I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 340

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Episode 340: Wardanaz

“I don’t know why you know my real name, but you’ll regret going against my heart by saying it carelessly.”

All the strong gusts of wind dissipate, and the old man’s voice is heard.

Wodanaz. Odin’s voice was cold.

A moment ago, the voice of the old man who seemed benevolent was quite different.

Jaehyun instinctively recognized that this was Odin’s true form.

The ruler of Asgard and the highest being.

‘But the Odin in front of me is not real after all. that fragment. To be precise, the world tree is just an existence embodied.’

A person who is embodied based on the facts that existed in the past.


That was his name now.

“I would have said it earlier. I tell you a lot to see.”

Jaehyun said while provoking him even though he had a huge enemy in front of him.

It was clear what he was aiming for now.

It’s okay to block Odin’s attack even once.

If you can pull it off, you’ll be able to reach him even a little faster.

One-eyed Odin glanced at Jaehyun.

Eventually, I looked at the golden eyes on Jaehyun’s left side with startled eyes.

“Mimir… He gave me my eyes.”


“It just went well. Isn’t this a chance to get my eyes back?”

Jaehyun calmed down calmly without being nervous.

Seo Ina and Ratatosque ran from behind.

Jaehyun screamed loudly.

“stop! don’t come closer Come this way.”

At those words, Seo Ina pursed her lips.

being in front of me.

It was because the power was different from one dimension even though it was felt.

What is it?

Who is the old man in front of me?

When Seo Ina thinks like that.

Ratatosque beside her said, trembling.

“He’s ooooooo—Odin! A shabby nonono—even though he hides his real name under the guise of an old man—that—he is unmistakably Odin!”

“… How did Odin get here?”

“Probably a fragment of him. The three-world tree read his memories and reproduced his past. This—this third layer tragedy started with Odin too!”

beginning of tragedy.

It was as Ratatosque said.

Their story begins when Odin put Brünhild to sleep because he made a choice he didn’t like, and Sigurd, who was passing by, accidentally woke her up.

The beginning of love between two people.

It was Odin, and the ruin was also because of him.

According to Ratatosque, the two of them could only be together after they died, and it was Odin who taught Grimhild how to brew the wine of oblivion.

In other words, everything played in Odin’s hands.

That’s how you could see it.

Jaehyun glared at Odin in front of him.

“Are you the highest being even after using countless people as your tools?”

“Unpleasant. I have already won the war between the nine worlds. The loser’s story ends up being garbage that no one can read. That is life.”

The tone of Odin, who was talking like an old man, completely changed.

Shocking mana and divinity felt along with a sense of incongruity. It was on a lofty level that even Jaehyun couldn’t dare to look up at. But he wasn’t afraid.

He had something to say.

Even if you talk about it now, it will be of no use.

By now, the real Odin who orchestrated this tragedy won’t be able to hear his story.

Because what he is currently facing is nothing more than a fragment of Odin.

However, Jaehyun just spit it out.

“I will kill you with my own hands. Asgard… I will destroy them all.”

“Do you think you can do anything?”

Odin ridiculed, but Jaehyun fired at him with a divine spirit that had raised him to the limit.

―The godhead is opened.

―Active skill «Chain of Thunder God».

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

He quickly grabbed the sword he had made, and when he activated his magic, he rushed towards him.

Then, Odin scattered his hands once with a fishy expression.


At that moment, a crow could be heard cawing, and the one perched on his shoulder cast a great, damp, dark shadow.


With the shadow rising, Odin created a violent storm.

It was a wind so strong that it destroyed everything in the world.

Jaehyun gnashed his teeth until they bleed and activated the skill with all his might.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».



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―Destroy 《Frenzy Storm》!

“I know how to use my magic properly… Strange.”

Odin muttered.

At that time, Ratatosque shouted as he ran towards Jaehyun despite knowing that it was dangerous.

“Jijijiji—now he’s still before he’s got all the power, but he’s already at a level where he can crush you well enough. Hurry up and run away!”

“escape? yes i have to But before that.”

Jaehyun took out a card from his inventory and said.

“You have to take what you want.”

Almost at the same time as the card he held in his hand was stained black, Odin’s magic was destroyed.

The remnants and formulas gradually began to be used in the cards of reappearance.

With a crunching sound, the complex formula of Odin’s skill was gradually transferred to Jaehyun’s head through the card.

And just in time.

―All playback of the epilogue has ended.

―After 5 seconds, the climber is moved to the waiting room on the 4th floor.

―You have succeeded in copying the active skill 《Frenzy Storm》.

―You consumed one socket.

