I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 335

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Episode 335 Scenario (2)

“Brünhild. i want to marry you Will you accept my marriage proposal?”

A very skillful confession flowed from Jaehyun’s mouth.

It was a change of attitude that even embarrassed him.

Aren’t you the one who hesitated a while ago?

How did this happen all of a sudden?

It was when Jaehyun was in a state of perplexity thinking about that.

―Yggdrasil helps climbers to digest their roles.

―The behavior and dialogue of the role in charge are automatically corrected.

‘… after. It must have been because of the forced progression of the system. i again… .’

Jaehyun was sincerely relieved.

The reason why the confession a moment ago was natural was because of the help of the system.

It was because the stairs were actually based on Sigurd’s memories, so they were influenced by his personality.

Jaehyun felt his face heat up, but Seo Ina spoke mischievously with a calm expression.

“Do you really love me? Sigurd?”

“Could there be more feelings than love as the reason for the marriage proposal?”

At Seo Eana’s words, those words came out of Jaehyun’s mouth unconsciously.

‘crazy… Sigurd You crazy bastard, shut your mouth!’

Jaehyun clenched his fists tightly as he felt his face heat up.

To make such a cheesy line… .

It was the first time since I did a talent show in elementary school.

‘Perhaps this line also came out of Sigurd’s original personality… ha, now i don’t know Damn it.’

Jaehyun surrendered himself to the system with an expression of abandonment.

It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a situation that can’t be done.

If so, I thought it would be better to go out shamelessly.

“yes. I’ll accept it. Unless you change your mind.”

“of course. My heart will never change.”

Thus, the conversation between the two ended somehow.

Jaehyun felt his breath quicken. A cold sweat runs down your forehead.

Seo In-na maintained a calm expression, but her ears were burning red as if she was a little embarrassed.

Then came the sound of the system.

―You have cleared the second scenario.

―Five minutes later, we enter the third scenario.

―Synchronization rate increases to 25%.


A short moan escaped Jaehyun’s mouth.

Synchronization rate increased by 25% after clearing the second scenario. It’s because it controlled his emotions more than he thought.

As long as Jaehyun’s mental strength is excellent, it wouldn’t be a problem in itself to endure, but the current situation wasn’t very positive.

My heart beats this much with a synchronization rate of only 25%, how painful it will be after that.

If it was the same as before, I would have to clear the quest with near 100%, but I thought that it would not be easy no matter how much I thought about it.

“ha… Inaya. are you okay? System auto-calibration is really scary. My words are my own… .”

“… huh. I was fine. It wasn’t too much of a problem.”

“Then it’s fortunate… Oh right. Third scenario. You should be prepared for that from now on. Ratatosk, what’s the next scenario?”

“Geu-g-g- well, first of all, doo-du-du-you two have to break up.”

“Breaking up?”

“Yes. Wow–because after going back to the original country, the story starts again.”

If so, find her again yourself. She will be one of her two whether she finds herself.

Considering the characteristics of ancient mythology, it is likely to be the former.

Jaehyun said while holding Seo Ina’s shoulder.

“Inaya. Listen carefully.”

After taking a deep breath, he was.

“You know, the higher the synchronization rate, the more we will lose our outer memories and begin to assimilate with this character. If that happens, you won’t be able to go out again.”

“… huh.”

“To prevent that from happening, at least we should remember each other properly. Even if you forget everything else. Do you know what I mean?”

“… I will definitely remember. instead.”

Seo Ina paused for a moment, then spoke again. It was almost 5 minutes, so the next scenario was about to be forced to proceed.

“… Whatever happens, please don’t forget me either.”

“of course. i will never forget you So don’t worry.”

“… okay.”

―All 5 minutes have elapsed.

―Proceed to the third scenario.

As soon as the message for the third scenario appeared, the bodies of the two began to move forcibly.

For the last time, the two look back and their eyes collide for a moment.

That caused the two to part ways for a while.

Jaehyun came down from the mountain and started heading somewhere with the rest of the kingdom.

I got on my horse and started moving somewhere, but the destination was not clear.

I’m not sure, but it’s probably going to where the next scenario takes place.

Jaehyun thought, feeling frustrated.



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‘shit… The problem is not being able to speak. If I knew it would be like this, I would have read the third scenario as soon as possible… .’

It was then.

Suddenly, Ratatosque, who was in his pocket, opened his mouth.

[All-you’ll probably meet Grimhild next-.]

He was using telepathy to communicate words to himself.

Knowing that Jaehyun couldn’t speak due to the forced scenario progress, he kept clinging to his pocket and explaining the scenario.

Naturally, it was a good news for Jaehyun.

[Grimhild. He-she is the queen of the Burgundians, and all-the flower that you and your kingdom obtained by killing Fafnir-will go after the gold.

She’ll take her own daughter to you—to marry her, she’ll take Dada—the liquor you drink—drugs!]

Jaehyun tried to weakly open his mana. Fortunately, there were no problems with the use of telepathy.

[So, what happens if you drink that alcohol?]

[Dada – you will lose all – all memories of Brünhild.

That is the beginning of the tragedy-.]

lose memory… la.

Jaehyun laughed inwardly. Such tricks don’t work.

at least for yourself.

‘I have the protection of Hel. It means it won’t get any abnormal condition.’

In addition, Jaehyun has a high class. His ability to maintain his sanity also meant that he was several times stronger than others.

I probably won’t lose my memory even at the end of the last one.

