I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 332

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Episode 332: A Certain Common Possession (1)

―You have cleared Yggdrasil Spiral Tower’s 《2nd Floor: Hide and Seek Floor》.

―You have cleared the quest.

―Special rewards will be settled!

―It takes time to settle due to the intervention of the highest person in Asgard.

A pure white room that is delivered every time you clear one floor.

Everyone gathered there.

Hearing the message from Jaehyun, he smiled lightly.

Attack the second tier.

This was several times more difficult than I thought, but I did it in the end.

Ratatosk’s ability to find his way. Seo Ina’s judgment.

It was the result of all of Jaehyun’s reasoning.

‘Unlike the 1st layer, the memories of hierarchy are not regenerated. Well, it doesn’t matter much to me, though.’

Apparently, unlike the first layer, there seemed to be no special event to regenerate the memories of the hierarchy on this layer.

Jaehyun calmly thought over the second floor he just cleared.

Playing tag with Draug. I couldn’t say it was that easy.

Jaehyun thought for a moment.


Why did the World Tree show itself such tests and landscapes?

However, there was no time to think deeply.

Now was the time to focus more on moving forward.

“Finally, the compensation is settled.”

“Ii -― — Ig Drasil’s tower strategy reward is quite good.

“Well, what I got in the first place was amazing.”

At first, Jaehyun got the Golden King’s saddle, and Seo Eana got Shinhwa class weapons. There will undoubtedly be a huge reward this time too.

Even this time, Odin directly intervened in the quest of reappearance and touched Yggdrasil.

The change in the contents of the quest was the proof.

When Ratatosque does such a thing. Odin must bet on a greater reward, and he said that was the order of the Tower.

The truth of the spiral tower.

[A tough test, but those who climb the tower will be rewarded accordingly.]

That sentence penetrated the core of Yggdrasil.

“Everyone suffered a lot. Ratatosk. Neither do you. To be honest, I still can’t fully trust you… Because I can’t deny that I had a hard time finding my way. Do well in the future.”

“Mum-moo-of course! I will serve you with all my heart!”

Ratatosque said with a slightly moved expression.

As for Jaehyun, I only talked about it in moderation to take advantage of it.

‘Because something good is good.’

That moment.

The message continued, and the settlement of the newly acquired item began.

―You will receive 1 blank card.

―1 slot is added to store mythical skills.

Jaehyun’s eyes suddenly widened and trembled.

It was a better reward than any reward I had ever received.

1 or more sockets that can store mythical skills?

Jaehyun was well aware of how great it was.

‘good… Shall I at least check the things I got this time?’

Thinking so, Jaehyun lightly gestured in the air, and a status window appeared in front of him.

However, unlike what I usually see, what came to my mind this time was not the basic status window displaying stats and levels.

A status window showing newly activated cases and sockets after obtaining a god. It floated in front of his eyes and filled Jaehyun’s field of vision.

[Socket (2/4)]

◈ Red Moon Plateau

*This skill is a skill directly bloomed by the opponent with field magic, so it does not occupy a slot.

◆ Power of Thunder God

◆ Poison Dragon’s Sadism

◇◇The corner of Jaehyun’s mouth went up to one side like never before. It was because he couldn’t hold back the laughter that kept spreading on his lips.

‘For each new level of liberation, one myth level skill that I can save is added. The mythological level skills I have right now are the power of the thunder god and the sadism of the poison dragon.’

It is a reenactment that partially emptied the slot of the socket when fighting Modi and Magni.

It wasn’t long before they reached the 3rd level of Divinity Liberation, but they weren’t strong gods and didn’t have skills to copy. Because it even overlapped with Thor.

There were no blank cards at the time.

Because of this, Jaehyun was about to make up his mind to use a socket that could store mythical skills in a very important place.

The next stage of liberation was 4. It was because I thought it would take quite a long time to reach that point, just like the 3rd stage.

‘But if this happens, the situation will change.’

Jaehyun’s eyebrows went up.

You can’t just keep saving slots anyway.

Stronger skills were essential in order to fight stronger divine beings in the future.

‘In the meantime, Mimir is also a sensible nobleman. I didn’t even have a blank card at the time, so I took care of one like this. He cursed badly during the second trial, but… If this is enough, I’ll forgive you.’

Jaehyun smirked while looking at the reward, but suddenly got a question and asked while looking at Ratatosque.

“Ratatosk. You said earlier that Odin intervened and the compensation was adjusted, right?”




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“Then, is he giving the rewards given to Ina and I himself?”

“No! Uh-whatever he consumes is the remaining divinity. Ooh-Odin is the kind of guy who’s never going to give up his own!”

“As expected.”

Jaehyun had heard from other gods that his system quest rewards were paid by Mimir.

Because of Odin’s intervention, I wondered if he gave the item himself. Of course, even if he gave something to himself, Jaehyun would have used it regardless… .

‘Anyway, that bastard of Odin is embarrassing.’

While thinking so, Ratatosque raised his hand and continued.

“Ha—but in the end, his interruption helped Mama—that’s right!

Because that side consumed the divine power first, it was all—because the other side was also allowed to use the power!”

In short, Odin, thinking he was going to die here, orchestrated the test, but failed.

And as much as the change in the test of Yggdrasil consumed his divine power, and on the contrary, Mimir was also able to use the same amount of divine power consumed by Odin.

That’s why Jaehyun can be given a good reward like now.