Jaehyun said after spinning the card that copied all the skills.

“You must know the prophecy of the three Norn sisters, right?”

Odin’s expression furiously crumpled as if he hadn’t even thought of Jaehyun’s story.

He raised his mana and glared at Jaehyun. Now it’s proof that you’re doing it right.

But it doesn’t make any sense anymore.

end of the scenario. Because of that, Jaehyun and Seo Eana were protected.

Jaehyun continued to look at him in anger.

“In 10,000 years, the adversary will kill you. certainly.”

As Jaehyun’s words end, two people and an animal. sent to the waiting room.

And Jaehyun’s partner there. Poppy was waiting for him with wide eyes.


Poppy flew towards Jaehyun and sat on his head.

Jaehyun laughed.

“okay. You were here alone during the quest. Were you very lonely?”

Greung… !

Jaehyun said while rubbing his stomach gently.

Seo Ina looked at Jaehyun and paused for a moment before asking.

“… Jaehyun, the story I told you at the end of the scenario… .”

“The end of the scenario? Are you talking about your encounter with Odin?”

Jaehyun savvyly responded. Seo Ina pondered for a moment and then nodded her head.

“… huh. that’s right. The real Odin must be stronger than that, right?”

“okay. To the extent that even the current me wouldn’t dare to touch it.”

As Jaehyun answered, he felt a pain in his chest.

“So I have to be stronger.”

* * *

Odin, who was sitting on the Hlydskalp, jumped up from his seat in anger.

Odin’s golden eyes were shining like they were burning, clearly showing his anger.

He said looking at Hugin.

“Did the adversary truly conquer the third floor?”

Hugin, who was waiting next to him, looked at him and bowed his head.

“That’s right. A moment ago, the signal came.”

“… I used up what little divine power I had left… I just thought it would make this result come out. What a disappointment. Hugin.”

“I have no face.”

Hugin said that and bowed his head.

It had to be.

It was because he was the one who corrected the contents of the 3rd floor quest a while ago.

Starting from the 4th floor, even if it is Odin, it is impossible to intervene in the floor with the remaining divine power.

So it should have been sorted out on the 3rd floor, but this all went to nothing.

It was a strange situation for Odin not to be angry.

“I can’t help it now. no one can stop him He can only wait for it to stop on its own.”

“There is no way we can get our hands on him any more, at least until we get out of Yggdrasil.”

At Hugin’s words, Odin clenched his fists.

“Can not help it. I will revise my plan. Focus on collecting the three ‘Stars of the Distant Abyss’. Gather them all and overturn the prophecy as soon as possible.

can you do it?”

“Is there any?”

At Odin’s instruction, Hugin bowed his head once again and replied.

He soon became a shadow and disappeared to the ground.

Then Odin looked out the window and thought for a moment.

“Adversary… Indeed, as the three Norn sisters said, destiny is something that cannot be easily changed. but… I am Odin

The star floating at the highest point of Asgard, and the one who realized all the truths of the world. That is me.”

I will never give in to fate that has been foretold.

Around the time Odin muttered that and was about to sit on the throne again.

A knock was heard.

“It’s Freya. I will go in.”

“Come in.”

With an answer, Freyja. She appeared before Odin.

After losing Sigrun, her expression was more ferocious than ever before. She strode to stand in front of Odin and said.

“I lost my favorite knight. Odin… How will you compensate?”

“I’ll give you any amount of gold.”

“Do you think I came to you looking for something like that?”

“If not, will you go directly to Helheim and bring Sigrun? How are you?”

“You are trash. Odin. How many times are you planning on continuing this dirty war!”

cried Freyja, looking at Odin with contempt.

However, Odin remained solemn as if he did not care at all.

“A good leader is not a good and generous person. He is the one who wins the war and keeps what is mine.”

“Tell me where the adversary is.”

“He is currently in Yggdrasil. However, Thor decided to kill him first, so your order will be next. there… His strength has not yet been restored.

If you want to kill him too, help him recover his divine power.”

“… Dare to give me an order… !”

“Remember. Freya. You are a stranger to Asgard as a hostage. Now you are in the position I have taken over.”

“Such sophistry! You were the one who raided Vanaheim and destroyed the world! I have no reason to be loyal to you.”

Odin laughed.

“So why didn’t you come up with a reason?”

Freya’s pupils shook.

It was an action that revealed his inner feelings, not befitting the leader of the Valkyries.

she bit her lip

Odin added one last word.

“If you don’t want to see it again, listen to me. Freya. Become my dog ​​and take possession of all nine worlds. That is what you must do.”

why do you say that

Freyja left the place without saying a word.

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