In fact, Ratatosque also told me that once he reached the level of reproduction, he would not lose his memory and be stuffed.

Of course, it also meant that reaching that level was just as difficult, but Jaehyun didn’t mind.

the road he has already passed.

It was because there was no reason to consider difficult or easy.

* * *

Meanwhile, Seo Eana also moved to another place.

A king stood tall in the place where he moved due to the forced event.

Seo Eana automatically felt her knees bend.

“Brünhild, my daughter.”

‘… It must be Bruenhilt’s father.’

Seo Eana had not yet properly grasped the story, so she had no choice but to figure out the identity of the target by inferring it somehow.

While she was thinking, the king in front continued to speak.

“Now, stop escaping and come back to the palace.”


Seo Ina felt her body tremble at those words.

“I turned my back on Odin, but I am a Valkyrie anyway. A warrior must be on the battlefield. A comfortable home is not where I belong.”

Words flowed naturally from her mouth.

The king furiously crumpled his brow. He continues in an intimidating tone.

“Suddenly, you have even answered the words of this father.

Why do you refuse to do what you were born with royal blood? It would be natural for you to meet your husband, get married, and have children.”

The king stroked his long beard and looked down at his daughter disapprovingly.

He seemed genuinely angry. The expression that I can’t stand anymore.

It was swollen red, as if it would burst at any moment.

“Get married right away. This father is going to find a bridegroom in another kingdom.”

“I don’t like it.”

In the end, the king’s anger reached the end due to Seo In-na’s prompt reply.

He said as he chewed word after word.

“If you disobey me one more time, I will sever the bond between father and daughter.”

In those words, it was Bruenhilt.

So Eana Seo had no choice but to have a dark expression. Inside Seo Ina, the situation was getting serious, so she was a little nervous.

At that time, after thinking for a while, Seo Ina’s mouth finally opens.

“… I will follow your word. But I would like to ask for one thing.”

“Tell me.”

The king’s tone softened slightly. Isn’t he right to hear that he follows his own words anyway? He didn’t want to be angry any more than he needed to.

Seo Eana’s dense mouth continued to move regardless of her will.

“At least my husband-to-be must be the ultimate hero who knows no fear.”

“hmm… i get it. I will do that.”

The king thought for a moment, then nodded.

Then he called his servants and gave them orders.

“Build a castle high in the mountains. And spread an ‘unquenchable flame’ around it so that no one who is not brave can enter.”

The king was looking down at his daughter.

“Brünhild. You will spend some time in that castle, and you will have to jump through the flames and marry the first person who proposes to you.”

“… … All right.”

In her heart, Seo Eana thought what it would have been like if she had just told her that she already had a marriage partner. She thought it was of no use to her.

After all, the scenario of the story is decided.

‘… Besides, Jaehyun decided to use the right to change the scenario once. For now, I have no choice but to keep watching the situation.’

While thinking so, I suddenly heard an ominous system sound.

―The third scenario has ended.

―The synchronization rate increases to 40%.

―The Climber’s 《Amnesia》 penalty begins.

* * *

As Ratatosque said, Jaehyun encountered a woman named Grimhild during the third scenario.

Grimhild and her daughter, Gudrun, sat side by side at the table.

I could feel the sticky gaze, even if I pretended to, it was a face that would do something to me.

“It’s great to see the great dragonslayer like this. Not only me but also my daughter is delighted. I hope you eat, drink, and enjoy yourself.”

“thank you. Grimhild.”

“hello. It is called Gudrun, her daughter. I’m well aware of your reputation. She said she killed that ferocious Fafnir…

You are so amazing!”

“It wasn’t a big deal.”

“no! Not everyone can do that easily! I think that only you, the dragon slayer, could have done it.”

Gudrun continued to lift himself up and create an atmosphere.

The mother and daughter looked at each other and asked questions almost simultaneously.

“Sigurd-nim, haven’t you been married yet?”

“Ah, haven’t you heard of that yet?”

Grimhild and Gudrun asked so subtly.

“That’s right.”

When such a story came out of Jaehyun’s mouth in a slightly stiff tone, Grimhild continued with a slightly excited expression.

“Then what about my daughter? It’s a little difficult to say with my mouth, but Gudrun is beautiful and wise, and is loved by many kingdom princes.

It is perfectly suitable as your spouse who is called the dragon slayer.”


Jaehyun shook his head and said that.

he was

“I already have someone who has promised to marry me. Your daughter is of course a good person, but I already have someone dear to me, so I cannot accept the offer.”

“… … You already have a partner who has decided to marry you.”

“yes. A very beautiful and brave person, just like your daughter.”

At that moment, for a moment, Jaehyun saw Grimhild’s expression harden and brighten again.

“Hey, look at my mind. How could such a precious guest come and set the table without alcohol?”

She said to her son who was standing behind her.

“Gunnar. Bring some liquor from the warehouse. Bring me the best.”

“All right. mother.”

[Ah-I think it started slowly. To clear the scenario, this is the start!]

Jaehyun was able to understand his meaning right away.

A drink brought by Gunnar, son of Grimhild. Because that’s the real start of the tragedy.

―The third scenario ends.

―The synchronization rate increases to 40%.

―The mental strength of the climber is very strong!

―Penalty 《Amnesia》 does not apply!

‘I can’t be late.’

Jaehyun thought as he watched the amnesia penalty that started to apply.

She succeeded in resisting him, but Seo Eana won’t.

Also, that is what it is after all.

It meant that she was slowly starting to lose her memories of the outside world.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 334I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 336
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