No matter what, Jaehyun was satisfied with the fact that his growth potential was open.

In the meantime.

“… oh!”

A cute voice leaked from the side.

It was from Seina.

“Inaya. Did you come up with anything useful?”

“… huh. I guess so. however… I still don’t know where to use it.”

Jaehyun looked at the item window Seo Ina showed him for a moment.

His head tilted back.

However, a smile soon spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

“I think you can grow greatly in this tower.”

The use of the item was clear. Jaehyun was convinced that it was something that could help Seo Ina grow further.

By the time the settlement was over, the system sound was heard again.

―Transfer climbers to Yggdrasil Spiral Tower’s 《Third Layer: A Layer of Common Possessive Water》.

* * *

After clearing the 2nd floor, the rewards the Nine members got were simple but very destructive.

The S+ grade defense-up item that I had just obtained from the golden king’s labyrinth was also excellent, but this time it was an item of a different grade from him.

[Equipment Item]

Black Dragon’s Heart

Rating: S+

It is the heart of the black dragon that roamed the battlefield of the apocalypse in the past.

When used, it permeates the owner’s body, and though weak, it allows them to contain the power.

Stats: All stats +50

“… crazy.”

Kim Yoo-jung spoke first, and Kwon So-yul followed.

“Crazy for sure.”

“To be able to contain the rank… So, will we also have that kind of power like Jaehyun?”

Ahn Ho-yeon burned with a sense of triumph and his eyes glowed brightly.

Hella nodded slightly.

“Well, I don’t think he would let you pass… You’d know just by reading the description, but it’s not something that can hold such a great level, so it’s difficult, but… .”

she laughed softly

“It seems to be true that you have now reached a point where you can be leveled.”

More than anything else, it was the words that made their hearts pound.

They were the ones who always received help from Jaehyun.

However, if you have these items and continue to refine your skills. Maybe we can really reach a better level.

I was just happy with that fact.

“Let’s somehow get Jaehyun to go upstairs.”

Jaesang Lee said so. There was silence for a moment in the white room.

It was also Kwon So-yul who received the words.

“To do that, we have to go to the 5th floor first, right? Didn’t you hear that squirrel explanation earlier?”

“Ah, it was true.”

Jaesang Lee laughed for a while, hesitantly.

What awaits you on the next floor?

Of course, they were completely unpredictable, but it was clear what had to be done.

climbing floors. It was to reunite with Jaehyun again.

* * *

―Transfer climbers to Yggdrasil Spiral Tower’s 《Third Layer: A Layer of Common Possessive Water》.

When Jaehyun woke up right after being transferred to the 3rd floor. The most shocking thing was that Papi and Seo Ina were not around.

unfamiliar meadow. The only thing that woke up there was Ratatosque.

Jaehyun frowned and looked at Ratatosque sitting on his chest.

Ratatosque asked, startled.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhden – Are you okay over there?

“okay. Rather, do you know where we fell now?”

Jaehyun immediately asked. Looking around, it was because being alone was a completely unfamiliar place.

He licked his lips and clenched his fists.

It was because I felt that things were not so good right now.

That he fell out with Seo Ina. This means that both she and herself may be exposed to unforeseen risks.

Simply put, it meant that it would be difficult to respond quickly when an abnormality occurred.

Of course, it is true that Jaehyun’s chances of attacking Yggdrasil are very high, considering only military force.

Everyone at Hel’s regular meeting said that, so it must be true.

However, considering what happened in the previous layer, it was obvious arrogance to think that he could easily clear the tower.


The World Tree was able to place restrictions on its own skills and stats.

Even on the previous floor, I almost died because of that.

In addition, Odin’s involvement in the lower floors cannot be ruled out. You can never predict what he will do to kill himself.

He is suddenly Yggdrasil and Odin.

It became a situation where the two of them had to endure the ordeal.

Therefore, in an unpredictable situation like now, it was better for Jaehyun and Seo Ina to move together and gather their strength.

But I never thought things would turn out like this… .

‘shit. There is no answer, but I have no choice but to move.’

You can’t figure out anything by standing still.

When Jaehyun thought so, he tried to get up from his seat.

Suddenly the sound of the system was heard.

―The main quest 《The Dragon Slayer and the Song of Tragedy》 has been accepted.

―Displays quest information.

[Main Quest]

Song of the Dragon Slayer and Tragedy

From now on, you are Sigurd the Dragon Slayer, and you must change the lines of his tragic love song.

All stories progress automatically according to the scenario, and the climber has only one chance to change the scenario.

Through the scenario change ticket, he connects with the woman he truly loves, Brünhild, and confirms each other’s feelings.

clear condition

1. Turn Sigurd’s love tragedy into a happy ending.

2. Quest participants (2/2) must remember each other to clear the quest.

*caution! In the third layer, the longer you stay, the more the climber slowly loses their memory outside the tower.

*Climbers who have lost all their memories become food for Yggdrasil and are absorbed into the stairs.

―Those who could not participate in this 3rd floor quest were automatically excluded.

―Fafnir II is excluded from the quest.

Jaehyun’s eyebrows narrowed as he read the quest clear conditions.

Dragon Slayer, Sigurd.

He is the most famous human in Norse mythology, and a character from the past that Jae-hyeon must play from now on.

Jaehyun took a deep breath and began to think of a certain hero’s tragedy.

It’s Fafnir. It starts with his first death.

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