you really worked hard.”

Jaehyun said so.

Seo Ina replied with a bright smile.

“… huh. You have suffered too.”


Poppy flashed and lifted her foot.

Ratatosk sighed too.

It was a natural reaction since he barely survived.

“Gigijiji—I really thought I was going to die this time!”

“You also had a hard time finding your way. do it right in the future Otherwise, you will die.”

“If you give me a compliment or hoho- scold me or just one thing, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Jaehyun focused on the sound of the system that followed, ignoring it.

―You have cleared Yggdrasil Spiral Tower’s 《2nd Floor: Hide and Seek Floor》.

―You have cleared the quest.

―Special rewards will be settled!

Jaehyun smiled. Next, it was finally time to settle the compensation.

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